Asian Cup: Lipi reproduces magic substitution Chinese team reverses Thailand in 4 minutes

Xinhua News Agency, UAE, Ain, January 20 (reporter Shu Wensu Xiaopo) Lipi once again staged a magical substitution, and the Chinese team completed the reversal within 4 minutes! In the Asian Cup 1/8 final held on the 20th, the national football team reversed Thailand 2:1 and struggled to enter the top eight.

Lippi’s substitution in the 64th minute became the key to victory and defeat. Facing the unfavorable situation of 0:1 falling behind on the court, he replaced Yu Dabao with center Xiao Zhi and Liu Yang with Jin jingdao. Three minutes later, Xiao Zhi kicked his head and tied the score for the Chinese team. Two minutes later, Lin Lin created a penalty kick, and he himself scored a goal for the Chinese team in the 71st minute.

In the first game of this Asian Cup, Lippi also directed the reversal of Kyrgyzstan through substitution. Because the Chinese team faced a lot of pressure in this game because it was humiliated to defeat Thailand 1:5 in the home friendly match in 2013. This difficult reversal was also the first time that the Chinese team won in the knockout stage of the competition in 15 years from 2004 to now.

The Chinese team basically played in the full-force lineup, while the Thai team lost three major generals. Their midfield sanlawat was seriously injured and could not participate in the competition, while the two defenders plonac and tongsong were suspended from the cumulative yellow card. However, the Thai team, which lacked major generals, made the Chinese team seem passive in the first half.

The opening of the Chinese team only took a slight advantage in controlling the ball, but did not create any threatening opportunities. On the contrary, it was the Thai team, which caused a lot of trouble to the Chinese team under the scheduling of their core midfield ode classin.

In the 31st minute, in a corner attack, the Thai team soba guess won the ball in the center of the small penalty area, easily knocking on the door of the Chinese team, leading the Thai team from 1 to 0. This is already the fifth corner of the Thai team. In terms of the number of shots, the Thai team also led by 5:2.

The Chinese team, which had only one road left in Huashan, launched a tide-like offensive in the second half. In the 60th minute, Feng Xiaoting assisted the passing, and the push shot in front of Yu Dabao was blocked, losing a good chance.

The Chinese team immediately changed people. After changing Xiao Zhi and Jin jingdao, in the 67th minute, Zheng Zhi snatched the pass near the bottom line of the front court. After Xiao Zhi was blocked header, he followed the supplementary shooting and finally equalized the score for the Chinese team.

The offensive of the Chinese team is not over. In the 69th minute, Wu Lei made a smart swing, and Shulin killed penalty kick in the forbidden zone; In the 71th minute, Shulin himself fined the penalty kick, surpassing the score for the Chinese team.

Wu Lei, who has scored two goals in this Asian Cup, has won many opportunities in addition to this assist, however, the best shooter of Xinke Super League wasted at least 4 times. In the 73rd minute, the Chinese team almost killed the game. Wu Lei scored in front of the gate, but was sentenced to offside.

In the last 10 minutes, the desperate Thai team actively pressed on until the time-catching stage, they still had a shot to test the goalkeeper Yan Junling, but did not change the score.

The chinese team has eaten 4 yellow cards and 5 yellow cards, which may adversely affect the later games.

The next opponent of the Chinese team is the winner between Iran and Oman.

Cold water jug World Cup finals Chinese men’s team and mixed double one-day double match each win

The Chinese men’s team and the mixed double team both won and lost in two battles. The Chinese women’s team, who took the lead in the war, lost to the Canadian team at 1:4.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 9 (reporter Lu Xianting, Wu Shuguang) the cold water jug World Cup finals of the 2018-2019 season began the second match day in Beijing on the 9th, the Chinese men’s team and the mixed double team both won and lost in two battles. The Chinese women’s team, who took the lead in the war, lost to the Canadian team at 1:4.

In the third round of the men’s team that night, the Chinese team and the Canadian team staged a wonderful duel. The Chinese team sent a team composed of badxin, Zou Qiang, Wang Zhiyu and Xu Jingtao. In the first game, the Chinese team took the lead in winning 2 points, and the Canadian team returned 2 points in the second game. In the third game, the Chinese team relied on the advantage of the rear-player pitching pot to get 3 points, and then forced the opponent to get 0 points in the fourth game. Both sides scored 1 point in the fifth and sixth games. The Chinese team led Canada’s first team 6:3, but in the seventh game, the Chinese team declined slightly and was pulled back 2 points by the opponent. After entering the key eighth game, the Chinese team threw a pot. Before the last pot was thrown, there were only two pots left in the base camp. The fourth base Bader Xinping was full of breath, and he firmly hit the other side two pots out of the camp and locked the victory. The Chinese team defeated Canada team one at 7:5.

Vice captain badxin said after the game: “There must be pressure in the final pitch. The way to relieve pressure is to have a chat with teammates and help me find some correct pitching power.”

Before the match with Canada, the Chinese men’s team also had a contest with the US team, but they were defeated by 3:7. Fortunately, a few hours later, the Chinese team quickly recovered. Captain Zou Qiang said: “After losing the last game, we went back to summarize. In this game, we had a much better communication on the details of the game than the last one, and we have improved.”

