The Spanish club said Wu Lei was injured and could play.

Xinhua News Agency, Madrid, January 30 (Xie Yuzhi) the Spanish club announced on the 30th that China’s new aid to Wu Lei was not hurt and could play.

The Spanish club said in the announcement: Wu Lei received medical examination that afternoon, and the result showed that the striker’s shoulder injury would not affect his playing, he can continue to play in the Asian Cup like this before.

Wu Lei was injured in his left shoulder when he was fighting for the Asian Cup with the Chinese national team this month, but he continued to fight for the injury until the Chinese team was eliminated by Iran in the quarter-finals.

According to Spanish media, Wu Lei will start normal training with the Spanish team from February 1. If the coaching team thinks it is appropriate, he may enter the big list of Spanish away games against Villarreal in the 22nd round of La Liga on February 3.

Jiaozuo sports big New Year’s greeting martial arts master’s performance dragon and lion dance joy

Martial arts show. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

On february 15, the 15th central plains stage martial arts exhibition activity of henan province and the shadowboxing exhibition activity of the intangible cultural heritage project of yingxin spring festival in jiaozuo city were held in sport center gymnasium south square of jiaozuo city in 2019. More than 1,200 martial arts masters from 73 teams across the province took the stage to present their skills to the public, showing tai chi, Shaolin boxing, linking Luhe boxing, chafing, eight diagrams boxing, Yuefei boxing, traditional martial arts boxing techniques and martial arts equipment such as ape-fairy back boxing.

The atmosphere of the performance was warm, the shadowboxing with clouds and flowing water, the rigid and soft kung fu fan, the unpredictable sword and sword, and the magnificent dancing gankun collective gun. The applause from the audience was endless. All kinds of masters in the martial arts circle of the Central Plains compete on the same stage, and each exhibition is excellent, which fully shows the profound and lasting charm of the martial arts in the Central Plains.

Martial arts show. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Jiaozuo is the hometown of Tai Chi. This martial arts exhibition is not only a part of the martial arts exhibition activities on the Central Plains stage, but also the opening work of the series of activities organized and carried out by Jiaozuo city to welcome the new year, “sports big New Year, during the Spring Festival to Lantern Festival, Jiaozuo city prepared a variety of sports activities. In addition to the martial arts show, more than 500 enthusiasts participated in the fitness Qigong show, the 24th spring football match and the spring basketball match, gate ball the next competition.

Basketball game. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

At the same time, counties and urban districts sports department organized and arranged various sports performances, various ball games, Peasant Games and other mass sports and fitness activities in combination with its own characteristics. In beizhu village, zhongzhan district, the first Spring Festival Cultural Festival was unveiled. The Spring Festival culture festival not only includes the dumpling banquets of ten thousand people who have been on CCTV, but also holds a bonfire party, a series of national fitness and folk culture programs such as walking, dragon dance, lion dance, etc.

Football match. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The rich content and various forms of healthy new year greetings create a peaceful, festive and a merry festival atmosphere, which not only enriches the holiday life of the general public, at the same time, it also advocates and leads citizens to spend a healthy Spring Festival in the way of fitness. (Finished)

Henan Daily client reporter Huang Hui Li Yue/Wen Deng Xiaoqiang/Picture

Thai men’s football coach: the reason why the Chinese team lost was that the preparation period was too short and there were too many mistakes.

Thai head coach Sirisak jodaya said at the post-match press conference that the biggest reason for the Chinese team losing the ball was that the preparation period was too short and there were too many mistakes in passing and catching the ball.

Xinhua News Agency, Nanning, March 21 (reporter Lu Xianting, Lei Jiaxing) in the opening battle of the China Cup on the evening of 21st, the host Chinese men’s football team lost to the Thai team 0:1, thai head coach Sirisak jodaya said at the post-match press conference that the biggest reason for the Chinese team losing the ball was that the preparation period was too short and there were too many mistakes in passing and catching the ball.

Jodya dette first expressed his gratitude to the Thai team players and staff, and said that he firmly believed that the Thai team would win before the game, and the result of the game also confirmed this idea. “In addition to the goal in the first half, we have many effective attacks, but it is enough to win by 1:0.”

