Wang Dengfeng: campus football has achievements but is still in the “children’s season”

Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, February 19 (Reporter Tan Chang) Wang Dengfeng, director of the National School foot office and director of the Department of Sports and Arts of the Ministry of Education, said in Changsha on the 19th that in the past four years, the development of campus football has achieved visible results, however, it is still in the “children’s season”. We must adhere to the “Church, diligence and regular competition” mode and implement the top-level design.

Wang Dengfeng made the above statement at the annual meeting of the football branch of China Middle School Sports Association in 2018.

At the end of 2014, the Ministry of Education officially led the National Youth campus football work. Wang Dengfeng said that the achievements of campus football in the past four years are mainly reflected in three aspects. One is to explore an effective path for the reform and development of school physical education, and the other is to further improve the guarantee system, the third is to improve the evaluation system. Through the practice of campus football, three things that school sports should do are explored-Church, diligent practice and regular competition, which represents the development direction of Chinese school sports.

Wang Dengfeng said: “In the past four years, we have identified more than 800 people in the national best lineup in 11 groups. More than 100 people have entered domestic professional clubs and more than 30 people have entered foreign professional clubs. Campus Football has begun to continuously deliver excellent reserve talents for professional football.”

When talking about the next development of campus football, Wang Dengfeng said that on the one hand, we should firmly promote the implementation of top-level design, on the other hand, we should standardize our work and insist on acting according to the rules. “The foundation of campus football development is still very weak. In the process of expanding the scale and improving the level, the rules are particularly important.” Wang Dengfeng said.

In the past four years, 24126 national youth campus football characteristic schools have been selected and established nationwide. Wang Dengfeng introduced that the relevant departments will investigate thoroughly this year, and all campus football characteristic schools that cannot adhere to the weekly football class and relevant requirements will be delisted.

“We should not be eager for quick success and instant benefits. We should have strategic determination, perseverance and confidence, and unswervingly do a solid job in campus football, so as to achieve ‘Church, diligent practice and regular play’ and play cards according to the rules, acting according to the rules, the development of our campus football and even Chinese football will certainly be better.” Wang Dengfeng said.

At the annual meeting, representatives of Changsha Lushan International Experimental School, Zhengzhou No. 2 Middle School and Shenzhen Cui Yuan Middle School made Experience Exchange speeches.

NBA comprehensive news: The Bucks beat the Rockets Xiti three-game winning streak Clippers to take the opponent to lock the playoff seat

The American League basketball (NBA) played a total of 10 games on the 26th. The Bucks defeated the Rockets at 108:94 at home and Xiti won 3 consecutive victories. The Clippers easily defeated the Timberwolves at 122:111 away, winning 6 consecutive victories and officially locked the playoff seats.

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, March 26th, the US league basketball (NBA) played a total of 10 games on the 26th. The Bucks defeated the Rockets at 108:94 at home, and Xiti won 3 consecutive victories. The Clippers easily defeated the Timberwolves at 122:111 away, winning 6 consecutive victories and officially locked the playoff seats.

In the game between bucks and rockets, the duel between “alphabet brother” anttokunbo and Harden attracted much attention. “Brother alphabet” gives full play to its own characteristics, holds the ball to attack, scores in the internal line, and fully protects the rebound and rim. On Bucks team, bradso performed make a great coup in the third quarter, scoring four three points and successfully defending Harden to help the team lock in the victory.

The Rocket started to feel good. House, who played the substitute, hit three points one after another, helping the rocket take the lead at 25:15. The stag clenched the score, “brother alphabet” broke through the dunk and helped iliasova hit three points. By the end of the first game, the stag reduced the score difference between the two teams to 5 points. After the beginning of the second section, Paul, xiangpelt and house successively made three points, and the difference again expanded to double digits. The stag tried hard to chase points. Lopez hit three points tossing, and the two teams scored 42:42. Then Middleton broke through the layup and hit three points again. The Stag beat the score. By the end of the first half, the stag played 58:53 temporarily take the lead.

After Yi Bian, Harden finally scored the first three points of the individual in this game. Capella also dunk and scored. The Rockets tied the score. The Bucks immediately responded strongly to a wave of 7:0 smackdown, then a wave of 11:0 scoring climax was sent, with a 90:71 advantage to enter the final competition. In the last quarter, after the “alphabet brother” got the basket, it caused house foul, and the two penalties were all in the middle, helping the stag expand its leading edge to 20 points, and finally the stag defeated the rocket at 108:94.

