Tianjin Women’s volleyball team won the 5th Asian club cup champion Li Yingying won the MVP

This is the fifth time that China’s “Overlord” Tianjin Women’s volleyball team won the Asian Club Cup in Women Volleyball League matches and the eighth time that China Women’s Volleyball Club won the Asian Club Cup.

Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, May 5 (Reporter Zhang Zewei, Wang Haoyu) the final decisive battle was held on the 5th of the 2019 Asian Women’s Volleyball Club Championship. The Tianjin Women’s volleyball team, which represented China, went through four hard battles to 3:1 Rick defending champion Thailand Chunwu Li Supreme women’s volleyball team won the championship.

This is the fifth time that China’s women volleyball league matches “Overlord” Tianjin Women’s volleyball team won the Asian Club Cup and the eighth time that China Women’s Volleyball Club won the Asian Club Cup.

The Tianjin Women’s volleyball team fighting at home is coming for the champion. The Tianjin Women’s volleyball team, which owns three national players Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan and Yao Di, introduced Gong Xiangyu and Liu Xiaotong before the start of the event, further improving the strength of the team.

From the group match to the elimination match, every game of Tianjin Women’s volleyball team won the opponent 3:0, and advanced to the final with a strong performance.

But the final opponent Thailand Chunwu Li Supreme women’s volleyball team is also quite eager for the championship. If they win the championship, they will not only defend successfully, but also create three successive championships great achievements.

The Supreme women’s volleyball team of Chunwu Li, which also has many national players, inherited the fast and changeable style of Thai national women’s volleyball team and created considerable trouble for Tianjin Women’s volleyball team. In the first game, the two sides entered an impasse. It was not until the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team in the game that they separated the tide by two waves. The difference was pulled to 6 points, and finally the first game was won at 25:18.

The Supreme women’s volleyball team of chunwuli, led by the leader of the Thai women’s volleyball team, Vera Wan, played its own style and rhythm in the second game. The score has been suppressing the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team and won three game points at 24:21. However, the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team carried forward the consistent tenacious style, and it was hard to get 4 points in a row to surpass the score to 25:24. Since then, the two sides fell into a tug-of-war until the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team went to the next city at 35:33.

The Supreme women’s volleyball team of Chunwu Li, who was not discouraged, regrouped in the third game. The guarantee was strong, and the fast attack was getting smoother and smoother, and it was always outscore. However, the biography of Tianjin Women’s volleyball team was greatly impacted, and the organization and attack were relatively chaotic. Although Liu Xiaotong and Gong Xiangyu were replaced successively to make adjustments, they still did not improve and finally lost the game at 16:25.

In the key fourth game, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team withstood the pressure and improved the links such as the first pass, especially after replacing the second pass Chen Xintong, the attack became smoother. In the end, the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team scored 5 points in the serve round of Li Yingying, winning at 25:19.

In the whole game, the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team with height advantage did not play an online advantage, and the blocking was only 5 points more than the opponent. At the same time, due to the instability of the first pass, it was difficult for Tianjin Women’s volleyball team to organize a fast attack, mainly relying on a strong attack. Li Yingying, the main attacker, lived up to the expectations and blew the highest 40 points in the game. She also won the MVP (best player) of this competition due to her excellent performance.

Although Chunwu Li Supreme women’s volleyball team lost the game, its overall cooperation and fast-changing style left a deep impression on the fans. The score points of the team were scattered, and the four people scored double points. The Deputy attack plamkitt got the highest 23 points of the team.

In the third place battle earlier that day, Japan’s Jiuguang pharmaceutical women’s volleyball team defeated Kazakhstan’s Altay women’s volleyball team 3:1.

2019 Tianlu journey KOM climbing King bicycle challenge ended perfectly in Taihang Grand Canyon

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Match site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Awards scene. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

 Yuyi network Anyang, June 23th(Reporter Deng Xiaoqiang) on June 23, 2019 Tianlu journey-the KOM climbing King bicycle challenge of Taihang Grand Canyon in Linzhou, China ended perfectly in the vast and beautiful Taihang Grand Canyon in Linzhou. 165 athletes from many provinces and cities in China competed fiercely, and the competition also attracted 200 cycling enthusiasts to participate in the experience group competition. Ride the Grand Canyon, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Grand Canyon and feel the infinite happiness of leisure sports in the light and shadow of go by like the wind on the international cycling track with different scenes.

