Fight for Wang, Naxin, re-match-five highlights of the Super League in the new season

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, February 28th issue: Fight for Wang, Naxin, re-match-five highlights of the Super League in the new season

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Di Guo Jingdan

this weekend, in the 2019 season, the Super League will reignite the fighting, and all teams will play a duel for the “fire Cup” on the green field. Facing the requirements of “more exciting, more professional and more international” of the Chinese Football Association, as well as the task of preparing for the World Cup top 40 in Asia, how to find a balance between the excitement of the match and the national team scores in the Chinese Super League deserves attention.

In the new season, whether it is the competition for champions or the performance of new aid, whether it is the introduction of professional referees or the requirement of net competition time, it makes people expect the Super League to bring more wonderful things to everyone.

See point 1: Can the port of “negative recruitment” be defended?

Before the new season, the “New King”, which broke the “Evergrande dynasty”, did not have a plan for Shanghai to go to Hong Kong. Compared with other Super League winning teams, the Shanggang team not only did not have the movement of domestication and recruitment, but also went to the La Liga league, which was nicknamed “negative recruitment” by fans and netizens during the winter window “.

Under the circumstance that foreign aid ability and technique and tactics have been familiar to opponents, whether the main team can still perform efficiently at both ends of attack and defense, whether the newcomers can stand out, and whether the mental outlook can be more confident and domineering, this tests the wisdom and ability of the club’s top management and coach team. There is no doubt that Hong Kong will face greater challenges in the new season. It is not easy to defend the throne.

Point 2: Is the competition situation more intense?

Although Guangzhou Evergrande, the “old Overlord”, introduced young international players such as Wei Shihao and Gao Zhun wing, it sent away foreign aid such as gaolat and Alan, and the main lineup was aging, it is not clear whether the championship trophy can be recaptured in the new season.

In contrast, “palace guards” Beijing Guoan was very brave, holding the courage of the champion of the FA Cup. Foreign aid such as Augusto and bacambu were rubbing their hands, plus the participation of powerful players such as Zhang yoning and Hou Yongyong, manager Schmidt’s account can be said to be a large number of soldiers. In order to cope with the poor performance of the defense line last season, Guoan introduced South Korean Zhongwei Jin Xiaoxiao. If the defensive level can be improved, Guoan will be a strong contender for the championship in the new season.

Shandong Luneng’s new season lineup is also relatively stable. What is more interesting is the introduction of Belgian international Felani and Luneng’s excellent youth training system. Luneng also has the strength to compete for the championship in the new season.

Others such as Dalian side and Guangzhou Fuli, with the recruitment of soldiers and horses in place before the season, the new season may become a dark horse that will disturb the situation of the Championship.

Point 3: Can naturalized players become the backbone?

In the new season of Super League, naturalized players are undoubtedly a new attraction. Hou Yongyong, a naturalized Guoan player, played a substitute in the FA Cup final, which is undoubtedly a landmark event in China’s football history. In the new season, in addition to Beijing Guoan, Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai Shenhua and other teams also made some moves in this respect.

In world soccer field, “naturalized players” was not new, but it was a new change for Chinese football. Although the Football Association has cleared the obstacles for the domestication of players in terms of policies, it is believed that the domestication of players will also bring benefits to the improvement of the overall strength of the team; But in the long run, how to effectively integrate them into the team and produce positive chemical reactions, as well as improve the technical and tactical level of the national football team, test the coach team and management of the club very much.

As a “test water” season, the performance of naturalized players is expected, and it is seen that several people can grow into the backbone of the team.

Highlight 4: Can the introduction of professional judges improve the overall referee level?

Another important change of the Chinese Super League in the new season came from the referee. Ma Ning, Fu Ming, Zhang Lei and two foreign referees clatenberg and marzic became the first professional referees.

Once, Chinese football was trapped in the mire of “black whistle”. Now facing the good development trend of the Chinese Super League, the referee’s level also needs to “rise in the water”. From the introduction of video assistant referees in the last season to the joining of professional referees in the new season, the standards and requirements of Chinese football referees are increasingly in line with the international first-class leagues.

As a new exploration of the professionalization of Chinese football and a new attempt to connect with European high-level leagues, the establishment of professional referees is expected to promote the fairness and justice of the leagues and promote the overall level of Chinese referees, and the ultimate benefit will be the clubs and the majority of fans.

Highlight 5: Will the Net competition time be further increased?

At the mobilization meeting of the Chinese Super League and the first League held on February 23, the Chinese Football Association clearly stated that all clubs in the new season should take improving the Net match time as the first task, and set up a reward and punishment system for Net competition time. It includes a series of measures such as 60 minutes of net competition in each round and 100000 yuan of bonus each round. This is the further clarification and refinement of the requirements of the Chinese Football Association in recent years for resisting the violence of the stadium, purifying the atmosphere of the stadium, and improving the net game time.

