Yao Ming pushes “CBA2.0” to comprehensively upgrade the league brand

Xinhua News Agency, Dongguan, April 27 (reporter Lin deleng, Li Bowen) Yao Ming, chairman of CBA company, introduced the league brand upgrade plan called “CBA2.0” to the media on the 27th, these include redesigning and upgrading team labels, establishing public welfare platforms, recruiting talents, etc.

Yao Ming introduced that “CBA2.0” is a comprehensive process. The goal is to create a top professional league with real social influence and create a leisure and entertainment product for fans that they are really willing to consume. The first thing to do is to redesign and upgrade the team logo.

Yao Ming said: “In the current league, what is criticized by fans is the team logo of each team. There are more animals of the same kind, and the color homogenization is also serious, the CBA league is helping all teams upgrade their team labels and overall packaging. Today, I would like to officially announce to you that this matter is being actively promoted, and the new team visual image of the first batch of 9 teams will be officially released to the society in late May, it will be officially launched next season. By the beginning of the 2020-2021 season, all CBA team marks will be upgraded. At that time, our whole league will give people a refreshing feeling and make all young people feel that it is cool to like CBA.”

In addition, Yao Ming also announced the idea of a “CBA, you and me Ta” public welfare platform brand, “We hope that through such a public welfare platform, all players, the team’s and alliance-led public welfare acts gathered to form a unified brand, thus forming greater social benefits and helping more people.” Yao Ming said.

Yao Ming said that CBA company will contribute to the theme directions of youth basketball training, education, health, caring for vulnerable groups and environmental protection. In addition to establishing special funds for public welfare in the future, fines generated during the season will also be invested into the public welfare fund of “CBA, you and I Ta”, turning “bad things” into “good things”. “Here, I also extend an invitation to the public welfare organizations, and we will choose some for cooperation.” Yao Ming said.

In addition, in order to strengthen the management level of the league, Yao Ming also expressed his desire to recruit talents to the whole society. “We decided to continue to strengthen the management team of CBA company and recruit some positions globally, including but not limited to CEO, law, investment, new media, content marketing, etc, the focus is to attract cross-border talents.” Yao Ming said.

Spring is coming, the national football team is still struggling in the cold winter

Kashuai’s on-the-spot command is very serious and helpless.

Wei Shihao is very active on the court and has a lot of foul actions.

  The Chinese cup failed two games and failed to score one goal, and finally ranked at the bottom.

Last night, the 3rd “China Cup” Football Championship ended in Nanning, Guangxi. In third place match, the Chinese men’s football team lost 0-1 to Uzbekistan, winning the fourth and last place in this competition. As the first battle of the national football team after the UAE Asian Cup, this China Cup is regarded as a small test for the new generation of national football team and the temporary coach Cannavaro, but judging from the performance of the two games, the general’s performance obviously failed.

After Zheng Zhi and other veterans faded out, the national football team in the new era faced the dilemma of blue and yellow. This was not something that a manager could solve in a few days. The defeat of the Chinese Cup was only the beginning of another trough of the national football team. As Cannavaro said before the match, compared with the impact of the World Cup, we should be more down-to-earth to play the talent Taki.


  It is too unfamiliar to form a team in a hurry.

On March 21, the first battle lost to Thailand from 0 to 1, and the new coach Cannavaro failed to welcome the start. It was only 6 days before Cannavaro took over the national training team pointer. Time is tight and the task is heavy, which is the problem facing Cannavaro and this new national football team.

The national football team gathered in Nanning on the evening of 15th. After a little rest, Cannavaro made a training plan for the team for two exercises a day. The intensity is greater than that of the national football team in the Lippi era, and it also exceeds the training volume of most players in the club.

Ka Shuai did not relax tactical drills. Many team members said in an interview that Ka Shuai tried a variety of personnel matching and tactical playing methods, hoping to inject more technical content into the new national football team. Therefore, in the first battle in Thailand, three technical midfield teams, Zhang Shizhen, Wang Yongpo and Zhan Junmin, were sent to cooperate with Wu Xi, a combination of the assault midfield.

Kasai’s ideal is full. He hopes to ease the offensive problem of the national football team through technical midfield, but the reality is also very cruel. The degree of unfamiliar cooperation among the national football team members, it is completely beyond the expectation of card Shuai, and too much bias on technology also lays hidden dangers on the defensive end. In the second battle in Uzbekistan, Kasai adjusted 5 people in the first episode and changed the formation to 433, but the attack style was not clear, and the problem of untacit Coordination of Defense lines still existed.

