Philippine netizens launched crowdfunding to support Dias dream-driven Olympic gold medal

In order to show support and encouragement to the national hero, Philippine netizens launched crowdfunding on a crowdfunding website in the country on the 4th, planning to raise 10000 dollars (about 69000 yuan) for Dias.

Xinhua News Agency, Manila, June 4 (reporter Zheng Xin, Yuan Mengchen) The Philippine sports star and women’s 53kg weightlifting champion of the 2018 Asian Games, idylin Dias, recently appealed to the public, I hope I can get more financial support and strive to achieve the “zero breakthrough” of Philippine Olympic gold medal in Tokyo in 2020 “. To this end, Philippine netizens launched online crowdfunding on the 4th.

“I am going through a difficult period and I need financial support.” Dias publicly sent this message through personal social media on the evening of the 3rd. She, who won the silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, said: “I don’t know if it is appropriate to publicly appeal for financial support? I am a little uneasy, but I have tried my best to pursue the dream of winning the first Olympic gold medal for my country.”

Now 28 years old, she is currently preparing for the World National Championship of weightlifting and Southeast Asian Games in Manila in the second half of this year. Among them, the World Championship held in Pattaya, Thailand in September this year is an important qualifying match before the 2020 Olympic Games. If there is any mistake, the athlete who seems most promising to win gold for the country in Philippine Sports is likely to miss the Tokyo Olympics.

In order to show support and encouragement to the national hero, Philippine netizens started crowdfunding on a crowdfunding website in the country on the 4th, and planned to raise 10000 dollars (about 69000 yuan) for Dias. Funding, funding for her training, life and competition for a period of time in the future.

In fact, Philippine officials are also sparing no effort to support this weightlifting star. William Ramires, director of Philippine Sports Commission, said in an interview on the 4th that the Philippine government and sports authorities have been paying close attention to the recent situation of Dias, she will continue to support her to win a valuable Olympic gold medal for the Philippines.

The Philippine Sports Commission issued a statement on the 4th, saying that the biggest athlete subsidy they have received this year has been given to Dias. This fund worth 4.5 million Philippine pesos (about 600000 yuan) almost covers her training in China at the beginning of this year and the cost of participating in many world tours.

As the result of more than two months of training in China, Dias won three silver medals in women’s 55kg snatch, clean and jerk and total score in the Ningbo weightlifting Asian Championship in April this year.

The Philippines has not won an Olympic gold medal since it first participated in the Olympic Games in 1924.

2019 “China Sports Lottery Cup” Henan 5th tennis king competition

Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, March 18 (reporter Yang Xu) on the morning of March 16, it was hosted and undertaken by the Central Plains Tennis Center, the kick-off ceremony of the 2019 “China Sports Lottery Cup” named by Henan sports lottery management center the 5th tennis king Championship (first stop) in Henan was successfully held at the Central Plains Tennis Center.

 Photo taken by Yang Xu at the kick-off ceremony

Qian Guoyu, vice chairman of Henan CPPCC, Chen Yichu, former vice chairman of Henan CPPCC, Han Jiajun, general manager of Dahe Network Media Group, Wang Haixin, secretary of Henan sports lottery management center, Rong Chang’an, Director of Central Plains Tennis Center, sun Tiantian, deputy director of the Central Plains tennis center, attended the kick-off ceremony and waved the kick-off together. Qian Guoyu, vice chairman of the CPPCC of Henan province, announced the start of the game. Chen Yichu, former vice chairman of the CPPCC of Henan province, delivered a speech. The kick-off ceremony was presided over by Sun Tiantian, deputy director of the Central Plains Tennis Center. More than 800 athletes from 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, as well as referees, coaches, staff and media reporters attended the kick-off ceremony.

It is reported that the competition lasted for two days (March 16 and 17), and a total of 767 athletes from 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions (1967) signed up for the competition. There are 5 events in the competition, including men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The competition is divided into 10 groups according to age. The competition adopts the latest “tennis competition rules” approved by China Tennis Association. The competition is divided into two stages. The first stage adopts the circular competition system and the second stage adopts the elimination competition system.

 Chen Yichu, former vice chairman of the CPPCC of Henan province, was interviewed by the media and taken by Yang Xu.

Chen Yichu pointed out in his speech: at the just-concluded second session of the 13th National People’s Congress, the prime minister put forward new requirements for the development of sports in the government work report, combining sports with people, the Society and the country are closely integrated. In the part of “accelerating the development of social undertakings, better ensuring and improving people’s livelihood”, it is proposed to “extensively carry out national fitness activities”. It also points out that if people are physically and mentally healthy, the society will be full of vitality and the country will prosper.

The Henan tennis king tournament (the first two sessions were the Henan tennis king tournament) has been successfully held for 4 years since the start of the first race in March 2015, it has created a series of new records of amateur tennis events in our country and has become one of the brand events in the amateur tennis field in our country. According to incomplete statistics, the tennis king tournament has successively conducted 12-station races and 4-station finals, with a total of more than 8500 entries.

