Track and field competition, inject new vitality (Sports stands)

On May 20, Chinese team player happy Dragon was in the men’s long jump competition in Nanjing station of IAAF World Challenge.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Lili took

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Three world’s top track and field events in 10 days, with new events, new technologies, new tracks and new rules…… These changes not only make the contestants have a unique experience, but also attract the attention of more young audiences.

“This is my first time to stand on the stage of an international competition!” On May 11, the IAAF World Relay Competition was held. Many Chinese team players gained the initial experience of their career at the Yokohama National Arena in Japan. A week later, the Diamond League Shanghai station was staged on a newly laid track. On the 20th, the men’s long jump in the international challenge was very happy in front of Wanda Plaza in Hexi, Nanjing. New ways, new technologies, new ways, new rules…… Three world’s top events in 10 days are trying to prove that this ancient sport has released new vitality.

New project debut

“What is your strongest feeling after winning the championship?” Tired!” After the final on May 11, the answer of American female player Brown caused the whole audience to laugh. However, she was not joking. Although there were four excellent games in the 2 × 2 × 400 m relay, she required only one man and one woman to finish it alternately, in a short period of time, two consecutive 400-meter competitions were completed, and the physical consumption of the players was even stronger than that of the separate 800-meter project.

2 × 2 × 400 m relay, 4 × 400 m mixed relay and head-on hurdle mixed relay are all newly established projects in this world relay competition. Among them, the mixed relay of head-on hurdles, which appeared in the world competition for the first time, is eye-catching. Hurdles, plus three new elements of “head-on”, “relay” and “mixed men and women”, bring a lot of freshness to everyone. “Shi Jiali started from the opposite side, and I stepped on the starting block. She stepped over the last column, and I squatted down and prepared to start. The light swept her across me, and I rushed out.” As the first player to receive the stick in this project, Sun Zhenjiang, the Chinese team player who participated in the international competition for the first time, is constantly trying to find rules.

Amazing new technology

on May 18, Shanghai Stadium witnessed the birth of many achievements. In addition to the excellent state of the individual players, the newly laid track of Shanghai Stadium also “contributed”. It is understood that the Shanghai Stadium began to update the runway at the beginning of this year. The new runway has higher technology content, and its anti-skid, flame retardant and tensile strength are all at the top level in the world. It was certified as a first-class runway by IAAF in April this year. In addition, the new runway is more flexible, and the thickness is 0.1mm higher than before, which is conducive to the players to create good results.

In the men’s 100 m race, American player Noah leels pushed his compatriots Coleman to win the championship. Although the results of 9852 and 9858 were only 6‰ seconds, but with the help of new technologies, it becomes obvious. The company responsible for the timing of the competition used the athlete tracking system for the first time in the Shanghai Railway Station competition. “This technology enables the competition to be like a Formula One racing car, and to keep an eye on the changes of the athlete’s ranking at any time.” Introduction of LV Jidong, chief referee of Shanghai station.

New Promotion and eye-catching

Jamaica Star tagger Gale, who won the men’s long jump championship on the new runway of Shanghai Railway Station, two days later, he rushed to the Stadium of Nanjing station of IAAF World Challenge. On the long jump track temporarily built in front of Nanjing Hexi Wanda Plaza, what was waiting for him was a completely different experience. “The runway at the entrance of the mall, the music of high decibel, the audience with zero distance, and the dazzling lights are all my first experiences.” Gale said, “I enjoy this atmosphere very much and hope to participate in this kind of competition.” He finally won the championship with a score of 8 meters 21.

Moving track and field competitions to the streets is not the first time for Chinese track and field events, nor is it the first attempt for domestic events. The Chinese track and field Street tour has been held in many cities for many years. However, it is the first time to combine the street tour with the top international events so that top foreign athletes can also set foot on the street. This fresh promotion method was recognized by the officials of the IAAF on the spot, “the long jump competition of Nanjing Railway Station can be regarded as the top level in the street competition.” Brian Roy, technical representative of IAAF, said.