Jodya dette said that compared with the game that was reversed by the Chinese team at 2:1 in the Asian Cup, the Thai players were more focused on this game. “The Thai team played the advanced ball in the game, but later it was equalized by the Chinese team. The Thai team gradually lost their concentration in the game. Before this game, I told the players to maintain a very high degree of attention in the whole game, and every player did it.”

For the reason why the Chinese team lost in this game, jodya dette said that the preparation period of the Chinese team was too short, the formation changed, and there were many mistakes in passing and catching the ball. In addition, jodya dette believes that the Thai team retained the core players of the Asian Cup at that time, while the Chinese team replaced many players, which is also one of the reasons why the Chinese team lost.

On 15th day of this month, the handsome position of Chinese men’s football team, which had been vacant for nearly two months, finally ushered in a new host. Now Guangzhou Evergrande coach Cannavaro is leading the team to fight for the China Cup as the head coach. From Kasai took over the Chinese team to the war, it was only five or six days.

Weightlifting Asian Championship: Li Li Jun broke the world record three times Hou Zhihui easily lost Gui

On the 21st of the 2015 Asian national championship of weightlifting and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games qualifier, the second match day was entered. The Li Li army created a new world record of snatch, clean and jerk and the total score in the men’s 67kg class, hou Zhihui also easily lost in the women’s 49kg class competition.

Xinhua News Agency, Ningbo, April 21 (reporter Xia Liang) on the 21st day of the 2019 Asian national championship of weightlifting and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games qualifier, the second match day was entered. Li Li Jun created a new snatch in the men’s 67kg competition, the three world records of clean and jerk and total scores won the championship, and Hou Zhihui also easily won the 49kg women’s competition.

In the men’s 67kg competition, the Chinese team sent Li Li army and Feng Lvdong to fight. In the snatch competition, Li Li army led all the way and created a new snatch record with a score of 154 kilograms in the third place. In the following clean and jerk competition, the advantage of Li Li army was more obvious. He took 178 kilograms of weight in the opening, and this weight was ranked third at the end of the competition.

In the second Test, Li Li Jun directly chose the weight of 185 kilograms, and he was also in one go in the cheering shouts of the audience, creating a new world record for clean and white, it also raised the total record to 339 kilograms.

Although he broke the world record three times, Li Lijun said modestly after the game: “Because it is 67kg after all, I used to get 333kg in 62kg, so I have to cheer up, continue to work hard and cannot be proud.”

In the women’s 49kg competition, Hou Zhihui is undoubtedly the biggest hit in winning the championship. In the World Cup held in Fuzhou in February this year, Hou Zhihui won the championship by breaking the world records of snatch and total score.

In the snatch match, Hou Zhihui’s biggest competitor came from teammate Zhang Rong. Both of them lifted 88 kilograms easily. Zhang Rong failed to lift 92 kilograms twice later, while Hou Zhihui successfully lifted them. In the last one, Hou Zhihui asked for 95 kilograms, which exceeded his world record of one kilogram. Unfortunately, he failed to stabilize during the delivery process. Unfortunately, he passed the new snatch world record.

Compared with the uproar competition, the jerk competition is fierce. After North Korean player Li Shengqin successfully opened 109 kilograms, the second 114 kilograms exceeded Hou Zhihui’s 1 kilogram. Hou Zhihui succeeded in the last trial of 116 kilograms. Li Shengqin saw the hope of hitting the champion of the jerk and decisively added the last weight to 117 kilograms, but it did not succeed. In the end, Hou Zhihui won the first three scores of Snatch, jerk and total score, Li Shengqin won the second total score, and Zhang Rong ranked the third total score.

Although there is a difference of 2 kilograms from the world record of 210 kilograms held by myself, Hou Zhihui, who won the championship, is extremely excited: “because the preparation time is very short, I was a little scared at the stage before. For me, I felt that it was another breakthrough, so I would be happier.”

The Women’s 45kg competition held on that day was not the level of the Olympic Games. The Chinese team did not send players to participate in the competition. Vietnamese player Wang daixuan won three championships: Snatch, jerk and total score.

