“2018 Chinese athletes spreading influence list” released Wu Dajing ranking first

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 22 (reporter Ding Wenxian) “2018 Chinese athletes spreading influence list” was released in Beijing on the 22nd, short track speed skating Olympic champion Wu Dajing, volleyball star Zhu Ting, men’s 100-meter “flying man” Su Bingtian ranked in the top three on the list.

The statistical cycle of the list data is the whole year of 2018, and the samples are selected from Chinese delegation athletes of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Jakarta Asian Games, national team athletes of various events, etc. The list combines the performances of athletes in various fields such as personal situation, sports performance, media exposure and business index, and invites experts in sports, media, academia and other fields to put forward professional opinions on the preliminary evaluation results.

Wu Dajing topped the list. In 2018, he three broken short track speed skating men’s 500 m world record, won the only gold medal of the Chinese delegation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and achieved the breakthrough of zero gold medal in the Chinese men’s single project Winter Olympics. Zhu Ting ranked second. Last year, she led the Chinese team to regain the women’s volleyball championship in the Asian Games, won the bronze medal in the world women’s volleyball championship, and also won the turkey Women Volleyball League matches championship with wakifu bank, help the team defend in the European Women’s Volleyball Champions League and the World Club Cup. She is also the only female athlete in the top ten.

The third to ten athletes on the list are Su Bingtian, Wu Lei, Sun Yang, Zhou Qi, Ding Yan Yuhang, Guo Allen, Fan Zhendong and Shi Yuqi.

The Top 50 athletes on the list come from 14 sports, among which table tennis has the largest number of players on the list, with a total of 8 players, followed by swimming and football, with 7 players each, there are also 6 people in the basketball project, and two people in the winter project are on the list.

According to statistics, the average age of the top 50 athletes shortlisted in this list is about 26 years old, among which the oldest is Zheng Zhi, a 38-year-old football player, the youngest is the 16-year-old swimming General King Jianjiahe. Among the top 50 on the list, athletes aged 21 to 25 occupy 26 seats, and 3 are less than 20 years old.

The selection was initiated and hosted by China Sports newspaper general society, and the new sports network was specifically implemented.

CBA Shenzhen won the eighth-strong battle of the two teams in Beijing again. 2:2

Yangzi Evening News (Reporter Zhang Chenqi) on April 1st, in the fourth round of the series of Shenzhen and Beijing Shougang in the 1/4 finals of the 2018-2019 CBA playoffs, Shenzhen team played 94:83 beat Shougang team and won two consecutive wins away, bringing the total score of both sides to 2:2.

In this game, the field goal percentage of Shougang team was called “horrible”. Their three-point goal was only 4 in 32 shots, and they were almost dumb outside. On the other hand, the Shenzhen team played a high level in the case of The Last Battle. Inner and outer line of them played very well, especially 13 three-point shots. Only this one scored 27 points more than Shougang. The difference between the two teams in the first half was not big, but the Shenzhen team led the team to reach 20 points in the third quarter. Although Shougang caught up, it was hard to catch up with only 7 points, the Shenzhen team pulled the score difference to 20 points again in the fourth quarter, and Shougang team finally couldn’t afford to return to the sky.

After winning this game, the Shenzhen team will return to the home court with two consecutive wins in the 5-win and 3-win system. Both teams played the game on the road. At present, the battle is 2:2 Ping, which can be said to be quite close. If the Shenzhen team can win and advance in the fifth game, then they will become the first team in CBA history that can turn the game after 0:2. In the other three series, Guangdong and Liaoning have all advanced to the top 4, and Xinjiang leads Guangsha 2:1.

Brazilian government introduced regulations on prohibiting violent fans from entering the America Cup

If a staff member at an airport, port or land border checkpoint finds violent fans attempting to enter the Brazilian border, they can take measures to return it.

Xinhua News Agency, Rio de Janeiro, May 13 (reporter Zhao Yan, Chen Weihua) a regulation passed by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice in the federal official journal on the 13th, it is stipulated that foreign fans with violent records are prohibited from entering Brazil during the 2019 America Cup football match.

The communique pointed out that the criteria for identifying whether a fan is violent were defined in accordance with the international immigration control system. According to the regulations, if a staff member at an airport, port or land border checkpoint finds violent fans attempting to enter the Brazilian border, he can take measures to return it.

The validity period of this regulation ends on July 7.