People’s Daily (12th edition on May 23, 2019)

For the 39th time, “FINA” is ready to go out of Kong tower and will meet wanzhuosova

Federer and Nadal eliminated their opponents in the French Open men’s singles quarter-finals on the 4th. The two tennis stars will face the 39th confrontation in the semi-final.

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, June 4 (reporter Su Bin) Federer and Nadal eliminated their opponents in the French Open men’s singles quarter-finals on the 4th. The two tennis stars will face the 39th confrontation in the semi-final. Kong Ta became the first British player to advance to the top four women’s singles in French Open in 36 years, and the semi-final will face the Czech new star Wanzhuo Sova.

The opponent of seed Federer No. 3 is the compatriot wallinka. Only two of the 18 breaking points of Federer in the whole game were converted, but the Swiss King still used 7:6(4), 4:6, 7:6(5), 6:4 won, and the eighth promotion to the top four of the French Open.

Federer was very happy about the result, he said, because he entered the semi-finals of the Grand Slam again, which did not appear in the last year. He had encountered some failures in the fourth round and the quarter-finals. From this perspective, his performance exceeded expectations.

Nadal is currently the best at 23:15 on the record of confrontation with Federer. When talking about another “farnacho” that has attracted much attention, Federer said: “Of course, I will strictly follow my own arrangements and plans, but considering Nadal’s strong performance in the clay field, you need to be aware of your opponents at all times. Because he hit the ball with his left hand, everything will change.”

“Just like facing any opponent, there will always be opportunities, otherwise people will not sit on the court and watch the ball, because they already know the result.” Federer said.

Nadal won the contest with No. 7 seed Kei Nishikori very easily, and the score was fixed at 6:1, 6:1, 6:3. “King of Clay” broke into the semi-finals of the French Open for the 12th time and continued to refresh the record kept by himself.

Nadal scored 29 points in the game and 17 points in Kei Nishikori. In addition, Nadal’s unforced mistakes were 8 fewer than his opponents.

“It can be predicted that he (Federer) will play aggressive, constantly changing rhythm, often come to the front of the net, and I need to play stably and hit the ball with enough strength, don’t give him a chance to easily return.” Nadal said.

No. 26 seed Kong tower of women’s singles eliminated No. 7 seed Stephens with 6:1 and 6:4, and the competition only took 71 minutes. The last British female athlete who was promoted to the top four of the French Open was Dury in 1983.

Conta’s semi-final opponent is 19-year-old general Wan zhuosova, who defeated the Croatian player Martich at 7:6(1) and 7:5 in the quarter-finals, continue to refresh the Grand Slam personal best results.

Chinese player Duan Yingying/Zheng competition eliminated Xu Yiying and Canadian girl dabowski in the women’s double quarter-finals with 6:2, 5:7, 7:5, the first time my partner played in the tour, he broke into the grand slam top four.

Another Chinese player Zhang Shuai and Stosser of Australia played the Australian Open final opponent barbosh/Mladenovic. The two pairs fought to the final match to “grab seven”, finally, Zhang Shuai/stoser lost with 6:3, 1:6, 6:7(3).

Zhang Shuai played in the mixed double quarter-finals with Australian player Pierce again. The two were equally divided with the first two sets of dabrosky/parvich, and they “grabbed ten” in the final. Zhang Shuai’s combination was defeated at 8:10.

Behind MVP is the transformation of the team-interview with Wang Zhilin, the most valuable player in CBA regular season

Xinhua News Agency, Fuzhou, May 1st issue: Behind the MVP is the transformation of the team-interview with Wang Zhilin, the most valuable player in the CBA regular season

Xinhua News Agency reporter Lin deleng, Wu Jianfeng

2018-2019 season, for 25-year-old Wang Zhilin, undoubtedly unforgettable. In this season, his Fujian team made its first playoff in 7 years, and he himself won the title of MVP (most valuable player) in the first regular season of his career.

