Four South American countries will jointly bid for the 2030 World Cup

Xinhua News Agency, Santiago, February 14 (reporter Wang Pei party Qi) Chilean president Pinella said on the 14th that Chile will jointly bid for the 2030 World Cup with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Pinera said on social media on the same day that the football associations of Afghanistan, Chile, Ukraine and Pakistan have decided to jointly bid for the “Centennial World Cup” in 2020 to FIFA “. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. South American countries hope that the World Cup will “go home” during the centennial commemoration “.

Pinera said that Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay had submitted joint applications to FIFA before, but he submitted a few months ago to Afghanistan, Ukraine, the presidents of the three countries proposed to join the joint bid to obtain approval.

Argentina and Uruguay first proposed to bid for the 2030 World Cup in 2017, and then Paraguay joined the bidding list.

Uruguay, Chile and Argentina all have experience in hosting the World Cup. In the first World Cup in 1930, Uruguay won the championship as the host. The 1962world Cup was held in Chile. Argentina won the World Cup in 1978 as the host.

In addition to four foreign countries in South America, the countries bidding for the 2030 World Cup include Britain and Ireland, as well as four Eastern European countries composed of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, while the African country Morocco is bidding separately.

The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar, while the 2026 World Cup will be jointly held by the United States, Canada and Mexico. The number of teams participating in the 2026 World Cup final will reach 48, which increases the difficulty for a single country to host events.

Fan Zhendong/Ding Ning qualification match was out

Jinnanhai/anjisong, a combination of North Korea, is also quite mysterious, ranking only 155 in the mixed double world.

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, May 29 (reporter Wang Haoming, Wang Feng) in a contest of the mixed double qualification of the International Table Tennis Federation China Open on 29th, Chinese player Fan Zhendong/Ding Ning combined with 0:3 lost to North Korea group jinnanhai/Anji song, no match.

In the first game, the two sides played very hard, and the scores rose alternately. After the battle reached 10:10, the North Korean team scored two points in a row with 12:10 first and next city. In the second game, after the battle between the two sides reached 5:5, the North Korean team once again took 10:7 to get the game point, while although the Chinese team chased 10 levels again, but at the critical moment, the North Korean group won another round with a tough performance of 14:12. In the third game, the North Korean team led all the way and finally won by 11:9.

As the No. 1 player in the world for men’s singles and women’s singles, Fan Zhendong and Ding Ning’s exit can be described as the biggest unpopular since the start of this competition. Although you are “one elder brother and one elder sister”, they started to match not long ago to start from the qualifier, but this exit is also quite surprising.

Jinnanhai/anjisong, a combination of North Korea, is also quite mysterious, ranking only 155 in the mixed double world. Anji song ranked 109 men’s singles in the world, while jinnanhai ranked 107 women’s singles.

“I think it’s still a little pity that I lost two points in all three games. The other party should do better in controlling shots.” Ding Ning said after the game.

Yu Zhongwen: in the year of “fixing the point”, the breakthrough is at one stroke.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 10 (reporter Lin Deren, Wang Meng) the national training team’s pledge mobilization meeting for the 1000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics was held on the 10th. The director of the State Sports General Administration, Ji Zhongwen, said in his mobilization speech, it is only 1000 days before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. We must build a national training team for ice and snow projects that can fight well and have a good style. We will try our best to complete the “wonderful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the competition also requires the” all-project competition “task.

According to the preparation strategy of Beijing Winter Olympics, each has its own emphasis from 2018 to 2021. The task of 2018 is to expand the surface-that is, to form a new pattern with different priorities, characteristics and all-round development on ice and snow; The task of 2019 is to fix the point-that is, to select the best in the excellent, and to initially fix the members of the national team, basically clear key athletes and show certain competitive strength in international high-level competitions. As for the preparations for the Winter Olympics in the past year, Ji Zhongwen said that the preparation situation for the Beijing Winter Olympics was extremely severe, the preparation task was extremely arduous, and the preparation time was very little. Although the performance of each ice and snow project team had bright spots and breakthroughs last season, it was generally unsatisfactory.