Reform must be accompanied by pains. Cannavaro cannot be denied completely because of the failure of the Chinese Cup. But for Cannavaro, what kind of playing method is suitable for the ability of Chinese players and what kind of football they can play is what he must consider in the future.


  Kashuai’s part-time job is not a long-term solution.

Cannavaro coached the national training team, and many fans thought he was not an ideal candidate. In addition to worrying about his coaching ability, opponents also have his status as Evergrande coach. A coach coached clubs and national teams at the same time, which was rare in world soccer field.

The first problem encountered when I was in both positions was to select and employ people. Of the 24 international players who participated in the China Cup this time, 8 were from Evergrande. Recalling a series of operations during the winter transfer period of Evergrande and the rumors that Evergrande was going to be the bottom of the national training team, this result was not surprising.

Judging from the arrangement of soldiers in the two games, it is relatively fair for Ka Shuai to employ people. There were 4 Evergrande international players who started against Thailand. It was not surprising that Zhang Linqi and Feng xiaiting could start the game, while Wei Shihao and Gao Zhun wing joined Evergrande again. In the second battle, Uzbekistan changed the array of 433, cannavaro left five Evergrande players in the starting line-up. Of course, coaching ability is the hard indicator to test Cannavaro. The situation of having two positions may make the disadvantages of these two aspects continue to enlarge.

Cannavaro has not signed a contract with the Football Association and is still the acting head coach. However, at present, this construction mode of the national football team has been recognized by relevant departments. If this mode continues to develop, Cannavaro will continue to coach the national football team, and the only problem is full-time or part-time. There are still five months to go before FIFA World Cup qualification in September. Cannavaro needs a title score, otherwise it is likely that the national football team will be in vain to attack the Qatar World Cup.


  In the next 10 years, we will still face a dilemma.

This national football training team failed in the China Cup, perhaps as early as people expected. From the beginning of the Asian Cup, Lipi decided to use the veteran to do the last fight, Chinese football was destined to face a new trough, and it would be deeper than before.

In recent years, the players who support the adult national team are mainly concentrated in the 1985-1988 age group, while a few outstanding young players are mainly from Genbao base. Cannavaro took over, and the alternation between the old and the new was actually the biggest challenge. The senior generals are getting older and their status is declining, while the newcomers are embarrassed and responsible, which is a problem that the national football team must face in the future.

In fact, looking back at the record of the youth’s national character in recent years, the decline of the National Football today is not so abrupt. The last time the National Youth (U19) participated in the world youth competition dates back to 2005, and it has been missed for 7 consecutive times so far; The last time the National Youth (U16) entered the world youth competition was also in 2005, it was also absent for 7 consecutive times. Compared with the international competition results of Thai and Uzbekistan Youth national names in the same period, China and the two are the same relationship.

The failure of talents is the root cause of Chinese football. The fork in the road of choosing talents and cultivating talents in Chinese football these years is the root cause of the lack of success. When the 26-year-old and only 1.58-meter-old son krassing scored easily in front of 34-year-old Feng Xiaoting, when China U19 national youth lost 1-2 to Thailand in the 23-day friendly match, since then, the football between China and Thailand has officially parted ways.

A person who deeply cultivates youth football analyzed that the number of registered players in China from 2001 to 2004 is worrying, among which the number of registered players in 2001 is only about 1,000. It is difficult for Chinese football to get rid of the dilemma at least in the next 10 years or even longer.


  The organization of China Cup is meticulous

The level of the national football team is still in place, but the China Cup competition is gradually maturing. In many aspects such as competition organization, media service and logistics support, the 3rd China Cup is impressive.

At this stage, the national football team is in the reconstruction period. In order to meet the warm-up needs of the team, the organizers have made great efforts in inviting opponents and organizing the competition. It is understood that the organizers had intended to invite the Argentine team to participate in this China Cup, but in view of the poor record of the national football team against the strong teams in the previous two china cups, the Thai team temporarily replaced. Moreover, the original first match opponent of the national football team was Uruguay. In order to make the national football team successfully advance to the final, the relevant parties replaced the first match opponent with the Thai team.