At the end of the CBA season, Wang Zhilin enjoyed a rare leisure time at home. During this period, he accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency reporters.

MVP dispute: Guo Allen, who is also an enemy,

this season’s CBA regular season MVP competition is very fierce. The competition is mainly between Wang Zhilin and Guo Allen. Finally, wang Zhelin won Guo Allen with a total score of 353:329. According to personal data, Wang Zhilin’s performance in the regular season is undoubtedly the best of domestic players, with 24.6 points and 13.7 rebounds recorded in the game, both of which are the highest in China. In terms of team performance, he led the team back to the playoffs and experienced the first playoff performance of his career.

Before the first playoff game in Fujian men’s basketball, CBA officials awarded Wang Zhilin the regular season MVP trophy at the home of Fujian men’s basketball, the trophy was handed over to Wang Zhilin by Liu Yudong, the “God of War” who also came from Fujian. For this experience, Wang Zhilin said: “First of all, I think this is everyone’s recognition of me. MVP is what all players want to fight for, and it is also a new God of War Cup. As a Fujian native, Liu Yudong was able to hand me this trophy personally. This feeling is really very different.”

For his transformation in this season, Wang Zhilin said that it was still the result of the team’s efforts. “Personal data has not been greatly improved. Scores and rebounds have increased slightly. The most important thing is the progress of the whole team. Maybe even if I played well a few years ago, the team’s performance was not very good, so everyone would not pay much attention to it. This year, everyone worked together to improve the team’s performance. Naturally, everyone felt that Wang Zhelin had made great progress this season. In fact, it was the progress made by everyone to achieve this effect.” Wang Zhilin said.

When it comes to MVP, Guo Allen is a topic that cannot be bypassed. The two not only competed with each other in the selection, but also staged a spark-splashed confrontation in the playoffs. Although Fujian team failed to compete with Liaoning team and failed to win the top four, Wang Zhelin’s strong performance in this series still got many favorable comments. For this opponent, Wang Zhelin said: “The competition relationship is actually the competition between teams. We all play for our respective teams. The purpose on the court is to win or lose. Privately, we are all very good friends, and we are going all out to play the game on the court.”

NBA: I woke up and found that I was chosen

as the elite palace of professional basketball. NBA has always been Wang Zhilin’s goal. In 2016, Wang Zhelin, who didn’t expect to be selected by NBA, was favored by Memphis Grizzlies and was selected by the 57th team.

“Before the draft, there was no preparation for this because of injuries. I woke up and found that I was chosen. I was still very happy. For me, I also got a kind of recognition. Thank you very much.” Recalling the situation at that time, Wang Zhilin said.

From the age of 22 in that year to the age of 25 now, Wang Zhelin, who was gradually mature, played a brighter performance on the court, and the speculation about his landing in NBA gradually increased.

As for his NBA prospect, Wang Zhilin said, “I don’t think I can go if I want to go first. It must be my goal. If I have the chance, I will seize this opportunity to try.”

Since 2013, Wang Zhelin has experienced a low ebb and created glory along with China’s men’s basketball southern expedition to the north. He said that there are many differences between himself and the world’s top players, including physical confrontation, competition experience and personal skills.

Life: “Eating Chicken” hits “super trump card”

The life of professional players is very simple. In his spare time, Wang Zhilin likes playing games with friends. Recently, the popular “chicken eating” is one of his favorites. Wang Zhelin, who is tall, is also unambiguous in terms of fine game Operation. At present, it is already the “super trump card” level (high level in the game).

“Our life is actually relatively simple. It has always been the training competition that occupies the time. In fact, only mobile phones can play with it after leisure. We have little time to go out, and most of the time is occasional entertainment.” Wang Zhilin said.

As for the relationship between training and games, Wang Zhilin is very calm, saying that as a professional player, he knows how to deal with the balance between leisure and training. “Pre-game training won’t play for so long. Play one or two, relax, and have a rest when it’s time to rest.” He said.