Four professional groups, 20km/23km for men’s highway group and 20km/23km for women’s highway group, and 20km for public Experience Group, are set up in this competition. The total length of the race track on the 23rd was 23 kilometers, running through the Taihang Tianlu Scenic Spot. The starting point was the gate of Taihang Daxia Valley Scenic Spot, and the ending point was Luban huojingtai, passing through Peach Blossom Valley Scenic Spot, Taihang Tianlu, Tian Jing viewing platform, Dream Valley, Wang Xiangyan, range Rover platform, etc. Many scenic spots have created fantastic cycling routes, riding Taihang Tianlu, just like being in a hundred miles Gallery, one step at a time, moving the scene differently, with a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery.

It is reported that Taihang Grand Canyon, the host of this competition, is a national 5A tourist attraction, National Park of China and National Geological Park. It was rated as “the favorite Chinese mountain for Korean tourists” by the Korea Tourism Association “. Taihang Grand Canyon is located in Linzhou slate township, Anyang city, Henan province, northwest and south eastern foot of Taihangshan Mountain of Henan province. It is 50 kilometers long from north to south, 1.5 kilometers wide from east to west, 800-1739 meters above sea level, with a relative height difference of more than 1,000 meters. The scenic area covers a total area of 89 square kilometers, and its vegetation coverage rate is 90%, which is famous for its natural oxygen bar. Within the territory, the cliffs are high, the peaks are strong, the sun is strong, the walls are staggered, The Cangxi water is turbulent, and the waterfalls are hanging. It is a typical representative of the “beixiong scenery.

After two days of fierce competition, Ding Yong’s total score of Oriental Zorro in the men’s group was 1:16:16.007, Yang Yizhuo’s total score of Luoyang in the women’s group was 1:32:12.021, he won the second tianglu journey with the best results of the two-day competition-the men and women champion of the Grand Canyon KOM climbing King bicycle challenge in Linzhou, China.

It is understood that the 2019 Tianlu journey-the KOM climbing King bicycle challenge of Taihang Grand Canyon in Linzhou, China is hosted by Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Kaisheng Yidi (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd, the climbing challenge jointly undertaken by Henan Cele Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. On the first day of the competition, the 20-kilometer mixed race will be held. The next day, the participants will face the ultimate World War I. All the players will have a large group of events that climb 23 kilometers and 779 meters. The shortest time to add two days after the match will be the winner of the 2019 Tianlu journey-KOM climbing King bicycle challenge, Taihang Grand Canyon, Linzhou, China.

The second KOM climbing King bicycle challenge in Taihang Grand Canyon, Linzhou, China ended here perfectly. In these two days, we enjoyed the mountains and mountains of Taihang Grand Canyon and witnessed the sweat of the contestants. They left beautiful memories in the beautiful Grand Canyon through their own efforts. Looking forward to meeting such a group of hard-working drivers in Taihang Grand Canyon in the future, and hoping that the KOM climbing King bicycle challenge in Taihang Grand Canyon will become a classic climbing event in China one day. (Finished)

Zhangjiakou Chongli deploys preparations for the Winter Olympics in 2019

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, January 21 (reporter Bai Lin) the reporter learned from Chongli district government of Zhangjiakou city, Hebei province that Chongli will adhere to high standards and high quality to promote the preparation of the Winter Olympics this year, and earnestly do a good job in the construction of venues and related infrastructure for the Winter Olympics, 37 continued projects and 6 new projects are resumed according to the time node to ensure the completion of the annual construction task.

Zhao Zan, the district chief of Chongli district, made arrangements for the preparation of the Winter Olympics in 2019 at the regional economic work conference held recently. He said that Chongli will speed up the progress of the project this year to ensure the completion of the competition venues and 33 main projects such as transportation, municipal administration and fire fighting. The renovation and upgrading of Olympic village and district hospitals, Skynet project, emergency Communication guarantee 4 projects completed the annual task, and 6 new projects started on schedule. The highway from the urban area to hongqiying was completed, and the project of the middle and Xigou road network started. Putrajaya Ice and Snow Town completed the main body of Wenchuang business street, Convention and Exhibition Center and the first phase of Guobin Villa.