Yu Zhongwen said: “Take the World Championship as an example, there is no gold in the short track of the ice project, no prize in speed skating, the ice hockey is barely guaranteed, the cold water jug is not entered but retreated, only the figure skating double skating is bright; skiing events has made some progress, but the range is not large enough. There is still a big gap between the realization of ‘piaoshengtu’, and some teams even have violations of discipline. The ice and snow movement is growing, but the pace is not big enough; It is growing, but the speed is not fast enough. Long-term backwardness, overall backwardness and overall functional backwardness have not been fundamentally reversed. There are only 1,000 days left before the Beijing Winter Olympics. The ‘cautiously ”step by step is absolutely not good. You must work hard 24 hours a day and use it 3 days a day. At present, the national training teams of several ice and snow projects have ended the short adjustment and quickly put into the preparation work of the year of “fixed point”, in Beijing, in Shanghai, in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Hainan Mannings, the United States, Norway, and Finland, all teams are actively preparing for the battle. What we need is such spirit and style, it is to practice like this down-to-earth, “You can’t stop for a moment, you can’t make a mistake, and you can’t afford to delay a day ‘.”

For the preparation work in the coming year, Li Zhongwen put forward five requirements, namely, vigorously strengthening special physical training, vigorously promoting decomposition training, vigorously promoting scientific and technological assistance, vigorously sharpen the fighting spirit of the team and vigorously eradicate the cancer of stimulants. In terms of promoting scientific and technological assistance, Yu Zhongwen stressed: “to quickly implement the organizational structure of science and technology preparations for ‘One chief engineer + four directors’ and several data analysts, all training should be digitized, data should be used to guide training, support training, guarantee training and monitor training. Coaches must look at data, analyze data and create data.”

Facing the future, Yu Zhongwen said: “We should firmly establish the sense of hardship and risk, strengthen the bottom line thinking, correct the training style, practice the ability to win hard, and forge more ‘sharp knives on the ice ‘, refine more” snow pioneers “and build a national training team for ice and snow projects that can fight well and have a good style.” work hard for 1,000 days and win the Winter Olympics “, and make every effort to complete the Beijing Winter Olympics, to participate in the competition, we also need to highlight the task of” participating in the whole project.” (Finished)

Sichuan Football Association announced that it would give up hosting the opening ceremony

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, February 26 (reporter Li Hualiang) on the 26th, Sichuan Football Association, considering all factors, announced that it would give up hosting the opening ceremony of China Football League in 2019.

The Sichuan Football Association released the “statement on giving up hosting the opening ceremony of the 2019zhongjia League” on the same day, saying that because there were still uncertain factors in the transfer process of Sichuan Annapurna Football Club, the new investors and the original investors have not completed the relevant procedures in equity transfer and club management authority. Therefore, considering all factors comprehensively, in order to ensure the safety of the event, through research, decided to give up hosting the opening ceremony of the China League in 2019.

The news was confirmed by the relevant leaders of Sichuan Football Association and Sichuan Annapurna football club.

In the 2018 season, Sichuan annapur performed strongly, winning 23 and 3 draws in the regular season. After that, he went all the way to the final with an undefeated gold body that lost no goal and won the League promotion. In the final, the Sichuan anapur team who fought Away won the Nantong cloud Team 1:0 and won the second championship in 2018 with an unbeaten record.

Chinese men’s football Olympic team insurance Ping Malaysia has passed the first pass of “Olympic Games”

China News Agency, Kuala Lumpur, March 27 (Reporter Chen Yue) the Chinese men’s football Olympic team fell behind twice at the Shaalan stadium in Malaysia on the evening of 26th, and tied twice. Finally, the Malaysian U23 team was drawn 2-2, he graduated from Group J in the U23 football Asia Championship qualifier and the first stage qualifier of the Tokyo Olympic Games with the first result of the group, and passed the first pass of the competition qualification for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Chinese Olympic team, which had won two consecutive victories and had a much more net goal than the host Malaysia team, once again faced the familiar situation of “being able to qualify after a draw”-in the Barcelona Olympic Games qualifier and the Atlanta Olympic Games qualifier, it was also in Malaysia, the Chinese team two times in the last round “draw will be able to qualify”, but two times to fold the halberd in South Korea.