It can be predicted that the net match time of the Chinese Super League will increase significantly in the new season, which is conducive to increasing the excitement of the Chinese Super League and promoting the continuous improvement of the league level.

Li Junlin broke men’s 800 m indoor national record

Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an, March 3 (Reporter Yao Youming) on the 3rd, the fourth race of the 2019 National Indoor Track and Field Championships was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi province. The biggest surprise of the day came from the men’s 800 m preliminary. Li Junlin, the champion of the 2018 National Track and Field Championships, refreshed the indoor national record of the project with a score of 1 minute 49 seconds 62.

According to the official website of the China Association of Athletics, the national record for men’s 800-meter indoor was 1 minute 49 seconds 63.

In the men’s shot competition, Chen Jian, who represented Xinjiang, defeated Tian Zizhong, the gold medal winner of the project in the 2017 Tianjin National Games, and Feng Jie, the bronze medal winner, with the result of the fifth shot of 19 meters 23, and won the first place. Tian Zizhong, a PLA player who won the bronze medal in this competition with a score of 18 meters 13, said that he would try his best to plus-sized the training intensity next and strive for the qualification to participate in the world track and field championships, and devote more energy to preparing for the World Military Games held in Wuhan, China in October this year.

Zhang Guowei, a Shandong team player with ups and downs recently, did not appear in the field of the men’s high jump project on this site, which also made many audience who came from the audience empty. However, Sun Zhao, Zhang Guowei’s teammate, didn’t let the audience down. He won the first place in the men’s high jump with a score of 20 meters.

In other field events, Sichuan player Guo Sijia won the first place in the women’s long jump with a score of 6 meters 09, and Shandong player Ding bangchao lost his heart in the men’s pole vault with a score of 5 meters 60. In the men’s long jump Project, Huang Changzhou, the famous general of the PLA team, dominated with a score of 8 meters 03.

In the track event, Hebei player Shang Shuo dominated the men’s 400 m final with a score of 49 seconds 34. The first place in the women’s group of 400 meters also belonged to Zhang Zhizhi from Hebei, with a score of 56 seconds 42. Hubei player Lu Liang and People’s Liberation Army player Feng Lulu won the first place in the 60-meter project for men and women respectively, with scores of 6 seconds 78 and 7 seconds 39 respectively.

Busy “charging” during the festival-remember the people’s policewoman in the military Games venue

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, March 8th: Busy “charging” during the festival — remember the people’s policewoman

Xinhua News Agency reporter Feng Guodong

on the 8th, at the newly completed equestrian field of Wuhan Business School, representatives of people’s policewoman, female auxiliary police and police sister-in-law from Wuhan Development Zone Branch of Wuhan public security bureau visited and visited with great interest. On the “March 8th” International Working Women’s Day, they did not forget to “recharge” themselves and contributed wisdom to improving the military security service level.

The equestrian field of Wuhan Business School is the competition venue of equestrian events of Wuhan military games. At the same time, swimming, fencing and other events of the military games will also be held here. People’s policewoman. The female auxiliary police and the representative of the excellent police sister-in-law visited and listened to the introduction of the lecturer to learn more about the construction and layout of security facilities in the venue.

“Will such an intelligent alarm system be popularized to residential areas?” Some people’s policewoman put forward their own thoughts and communicate with each other in combination with their posts. Groups of data and pieces of real objects make everyone sigh about the progress of science and technology.

After the visit, Yu Yanping, associate professor of Wuhan Business School, also brought a military etiquette training course for everyone. Yu Yiping gave a detailed demonstration and vivid explanation from the aspects of image promotion, standard language and international etiquette.

Luo Dan, a community policeman from the international police office in Jinse Gangwan, who won the title of “The Most Beautiful Policewoman” of Wuhan public security organs, said that the military games had entered the countdown. As a policewoman, there should be “a towel won’t let SMATE, and time is not waiting, the urgent consciousness of” seize the day and night. “While doing our job well, we will continuously enhance our comprehensive quality and ability and strive to better serve the military games.”

Organizing people’s policewoman and others to enter the military transport venues is an important part of Wuhan’s recent “military training, training and competition” around the military transport security. In order to improve the security level of the Military Transport Association, Wuhan police recently organized different police types such as public security, transportation and fire fighting, and went deep into various military transport venues to guide the construction of two major systems of “smart security” and “smart traffic” in the stadium, and solve problems for these key construction projects on the spot.

The 7th World Military Games will be held in Wuhan, Hubei from October 18-27.

Women’s four-nation game: Chinese team defeated Nigeria to welcome the opening ceremony

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, January 17 (Reporter Jing huaiqiao) the Wuhua International Women’s Football Championship in Meizhou officially started on the 17th. The Chinese women’s football team faced the Nigerian women’s football team in the first battle. With the goals of Zhang Rui and Li Ying, the Chinese team won the opponent by 3:0 and made a good start.