Henan tennis king tournament has become an important measure to carry out national fitness activities, and has also become the mass basis for holding high-level international competitions in Zhengzhou. We will stick to it and hope that more and more amateur tennis players from provinces, cities and autonomous regions will come to Zhengzhou to participate in this competition.

 Rong Chang'an, Director of Central Plains tennis center, was interviewed by Yang Xu

Rong Chang’an, Director of Central Plains Tennis Center, said that this year is the fifth consecutive year of Henan tennis king tournament, which has become a brand event in Henan amateur tennis. Since the opening of Henan tennis king tournament, with its constantly mature conditions, increasingly perfect competition system, increasingly reasonable arrangement and rising number of participants, it has not only been recognized by tennis professionals and loved by tennis lovers, but also won the praise of Henan provincial sports bureau and even the tennis Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, for which we are deeply honored. The Central Plains tennis center will also take this as the driving force to carry out nationwide fitness activities extensively, making new and greater contributions to building a healthy Central Plains and a strong sports province, accelerating the rise of the Central Plains, revitalizing Henan and enriching the people and strengthening the province.

The World Championships opened high and walked low, and Chinese women’s ice road was at their feet.

The team’s performance in this competition has bright spots and shortcomings. Under the background of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the road of ice hockey still needs to be down-to-earth step by step.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 13: The World Championships opened high and went low, and Chinese women’s ice road was at their feet

Xinhua News Agency reporter Lin deleng, Tan Chang, Zhang Yifei

from two consecutive wins to three consecutive losses, the Chinese women’s ice hockey team experienced two days of Ice and Fire in Group B of the women’s ice hockey world championships of the International Ice Hockey Federation in 2019, and the ice hockey team competed in the rivers and lakes, at present, the 20th Chinese female ice in the world is in the crucial stage of climbing upward. The team’s performance in this competition has bright spots and shortcomings. Under the background of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the road of ice hockey still needs to be down-to-earth step by step.

The Chinese team won a perfect start in this competition. In the first two games, they defeated the team of Latvia and the team of South Korea by 3:0 and 5:2 respectively. In particular, defeating the South Korean team with experience in the Winter Olympics greatly enhanced the team’s confidence.

The match against Holland was called the key World War I. Holland was the “upgrading horse” of this competition, but it showed better than the average strength in the match. Facing the Chinese team, Holland team suppressed the whole game, finally, win with 4:0.

The fourth match against Poland is about whether the Chinese team can retain the hope of upgrading the group. In the previous warm-up match, the Chinese team defeated the opponent by 1:0. After the opening of the game, the Chinese team took the initiative. However, in terms of seizing opportunities, the Polish team showed an efficient side, leading the Chinese team by 4:1. Although the Chinese team tried their best to fight back, they still lost the game after winning two goals and completely lost the possibility of promotion.

In the last scene, for the Kazakhstan team who did not win the previous match, Chinese female ice still won the chance and did not score. Instead, she was scored two goals first by her opponent when the number of shots was dominant, finally, it was defeated by 1:2.

The three-game defeat after two consecutive victories made the Chinese team also see the advantages of the opponents and their own shortcomings. He Xin, a member of the Chinese team, said that the team had done its best, but it was still a little anxious during the stalemate stage, which seemed to be inexperienced.

Summarizing this competition, Chinese team coach click said: “There are many potential players in the Chinese team, but then we must strengthen the training of leg stength and other aspects. In order to have a good performance in the Olympic Games, we must make unremitting efforts.”

The Dutch team, which won five consecutive victories, successfully promoted to the group, and the Chinese team won the fourth.

The Chinese team participating in this competition consists of players from different clubs, provincial and municipal professional teams and university teams. There are many highlights in the team’s performance. In the five games, the average shooting percentage of Chinese women ice rink was 6.49%, which was higher than that of last year’s trip to Italy; At the same time, the power of less defense and more success increased by 7.01%; the success rate of more games and less games increased by 13.33 percent age points compared with the previous session, and was higher than the performance of the previous three sessions. In addition, seven Chinese players have entered the players’ list of this tournament, and the forward side has won the best forward in this world championship.

After the game, the Chinese Ice Hockey Association said on the official WeChat: “After the end of this game, Chinese women ice will face up to the shortcomings and make a serious summary, and continue to strive to learn advanced ideas from traditional ice hockey powers, experience, and devote themselves to the preparation training, and strive to make progress in the future.” (Finished)

Ke Jie and fan yunruo won the semi-final of Chinese go chess and jiwar

Chinese go chess and jiwar is one of the highest bonus events in domestic go competitions. The champion prize is 800000 yuan and the Asian army prize is 200000 yuan.