In terms of reading books, Wang Zhilin likes suspense and reasoning books. Recently, he just finished reading “White Night Tour”. As a basketball player, Wang Zhelin also has his own idols. They are Paul Gasol and Wang Zhizhi. As for the reason, he said: “Both of them are very skilled players. They have always liked watching and imitating their playing style since childhood. Both of them are worth learning.”

For this season, Wang Zhilin said Yi Jianlian was his most admired opponent. “As a player of his age, he can still maintain such a high competitive state. I think it is really worth learning from our young players.” Wang Zhilin said.

Looking forward to the next season, Wang Zhelin did not want to set a specific goal, saying that he would first lock the goal in the playoffs and move forward step by step.

Sui Wenjing/Han Cong won the double skating champion in the Four Continents flower skating competition

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, February 9 (reporter Wang Jiyi) in the double skating competition of the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in 2019 held on 9th, the Chinese team Sui Wenjing/Han Cong won the best in free skating, with a 0.06-point advantage, Canadian star Moore-Towers/Marinaro won the championship.

Another pair of Chinese group Peng Cheng/Jin Yang won the third place with 205.42 points.

This event was held in Anaheim, California, USA. In the previous short program competition, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong ranked second, after Moore-Towers/Marinaro, but the difference was less than 0.5 points. In the free skating competition held on that day, the two pairs were still difficult to distinguish, and there were also some minor flaws. Finally, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong won the first place in free skating with 136.92 points, and won the gold medal with a total score of 211.11 points. Moore-Towers/Marinaro won the silver medal with 211.05 points.

Because the female companion Sui Wenjing was diagnosed with fatigue fracture of his right foot after the Winter Olympics in Pingchang last year, the champion of the world championship called “onion barrel combination” by fans, the silver medal combination of the Winter Olympics has been away from the stadium for 10 months and began to try to return in January this year. This champion is an affirmation of Sui Wenjing/Han Cong’s efforts to recover in half a year, which proves their strength. Sui Wenjing/Han Cong will also be a strong contender for the championship in the flower skating world championship that will come in March.

Sui Wenjing said: “We were still very nervous before the competition. I am very happy to finish entire exercise successfully, but to be honest, this is not the best US. We will continue to work hard and strive to slide better in future competitions.” Han Cong also said after the game that entire exercise has not yet reached perfection and still needs to be polished.

The ability to overcome injuries and quickly reach the peak also makes Sui Wenjing feel deeply. She said: “I am very grateful to those who help and support me, and I am more grateful to our opponents.”

Losing the game by a narrow margin made the Canadian ace team Moore-Towers/Marinaro feel a little regretful. Moore Toles said after the game: “We are very proud of ourselves, but it is a pity for me to pass the champion. If the whole performance can be more elaborate, maybe the result is different. We are quite satisfied with today’s competition. We have also seen the need to continue to improve. We will make further efforts to prepare for the world championship.”

Anti-Doping in 2018: a big step to check the new high legal system

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 29 (reporter Ma Xiangfei) the reporter learned from the national anti-doping work conference in 2019 that last year, China carried out nearly 20,000 doping tests, with a record high number, this year’s work will focus on preparing for many large-scale comprehensive events such as the Tokyo Olympic Games.

According to the materials released by the State General Administration of Sport on 29th, the anti-doping center carried out a total of 19458 inspections last year, including 16699 urine tests and 66 cases of violations of stimulants. The inspection paid more attention to strengthening the planned research, making personalized inspection plans for high-risk projects and athletes and improving the monitoring plans, improving the inspection efficiency, and successfully completing the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Jakarta Asian Games, the anti-doping work of the Chinese delegation in the Youth Olympic Games and other comprehensive games ensured that the athletes entered the competition cleanly.

Last year, the legal construction of anti-doping has made gratifying progress. The Supreme People’s Court is studying and formulating a criminal judicial interpretation to punish illegal acts involving stimulants according to law. The “punishment” for illegal acts involving stimulants is just around the corner.

In addition, China will build “a long-term anti-doping control system with clean gold medals”, which has been incorporated into the anti-doping center’s anti-doping work development plan (2018-2022).