This game is the first official game of Chinese women’s football team in 2019. At the press conference before the match, Jia Xiuquan, the female football coach, said that he hoped to find out his own shortcomings or advantages through communication with the three teams and make better preparations for the World Cup. Since the Chinese team and the South African team were in the same group in the women’s football World Cup, the Nigeria team that defeated the South African women’s football team in the African Cup final not long ago also became the touchstone for women’s football training.

At the beginning of the game, the Chinese women’s football team took control of the situation on the court and established a leading edge in less than 10 minutes. In the ninth minute, the Chinese team got a free kick. In the chaos of Nigeria’s restricted area, Zhang Rui seized the opportunity to break the door and helped the Chinese women’s football team get the lead at 1:0 while giving himself a birthday gift.

Later, although the Chinese team had many good opportunities to break the door, the Nigerian team strengthened its defense by relying on physical advantages. In addition, the opponent’s goalkeeper made many wonderful saves, and the Chinese team has not been able to continue to expand its leading edge.

In this competition, the Chinese women’s football team called up Wang Frost who played for the French Paris Saint-German, but she did not appear in the starting list. It was not until the second half that Wang Frost officially appeared. In the second half, Li Ying was very active, but her many shots failed to turn into goals. It was not until the 64th minute that Wang Frost was inclined in the front court and helped Li Ying to shoot well that the score was expanded to 2:0.

During the period when the injury was stopped and repaired, Li Ying took over from his teammates and shot him well. Get the second goal and lock the score to 3:0. In the end, the Chinese women’s football team defeated its opponent at home and made a good start in 2019.

Zhang Rui said after the game that he was very happy to score goals on his birthday, but the most important thing was that the team won. This competition is also a test of Australian training. Playing with African teams can accumulate experience for the World Cup.

In another match, Korea Repubilc women team defeated Romania 3:0 and won the final with the Chinese women’s football team. The two sides will compete for the championship on the 20th.

Tardley signed three seasons with Brazil Gremio

Xinhua News Agency, Rio de Janeiro, February 12 (reporter Zhao Yan) Brazil Gremio club announced on the 12th that they had reached an agreement with former Shandong Luneng player tardley, and tardley would play for the club in the next three seasons.

Gremio club revealed that they had a new round of talks with tardley that day and finally accepted tardley’s request to extend the contract period, adding another year to the two previously suggested seasons.

According to local media reports in Brazil, tardley will arrive in port Allegri, where Gremio is located, for medical examination and signing the contract on the 13th.

Gremio coach Renato hoped to sign tardley as early as 2017, but the striker chose to stay in Luneng, Shandong at that time.

Tardley became free after the contract with Luneng expired in January 21 this year. In addition to Gremio, the Minero athletic team also expressed interest in the 33-year-old shooter, but did not compete with Gremio in the end.

NBA week’s best players: Trey Yang and Harden were elected respectively

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 26 (Yang Qiaodong) in the early morning of March 26, Beijing time, according to the NBA official website, NBA officials announced the best players in the east and west last week, atlanta Eagles rookie Trey young and Houston Rockets defender James Harden were elected respectively. This is the 22nd time that Harden has been elected as the best player in the week and the fourth time that he has been elected as the best player in the week this season, while rookie Trey Yang has been elected as the best player in the week for the first time in his career.

Trey Yang averaged 25.3 points, 4 rebounds and 11.3 assists last week, leading the eagle to a 2-1 record. After the downturn at the beginning of the season, Trey Yang after the All-Star weekend was unstoppable. On March 24, the Eagle defeated 76 people from 129 to 127 at home. He got 32 points, 6 rebounds and 11 assists, and finished throwing and killing, this is also the fifth time that he got at least 30 points and 10 assists in a single game in the rookie season. He successfully pursued Stephen Curry (2009-10 season) and tied for the top of the rookie data among active players. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this is the first time that Trey Yang has been elected as the best player in Zhou, and he has been elected as the best rookie of the month three times before (November 2018, January 2019 and February 2019).

Harden averaged 44.3 points, 6.3 rebounds and 5.8 assists last week, leading the Rockets to a 3-1 record and helping the Rockets lock in playoff seats. On March 23, the Rockets beat Spurs at home with 111-105, Harden made 19 out of 34 shots, 9 out of 13 out of 3 shots, and 17 out of 14 out of 17 free throws got 61 points, 7 rebounds and 3 steals, track the score record of a single career. The number of three hits in Harden’s career came to 1981, surpassing Joe Johnson in the 10th place in history. Apart from the career three-point record and individual career single-game score record, Harden’s total score in a single season also reached 2500 points, become the third active player in active service to complete this achievement (the other two are Durant and Westbrook). However, after the Rockets beat Pelicans 113-90 away on March 25, Harden, who got 28 points in this game, scored 2545 points in the season, successfully breaking the rocket’s record of scoring Young Pioneer Team History individual seasons, the original record was 2520 points created Moses Malone of the 1981-82 season.