Women’s Basketball League Finals: Bayi Home defeat Guangdong next city

Xinhua News Agency, Nanchang, March 18 (reporter Lin Hao) the women’s basketball league (WCBA) in the 2018-2019 season began the third game of the finals on the 18th. Previously, Guangdong and Bayi each won one game, and the total score was 1:1 Ping. In this battle, the performance of Bayi women’s basketball downtown at home was not good, and finally it lost to Guangdong at 91:98.

Bayi team took the lead in opening the first game with 6:0, and once led with 9:4. Guangdong team overtook the score after a 9:0 scoring climax. Later, Bayi team tried to score points. Jin hit three points on Jebo. The two teams did not give in to each other and fought until 27:27. At the last moment, Bayi team scored two points and entered the festival with a weak advantage of 29:27. After the start of the second festival, the attack and defense situation of the two teams was still hot. The Bayi team in caudal half sclerotome showed a slight decline. The Guangdong team gradually took the initiative and ended the first half with 54:48.

After Yi Bian, Li Yuelu attacked the basket one after another, causing a lot of trouble to Bayi Team. Guangdong team expanded its score difference and entered the final game with a 9-point lead. At the end of the quarter, the Bayi team felt bad, and Sun Mengran and Jin Jebo three points went out one after another. Although the Bayi team tried hard to score caudal half sclerotome, they still couldn’t wipe the score difference, and finally 91:98 lost to Guangdong team. The Guangdong team led temporarily with a total score of 2:1.

In this game, Li Meng and Jin Jebo of Bayi team scored 28 points, Jin Jebo also scored 7 rebounds, and Li Meng contributed 9 assists. In terms of the Guangdong team, 5 people in the whole team scored double points, Zhang Dongxia scored 22 points, and Li Yuelu got 19 points and 11 rebounds.

World Snow Day will be held simultaneously in 114 snowfields across the country.

Beijing, January 18 (reporter Ji Fang) “2019 World Snow Day and International Children’s Ski Festival” with the theme of “Winter Olympics have me, healthy childhood” will be carried out simultaneously in 114 ski resorts across the country on 20th.

The main venue of “2019 World Snow Day and International Children’s Ski Festival” is located in Chongli Tai dance ski town, Hebei province, and there are also Heilongjiang Qiqihar Aoyue Mill Mountain ski resort, Jilin province Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort, Guizhou Liupanshui Yushe Snow Mountain Ski Resort, on Baoji in Shaanxi province, 5 sub-venues of Aoshan ski resort and Damingshan ski resort in Lin’an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang were synchronized with more than 100 participating venues.

“World Snow Day and International Children’s Ski Festival” is a project established by the International Ski Federation, whose main purpose is to popularize skiing to teenagers all over the world. This year’s World Snow Day activities in China are intended to allow more teenagers to walk out of their homes, into the snow field, participate in wonderful snow activities and fully enjoy the health and happiness brought by skiing through the linkage between the main venue and each sub-venue.

Ding Dong, executive deputy director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, said that the World Snow Day event was an important part of the fifth national mass ice and snow season. At present and for a period of time to come, the series of activities of the national mass ice and snow season will continue, leading and promoting the extensive development of mass ice and snow sports, so that the strategy of “expanding the South and the West to the east” of ice and snow sports will take root, promote the rapid development of ice and snow sports.

World football lifetime achievement award ceremony will land in Guiyang in the next five years

Xinhuanet Monte Carlo, April 3, the nomination ceremony for the electrical world football lifetime achievement award was held in Monaco a few days ago. Eleven players, including Robben, polo, IBU and Ribery, were nominated. Since 2019, the award ceremony will be officially launched in Huaxi district, Guiyang city, Guizhou province in the next five years.

The world football lifetime achievement award is voted and selected by fans all over the world. The target of the award is active football players over 28 years old, who have made outstanding contributions to the development of football and are extremely influential. In addition to the world football lifetime achievement award, there are also awards such as New Star Award, most international influence Award and media influence Award.

The legendary German goalkeeper Karn announced that Robben, Lobben, IBU, Ribery, Levandowski, Fabregas, David Silva, Canter, Azar, Van Persie and Muller were nominated for the world football lifetime achievement award. Football celebrities Robby Fowler and McManaman announced the nomination of New Star Award, most international influence Award and media influence Award.

It is reported that the world football lifetime achievement award is divided into two parts: nomination ceremony and award ceremony. The nomination ceremony starts from Monaco and will be held in different European cities every year. Since 2019, the award ceremony has officially landed in Huaxi district, Guiyang city in the next five years.

On the spot of nomination ceremony, Wei Dingmei, deputy mayor of Guiyang city, and Mei Jun, district chief of Huaxi district, recommended Guiyang and Huaxi to more than 200 guests. Then artists from France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Monaco brought a literary evening.

Parallel turn to pick gold to create history! Gong Naiying: did I win?

Xinhua News Agency, Zhangjiakou, February 24 (reporter Yang Fan, Zhang Yueshan) “did I win?” The palace that crossed the finish line, Naiying shouted loudly to the audience in doubt.

On the afternoon of the 24th, Gong Naiying defeated Swiss player Zogg in the final of the parallel rotation project at Chongli station of the International Snow Union snowboard parallel project World Cup. The two clenched all the way until the last three flag gates were seen. Gong Naiying finally picked the gold with the advantage of 0.35 seconds.

“These days are particularly tired and the competition status is not good enough. What’s more, our level is not good enough than that of foreign players, and we have never thought of winning the gold medal. I tried my best.” Gong Naiying said.

