In the 30 years of Su Cup, can Guo Yu hold the Cup for the 11th time-Prospect of Sudiman Cup

In the Asian Championship just ended last month, the Chinese team only won two gold medals in mixed doubles and female doubles, while the Japanese team won three gold medals in women’s singles, men’s singles and man pair.

Xinhua News Agency NANNING, May 18, Su Cup 30 years, whether Guoyu can win the Cup for the 11th time — prospect of Sudiman Cup

Xinhua News Agency reporter Lin Fan Shi Huang yaoteng

the 16th Sudiman Cup will be held in Nanning, Guangxi from May 19-26. Two years ago, on the Gold Coast of Australia, the Chinese team lost to South Korea at 2:3 in the final and failed to win the seven consecutive championships in the Soviet Cup. In this home game, there are no three senior generals Lin Dan, Li xuelui and Zhang Nan. Whether the Chinese team with young players as the base can win the championship trophy for the 11th time will become the focus.

The first Su Cup was held in Jakarta in 1989 and has gone through 30 years. There were only three champions in the top 15, among which the Chinese team won the Cup 10 times, including a four-consecutive championship and a six-consecutive championship. The Korean team was crowned 4 times and the Indonesian team reached the top once. The Chinese team can be described as a hero in the SU Cup, but from the lineup and recent results, the Chinese team will face strong challenges.

In the Asian Championship just ended last month, the Chinese team only won two gold medals in mixed doubles and female doubles, while the Japanese team won three gold medals in women’s singles, men’s singles and man pair. Obviously, in the SU Cup, which tests the overall strength of the team, the Japanese team with strong upward momentum will pose the greatest threat to the host Chinese team.

Among the 20 People’s Congress list released by the Chinese team, 8 people were selected for the first time in the SU Cup lineup, and Yan Long and Chen Yufei led the men’s and women’s singles teams respectively. The team matches new and old in the personnel structure, and there are newcomers and experienced veterans.

Chen Yufei won the women’s singles champion of Fuzhou Badminton Open in China last year, breaking the long-time champion shortage of Guoyu women’s singles. However, no matter He Bingjiao or Han Yue who participated in the SU Cup for the first time, if he wants to make a breakthrough in the SU Cup, he still needs to play on the spot. Men’s Shan Shi Yuqi was finally reversed by Japanese player taotian xiandou in the three games of fierce fighting in Wuhan the Championships finals of Asia last month. The Su Cup needs to be adjusted this time. As an old player in the team, the Olympic champion Xiaolong, who is not good at playing the “Team Competition”, is more important to bring the team the momentum of the champion and the role of stabilizing the army at the critical moment.

The Chinese team is in the same group as India and Malaysia team. The strength of the Indian team is singles. Women’s singles have two world famous generals, Sindu and Neville. Men’s singles have two masters, srikans and Velma.

In Malaysia team, famous generals such as Li Zongwei, Wu Weisheng, Chen Weiqiang, and Wu Liuqian were missing, which greatly damaged their strength, the leader Huang Zonghan also admitted that the comparison between Malaysia team and the Chinese team is obviously inferior. This year’s Su Cup Malaysia team can only hope that the newcomers can perform well. For example, man pair combination Xie Dingfeng/Su Wei translated, female single talented girl Wu Panxi.

Generally speaking, if the Chinese team plays normally, it will not be a problem for the group to qualify. The key is to adjust to the best state through the group match and prepare for the more brutal elimination match.

The last champion South Korea team, two leading figures Shon Wan-ho and Chengchi Xuan failed to play due to injury. The South Korean team will be provoked by young players this time, among them, 17-year-old anshiying defeated former Olympic champion Li Xuerui in this year’s New Zealand Open. The strength of South Korean women’s double Jin Zhaoying, Kong Xirong, man pair Kang Min Hyuk and Jin Yuanhao cannot be underestimated.

The Indonesian team in the post-Taufik era has also greatly improved its strength in recent years. In addition to the world’s first Gidean and sukamuyo, Ashan and Hendra in man pair, they can ensure winning points. Men’s singles also have two geniuses, kinting and joannatan. Last year’s Asian Games, Jin Ting successively eliminated two popular peach Tian xiandou and Xiaolong, while Jonatan laughed to the end in the Asian Games.