In this campaign, Harden contributed 23 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists, and “brother alphabet” scored 19 points and 14 rebounds.

The Clippers are in a brave State recently and have won 10 victories in 11 games. In this game, the Clippers replacement team has all the fire, while the Timberwolves replacement score is less than half of the Clippers, and the defense problem is still a hard injury. After the first quarter, the Clippers scored 42 points and a net negative score of 19 points for a single quarter, although the last three sections tried to score points, it was still difficult to smooth the huge score difference in the first quarter. In the end, the Clippers easily captured wolves at 122:111.

In other games, Spurs 116:125 lost to the Hornets, Celtics 116:106 defeated the Knights, HEAT 99:104 lost to magic, RAPTORS 112:103 beat the Bulls, Eagles 130:120 beat Pelican, Lone Ranger 121:125 regret the king, NUGGETS 95:92 narrowly beat the piston, Lakers 124:106 beat the Wizards.

“Frozen” created by a city Plantation”

Xinhua News Agency, Changchun, January 29th, question: “Frozen” made by a city plantation

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Haofei, zhou Wanpeng

Wang Fuqing, a Changchun man who was over 90 years old, didn’t expect that in the 1930 s, he was the water source of the new city. He participated in planting seedlings in a vegetable field, after more than 80 years, it has expanded to the artificial forest Sea, which occupies the top area in Asia. Gao you, a Swede who was nearly 70 years old, was far from thinking that after the Vasa ski festival, which was founded in Mula city in the 1920 s, was introduced into Changchun by him at the beginning of this century, it will have such a profound impact on the ice and snow industry in this Chinese city.

Changchun and Mula, which are about 6800 kilometers away from each other, have “built” frozen “by a plantation. It has been 17 years now.

The 145 square kilometers of Linhai in Jingyuetan National Forest Park contributed to Vasa’s settlement in China due to Gao Youyuan’s emotion of “it is too much like Northern Europe” 17 years ago. In the past 17 years, “China Vasa” has not only become a brand event of the International Snow Federation, but also promoted the multi-dimensional “platinum industry” such as tourism, economy and trade, culture, etc “.

The Spring Festival is approaching. On the weekend just past, a large number of fitness workers are still active in the Jingyue Forest Sea, which is located in the southeast of Changchun. For locals, this is “the best place for Changchun air”; For outsiders, this is “the place to visit in Changchun”. Marathon enthusiast Yang Tian said, “although there is less snow this winter, there are many trees and beautiful scenery here, which is suitable for exercise.”

Yang Tian ran through the undulating red pine, black pine and larch forests, and ran the snow sculpture “set sail” which was 65 meters long and 20 meters high — the main snow sculpture in the world of net moon snow 2019, this is also the starting point of the “China Vasa” event. At the beginning of the year, professional athletes and skiers from 32 countries and regions set out here collectively to play overture for the annual Changchun Ice and Snow Tourism Festival.

Before the “northern European monsoon”, Changchun Ice and Snow Tourism Festival had been held for seven times, which brought new inspiration to this plantation. In the summer of 2002, Gao Youyuan, the promoter of international events, was entrusted by an enterprise to hold a cross-country orientation competition for employees in Changchun. He fell in love with it when he first visited the Jingyuetan track. After several evaluations, Changchun officially became the fourth place to settle in the world after Mulla, Hokkaido and Minnesota in 2003.

“At the opening scene of that year, the then Swedish ambassador to China, Bo Borui, sighed with emotion that a new tradition was born in China ‘.” Ningjun, deputy general manager of Changchun nodi Vassa Management Service Co., Ltd, recalled that before Vassa settled in, the domestic understanding of cross-country skiing was almost blank, during the preparation, Chinese contractors even proposed whether they could conduct traditional competitions without using snow troughs, whether the 50-kilometer race can be put on the 5-kilometer track for 10 laps and other professional problems.

Li Geliang, an Asian cross-country ski champion who has been galloping on the “China Vasa” track for many years, said that before 2003, unless he caught up with the intercontinental competition, domestic players and foreign players could not touch each other for a year. “Now every year, there are top international players competing together, ranging from competitive level and competition experience to skis waxing and well-equipped, which is an unprecedented improvement for Chinese players. The key is that it also drives people’s enthusiasm to participate in skiing.” He said.

