The Chinese short-track team of the great winter club has a discount of 500 meters.

Xinhua News Agency, Russia, March 5 (reporter Xu Zheng, Li Linhai) the 29th Winter Games for World University students held a short track speed skating project for men, women, 500 meters and relay project on the 5th. Unexpectedly, among the traditional strengths of the two Chinese teams, the Chinese team did not perform well, and no athletes entered the 500-meter final. Moreover, in relayrace, both Chinese men and women teams failed to advance.

The Chinese short track speed skating team participating in the winter club is headed by Wang Meng, the famous short track speed skating General. Many athletes in this team are from the national speed skating and short track speed skating training team coached by Wang Meng. Among them, Zhong Yuchen, Xu Aili and other athletes achieved good results in the short track speed skating Western elite competition held in Canada in January this year. Ankai also won the championship in the men’s 1500-meter race on the 4th.

However, in the men’s and women’s 500 meters competition on the 5th, the Chinese team players performed poorly. In the women’s 500 m competition, only Yang Yang entered the semi-final, but she failed to surpass the two Russian national team players in the same group, Yev lemonkova and malakic, who were eliminated in the semi-final. In the end, the women’s 500-meter champion was won by French player monwatson, with a score of 43 seconds 919.

In the men’s 500-meter competition, the Chinese team players were eliminated in the elimination match of 16 to 8, ankai, who won the 1500-meter championship on the 4th, accidentally slipped and fell out in the curve sprint and failed to go further. In the end, South Korean players Park Chi Yuan And Lin Yongjin won the championship and runner-up of this project. The host Russian athlete ivilev won the bronze medal.

After folding two rounds in a row, the Chinese team also failed to gain something in the next relay project. In the women’s 3000-meter relay, when the Chinese team can basically guarantee promotion only after the match, there was a problem in the team handover stick, which blocked the forward route of the later Kazakhstan players, the referee was sentenced to a foul and missed the final to be held on the 6th.

In the semi-final of the men’s 5000-meter relay, the Chinese team also made handover mistakes. After the start of the game, the Chinese team had a fierce competition with Russia. However, in the second half of the game, the players made mistakes without interference, which delayed a lot of time. As a result, the Chinese team could only end the group competition with the third place, and also missed the final.

On the 6th, the short track speed skating project of 2019 World University Winter Games will enter the last competition day, which will produce a total of 4 gold medals for men and women with 1000 meters and relay.

A “snow iron army” to protect Beijing Winter Olympics”

Xinhua News Agency reporter Xia Ke

in the snow field of the Winter Olympic Games area in Chongli district, Zhangjiakou city, Hebei province, snow roads with different difficulties like white dragon coiled around the mountain. On January 6, 2019, more than 220 Ski Team members of Beijing Winter Olympics dressed in a unified manner, sliding down from mountains in groups and batches, and showed the snow season training and training results here.

With the approaching of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the training of ice and snow sports talents is constantly “speeding up”. Since the establishment of the “ski team” by the North Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee in October 2018, this team composed of folk experts has developed into a “snow iron army” with more than 300 people “.

High hand in the Folk: A team from the masses

ice and snow sports entered our country late, aiming at the realistic problem of lack of high-level talents to run the competition, in October, 2018, Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee established a “skiing team”, 154 skiers from all walks of life were selected as the first members of the ski team from more than 2100 skiing events professional volunteers.

Among these people, 81 people come from 28 universities in Beijing, including 25 teachers and 56 students; 50 people come from all walks of life in the society; The remaining 23 people come from the owners of the venues of the Winter Olympics. Among these people, there were 17 alpine skiing national referee, two first-class referees, one freestyle skiing national rating referee, and 10 people had won the top three provincial and municipal skiing competitions.

Yan Cheng, Minister of Human Resources and chief commander of the ski team of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee, said: “to form a ski team is to develop and integrate human resources for the society, tap folk experts, and participate in the preparation work of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, building a high-level and professional track operation team also leaves valuable talents for the host city.”

“Foreign volunteers used to serve us when participating in world competitions. In the Beijing Winter Olympics, we will serve athletes from all over the world as volunteers.” Wang Jiao, a representative of the ski team and world champion of freestyle skiing aerials, said, “as a member of the ski team, I am very proud to contribute my strength to the Winter Olympics.”

Hard work and dedication: accept experience in the actual field

He Zhongkai, a member of the ski team and an associate professor of the sports department of Peking University, said that the team needs to accept long-term experience of will and technology, A series of international skiing events held in China are the best platform for team training.

On December 4-7, 50 members of the ski team participated in the first leg of the International Snow Federation’s “Far East Cup” ski competition in the cold. Their work covers holding and cutting, flag door installation, track leveling, safety protection net maintenance, etc., almost including all tasks of track operation.