After the three-round contest in Men’s match, the Chinese team and the world championship Swedish team both scored 2 wins and 1 Minus Plus 6 points, tied for the first place in Group A, the Canadian second team in Group B, the Scottish team, the Norwegian team also scored 6 points.

In the mixed doubles competition, China’s Cao Chang/Yuan Mingjie first defeated Swiss team Michelle Yeji/Sven Michelle at 9:7, and ushered in the first victory of this competition. But in the match against the US team in the afternoon, the Chinese team lost to the opponent at 4:13.

After the three-round competition, the Chinese mixed doubles group temporarily ranked third in the group. Cao Chang said after the game: “The goal of this game is to play every game well and learn more from them by competing with the strong teams in the Olympic Games and World Championships.”

In the women’s cold water jug competition, the Chinese team lost to Canada 1:4. Jiang Xiaolun, the captain of the Chinese women’s team, said frankly after the game that although he lost the ball today, he was delighted to see the progress of the team. This time I competed with the Olympic champion with the mentality of learning and gained a lot.

On the 10th, the Chinese women’s team will face the Japanese team and the American team respectively. The Chinese men’s team will play against Sweden, while the Chinese mixed doubles team will face the Swiss team one and the Canadian team one respectively.

Mengniu and other enterprises signed a contract “14th winter” to help ice and snow sports

Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, April 30 (Reporter Zhu Wenzhe) on 30th, the signing ceremony of cooperative enterprises of the 14th Winter Games of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “the 14th Winter”) was held in wulanhaote city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. On Mengniu Dairy, China Mobile, hulunbuir Dongming Mining Co., Ltd. signed cooperation agreements with the preparatory committee of “14th Winter” respectively, becoming the official partner of “14th Winter.

It is understood that “14th Winter” will be held in Inner Mongolia autonomous region in 2020. As an important event for the development of China’s ice and snow sports, it is also the biggest Winter Games in China before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. “14th Winter” will be an important window to show the development of China’s ice and snow sports to the world.

Lu Minfang, president of Mengniu Dairy, said, “the Winter Games came to Inner Mongolia for the first time. As an enterprise that walked out of Inner Mongolia, Mengniu Dairy had the responsibility to help his hometown run this conference well.” Lu Minfang said, “in the future, Mengniu Dairy will continue to carry out extensive cooperation in the field of ice and snow sports to provide more support for the development of China’s ice and snow sports, to contribute to the goal of ‘0.3 billion people participating in ice and snow sports.”

Fu Yuanhui, who has won three gold medals: leave the best state to the Guangzhou World Championship

Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao, March 28 (Reporter Wu Shuguang, Zhou Xin) after winning the third gold medal in the National Swimming Championship on the 28th, the Olympic bronze medalist Fu Yuanhui said frankly that he had got rid of the trough last year, and aimed at the personal journey of the fourth world championship, “the biggest competition this year is the Guangzhou World Championship. I want to leave the best state to the world championship, and I don’t want to say who to beat, it is more important to defeat yourself”.

After the Rio Olympics, Fu Yuanhui was in a low state. She lost 0.01 seconds in the 50-meter backstroke of the 2017 World Championships, and the Jakarta Asian Games in 2018 was also in no state. The 50-meter backstroke ranked second, the 100-meter backstroke ranks fourth only.

In this year’s National Swimming Championship, Fu Yuan huimu has won three gold medals. Everything shows that she is rebounding at a low ebb. She said to this: “Because there are no special adjustments to the game, the overall state is not able to swim out of their own level, but I feel that I have got rid of all the negative and low state last year, going in a good direction.”

The 100-meter backstroke won the championship in 59 seconds 84, which was more than 1 second slower than her national record. When talking about the gap in performance, Fu Yuanhui thinks that there are many reasons, but he believes that “through training, it will definitely improve”.

“This competition is to try in advance, try different training States, and see what kind of results will swim, but I didn’t expect it to be so bad, because the training was better before.” Fu Yuanhui said confidently, “I believe I have a higher level now, but I haven’t played it yet.”

Because she had paid attention to weight gain before, Fu Yuanhui was more confident although she weighed more than ten jin. However, she also said, “it is not good to be too fat, and it will be lower before the World Championship, because I am a relatively light athlete, although I have good physical fitness, my physical burden will still be particularly heavy”.

Since joining the Barcelona world championships in 2013, Fu Yuanhui is about to welcome his fourth world championship tour. Fu Yuanhui said: “I have improved from myself. I don’t want to say that I want to defeat a certain opponent. I think it is more important to defeat myself. Now it’s too early to say what you expect from your grades. Just do it now.”

For the next arrangement, Fu Yuanhui said that to cooperate well with the coach, all aspects should be improved, from departure to tour, and finally to side turn, but compared with the previous improvements, therefore, it is better to know how to improve next.

FA Cup: Wei Shihao wearing a hat Evergrande 5:0 sweep people and

In the end, Wei Shihao completed the hat trick and also helped Evergrande lock the victory with 5:0.