One day ago, the 20-year-old Chinese snowboarder only joined the top 16 of the big swing project. When facing the reporter, she sighed that she didn’t play well enough and didn’t push hard enough. A day later, Gong Naiying won the championship on this new track for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Chinese team’s Li Ruxin and Gong Naiying entered the top 16 of the parallel rotation competition. In the 1/8 final, Yu Ruxin was eliminated by Zog, while Gong Naiying defeated Polish player krur. In the quarter-finals, Gong Naiying defeated New Zealand player Sabina. In the semi-finals, in the face of German star Joerger, Gong Naiying took a 0.16-second advantage to reach the final and finally defeated Zog to win the championship.

Before and after the award ceremony, Gong Naiying wore the national flag all the time, and his lips trembled. “Today is compared with parallel rotation (non-Olympic project), and the Olympic Games are compared with parallel rotation. I hope to achieve the top four results in the parallel rotation of Beijing Winter Olympics.” She said.

“I really hope to get the top four grades. Come on, China team!” Gong Naiying said.

The list of the 23th National People’s Congress of the Chinese team in the French women’s football World Cup was released.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 27 (Reporter Wei Hua, Zhang Han) in preparation for the 2019 women’s football World Cup held in France from June to July, the Chinese team announced a list of 23 People’s Congress on the 27th, and Wang Frost was listed.

In this big list, Wang Frost, Wang Shanshan, Wu Haiyan and other famous generals were all selected. Among them, Wang Frost, who played for French Paris Saint-German, would wear No. 7 jersey.

The World Cup will be held in nine French cities from June 7 to July 7. The Chinese team will be divided into Group B. The same group also has Germany, South Africa and Spain, on June 8th, the Chinese team will welcome the first rival German team. Chinese team players and members of the coaching team have arrived at the base camp in Auxerre, France on the 25th to prepare for the final stage two weeks before the World Cup.

Attached the list of the 23th National People’s Congress of the Chinese women’s football team:

No. 1 Xu Huan, No. 2 Liu Shanshan, No. 3 Lin Yuping, No. 4 Lou Jiahui, No. 5 Wu Haiyan, No. 6 Han Peng, No. 7 Wang Frost, No. 8 Li Jiayue, yang Li on the 9th, Li Ying on the 10th, Wang Shanshan on the 11th, Peng Shimeng on the 12th, Wang Yan on the 13th, Wang Ying on the 14th, song end on the 15th, Li Wen on the 16th, Guya Sha on the 17th, bi Xiaolin on the 18th, Tan Ruyin on the 19th, Zhang Rui on the 20th, Yao Wei on the 21st, Luo Guiping on the 22nd, and Liu Yanqiu on the 23rd.

After Ding Junhui lost to O’Sullivan

Xinhua News Agency, London, January 19th question: After Ding Junhui lost to O’Sullivan

Xinhua News Agency reporter Prince Jiang

lost to the “rocket” O’Sullivan with 3:6. Ding Junhui lost only a semi-final of the Masters competition, but gained precious friendship, enthusiastic encouragement and 12 years of growth joy.

As soon as the game was over, O’Sullivan, the greatest snooker player in history who was destined to remove “one” in the near future, hugged Ding Junhui and kissed his cheek affectionately, then in the warm applause of the audience, they always walked and talked with a smile and walked out of the stadium together.

Ding Junhui couldn’t see the frustration and disappointment of failure, and was also immersed in the intimate conversation between the two.

This reminds people of the finals of the Masters in 2007. Ding Junhui, who was only 19 years old, lost to O’Sullivan at 3:10. Xiao Ding, who was not the champion, couldn’t accept the blow of failure for a while and cried bitterly on the court, o’Sullivan immediately stepped forward to hold him, comforted him, and said that one day he would definitely lift the championship trophy.

A lot of things happened in 12 years. Ding Junhui really won the Masters championship in 2011, won more than a dozen other championships, and won the first place in the world.

Ding Junhui is 31 years old, which is the age of O’Sullivan in 2007. He can treat failure with a more peaceful attitude.

He said after the game: “He said he loved me, he said my playing style was pleasing to the eye, and he also said he was very happy to see me make progress. I told him that I had always been confident in the competition. I also said that I believed that I would get better and better and that I would become a stronger player in the next 10 years.”

But O’Sullivan believes that his dialogue with Ding Junhui after the game is “personal privacy” and cannot be disclosed to reporters. But he could not hide his love and encouragement to Ding Junhui’s big brother.

“Everyone knows that we have a close relationship. I don’t often kiss people, but I like Ding Junhui. He is a special guy and a special person.”

He also praised Ding Junhui’s “natural material for playing snooker”, “natural snooker brain” and “playing style belongs to pure natural handy”. Therefore, “I like Ding Junhui more than anyone else.”

In his eyes, he never felt that Ding Junhui was a child, because he seemed to forget the scene after the 2007 final.

“He won the World Series at the age of 16. He has always been a man and has not been a child for a long time. China should be proud of him. For China, he is a very, very special guy, a man and a good man.”

British media believe that only Ding Junhui’s influence in snooker can be compared with O’Sullivan, because Ding Junhui has many Chinese fans, while O’Sullivan conquers the world purely by football skills. After all, snooker is a minority sport, which is mainly carried out in Britain. If Ding Junhui has the same advantages as British players, the results will be more brilliant.

However, Ding Junhui did not take the inconvenience brought to Chinese players by the sport itself into consideration. He still aimed at O’Sullivan and expected a bigger breakthrough.

“I am looking forward to playing with him most, because he is the best player in the world. I know how to improve when playing with him. Today his words are an affirmation to I am, let me add some confidence to myself, because few people talk to me like this, especially face to face.”

Where is the gap between him and O’Sullivan?

Ding Junhui said: “In fact, our skills are similar. It depends on who is more stable. I need to keep my level within a certain level to win.”

“What I should learn from him most is that I can beat my opponent without playing the best level.”