In the game on the evening of 26th, the Chinese Olympic team once seemed to “historical reenactment”. Only 10 minutes after the opening, Zhu Chenjie’s oolong ball led Malaysia. Zhang yoning then equalized the score with header. However, only 10 minutes after the opening of the second half, goalkeeper Chen Wei’s mistake led Malaysia again.

Seeing that the Chinese team has been unable to open the situation for a long time, the coach of the Chinese Olympic team, Hiddink, sent a high-school center to have a happy fight. At 84 minutes, Jiang Shenglong finally equalized the score with header.

The Chinese Olympic team, which won two wins and one ping, won the first place in the group Malaysia team by winning the goal. The Lao U23 team and the Philippine U23 team ranked third and fourth in the group. To win the Second Malaysia team of the group, you need to wait for the end of each group of the qualifier to determine whether you can qualify as the second of the four groups with the best results.

The successful exit from the group means that the Chinese Olympic team will participate in the final stage of the U23 football Asia Championship to be held in Thailand next year. At that time, there will be three teams that can stand out from the event and represent Asia to participate in the Tokyo Olympics together with the host Japanese team of the Olympic Games.

At the post-match press conference, Hiddink said frankly that it was difficult to get competition opportunities in the club and affected the development of most Olympic players. This was the third time he talked about this topic at the press conference in this qualifier. In the view of the world famous coach, if you want to continue the road of “fighting against the Olympics”, the Olympic players need more experience. (Finished)

Hebei launches the theme activity of “1000 days Countdown to Beijing Winter Olympics”

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, May 11 (reporter Yang Fan, Zhao Hongyu) on the 11th, the 1000-day countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, “Winter Olympics is right beside me”, the theme series of Winter Olympics in Hebei province was launched at the Hebei Olympic Sports Center, the on-site “Beijing Winter Olympics countdown 1000 days” was officially unveiled on Countdown board.

Gather together and move forward. The 1000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics is a landmark moment in the preparation process of the Winter Olympics. Zhang Zefeng, director of Hebei Province Sports Bureau, said that Hebei, as the main host of Beijing Winter Olympics skiing events, embodies the trust and trust of the Party Central Committee and bears the expectations and dreams of the whole nation, this made Hebei sports people feel the glory and lofty mission, and also greatly stimulated the determination and fighting spirit of Hebei sports people to seize the opportunity of Winter Olympics and build a strong sports province and a strong ice and snow sports province.

The reporter learned from the interview that since the successful Olympic bid, Hebei province has been preparing for the Winter Olympics according to the requirements of “one moment can’t stop, one step can’t be wrong, and one day can’t be delayed, overall promotion of the construction of ice and snow sports team, popularization of mass ice and snow sports, ice and snow sports industry and training of ice and snow talents: 17 ice and snow professional sports teams have been established, and the number of participants in ice and snow sports has exceeded 10 million, it has cultivated a series of popular Ice and Snow brand activities and spawned many new formats of ice and snow industry.

Zhang Zefeng said that the theme series of “1000 days Countdown to Beijing Winter Olympics” will fully demonstrate the development achievements of ice and snow sports in Hebei province and show the pride of Hebei People in organizing Winter Olympics, strive to create a strong atmosphere for the whole province to welcome the Winter Olympics.

The on-site organizer released the 1000-day countdown “Beautiful Hebei, meet Winter Olympics” promotional film, showing Hebei’s continuous growth and progress in the preparation process of Winter Olympics, and also showing the joy and expectation of 75 million Hebei people.

Hebei ice and snow sports image ambassador and Sochi Winter Olympics short track speed skating women’s 500 m champion Li Jianrou made an initiative to ice and snow athletes on the spot: new achievements should be made in the new era, starting from me, ice and Snow athletes should take an active part in ice and snow, contribute to the Winter Olympics, cherish patriotism and honor the country, carry forward the Olympic spirit, assume the mission of the times, and contribute to the construction of a strong sports province in the new era and a strong province in ice and snow sports.

The director of the State General Administration of Sports, the executive chairman of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, Yu Zhongwen, the governor of Hebei province and the executive chairman of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee Xu Qin unveiled the countdown board “1000 days Countdown to Beijing Winter Olympic Games. (Finished)