During the four-day competition, the temperature outside the stadium was close to minus 26 degrees Celsius. All the team members got up every day from the early morning to the end of the afternoon competition. They kept their posts and worked hard.

Speaking of the experience of fighting in the Far East Cup, Qiao Jie, the team member and head nurse of Anzhen Hospital, said, “nothing, we just did what we should do, can’t embarrass the Winter Olympic organizing committee.”

The dedication of the ski team members was praised by the staff of the International Snow Federation. An official of the International Snow union said to Wang Zhong, the chief coach of the ski team, “Where did your players come from? They are amazing!”

Develop and grow: fight for the dream of the Olympic Winter

the ski team has received extensive attention since its establishment. Many ski enthusiasts, retired athletes and coaches came to Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee to submit applications for joining the team. Some colleges, sports associations and other units have also recommended outstanding talents to join the team.

On December 22, 2018, the ski team welcomed 165 new players, and the second column was formally established. There are 73 domestic technical officials in this team, 19 ski coaches and social sports instructors who have been certified by relevant professional institutions at home and abroad, and 15 people have won the ranking of ski competitions at the provincial, regional and municipal levels or above.

“After the first batch of ski teams built the team, I have been paying close attention to the weekly dynamics of the team and looking for opportunities to join.” Manhengbiao, the representative of the new team member, said, “knowing that the ski team was going to participate in the running of the ‘Far East Cup, ‘I immediately ran to Chongli and joined the track operation team. Now I have the opportunity to become a regular player. I am very excited and hope to realize the Winter Olympic dream in the team.”

Yan Cheng said: “They use ordinary work to interpret the connotation of holding a ‘wonderful, extraordinary and excellent’ Olympic event.”

Wang Zhong introduced that since the establishment of the ski team, it has carried out 13 centralized teaching. “The team members have accumulated experience in actual combat and hope that this team can become a ‘Iron Army’ on the ice and snow arena ‘.”

Yan Cheng said that in the future, BOCOG of Beijing Winter Olympic Games will strengthen contact and cooperation with Northeast and Northwest regions to build regional teams of ski teams. It is estimated that the overall size of the team will reach about 2,000 in the future.

Former England goalkeeper banks funeral held Hart and little shumecher carrying the coffin

In addition to the goalkeeper Hart who represented England in many World Cups, the other three goalkeeper who carried the coffin came from the club he played for before his death: little shumecher in Leicester City, batland in Stoke City and Ernst & Young, the goalkeeper of Chesterfield club he first joined.

Xinhua News Agency, London, March 4 (Reporter Prince Jiang) the funeral of England’s goalkeeper Banks, who won the 1966 World Cup, was held in Stoke on the 4th, four gates, including Joe Hart and little shumecher, will be responsible for carrying the coffin, and his teammates when Bobby Charlton and Hearst won the championship will also give him the last leg.

It was the 47th anniversary that banks led Stoke City to win League Cup title, 1972. The hearse passed through the city center. A large number of fans stood on both sides of the street to see him off. Then the hearse came to Stoke City football club, around the stadium for a week, many fans came to the stands of the stadium and applauded the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the farewell club.

The funeral was then held in the Cathedral of Stoke City where banks lived. In addition to the goalkeeper Hart who represented England in many World Cups, the other three coffin-carrying goalkeepers came from the clubs he played for before his death: little shumecher in Leicester City, batland in Stoke City and Ernst & Young, the goalkeeper of Chesterfield club he first joined.

Sir Charlton, the main player who won the World Cup, his younger brother Jack Charlton, and Sir Hurst, who scored three goals in the final, all came to send farewell to his teammates of that year, there were also many goalkeepers who represented England in the World Cup, including Hilton and Seaman.

Banks died on February 12 at the age of 81. He played 73 times on behalf of England and was awarded the best goalkeeper of the year by FIFA six times. He participated in all England’s matches in the 1966world Cup, including the final of defeating Germany by 4:2. He once played for Leicester City club for 8 years, joined Stoke City in 1964and led the team to win the League Cup title in 1972, which was the biggest honor in Stoke City’s history. In 1973, he retired after losing his right eye in a car accident. In 2015, Stoke City built a statue for him outside the stadium to commemorate his contribution to the team.

4:0 sweeping Shenzhen and Guangdong took the lead in the CBA finals

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, April 15 (Reporter Jing huaiqiao) the fourth contest between Shenzhen New Century and Guangdong Southern Tigers in the semi-final of CBA League was staged in Shenzhen on the 15th. Yi Jianlian scored more than 30 points in two consecutive games, helping Guangdong team win 135:117 away, and swept the opponent with a total score of 4:0 to enter the finals.