Xinhua News Agency, WUHAN, April 27 (Reporter Feng Guodong) The fourth “Chinese go chess and jiwar Wuhan industrial control intelligence parking Cup” (Wuhan station) held the semi-final on 27th. Ke Jie’s 9th segment Zhibai 262 hands 1/4 children nearly won Xu Jiayang’s 8th segment successfully promoted. In another semi-final, fan yunruo’s eight-stage blacklisted winning by resignation Fan Tingyu’s nine-stage.

In the match between Ke Jie and Xu Jiayang on the 27th, Ke Jie’s white chess won the first hand to seize the big field, but Xu Jiayang once blocked the white chess by exerting the “Middle Belly Black Flag” jacquard, and slowly put pressure on the offensive. Under the disadvantage of the white chess seek to reverse, from time to time to the official skillful hand to disperse black flag advantages. The gap between the two sides has gradually narrowed. At the urging of time, the hasty fall of black flag led to omission. White chess took advantage of the opportunity to reverse the dangerous victory with a weak advantage of 1/4.

In another battle between fan yunruo and Fan Tingyu that day, fan yunruo entered the game and soon won the victory. Fan Tingyu pushed forward steadily on Zhibai, pulled out the solitons deep into black flag, and then white chess pursued all the way. However, White chess was counterattacked by Black Flag due to too many clues in the middle and abdomen, and the chess game ended. Fan yunruo won the game in the ninth segment.

According to the 7th paragraph of Wang Haijun, the head of the event organizer and executive referee, the 4th “Wuhan industrial control intelligence parking Cup” Chinese go chess and jiwar is one of the events with the highest bonus in the domestic go competition. The champion prize is 800000 yuan and the Asian army prize is 200000 yuan. The nine sections of Ke Jie and fan yunruo who won the semi-finals will compete for a seat in the duel with Nie Weiping, the “chess Sage.

FA Cup: Hou Yongyong’s debut ball Beijing Guoan eliminated Changchun Yatai to advance to the top eight

In the fifth round of the FA Cup on the 29th, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan defeated Changchun Yatai, the top eight at home 3:1.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 29 (Reporter Wei Hua) in the fifth round of the FA Cup on the 29th, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan defeated Zhongjia team Changchun Yatai at home 3:1 and entered the top eight.

In this game, Beijing Guoan, which has the best strength, established a two-ball advantage in less than 30 minutes. In the fifth minute, Yu Yang broke the deadlock for the team in a corner attack. In the 28th minute, Bakambu picked up Wang Gang’s right road to rush to the door. In the 36th minute, the visiting team’s foreign aid Moli Pasta des pulled back a city for Yatai.

Yi will fight again, and Beijing Guoan will continue to put pressure on Yatai, creating many good opportunities to break the door in succession. In the 86th minute, Hou Yongyong shot the door with his left foot after breaking into the forbidden zone and scored the first goal after joining Guoan. At 3:1, Guoan locked the victory.

International Sailing Grand Prix opening battle Chinese team temporarily ranked fifth

Xinhua news agency, sydney, february 15 (guo yang) the 2019 international sailing grand prix kicked off in sydney on the 15th. After three group matches, japan and australia are temporarily ahead, and china and france are tied for the fifth.

The Sydney race is held in two days. The first day is a three-round group race. In each round, the first place can accumulate 10 points, the second place can accumulate 9 points, and so on. Six fleets from China, Japan, the United States, France, Britain and Australia participated in the competition.

In the first round of competition, the two Asian fleets won the “opening ceremony”. The Japanese team took the lead all the way and took the lead in completing the game. The Chinese team followed closely and got the second good result. The French team failed to complete the current round due to violations. In the second round, the Australian team took advantage of the home court and won easily. The japanese team was forced to fall behind because they were punished for passing the route first. However, after the efforts of the crew, they finally kept the second place. The Chinese team was suppressed by the British team’s tactics in the Windward stage and missed the favorable opportunity. In the last round, the Chinese team set sail unfavorably and failed to find a breakthrough later. Unfortunately, it was at the bottom.

After three rounds of competition, the Japanese team ranked first with 28 points, followed by the Australian team with a slight gap of 1 point. The British team ranked third with 22 points, and the American team ranked fourth with 20 points, the Chinese team and the French team both scored 19 points and tied for the fifth.

“Our first round is still very good. In the latter two rounds, we may not catch a good wind when we set sail, including choosing a route (mistakes occurred).” Chinese crew Liu Xue said in an interview after the game.

The captain of the Chinese team Phil Robertson also believes that this is a brand new team, without much experience, and there are still many things to learn.

“We have just come into contact with this ship type and have limited training time. We are trying to explore how to drive this ship during the competition. We still have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but we learn very fast and tomorrow is another day.” Robertson said.

On the 16th, six fleets will play two rounds of group games. The two fleets with the highest total points will compete for the championship of this site.