At the same time, improve the service and guarantee level of the event in an all-round way. Chongli paid special attention to the construction projects of 20 hotels and serviced apartments this year, started the transformation and upgrading of 81 hotels, and completed the evaluation of 12 Star levels; Coordinated the construction of barrier-free environment in hotels, municipal roads, public places and other areas; improve the volunteer recruitment, training, management and incentive system; Implement the quality improvement project of window service personnel, and comprehensively improve the soft power of serving Winter Olympics.

At present, the Olympic project of Chongli and the construction of ice and snow towns in Putrajaya have been fully launched. 32 ski events have been held one after another. City logos, mascots and slogans have been released one after another. Accommodation, medical treatment, volunteers and other event service guarantee work are carried out simultaneously.

Pele and mbape Paris share the same frame “ball king” to praise the younger generation

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, April 2, Pele and mbap, who were compared many times during the World Cup in Russia last year, jointly attended a commercial event in Paris on the 2nd. In a relaxed atmosphere, “Ball King” Bailey believes that speed and spirituality are the advantages of mbapei, and he says that the total number of goals in the French New Star career is expected to reach the milestone of 1,000 goals.

The two had a chance to meet on last November, but Bailey’s physical condition was postponed to that day. During the activity, Bailey, who was in a good mood, played a joke, “I think he (mbape) is jealous of me, so he has been following me.” In Bailey’s view, mbapei’s ball style has Latin style. “He didn’t play for Santos (the team Pele played for), which is a little pity, but it’s not too late.”

Mbampe kept catching up with Pele’s record in the World Cup in Russia. First, he became Pele in the top 16 and then the second player under the age of 20 who won two yuan in a single game in the World Cup final table, after becoming Pele in 1958, he was the second player under 20 who scored in the World Cup final.

Although it is often referred to as a comparison with Pele, mbap insists that he has not focused on becoming the best player in today’s football.

“When Bailey played football, he didn’t want to be the best player in history, but wanted to enjoy happiness and help the national team and the club. He also did this.” Mbampe said, “What I hope is to help Paris Saint Germain and France, and then others will judge whether you are the best player.”

Bailey said that mbapei’s speed and spirituality impressed him and was unpredictable, which were all the advantages of mbapei.

Mbap has become a hot star in world soccer field in recent years. After the amazing performance played by the former boss Monaco, mbapper won the French men’s football recruitment for the first time in March 2017. In the summer of the same year, he switched to Paris Saint Germain and won the World Cup less than a year later.

Pele was only 17 years old when he scored in the 1958 World Cup final. After that, he followed Brazil twice to win the World Cup championship. Whether the 20-year-old mbapei can compete with Pele in the number of World Cup titles remains to be tested by time. Mbap believes that it is possible to realize monologue data, but it will be an unreal feeling.

“As long as I have the ability to win the World Cup, I will set my goal at this point.” Mbampe said, “France is an important force in the football field. We will make a comeback in 2022 and strive to win the championship again.”

This season, mbap scored 32 goals for Paris Saint Germain, including 27 league goals. Pele scored more than a thousand goals in his entire career, and he thinks mbap is expected to reach a thousand goal milestone.

In this regard, mbampe said that even counting the goals scored in small stadiums and games in the city, he could not reach the milestone of 1,000 goals. “I will try my best to get as close to it as possible, but I think it will be a lot worse at the end of my career.”

Bailey told mbape that the key to breaking the goal record was to play for a top team. “People often say that goals are the most important. I am lucky to have scored many goals in my career. But it must be clear that to get support from around, you can’t score goals on your own, but it is very important to have excellent teammates.”

2018 revenue growth 4% Net loss 46 million dollars, where is the direction of Under Armour?

For Under Armour, this behavior will also lead to more severe deep problems.

Author: he Xiaomei

on February 12, Under Armour released the fourth quarter and full-year performance of 2018. Although the data is not satisfactory, the capital market still gave positive feedback to it, its share price rose about 6% on the day of the financial report.

Specifically, in 2018, Under Armour revenue increased by 4% to US $5.2 billion, with a net loss of US $46 million and a loss of US $0.1 per share. The gross profit margin of 45.1 was the same as that of the previous year. After excluding the impact of restructuring expenditure, it increased by 30 basis points to 45.5. Under Armour said that this was mainly due to cost improvement, reduction of promotional activities and channel mix offset the promotion of foreign currency changes.