Prepare for the Chinese team card Shuai efficient training International Drinking water race against time

The national football training team showed up at the training ground last night. The Rhythm of the first two days was “two exercises a day”

Kashuai efficient training International Drinking water race against time

At 6 p.m. on March 18, the national men’s football team appeared at the training site of Guangxi Sports Center on time. This is the third training session opened to the media in this training session, but it is already the fifth training session of the whole team. The first two days, the team is the rhythm of “two exercises a day.

In just two days of training, the new national football team saw the “devil” side of the new coach Cannavaro.

High strength

Two exercises a day in a row

Team members asked for ice therapy one after another.

On the evening of March 17, because of the high-intensity training, the team members were extremely tired. After returning to the resident hotel from the Guangxi Sports Center training ground in Nanning, everyone asked for ice therapy rehabilitation. It is understood that in the past national football training, the players usually only proposed to receive ice therapy after the game. However, since the first training day of the training on the 16th, the team members have made such requests after the training.

For “two exercises a day”, the national players are no stranger. But the continuous “two exercises a day” was unexpected. Because even during the preparation period before the Asian Cup, the national leaders had not experienced such high-intensity training. Of course, the reason why coach Cannavaro made such an arrangement can be attributed to “the training time is tight, and the new team needs to run in”. Some people also interpret that this is the way Cannavaro leads the team.

However, the actual situation is not exactly the case. Since most of the international players ended the first two rounds of the first stage of the Super League a few days before the concentration, considering that there were about 10 days from the suspension of the league to the opening of the China Cup on the 21st, the coaching team of the national football training team needs to help the players maintain the “sense of competition”, so in Cannavaro’s view, it is very necessary to train in the early stage of the training.

It is understood that Cannavaro and Lippi are obviously different in the training methods of leading the team. For example, the training of the team on the morning of 16th and 17th is not a joint practice in the traditional sense. The coaching team divided the players into two groups to train separately according to the position on the field. One group consists of goalkeeper, defender and midfield players; The other group is all attacking players. The two groups of players started training at 10 am and 11 am respectively. It didn’t end until after 12 o’clock. At 6 o’clock in the evening, the second practice will take joint practice. In the view of the coaching staff, the combination of single practice and joint practice helps to improve the pertinence of training and does not damage the team integrity.

High efficiency

Every time you drink water, you have to race against the clock.

Fill in injuries and injuries in a timely manner

Team member Lü Wenjun said that Cannavaro attached great importance to time and efficiency. In order to ensure the quality of training, he even asked for a race against time when the team members drank water. In order to enable the team members to deeply understand their coaching philosophy, he also personally demonstrated it. It is also because the training is tight and fine that the team members are more laborious than before in terms of “digesting” the training content, and it is not surprising that fatigue is generated.

The team members all expressed their understanding of the coach’s good intentions. However, it is precisely because some players have been fighting continuously in the league and the Asian Championship, and their bodies are also very tired. They continue high-intensity training in the national team, and their fatigue is further intensified. Some players may also cause new injuries or relapse. Liu Yiming, the defender who originally had a recurrent groin injury, had an increased injury after two consecutive days of intensive training, and there was a possibility of leaving the team in advance. Perhaps seeing the tired signal reflected by the player’s body, Cannavaro only arranged the whole team for evening performance training on the 18th. Three days before the start of the China Cup, Cannavaro also needs to consciously protect the players’ bodies.

Because Liu Yiming could not continue to practice with the team due to the groin injury, the national football team urgently transferred Wang Gang, a member of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. Since it was only 3 days before the start of the China Cup, Wang Gang immediately put on the national team clothes to participate in the training after flying to Nanning. Judging from the situation reflected in the team, Wang Gang is very likely to play or even start in the China Cup.

High Standard

Targeted training content

Correct bad playing habits

On the 18th, another central defender, Li Ang, who returned to the national team, was interviewed by the media. Like the two teammates He Chao and Lü Wenjun interviewed before, Li Ang felt honored to be recruited to the team by Cannavaro. Lü Wenjun said: “Cannavaro is very strict as a coach. His training content is very targeted. During our guidance, we always correct our bad (playing football) habits, and even correct the wrong footwork.”