In terms of education, the anti-doping education platform (cadepp) designed and developed by the anti-doping center last year was launched, and the anti-doping education access work of the Asian Games, Youth Olympic Games and Provincial Sports Games was completed, covering more than 180000 people. Through learning, athletes have improved their awareness of self protection. Taking the application for therapeutic medication exemption as an example, the medication exemption committee has received more than 1350 consultations, four times that of 2017.

Foreign exchanges and cooperation are also quite bright spots. The second global anti-doping education conference was successfully held in Beijing in last October. More than 200 people from 122 relevant organizations around the world participated in the conference and passed the Beijing Declaration. China also showed anti-doping work through this window.

The focus of this year’s work will be the preparation for multiple comprehensive large-scale events. Li Yingchuan, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, said that the national sports system must firmly establish the concept of “winning clean gold medals” and resolutely prevent the major risks of stimulants, focus on the anti-doping work of preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games and the second National Youth Games in 2019, and win the anti-doping battle in an all-round way. He stressed that the General Administration of Sports will carry out special anti-doping control in the national sports system in 2019, accelerate the promotion of the punishment of stimulants, and strive to establish and improve the long-term anti-doping control system of “getting clean gold medals.

Amateur players go to the professional “stage”-the national swimming city series “a spark of fire”

Xinhua News Agency, HEFEI, April 13th, amateur players stepped onto the professional “stage” — the national swimming city series “a spark of fire”

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Chang

executive chief referee, international level; The commander, national level; Players, amateur level.

Although about 700 players participating in the competition are not professional athletes, in the Hefei Railway Station race of the 2011 National Swimming City series, these players will follow the rules of professional competitions in front of professional judges, compete among swimming enthusiasts.

“The specifications and lineup of this competition are too strong, and I feel very different!” Huang Yong, a swimming enthusiast in Tongcheng, Anhui province who participated in this scale event for the first time, shook the water on his head while watching the electronic timing results above one side of the swimming pool. Under the stimulation of the professional competition atmosphere, huang Yong’s performance is better than he expected.

Xu Qi, vice minister of social activities department of swimming Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, introduced: “All the referee, equipment and execution rules are carried out according to professional competition standards, let swimming lovers who did not have the opportunity to participate in high-level and professional events in the past also feel the organization of professional events, thus promoting and popularizing swimming.”

The National Swimming City series in 2019 is a national swimming event that is innovated and created by the Swimming Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports and the China Swimming Association and serves the vast number of swimming enthusiasts nationwide. It will be held in 15 cities across the country, including 14-station series and 1-station finals. The top 10 athletes in each individual will be promoted to the finals.

At present, the popularity of registration for each series gives Xu Qi confidence: to make the competition a brand competition facing the common people. He described it as “a single spark can start a prairie fire”: “children from their 60 s to their 60 s can participate in the competition, which will have a great incentive effect on swimming enthusiasts, especially children. One person participating in the competition and the whole family participating in the competition are also the promotion of swimming virtually.” Xu Qi said that taking people as the center to run competitions and letting people enjoy competitions will better promote the development of national swimming activities and further promote and popularize swimming.

According to Wang Yan, a 62-year-old swimming enthusiast, current swimming enthusiasts “catch up with the good time”.

“In the past nine years, there were only a few events we could sign up for in a year. Now I can sign up for one or twenty events a year, and the events are more and more professional.” Wang Yan said frankly that he enjoyed the process of participating in the competition, “the competition itself is an opportunity for amateurs to learn and communicate, which can increase their interest in practice.”

Chen Jianhong, a famous Wanji swimmer who was invited to go home to his hometown and the current head coach of the Hong Kong swimming team, was quite touched when watching the game on the side of the court. “Compared with many years ago, the mass base of swimming has expanded and the number of indoor swimming pools has doubled. With the continuous improvement of comprehensive national strength and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there will be more and more similar events in the future, and Chinese sports will certainly develop better.”