The revenue growth is mainly driven by the international market, which has increased by 23%. The North American business income has decreased by 2% to US $3.7 billion, while the latter accounts for about 70% of the current business scale of Under Armour, this is obviously not good news.

Another bad news is that although clothing revenue increased by 5% to 3.5 billion US dollars, the business revenue of footwear only increased by 2% to 1.1 billion US dollars, and fell by 4% in the fourth quarter, accessories decreased by 5% throughout the year due to weak demand and continuous efforts to optimize inventory and distribution.

Inventory clearance is one of the key points of the Under Armour transformation plan, while increasing low-cost channel sales is a common practice. From the data point of view, Under Armour has achieved very good results: in 2017, its inventory surged 26%, while by the end of 2018, this data fell 12%.

But increasing low-price channel sales will inevitably bring negative effects. Dick sporting goods company attacked CEOEdStack in the earnings conference call to expand its distribution scope to low-priced stores such as Kohl’s in Under Armour, believing that this affected the profits of dealers.

For Under Armour, this behavior will also lead to more severe deep problems. “Many Under Armour customers are migrating to other brands,” GlobalData, the managing director of retail consulting firm NeilSaunders, said that expanding the distribution range to discount stores affected the credibility of Under Armour.

Under Armour also realized this problem, “the business in North America is mainly wholesale business. So when you lose your position on the shelf, you must regain it. Secondly, you should replace a relatively high proportion of reduced sales with full-price sales, “Under Armour, president and chief operating officer, said on the conference call after the financial report was released.

The competition in the North American market is still fierce, and the basketball market is a good example. Although in 2019, Under Armour surpassed Adidas and had two starting players for the first time, in 2018, Puma and NewBalance returned to the basketball court one after another, the former also announced in January 18 this year that it would establish a new second headquarters in the United States, bringing more fierce competition to this market.

Compared with Nike and Adidas, Under Armour, founded in 1996, is still a young brand, and its history is not even as long as Li Ning. Although they have experienced explosive development before, compared with competitors, they still have insufficient experience in fine operations such as inventory, supply chain and stores, which are covered up in rapid development, it was exposed when trying to become a comprehensive sports brand in the whole region in Under Armour, which also forced them to become smarter and more pragmatic. “Use one yuan as three yuan,” PatrikFrisk described their current marketing strategy in a conference call.

Under the financial policy of careful calculation, they formally abandoned the 10-year sponsorship contract with MLB in 2018, and the contract originally scheduled to start in 2020 finally fell into Nike’s hands. According to the US media Sports Business Daily, this saved about 50 million dollars for Under Armour. The capital market expressed a positive response to this, and the share price rose slightly after the news flowed out.

On January this year, Zhu Ting, the captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, was signed in Under Armour. The deal satisfied the former, whose chairman and chief operating officer KevinA.Plank mentioned the world’s No. 1 volleyball player (thenumberonerankedvolleyballplayerintheworld) at the beginning of the conference call after the financial report, which also showed his emphasis on the Chinese market. Under Armour currently has more than 660 stores in Asia, most of which are located in mainland China. In 2018, Under Armour’s revenue in the Asia-Pacific region increased by 29%, ranking first in all regions.

The excellent performance of the Chinese market may make Under Armour determined to invest more resources in the field of running shoes. “In China, 8 of the top 10 best-selling products Under Armour are running-related.” Under Armour, senior vice president and general manager of TopherGaylord, has repeatedly mentioned that the strong growth of China’s running market is “the engine developed by Under Armour brand (in China)”.

Therefore, in February 2018, HOVR running shoes technology was first introduced in Under Armour, and two running shoes HOVRSonic and HOVRPhantom were also launched. Since HOVRInfinite, the soles of HOVR series running shoes contain smart chips. Under Armour running software MapMyRun can be bound to shoes to automatically record data such as running track, speed, and pace. Under Armour said that using these data, MapMyRun can provide personal guidance.

When the 2018 semi-annual report was released, KevinPlank said that HOVR running shoes and Curry5 basketball shoes, which were launched only a few months ago, had become the best-selling products of Under Armour and had a good response among retailers. This also gave Under Armour more confidence. At the beginning of this year, they released five new running shoes with connection function.