The organizer’s “consideration” to the team is also reflected in some details. It takes three or four minutes to walk from the dressing room in Guangxi Sports Center to the No. 2 training ground, which is about 500 meters away. In order to avoid accidents when the players were walking on the road wearing spike sneakers, the organizer prepared two electric ferry bus outside the dressing room to transport the players to the training ground. During each training, at least one ambulance and more than a dozen security personnel were on standby outside the site.

In addition, such details are also reflected in media services. An electronic system for face recognition and document scanning is set up in the dedicated channel of media and staff. Such advanced equipment has not been fully popularized even in the Super League. Many reporters lamented that “they found the feeling of interviewing the World Cup”.

Media certificates with frosted skin, Internet access cue card per person, continuous media work meals, free raincoats and cheer T-shirts placed on each auditorium before the competition, the detailed details everywhere reflect the organizer’s pursuit of making the Chinese Cup better and better.

Beijing News reporter Xu Xiaofan Deng Han reported to Nanning, Guangxi

Image of this edition/Osports

Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee likes the decision made by the International Paralympic Committee

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 26 (reporter Wang Yong Jiye) Yang Jinkui, minister of the Paralympic Games Department of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency reporters on the 26th that, BOCOG actively supports the decision of the International Paralympic Committee on the setting of competition items and the quota of athletes in Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games.

Yang Jinkui introduced that the International Paralympic Committee announced the competition project setting and athlete quota of Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games on 26th. BOCOG actively supports the decision of the International Paralympic Committee on the setting of competition items and the quota of athletes in Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games. This decision makes men’s and women’s projects tend to be balanced, greatly increasing the opportunities for female athletes to participate in the competition, reflecting the development of Paralympic sports.

Not only that, Yang Jinkui also analyzed that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics increased competition events without increasing competition venues, making the competition venues more fully utilized, it provides more communication and display opportunities for Paralympic athletes, and also conforms to the principle of frugal competition. The International Paralympic Committee determined the competition items and athlete quotas of Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games, which was an important milestone in the preparation work, the organizing committee of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games will actively organize the corresponding events according to the final project setting and athlete quota, and organize a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic event.

The fourth day of the national championship: Sun Yang Sanchuang is the best in the world

Data Picture: Sun Yang interacts with little fans. Photo by Hu Yaojie

China News Service, Qingdao, March 27 (Ma Yuanhao) the 2019 National Swimming Championship ended its fourth match day in Qingdao on the evening of 27th. Sun Yang, the captain of the Chinese swimming team and Olympic champion, won the third championship in the men’s 800 m freestyle final with the world’s first good result this year.

After the game, Sun Yang said that this success was inseparable from returning to the master. In the final of the men’s 50 m breaststroke, Yan Zibei, the “frog king” who broke the national record in the semi-final of the project, won the championship with good results of the national record.

The men’s 800-meter freestyle in the Battle of the day was one of Sun Yang’s strengths. He once won the gold medal in the three world championships in 2011, 2013 and 2015. In the final, Sun Yang opened a 2-second advantage with other players at 100 meters, and opened the gap to 8 seconds later. Finally, Sun Yang won the championship with the world’s best score at 7 minutes 48 seconds 03 this year. This is also Sun Yang’s third and third-degree creation in the world.

“This year’s performance, travel, frequency, and effect are better than last year, indicating that Zhu instructed me to be effective this year and a half.” Sun Yang told the reporter with a smile, “my aerobic capacity is well consolidated and recovered well. My biggest feeling is that I can swim more easily than last year’s Asian Games. I can swim according to the rhythm of medium and long distance, which shows that the training requirements of some time ago have reached the expected goal, let me look forward to the next stage of training and competition.”

In the men’s 50 m breaststroke semi-final, Yan Zibei, who refreshed the national record in 26 seconds and 96 seconds, won the championship in the final again with the result of drawing the national record. This result is far from the famous Japanese breaststroke, the Asian record created by Xiaoguan, the three gold medalist of Jakarta breaststroke, was only 0.02 seconds short.

In the final of the women’s 200 m freestyle, Yang Junzhen, the silver medal winner and general of the Jakarta Asian Games, successfully defended his title at 1 minute 56 seconds 90. Li blinger, the champion of the Jakarta Asian Games, picked silver at a weak disadvantage of 0.41 seconds.

The men’s 200-meter butterfly, Li Zhu Di, the famous Chinese butterfly, picked silver at 1 minute 57 seconds, and Wang Zhou, the Shanghai teenager, won the crown with a slight advantage of 0.04 seconds.