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, May 29 (Reporter Jing huaiqiao) the fifth round of the FA Cup, the competition between Guangzhou Evergrande and Beijingers, was staged in Guangzhou on 29th. Zhang Lintao and Yang Liyu successively made contributions, and Wei Shihao even staged a hat trick. Finally, Evergrande, who played in the Quanhua class, won the opponent at 5:0 and easily advanced to the top eight Football League Cup.

A month ago, the two teams had a fight in the league. People and people not only beat Evergrande in the cold, but also made Evergrande lose tariska. This game returned to Evergrande’s home court. Although both teams rotated players on a large scale, the young players of Evergrande found their state after several hard battles. This battle was not only the best time for them to revenge, it has also become a training ground for them to keep the feeling of scoring goals.

Only three minutes after the opening, Zhang Linlin, the only big brother in Evergrande’s field, set an example and scored. He Chao drove corner to the restricted area, and Zhang Lindi broke the door with a head hammer in front of the door. Evergrande took the lead in one goal and also sounded LaCorne of the attack. Since then, Wei Shihao has been actively running for many times, but has not been converted into a goal. Until the 44th minute, Xu Xin was on the way. Wei Shihao was blocked when he hit the door. Yang Liyu succeeded in shooting the empty door. Evergrande changed the score to 2:0.

Yi will fight again, Wei Shihao finally ushered in a personal performance moment. Yang Liyu returned to the peach, and took the lead in sending out assists. In the 48th minute, Yang Liyu returned the ball to Wei Shihao in the penalty area. Wei Shihao achieved it overnight, expanding the leading edge to three balls. In the 60th minute, Yang Liyu couldn’t hold the ball. Wei Shihao put in the relay in front of him and calmly scored the ball in the face of four defensive players. Five minutes later, Wei Shihao helped the home team to win a penalty kick chance and was punished by himself. In the end, Wei Shihao completed the hat trick and also helped Evergrande lock the victory with 5:0.

Skiing-a new way for southerners to play in winter

Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, February 13th skiing-a new way for southerners to play in winter

Xinhua news agency reporters Li Hualing and Hou Yijia

during the Spring Festival holiday this year, many southerners have changed their way of playing. Compared with the popular “travel in city” and “ancient town travel” in the past, skiing-based ice and snow sports tourism has become a popular choice.

In the past few days, the nantianhu ski resort in Fengdu county, Chongqing, which has been opened for nearly a month, is crowded. No one expected that this city, known as the “stove”, was actually connected with the ice and snow sports.

19-year-old Lin Xinyan experienced the first skiing in his life. With the help of Heilongjiang coach, she stepped on the double board and slipped down the primary road, and quickly learned the actions of acceleration, deceleration, turning, etc. “Before the Spring Festival, the whole family would go to Hainan to feel the beach and the sea. This year, I finally experienced a skiing experience. This feeling is so wonderful!” In the ski resort, in addition to a novice like her, there are many “veterans”.

Ski lover Tian Caiwei has experienced ski resorts in many cities in China before. “Compared with the Northeast, the southern ski resort needs to be improved in all aspects such as snow quality and slideway. However, southerners are very enthusiastic about skiing.” Tian Caiwei said.

Nantianhu ski resort is about 3 hours’ drive from the main urban area of Chongqing, with an altitude of about 1800 meters and an area of snow making to 60000 square meters. It has many ski trails of different levels and professional coaches and equipment, it is the largest alpine ski resort in Chongqing.

He Jie, the head of the ski resort, introduced: “Since its opening, it has attracted thousands of people to experience skiing, which is quite rare. I am full of confidence in the ice and snow tourism in Chongqing.” In addition to skiing, tourists can also experience Banana Boat, tire boats, snowmobiling and other snow events.

Not only nantianhu ski resort, Chongqing also has several large ski resorts, which are distributed in Wulong Fairy Mountain, Wuxi Hongchi Dam, Nanchuan jinfoshan and other places.

In the past, skiing and other ice and snow sports were mainly concentrated in North China and Northeast China, and Southerners seldom experienced the secrets. However, with China’s vigorous promotion of ice and snow sports and the implementation of supporting policies, ice and snow sports began to show a trend of development from north to south and from east to west.

Only during the Spring Festival, the hot ice and snow sports have become a highlight of holiday tourism. Ice and snow sports tourism in Yunnan, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places are all on the rise. Cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing and Guangzhou that usually do not snow in winter also adjust measures to local conditions and have their own ski resorts.

Insiders believe that Southern cities have enough curiosity, enthusiasm and consumption ability for ice and snow sports. Compared with the relatively perfect ski tourism in Northeast China, the market space of ice and snow industry in the South can be developed is huge. The development plan of ice and snow sports (2016-2025) issued by the State General Administration of Sports in 2016 mentioned that by 2025, the number of people directly participating in ice and snow sports will exceed 50 million, and “drive 0.3 billion people to participate in ice and snow sports”, among which there will certainly be a large number of Southern “novices.

He Jie said that many enterprises have already felt the huge market potential of Ice and Snow projects and are trying to get involved in them, hoping to get a piece of soup. “We believe that with the holding of the 2022 Winter Olympics, more people will fall in love with ice and snow sports.”