Qatar table tennis tour: the national champion won four championships

Xinhua News Agency, Doha, March 31 (reporter Yang Yuanyong) the 2019 International Table Tennis Federation World Tour Qatar Open ended on March 31. The Chinese team won four championships: men’s and women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

In the men’s singles final, the Chinese team Malone and Lin Gaoyuan conquered the audience with exquisite football skills. In the game, Lin Gaoyuan first entered the best state, suppressed Ma Long with fierce attack, and frequently attacked Ma Long’s forehand, while Ma Long entered the state slowly. Lin Gaoyuan quickly won 2 consecutive games, with 2:0 large outscore Malone. Malone showed the general’s elegant demeanour in adversity, adjusted the tactics in time, and adopted the tactics of combining explosive rush and slow pull, sending near net short ball and running fast and long ball to disrupt Lin Gaoyuan’s offensive tempo, limiting the rapid change of Lin Gaoyuan, Lin Gaoyuan made frequent mistakes. Ma Long even pulled four rounds and defeated Lin Gaoyuan with a score of 4:2 and won the championship.

In the final of the women’s singles, the young general Wang Manqi beat his teammate Liu Shiwen with a score of 4:2 and won the gold medal.

In the final of the mixed doubles project, the Chinese team Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen cut off the Japanese team’s Mori junchong and ITO Meicheng with a score of 3:0. Wang Manji and Sun Yingsha of China won the women’s doubles championship by defeating teammates Wang Yidi and Ding Ning 3:2. The men’s doubles champion was won by Huang Zhenting and He Junjie in Hong Kong, China. They defeated Bohr and Francesca in Germany with a score of 3:1.

Lang Ping: The Macao station of the National League matches increases tacit cooperation on behalf of the competition.

Xinhua News Agency, Macau, May 27 (reporter Wang Chenxi) The International Volleyball Women’s Volleyball National League (VNL) Macao station competition is about to start. Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping said at the pre-match press conference on the 27th, the team training time is not long, and I hope to practice on behalf of the competition to increase the tacit understanding and cooperation of the team.

Lang Ping and some members of the Chinese women’s volleyball team attended the press conference held in Macao that afternoon. When answering the reporter’s question, Lang Ping said that the team members hoped to play well every time. Zhu Ting had just returned to the team, and the whole team needed more games to temper. She hopes that the players can increase tacit understanding and cooperation in the game.

For the Thai team that will fight on the 28th, Lang Ping said that he can learn a lot every time he plays against the Thai team, especially this group of old players. Because they have very good control over the ball and have a very tacit cooperation, they are very good at attacking and defending every game.

Zhu Ting, who just returned to the national team after the Turkish league, said that he is still in good condition and hopes to achieve good results in the competition. Playing league matches in Turkey before is different from that of the national team. I hope I can learn more in this competition.

On the morning of that day, while preparing for the battle, the national women’s volleyball team also sent four players, Liu Xiaotong, Yao Di, Wang Mengjie and Li Yingying, to participate in the exchange activities. They interacted with the volleyball team of Macao women’s academic community and the volleyball team of Galaxy Entertainment Group, and then held a mixed friendly match to share the fun of volleyball.

The Macao station competition will be held at the Macao variety Museum from 28th to 30th, and two competitions will be held every day. On the 28th, Belgium played against South Korea and China played against Thailand; On the 29th, South Korea played against Thailand and China played against Belgium; On the 30th, Belgium played against Thailand and China played against South Korea. Many experienced players of the Chinese team will participate in the competition on this site, and the lineup is quite different from that of Brazil on the last stop.

Cannavaro Weibo announced to give up the position of coach of Chinese men’s football team

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 28 (Reporter Wei Hua) Cannavaro, head coach of Guangzhou evergrandetaobao club, announced on his personal microblog on the 28th that he would give up the position of head coach of Chinese men’s football.

Cannavaro led the Chinese men’s football team to participate in the China Cup held in Nanning in March this year. After the Cup, he did not reveal whether he would continue to coach the national football team in the future. On the evening of 28th, Cannavaro finally gave the answer: “Out of respect for China, a great country, I think it is necessary to announce my decision to give up the position of head coach of Chinese men’s football.” He said on Weibo.

Cannavaro expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Football Association, Guangzhou evergrandetaobao club, fans, peers and media on Weibo, but he said that if he coached the national team and club at the same time, I will have no time to care about my family.

According to Cannavaro, as early as a month ago, he had told Guangzhou Evergrande that he hoped to put his energy and time in the club to help the team achieve good results in the Super League and the Asian championship.