Women’s 50 backstroke semi-final. Fu Yuanhui, a “Red Girl” with two gold medals in this championship, advanced to the final with a total score of 27 seconds 87. “There is no feeling of” rolling “the opponent in the game. I feel that the state is picking up a little bit.” Fu Yuanhui said. (Finished)

Little Samaranch: Chengdu has made gratifying progress in sports

“In 1986, Samaranch, my father and then president of the International Olympic Committee, donated 10,000 dollars to let Chengdu hold the 10,000-person marathon for the first time.”

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, May 12 (reporter Li Hualiang) on the 12th, Juan Antonio Samaranch, vice president of the International Olympic Committee and founder of Samaranch Sports Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “little Samaranch”) I came to Chengdu, Sichuan province to participate in many activities such as “open experience day” of Chengdu world Police Association 2019. He said that Chengdu has made gratifying progress in sports and its international influence in sports is continuously improving.

“The fate between Samaranch Family and Chengdu began many years ago. In 1986, Samaranch, my father and then president of the International Olympic Committee, donated 10,000 dollars to let Chengdu hold the 10,000-person marathon for the first time. Now Chengdu is very different from that time, but that ten thousand dollars helped Chengdu successfully hold that competition.” Little Samaranch said.

Many events such as the 2019 World Police and firemen games, the 2021 World University Summer Games, and the 2025 World Games will be held successively in Chengdu. Little Samaranch said that Chengdu has made gratifying progress in sports and its international influence in sports is continuously improving.

On the 2019 Chengdu world Police Association Open experience day on the 12th, little Samaranch presented the Chinese version of the memoir of the late former IOC president Samaranch, recalling Samaranch-the IOC president who changed world sports for 21 years, to the upcoming 2019 World Police and firefighters in Chengdu. Sports meeting. The book is divided into 21 chapters, one of which specifically tells the story of Samaranch and China. The book was also presented to Chengdu Institute of Physical Education by little Samaranch.

Meanwhile, Yu Zaiqing, vice president of the International Olympic Committee and chairman of Samaranch Sports Development Foundation, donated a set of official limited edition 100-year Olympic posters to Chengdu Sports Institute on behalf of Samaranch Sports Development Foundation.

“Samaranch Sports Development Foundation will carry out closer and deeper cooperation with Chengdu and Chengdu Institute of Physical Education, making continuous efforts for the common good vision of both sides. I remember that after my father became the president of the international olympic committee, a major goal was to make china, a populous country, a member of the olympic family. The olympics could not be without china. He devoted all his life to this, he loves China and the Chinese people. It can be said that the relationship between the Samaranch Family and China continues.” Little Samaranch said.

The short track speed skating world championship is now controversial. Wu Dajing sighed: I hope the stadium is clean

The short track speed skating world championship is currently controversial.

Wu Dajing sighed: I hope the stadium is clean

Changsha Evening News (Xinwen) on the evening of the 9th Beijing time, at the 2019 short track speed skating world championships held in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, Wu Dajing, a Chinese team player, won the men’s 500 m silver medal. As a result, the frequent twists and turns in the middle of the competition caused many spectators to drop by glasses.

The first two shots were snatched, and Liu Shaolin, the famous Hungarian Chinese general, was punished. The third gun set off smoothly. Wu Dajing surpassed Huang Daxian early. However, Huang Daxian brought down Wu Dajing in the anti-timeout, and the two fell out of the track together. However, surprisingly, the referee did not judge a foul, but directly let the three rematch. In the fourth shot, Huang Daxian won the championship in 42 seconds 490, Wu Dajing won the silver medal with a weak disadvantage, and Ren Ziwei won the bronze medal.

There is no doubt that four shots were shot in a game, which had a negative impact on Wu Dajing’s physical fitness and competition rhythm. In the decisive circle, Wu Dajing was unable to do so, so he could only watch the Koreans take the lead in crossing the finish line.

In an interview after the game, Wu Dajing said that it was difficult to understand the referee’s penalty, “I have controlled the line quite well, then the South Korean players did not have a 100% grasp to surpass. I think it is a dangerous transcendence.”

“From the perspective of my professional athletes, I think there will be some penalties. I just want to say, can you make the short track speed skating site cleaner.”

After a day’s rest, Wu Dajing posted a microblog yesterday afternoon to report Peace: “The game has passed. If you lose, you will lose. I can afford to lose, but next time I will win back. Another sentence, I only hope that the rules of the future game can be unified.”