Over the past 17 years, “China Vasa” has gradually been “expanded”. In addition to the 50-kilometer points race of the International Snow Federation, China tour, 25-kilometer Blueberry race and 2.5-kilometer public ski race have also been added. College students have become an important growth point. Since 2005, the organizers have trained about 600000 resident college students to study cross-country skiing for free. In addition, “China Vasa” also introduced Nordic mountain bike, orientation, hiking and other brand events one after another, making Jingyuetan a hot spot for four seasons fitness.

From the minority professional events that lasted two days at the earliest and hundreds of people participated in, to the mass ice and snow feast that radiates hundreds of days and tens of thousands of people participated in; From the cities in Northeast China that the overseas people seldom heard, every year, the European Radio and Television Union broadcasts 30 minutes of Changchun Vasa feature films in more than 40 countries and regions. “Vasa not only created an international famous brand of ice and snow culture, but also became an important platform for Changchun’s opening to the outside world and economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.” Jia Lina, deputy mayor of Changchun city, said.

Around the ice and snow of Vasa and the green water and mountains of pure Moon, Changchun has gradually explored and built “Jinshan Yinshan” composed of sports, tourism, economy and trade and culture “. The Vasa economic and trade fair after the opening of “China Vasa” has become an annual “prescribed action”. This year, the host signed 16 cooperation projects in science and technology innovation, financial services, cloud data and other fields with more than 300 entrepreneurs from the United States, Sweden and other countries and regions, with a total signing amount of 42.1 billion yuan.

“It is a miracle to plant such a large plantation on a piece of land. Moreover, the scale of Vassa in Changchun has surpassed Hokkaido and Minnesota, which is comparable to Mula. This is even more incredible.” Gao Youyuan said that the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in China, and more Chinese will participate in ice and snow sports in the next few years. Vasa has become one of the popular carriers, which makes him feel extremely proud. (Finished)

Robertson defeated Lisovsky to win the World Snooker China Open

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 7 (reporter Zheng Zhi) in the final of the Star Brand Group’s 2019 World Snooker China Open held on the 7th, Neil Robertson completely suppressed Jack Lisovsky and won the championship at 11:4.

This is the second time that Lisovsky has reached the final of the ranking competition in his career. The last time was the Riga Masters in 2018. He was defeated by 2:5 in that final. The opponent at that time was Neil Robertson.

The scene of the final of Riga Masters replayed in the final of that day. Robertson showed the sharpness of the “Melbourne Machine”. In the second game, he scored 141 points for a single shot. In the seventh game, he scored another percentage for a single shot. After 10 games in the afternoon, 8 points had been established: 2 advantages. As a result, the evening performance game became a rubbish time. Lisovsky won two games, but Robertson won the 11:4 score without surprise. He won the Chinese open again after 2013.

“A few years ago, I almost fell out of a professional competition. Now I am the top 11 in the world, it feels good.” When summarizing my feelings, Lisovsky answered frankly after losing the game, but there was a little bit of intolerance in his words. “This season is not over yet, and I still hope to win the ranking competition.”

After winning the Chinese Open Championship, Robertson’s career ranking championship number reached 16. The 15 players who surpassed Mark Selby and 13 of Ding Junhui became the leaders of the post-80s players, which was also the first time in his career to achieve the glory of “The Treble” in a single season ranking.

“Unbelievable, if I was told at the beginning of my career that I would win 16 championships, I probably wouldn’t believe it.” Robertson sighed after the game, “we inspire each other in our career. I, Selby and Ding Junhui, we are the generation after O’Sullivan, Higgins and Williams, therefore, we are also trying to catch up with the performance of our predecessors. Ding Junhui, the better they perform, the more motivation I have to win more matches.”

The chairman of Nepal Mountaineering Association calls on the government to introduce policies to deal with the problem of climbers carrying their bodies

According to statistics from the Himalayan Database, more than 300 climbers and guides have died since human beings tried to climb Mount Everest in 1921.

Xinhua News Agency, Kathmandu, June 12 (reporter Zhou Shengping) more and more people began to try to challenge climbing to the top of the world, some of whom slept in the snow mountain due to various accidents. In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency on the 11th, Santa, chairman of Nepal Mountaineering Association, called on the government to introduce measures to deal with the problem of carrying remains.

According to the statistics of Himalayan Database, more than 300 climbers and guides have died since human beings tried to climb Mount Everest in 1921. How many remains remain on Mount Everest? Santa said that the media reported about 100, which is only an estimate. No matter whether it is official or private, there is no accurate statistics.

During the Spring Festival climbing season this year, 8 people were killed and one person was missing on the southern slope of Mount Everest. Santa introduced that the information reported to him by Nepal tourism bureau was that 6 bodies had been transported, and the other two were temporarily unable to carry them due to geographical location, there is no more information about the missing.