In the last game, relying on the internal advantage of Yi Jianlian, Guangdong successfully got the competition point of this round of series, but in two consecutive games, it was forced to draw by the opponent when it was more than 20 points ahead, it reveals that the team has some problems in mentality. Guangdong coach Du Feng repeatedly warned the players before the game that they must win the game and do not give the opponent any chance.

In this game, Shenzhen, which was in the first battle, showed a very strong desire to attack, and took the lead in a 7:0 offensive at the beginning. The Guangdong team pursued all the way under the leadership of Yi Jianlian and Zhou Peng, and overtook the score with a wave of 9:0 under the condition of foreign aid. In the first quarter, Shenzhen 27:30 was slightly behind.

After returning from the festival, Shen Zijie scored “2+1” once and equalized the score. After Guangdong, a wave of 11:0 counterattack was launched. With Yi Jianlian’s three consecutive buckles, Guangdong began to take the initiative in the field, and the score difference was once pulled to 19 points. However, Shenzhen used Ren Junfei to violate the body and foul, reducing the score difference. 65:57, Guangdong stayed ahead at the end of half time.

Yi won the battle again, Guangdong found the outside hand feeling, plus the advantage of rebounding, and began to take over the game in an all-round way. With Brooks winning three points in a row, Guangdong pulled the difference to 22 points. Brooks scored 17 points in a single section and did not let Shenzhen’s counterattack repeat itself. After the score difference continued to expand, the Guangdong team began to rotate the main force to rest. But in order to suppress opponents, Yi Jianlian is still on the court. In this game, Yi Jianlian scored 37 points and 17 rebounds, playing the performance of ruling power again. In the end, Shenzhen, which was unable to return to the sky, was blamed at 117:135.

In the face of the upcoming finals, Du Feng said that the next game will be harder and the team will be ready to meet new challenges.

The 70-year famous Chinese sports forum will be held on June 26th and 27th.

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, June 25 (Yang Lei) the “great changes · 70-year famous Chinese sports forum” co-sponsored by people’s sports and Jiannong sports will be held on June 26 and 27 in Hailang mountain valley, Zhangjiakou. The purpose of the forum is to review the 70 years of development of sports in New China, look forward to the bright prospect of sports in China in the future, review the tenacious sports feelings of the older generation of sports in China, and put forward insights for the development of sports in China, assist the construction of sports power, transmit positive social energy, and present gifts for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.

This forum will focus on three topics: “Those sports people in that year”, “national fitness under the development of mobile Internet” and “new demand for Chinese national fitness in the new era, invite new and old sports people, sports associations, media and sports companies to discuss in depth the development opportunities and challenges of China’s sports industry today.

During the forum, guests will also be invited to experience the forum site support-Outdoor Leisure Sports in Hailang mountain valley, participate in traditional health activities such as wuqinopera and Baduanjin, feel the benefits and fun of leisure and fitness.

Yao Ming: I want to order the Winter Olympics mascot, but more Chinese athletes want to order Winter Olympics medals.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 9 (reporter Ji Ye) on the afternoon of the 9th, on the north side of the central hall of the Great Hall of the people, the second session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference held the second “member Channel”. Yao Ming, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, expressed his views on the Beijing Winter Olympics and the “small basketball program.

Yao Ming turned to Wang Yanxia, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice minister of sports department of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee, who joined the “Committee channel” before formally answering the reporter’s question. “Teacher Wang said that the mascot of Beijing Winter Olympics will be launched soon. I want to order one first at that time. I am very interested. But I believe more Chinese ice and snow athletes will come to order your medals.” Yao Ming said.

Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee collected mascot design plans for the world last year. Tens of millions of primary and secondary school students across the country participated in the theme activity of “Winter Olympic mascot in My Heart”, and the mascot will be unveiled in the second half of this year. However, in the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese delegation wants to achieve “all-project participation”, which is not only a basic requirement, but also a huge challenge. Chinese athletes should strive to obtain the qualification of all 109 events in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Last year, the proposal brought by Yao Ming was related to “little basketball”: The size is smaller, the rim is lower, and the venue is smaller, which is suitable for children of different ages.

When asked about the promotion plan of “little basketball”, Yao Ming said: “Last year we proposed a little basketball plan, hoping to let more young friends participate in this sport. I believe this will bring you different experiences. Not only is it a kind of fun, not just a game, but more importantly, young people can experience team cooperation, individual efforts from collective ball games, the growth of setbacks and other personality cultivation.”

Yao Ming also said that this year’s national male women’s basketball task is very heavy, need to get the Tokyo Olympics qualification. “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We need to carry out small basketball among teenagers to make the foundation of our future national team more reliable.” He said.