Finally, Cannavaro also wished the Chinese men’s football team good luck in the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifier.

Who is the Asian king? Don’t compare Sun Xingyi with Wu Lei

Sun Xingyi Zhou scored again in the Champions League, and once again became the focus of heated discussion among Chinese fans. Different from the past, today’s Chinese fans always bring Wu Lei who first joined the La Liga when discussing Sun Xingyi, which is somewhat of a comparison. In fact, the two are not comparable at all. Sun Xingzhen has been called a Hotspur thigh and a quasi-first-class player in Europe. Wu Lei is just a newcomer in La Liga. Even in the future, Wu Lei, who traveled to Europe too late, may hardly reach the height of Sun Xingyi……

Regarding Wu Lei’s performance in La Liga, there are two extreme voices on the Internet. One is that Wu Lei’s praise is somewhat irrelevant after he has performed well. The other is that whether Wu Lei is outstanding or not, he will always be a criticism that everyone is drunk and I am awake.

I think neither of the two sounds is desirable, but the latter one is more unpleasant. There are a lot of fans watching football in this era, so even though Wu Lei has a good performance in La Liga, everyone gives praise. In fact, most of the statements you see, such as “Wu Lei’s first battle against the gods”, come from those self-media that need to attract traffic by such titles. Rational fans and media are cautious and objective praise.

However, Wu Lei’s two appearances in La Liga did show quick adaptability and obviously different running modes in this team. In the match against ballecano, Wu Lei did pose a threat to the opponent’s defense line……

Wu Lei’s outstanding off the ball ability has long been determined, this trait and his speed were fully revealed in his first two La Liga matches-it was certainly not a dream for him to gain more opportunities or even start in this weak La Liga team confidently.

In the face of such objective facts, why should many people criticize Sun Xingzhen’s standard to ask for a new man in the Spanish league?

As mentioned above, it is difficult for Wu Lei to reach the height of Sun Xingyi. The main reason is that Wu Lei only landed in La Liga at the age of 28, and Sun Xingzhen went to Hamburg for training at the age of 16 because of a cooperation project between the Korean Football Association and the German Football Association. We also had such cooperation projects in those years. In 1998, Yang Chen transferred to the Bundesliga. Guoan and Frankfurt had an additional player engagement clause. The next year, four Guoan small players went to Germany for half a year of training. Later, 1860 Shao sujiayi in Munich was one of them. Even the Jianlibao youth team, which was identified as not very successful at that time, also walked out of the backbone of Chinese football such as Li Tie, Li Jinyu and Li Weifeng.

But like many people’s total negative attitude towards Wu Lei’s death of Liu Yang, our attitude on the issue of sending players to stay abroad is quite similar. After some attempts to send players out failed to achieve great success, this attempt seems to have a tendency of stagnation. Nowadays, most of these jobs are done by a few clubs or local football associations. In fact, even if Wu Lei succeeded again in La Liga, it would be difficult to achieve unstoppable trend.

The China today football, the door of domestication has been opened. Despite the toss of the league, the U23 policy has also been continued. If there are some big moves in terms of players staying abroad, send more players of suitable age and ability to Europe to try, even in non-five major leagues, that may be the future.

The premise is that the purpose of staying abroad is not to transfer exports to domestic sales that satisfy the interests of a few people.

□ Zhao Hei (columnist)

Neymar, have all the original wishes come true?

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 7 (Reporter Wei Hua) in the Champions League 1/8 final on the 6th local time, Paris Saint Germain lost to Manchester United at home 1:3, and was eliminated at 3:3 in two rounds due to minor away goals. At the last moment of the game, Neymar, who was wounded and suspended, couldn’t sit still. He came from the stands to the court and kept shouting. At this time, his eyes revealed his dissatisfaction with the penalty, his uneasiness about going out, and even a little confusion about the future.

Neymar came to Paris for two consecutive seasons, and this French overlord has lost the top 16. If it is understandable to lose to Real Madrid last year, but now Manchester United, which is far from at its peak, is still eliminated in the face of a full camp of wounded soldiers, Neymar needs to examine his choice two years ago, is this the result he wants?

In the summer of 2017, Paris Saint Germain dug Neymar from Barcelona at a high price of 0.222 billion euros (1 euro is about 7.58 yuan), shocking the international football world. According to the original idea, to get a super star “Paris”, the Champions League trophy is no longer a dream for them. Leaving Macy’s, “Horse” can also run more wantonly on the green field. While proving his ability, he will go further to the long-desired Golden Globe Award. However, such an assumption is more like a perfect fairy tale, and this instant transfer is not so romantic.