In April this year, the Nepalese government launched an unprecedented cleaning campaign in conjunction with the army, local government and other units. The 45-day cleaning of Mount Everest cleared nearly 11 tons of all kinds of garbage and transported back four remains that had been kept on the mountain for a long time.

Santa introduced that compared with cleaning up all kinds of garbage left by climbers, it is not difficult to transport the remains down the mountain. First of all, most of the remains are located at an altitude of 7000 or 8000 meters. These places are severe climatic condition, so it is very difficult to dig out the remains. Secondly, this job requires a highly competent Sherpa team, but there is a shortage of staff at present. Third, the cost is very expensive.

For this reason, Santa suggested that the Nepalese government should issue a policy to set up a fund to deposit part of the mountaineer’s insurance premium into the fund-not all of it to the beneficiaries designated in the will, it is used for all kinds of work, including the body handling of climbers.

Santa said frankly that the families of some victims only care about the high insurance premium and do not care about the handling of the remains, so they found reasons to say that the dead loved mountaineering and were willing to stay in the snow mountain.

Nepal Mountaineering Association was founded in 1973 and is a national non-profit organization.

Sui Wenjing/Han Cong flower skating world championship short program temporarily ranked second

Xinhua News Agency, Japan, Saitama, March 20 (reporter Li Jia) the 20th world championships in figure skating in 2019 officially began. In the first short double skating program competition, sui Wenjing/Han Cong, the famous Chinese double slide with injuries, played very well, ranking second with 79.24 points.

The first place was the Russian group Tarasova/molozov, who got 81.21 points. This pair was the fourth place in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the runner-up of the world championships last year. Another pair of Chinese group Peng Cheng/Jin Yang ranked third with 75.51 points.

Sui Wenjing/Han Cong short program selection “no one can replace you”, although this season because of injury this program has few opportunities to perform in the competition, but both of them are single jump, twisting and jumping are almost perfect. Sui Wenjing said after the game: “Maybe in the end we slipped high and didn’t control our feet well. I was surprised to be lowered in the grading.”

Both of them are very satisfied with today’s performance. Sui Wenjing said, “In fact, my injury has not been finished yet. The journey back and forth (from the hotel to the stadium) is relatively long. Sometimes it takes two hours to get stuck in traffic, my waist can’t stand it. I can only lie down when there are few people. We just try our best to fight for the program. Tomorrow’s free skating, we also hope to slide out of our own level. Instead of thinking about scores, scores and grading are the work of the referee.”

Sui/Han was the champion of the 2017 World Championships and the runner-up of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. They missed more than half of the season because of injuries this season. They didn’t return to the international arena until the four continents flower skating championships in early February, and won the gold at one stroke. After the Four Continents competition, Sui Wenjing was injured again in a training and took a rest for more than ten days before resuming the training. Therefore, people had been worried about Sui/Han’s state before the competition.

Han Cong said: “We had the problem of injury in the previous training. Although we fell down during the training, in fact (action) we also practiced. Especially at that time, Xiao Sui completely controlled his weight. Falling down does not mean that we are not capable, but that we must focus more. Injuries make us unable to train more systematically, so it is good to be like this today.”

Sui/Hando is an experienced player in the competition. In the words of Zhao Hongbo, the head coach of China Flower skating team, it is “the more exciting the competition is”.

“The training condition at home is not good, and the injury is continuous. When I come, I feel that the state keeps going up, so the coach hopes that we will press a little and don’t exert too much energy in the training.” Sui Wenjing said with a smile, “In fact, I am quite nervous. This time, Lowry also came to the scene to cheer us up. She said that tension is also a kind of energy, just like the Tiger’s storage before eating.”

Peng Cheng/Jin Yang, the runner-up in the finals of this season and the third place in the four continents, also played a normal level on that day. “I think the best thing we did today was to have fun skating and enjoy the game.” Peng Cheng said.

This pair of players has greatly improved this season, and the previous weak single jump can also play steadily in recent competitions.

“We have been working hard to improve, and we have done well under the court. If there is any accident on the court, we will not regret it.” Jin Yang said.

The Russian group zabiaco/nbeet ranked fourth, and the runner-up of the four continents and the Canadian group Moore towers/Mali ranked fifth NANO this year. This season’s finals and European Championship French team James/sipres fell down when throwing and jumping, and could only temporarily rank seventh.

Double free skating will be held on the 21st.