Previously, Brazil also implemented similar regulations during large-scale international competitions such as the 2013 Federation Cup and the 2014 World Cup.

The 2019 America’s Cup will be held in five cities in Brazil from June 14 to July 7. The participating teams will come from 10 members of South American Football Association and Japan and Qatar in Asia.

French network integration: Daban and Xiaowei double stop Jiao Kovic swept through promotion

This year’s French Open women’s singles Stadium has been unpopular, and many high-ranking seed players have been out one after another.

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, June 1 (reporter Su Bin) Event 3, the first two rounds of women’s singles, the world’s largest sakashi United States, failed to perform a reversal drama in the third round of the French Open on the 1st, she lost two sets in a row against Czech girl Signa Kova, and the Grand Slam 16-game winning streak since beautiful grenadine last year came to an abrupt end. Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion, also lost to Knin with 0:2. Jiao Kovic, the top seed of men’s singles, beat Caruso, the Italian qualifier player in three sets and easily broke into the top 16.

This year’s French Open women’s singles Stadium is constantly unpopular, and many high-ranking seed players have been out one after another. For the first time, the 21-year-old sakazhi American career fought for the grand slam as the number one seed. In the first two rounds, she completed the reversal under the condition of losing a plate first, however, there were 38 unforced mistakes in this field, almost three times that of Signa Kova (13 times). After the 1 hour and 17 minutes of competition, she used 4:6, 2:6 Lost to Signa Kova, the 42nd in the world, who will face No. 14 seed case in the next round.

As the main competitor is out, Sakamoto is still sure to continue to rank first in the latest world ranking after the end of the French Open. She said that if she used 1 to 10 points to describe her disappointment, it would be 100 points.

The 20-year-old American player Kening appeared in the French Open for the second time. Her scores in the first round and the second round were higher than those of compatriots Xiaowei, and she also did a better job in controlling non-forced mistakes, finally, it won by 6:2 and 7:5. The 37-year-old Wei temporarily stopped catching up with the 24 Grand Slam singles championship records of mingsu Court, which was also the earliest time she had been out since Wimbledon in 2014.

In Xiaowei’s view, Knin’s hitting point is very close to the sideline. He has not met this kind of opponent for a long time, and Knin also performed very well. Knin will compete with No. 8 seed Batty for a top eight seat.

The defending champion Halep performed very stably. She took the Ukrainian player tersulenko with 6:2 and 6:1, and the next round played against the Polish teenager sviatek who had just passed her 18th birthday.

Relying on a score rate of up to 84%, Jiao Kovic won Caruso with 6:3, 6:3 and 6:2. The next opponent of the Serbians was schtrouf from Germany, who won the final victory with 11:9, thus eliminating No. 13 seed churich.

No. 5 seed Yaya zvirev once again experienced five hard battles, narrowly defeating Serbian player Rajovic, and the next round will encounter No. 9 seed Vagnini. The other two strong 16 games in the first half of the district were played against Tim against Memphis and Kachanov against del Potro.

In the second round of the women’s double, Chinese player Xu Yizhong cooperated with dabowski of Canada and defeated Han Xinyun/Wang Yafang, a Chinese “Golden Flower” combination, with two 6:1. No. 5 seed Zhang Shuai/stoser also defeated the American combination Collins/Santa Maria with two 6:4. The combination of Yang ZhaoXiao and Polish player rosouska was eliminated by French combination Ferro/Parry at 5:7, 6:4, 4:6.

Before the Raptors won the championship, the whole team continued to be busy retaining mini truck.

On June 17, Beijing time, the Raptors who returned to Toronto held a season summary meeting, including coach Naas, Van vlitt, Mark Gasol and other players once again talked about Leonard’s going to stay, they expect the latter to lead the Raptors to greater success in the future.

After defeating the Warriors away to win the championship trophy, the Raptors first went to Las Vegas to celebrate, and then returned to Toronto on the special plane of the team’s image ambassador Drake. According to the arrangement, the Raptors plan to start the championship parade at 10 a.m. on June 17, local time in Toronto. The parade will last for 3 and a half hours, including all raptors, including Leonard, will take the double deck bus to show the fans the O’Brien Cup.

With the pelican’s deal with the Lakers on Anthony Davis, the NBA transfer curtain this summer officially opened. Over the past season, Leonard’s future has always been the focus of the league. Even after leading the Raptors to win the championship, he still has to make a question mark.