As Wang Gang arrived in the team, the lineup of the national football training team in the China Cup was also neat. However, judging from the statements of several members interviewed, the national players cannot satisfy the new coach in some details of playing football. When implementing techniques and tactics, Cannavaro may still need to patiently correct the technical details of his disciples.

Wen/Our reporter Xiao Yi

News analysis: “Class tide” is surging, can Kovac keep the handsome position?

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, May 1st News analysis: “The tide of class is surging”, can Kovac keep his handsome position?

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Di

for the German football coach, this season is not easy.

Seven German head coaches were fired. After the season, three head coaches will leave regardless of whether the contract expires or not. At least nine teams will need to hire new coaches next season. Deyi is even more exaggerated, and 15 coaches have been forced to finish class.

The Bundesliga coaches after class this season include: Ann breitenwright of Hanover, Hai Herich of Leverkusen, mi Kerner of Nuremberg, tower kolkut and Ma weinzil of Stuttgart, man Baum of Augsburg, and Dodo Tedesco of Schalke 04.

The coaches who will step down after the season are: Di Heijin of menxing Gladbach, Da Parr of Hertha BSC Berlin, and Bu Labadia of Wolfsburg.

The current manager of Hanover, Tor Dole, who succeeded breitenwright, sighed, “The situation is getting worse now, and the atmosphere of disrespect for coaches is spreading.”

According to German local media reports, statistics in 2016 showed that the average time for a German football coach to coach a team exceeded 500 days, but now it has dropped to about 300 days. There are 14 Current head coaches in the De B team who have been coaching for less than a year. At present, Cologne, which ranks first with a 5-point lead, has great hopes to enter the Bundesliga, but when there are only three rounds left in the league, coach Ma Anfang was relieved by the club.

According to Lu hangatner, chairman of the German football coach Association (BDFL), the career of head coach has been regarded as a joke by the club. “There are many reasons for the coach to finish class, such as too few victories, demotion crisis, missing the Champions League or Uefa Europa Cup seats, etc. Now he even lacks thinking and suggestions on the future development of the team, it also became the reason for the coach to finish class.”

Luo duter, head coach of Deb Bochum, believes that it is a waste of money to change coaches frequently in the club. He satirized: “It seems that everyone in the team management knows how to arrange troops. Obviously, there is no need for a coach. The coach needs two to three years to forge the team, and now everyone seems to forget that this is a basic rule.”

Darni Maier, head coach of Deb Auer Club, said: “After the winter break, I found that many colleagues in the league could not see it. The Golden Age of German football coaches may have passed.”

The Frankfurt report said in a commentary: “The salary of the team manager is comparable to that of the senior executives of large companies, but the working hours are as short as the seasonal Asparagus Harvester.”

At present, it is Bayern Munich head coach Kovac who is the most on pins and needles in the handsome position. With 3 rounds left, Bayern only got 2 points ahead of second place Dortmund. Especially in the last round of dort’s accidental loss, Bayern failed to score 3 points on the team in the degraded area, opening the points gap, and Kovac was criticized.

According to sources in Bayern quoted by the South German newspaper, the competition in the next few weeks will decide that Kovac will eventually stay. The hardest thing for Bayern is to encounter the elite team Leipzig twice in the League and German Cup finals. Analysts predict that Kovac can keep the handsome position only if he leads the team to win the league and the German Cup.

Kovac also complained to the increasingly impatient club management: “in front of unsatisfactory results, the head coach is always the one who needs to take responsibility. When the team wins, it becomes everyone’s credit.”

On last November, Bayern was still 9 points behind Dort, and Kovac led the team to chase wildly. The 28th round of Bayern 5:0 triumphantly defeated Dort and returned to the top of the list. However, he was eliminated by Liverpool in the Premier League in the 16th Champions League and Kovac was questioned.

Rummenigge, the chairman of the board of directors of the club, put pressure on Kovac by constantly releasing signals to the outside world. Rumenigge said in an interview with the media that he was considering Alonso as the team manager in the future. “Alonso is the best tactician in the history of the club.”

The first thing Kovac, who is treading on thin ice, should consider is how to avoid trouble and finish the season “safely.

For Bayern, if there is no champion, how can we talk about satisfaction?