In Barcelona, Neymar was “conjugal bliss” with Macy’s and Suarez. Although Brazilians were only “wingmen” around Macy’s, in the four years of La Liga, Neymar was more enjoying happy football.

What about Saint Germain in Paris? Once he came to the French armour, Neymar became the first star without dispute. His every move was exposed to the flash, which was indeed the treatment he had never had in Barcelona, but a series of problems also follow. His “grab point” with his teammate Cavani and his discord with then coach Emery were repeatedly hyped. After receiving the operation in March 2018, some media questioned whether it was cheating. The stressed Neymar even shed tears at the press conference during the Brazil national team competition.

At the competitive level, although Neymar won the title of best player in France in 2017-2018, to be fair, his personal level has not improved significantly, the reason why the award is more because the league itself is not enough. What he left to Paris Saint Germain seemed to have nothing except those fancy technical moves and the leading advantages that other teams could not reach in the standings.

Paris Saint-Germain Fei Jiuniu’s power to “pry” Neymar is nothing more than to have the confidence to compete with the top Giants in the Champions League. However, in the 1/8 finals of the two seasons, when the team needed Neymar most, he could only stand on the wall.

After losing to Real Madrid in the first round of the 16th Champions League in 2018, Neymar underwent surgery due to injury and was reimbursed for the season, brazil, which had not played for a long time, also performed flat in the subsequent World Cup on the 10th. On January this year, Neymar announced that he had been injured for 10 weeks due to a right foot injury and was unable to compete with Manchester United in two rounds. Whether he can catch up with the rest of the match or not, it is of little significance for Paris Saint Germain who has almost locked the French champion, but “Greater Paris” is only for a league champion?

And after a long pause, when Neymar returns, will he still be the team’s “first brother? In the team, in addition to Cavani, who still maintained a considerable scoring rate, Mbappe, who was 6 years younger than Neymar, also provoked the beam. In Barcelona, Neymar ranked in the top five in the Golden Globe Awards for three consecutive years, but in 2018, he fell out of the top ten. If he is so wasted, it is unknown whether he can enter the big list this year.

After arriving in France, the transfer rumors of Neymar joining Real Madrid and returning to Barcelona have never been broken. However, considering his situation in the past two years, perhaps this is not groundless.

Five winners of the Four Continents! “Onion bucket” bluntly: nervous, excited, happy, lucky

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 10 (reporter Wang Jingyu) after winning the double skating competition in the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in 2019 on the 9th local time in the United States, the silver medal winner of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Chinese group Sui Wenjing/Han Cong expressed eight words of speech to win the championship: nervous, excited, happy and lucky!

In the previous short program competition, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong, who was called “onion barrel combination” by ice fans, ranked second. In the free skating competition on the 9th, Sui Wenjing made a mistake in the single jump, and there were small flaws in the joint rotation of two people, but the finishing quality of throwing jump, lifting and other movements was relatively high. In the end, they scored 136.92 points in free skating, with a total score of 211.11 points. They defeated Canadian star Moore-Towers/Marinaro with a weak advantage of 0.06 points and won the championship of the four continents for the fifth time.

Sui Wenjing said: “This is the sixth time we have participated in the competition on four continents, the fifth time we have won the championship in this competition, and the third time we have returned to the stadium from injury. This time the mood is particularly different, very nervous, excited, happy and lucky.”

Han Cong, Sui Wenjing and the four continents have deep fate. In 2012, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won the championship in the four continents for the first time, and the total score of their career exceeded the 200-point mark for the first time. In 2014, after losing the qualification for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the gold medals in the Four Continents let them regain their confidence. In 2017, the first race Sui Wenjing returned after ankle surgery was the Four Continents competition of that year, where they refreshed the highest score in the history of the combination at that time and won the gold in the subsequent world championships.

Han Cong said frankly that they were not familiar with the current program and their bodies had not recovered to their best state. He said: “We have won the gold medal. From injury to participating in this competition, the recovery time is short and the ability has not been well recovered. We still need more training.”

The 2019 World Figure Skating Championships will be held in Japan from March 18-24. Sui Wenjing said: “There is still one month before the World Championships. We will make the best adjustments and solve the problems in this competition in a targeted manner. We hope that the world championships will perform better. At the same time, we hope that all Chinese athletes will get better and better and achieve good results.”

Another pair of Chinese combination Peng Cheng/Jin Yang won the bronze medal. The two said that they could have played better in this competition, but there were still some problems in the process. After returning home, they will continue to carry out targeted training, hoping to have a better performance in the world championships.