“If I didn’t see him there when the training camp started, I would kick his ass.” Van verlett’s joke represents the voice of the Raptors and Toronto citizens. As early as the season, local fans, enterprises and even mayors in Toronto were thinking of various ways to retain Leonard. Now the team has achieved historic success and the efforts of all parties have not stopped.

Van vlitt said, “we have done our best to retain Leonard. This team has tried its best, the coach and teammates have tried their best, the city and even the country have tried their best, and we have done what we can. I think he understands everyone’s intentions, he understands how special it is here.”

Mark Gasol believes that Leonard’s future will have a great influence on the Raptors and even determine the future of the team. Raptors coach Nath expressed the same view, “I expect him to stay and he can get the support of the whole country here. He had a pleasant season here, and I believe that what other teams can offer can be given to Leonard like the Raptors.”

However, the Raptors don’t want to put too much pressure on Leonard, “he has done his best for this city and brought the champion to this team, I think he has won the freedom and right to make his own choices, and no one is qualified to tell his decision.” As Van vlitt said, “We hope Leonard can stay, but if he chooses to leave, we will continue to move forward.”

Chinese Olympic team men’s football team has a long way to go to the Tokyo Olympic Games

Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, March 22 (Reporter Zhang Zewei) the result is acceptable, and the process is not flattering-watching the game of China Olympic team’s 5:0 victory over Laos, this may be the common feeling of Chinese fans.

This is the official “first show” for Dutch coach Hiddink to coach the Chinese Olympic team. It is also the first game for the Olympic team to attack the seats in the Tokyo Olympic Games and is destined to attract much attention.

From the result, the Olympic team under Hiddink has lived up to expectations. In the face of the Laos team, which was unknown and obviously not in the same level of strength, the Olympic team took advantage of the scene and won 5 goals, which made a good start for the Tokyo Olympic Games qualifier.

But from the process, this Olympic team did not give people much brilliant performance. It can be said that there is a long way to go if we want to win the siege all the way and rush into the final stage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

According to the competition system, the first place of the 11 teams and the second place of the 4 teams with the best results will be promoted to the final stage competition held in Thailand in 2020 in this U23 Asian Championship qualifier, the final top three will be eligible for the Tokyo Olympic Games (if the Japanese team wins the top three, the number of eligible places will be postponed to the fourth place).

In addition to Laos, the Chinese Olympic team is located in the Philippines and Malaysia. There are many naturalized players in the Philippines, and Malaysia has a home court advantage. These two games are the real test for Hiddink and the Olympic team.

Although Chinese football has no advantage in Asia in recent years, the team qualification of this Olympic team is still worth looking forward. However, even after entering the U23 The Championships finals of Asia phase, facing Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and the Western Asian powers, it is difficult to enter the top three or top four.

In the first match against the Laos team with short stature and inferior strength, Hiddink’s tactics were quite targeted. He adopted the tactics of combining sides and sides, and bombarded his opponents by taking advantage of the height advantages of players such as Yang Liyu and Dan Huanhuan. However, judging from the actual implementation and effect, it is not good. The breakthrough of the two sides and the transmission of shells are limited, the success rate is not high, and the goal also has luck. Only after about 70 minutes of substitution adjustment in the second half, especially after Zhang yoning played, the situation improved and played more orderly.

Since the defense line is basically not challenged, it remains to be seen how the defense line of the Olympic team is now. However, from the perspective of the midfield, the players’ control and creativity are not enough, especially after the attack is blocked, they lack coping and changes. The rhythm of the game, especially the advance of the attack, is slow and slow.

Basic skills and no-ball running are still the “short board” of this Olympic team “. There are too many unnecessary mistakes on the court, and the standing position is relatively dead. The accuracy and success rate of passing and catching the ball are slightly worse. In the face of the Lao team, the situation is not optimistic when it comes to the fierce and fierce robbery of a stronger opponent.

Last year, Hiddink said before taking over the Olympic team’s handsome seal that only a few people in this team met his team formation requirements. I wonder if Hiddink is satisfied with his disciples after nearly four months of training, training and running-in? Anyway, the journey of the Olympic qualifier has been opened. I hope this Olympic team will constantly summarize and improve in the competition, present richer techniques and tactics, and show a more positive attitude and fighting spirit, bring more eye-catching performance to fans.

Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese Olympic team has been absent from the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. Fans expect to see the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, but they don’t have to put too much pressure on the team. After all, growth and talent need to be honed and time.