“Use smart electronic devices to sell more clothes and shoes” is the logic behind these products.

The layout of intelligent electronics in Under Armour has a long history. In the investor conference in 2015, the development plan of internet fitness (Under Armour) business was given ConnectedFitness, it is mentioned that it plans to launch related hardware products in 2017 and launch smart wearable equipment in 2020.

But Under Armour investment in this field has also been questioned a lot. According to the data, although the revenue in this field has been growing, rising from US $19.23 million in 2014 to US $0.12 billion in 2018, it has been in a state of loss. This situation changed this year. The operating profit of the business increased by 107.3 percent to 4 million dollars, successfully turning losses into profits.

This also gives KevinPlank more confidence. In his view, the internet fitness business can enable Under Armour to have a deeper understanding of consumers. “We are still studying how to release the real huge energy of this platform, this is very important for our future”. At present, the internet fitness platform in Under Armour is the world’s largest digital health fitness community, which includes three apps MYFITNESSPAL, ENDOMONDO and MAPMYFITNESS. In 2017, more than 0.2 billion registered users.

To some extent, Under Armour is trying to define his position again after two years of trial. At the end of 2018, according to the Financial Times, KevinPlank said in an interview that Under Armour decided to return to essence and focus on functional sportswear that he was good. “We are more comfortable in the gym than on the runway,” he said.

This is a reflection. In recent years, with the rise of sports fashion trends, Under Armour do not want to miss this outlet. KevinPlank has publicly expressed the hope that the brand can become more fashionable, think sports fashion is an opportunity for the company. In 2017, they officially launched the “Lifestyle” category. They also invited Belgian clothing designers to serve as creative directors TimCoppens, launched the UnderArmourSporswear(UAS) product line, and positioned the high-end sportswear market, but facts have proved that these attempts have little effect.

“2019 will be the last year of the transformation phase of Under Armour, indicating that it will be another investment year, and the inflection point of more meaningful growth and profit margin expansion will not start until 2020,” evercoreISI analyst OmarSaad said in a report to customers.

More than 200 players compete in the New Year table tennis competition held in Changyuan, Henan province

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Yushi network Changyuan, February 14th(Deng Xiaoqiang) the Spring Festival not only means the time of reunion and reunion, but also more cultural and sports activities are booming at this time, enriching our life. In order to make more people feel the festive atmosphere of joy and peace, Changyuan County held various cultural and sports activities during the Spring Festival, attracting many enthusiasts to participate one after another. Everyone sang and danced to celebrate the new year.

On February 14, the 2019 Henan New Year table tennis competition hosted by Henan Sports Bureau, hosted by Henan table tennis management center and Changyuan County People’s Government, and co-organized by Changyuan County Sports Management Center was held ceremoniously in Changyuan county gymnasium. A total of 194 athletes from 28 provincial cities, such as Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Kaifeng and Pingdingshan, participated in the competition. The number of excellent referees and spectators from various places will reach more than 2,000. This competition is large in scale, with a large number of participants, great publicity efforts and high enthusiasm for mass participation. The competition held in Changyuan has received extensive attention from all walks of life, not only does it provide a stage for table tennis lovers to show themselves, but it will also set off a new climax of national fitness in Changyuan county.

“With the continuous improvement of economic level, people’s yearning and demands for a better life are also constantly improving. Starting from the overall situation of national fitness to promote National Health and effectively improve the quality of life of Changyuan people, they have greatly enriched the amateur life of the masses since they carried out the activity of “national fitness and health Central Plains, pull the common people out of the card table and bars, and gradually get rid of many bad habits. Through carrying out a series of sports activities, they carry forward the enterprising spirit of being positive and tenacious, which greatly improves the mental outlook of the people.” Qin Baojian, secretary of Changyuan County Party Committee, introduced.

The New Year table tennis tournament held in Changyuan is large in scale, with a large number of participants and a high enthusiasm for mass participation. It not only provides a stage for table tennis lovers to show themselves, in Changyuan county, a new upsurge of national fitness was launched. On the one hand, this competition showed the skill level of each participating team and learned skills from each other. It can also carry forward the spirit of sports, cultivate sentiment and promote the development of the national fitness campaign. (Finished)