In Nanning, the most noteworthy is the Japanese team. The team has the world’s first taotian xiandou for men’s singles, the world’s second Aoyuan hope for women’s singles, the world’s fourth mountain pass Qian, and the women’s double three-pair combination ranks among the top four in the world. Man pair also has two pairs of top six combinations in the world. With Thailand and Russia, the Japanese team in Group A obviously won’t be A problem.

Zhao Jianhua, vice chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association and former world men’s singles master, said that among the five single items of the Chinese team, the mixed pair has the world’s top two Zheng thinking/Huang Yaqiong, Wang Xiaolu/Huang Dongping, no matter which combination comes on stage, it will have an advantage. However, for the other four projects, the Chinese team will face great challenges in winning points, and it is not difficult to win the championship at home this time.

Southampton set the fastest goal record in Britain in 7.69 seconds

Xinhua News Agency, London, April 23 the Premier League played two make-up matches on the 23rd. Spurs beat Brighton 1:0 with Eriksson’s final goal. Watford also broke the door at the last moment. 1:1 draw with Southampton.

Charne Lang scored a goal for Southampton in 7.69 seconds, setting the fastest goal record in the history of the Premier League. At that time, he intercepted the pass of kexecat and shot it directly. The ball crossed Watford goalkeeper Forst into the net. The fastest goal record in the Premier League was 9 seconds 82, which was created by former Tottenham Hotspur player Ledley King on December 9, 2000.

Gray of Watford scored a goal in the 90th minute and fixed the score at 1:1.

These two matches are crucial to three of them. For Tottenham Hotspur, it is related to whether the first four can be qualified for the Champions League. For Brighton and Southampton, it is the decisive battle involved in the lifting level.

Brighton, who is a guest of Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, aims to get a point, so he has been fully defensive from the beginning. Eriksson, who was in midfield, created many opportunities. He first assisted elderard, who shot to hit the post and popped up. After Brazil striker Mora got Eriksen’s assist, he passed the opponent’s goalkeeper Ryan, but unfortunately he was relieved by defender Deng Ke.

Ali also got a good chance after that, but it was resolved by Duffy, another defender in Southampton. In the second half, Sun Xingmin shot across the beam with one foot, and Rose’s shot was also rescued by Ryan with one hand.

At the end of the game with a draw, in the 88th minute, Eriksson passed the ball to Ali in the penalty area, and the low shot was 25 meters away, which gained valuable three points for Tottenham.

Tottenham Hotspur continued to rank third with 70 points after 35 rounds of victory. The following are Chelsea (67 points), Arsenal (66 points) and Manchester United (64 points). Arsenal and Manchester United have less matches, and the competition for the top four will be more intense.

Brighton scored 34 points after this round, leading Cardiff by three points, Southampton accumulated 37 separated to the bottom, and all three teams still had the possibility of demotion.

“Beijing-Shanghai derby” Guoan 2-1 like Shenhua Pu Cheng’s proud achievements

On the evening of the 14th, the earliest kick-off of the 13th round of the Chinese Super League this season ended at the Workers’ Stadium. With the goals of Park Cheng and Augusto, the Beijing China national security team who fought at home defeated Shanghai Greenland Shenhua 2-1, it won the 51st league match between the two sides, and reached the end in this “Beijing-Shanghai derby” zonxao. Wu Yizhen, who scored for the Shenhua team, was the substitute.

After winning this campaign, Guoan still maintained its leading edge in the standings. Park Cheng, who scored in this game, also got another chance to start after three months.

Guoan always controls The Initiative

since many people in Guoan team took part in the competition in this international competition day in the past, the outside world was worried about how much the national football players had in their physical reserves before the competition. However, from the perspective of the play after the start of the game, although the weather was relatively hot during the game, the players of Guoan still struggled hard and seemed not to be affected.

From the moment the whistle blows, the one who controls the initiative on the field is Guoan, who fights at home. The team once had a threatening attack in less than 5 minutes at the beginning, it also caused the opponent to be suspected in handball. Unfortunately, the current referee clatenberg still did not make a penalty kick penalty after watching VAR playback.

Park Cheng scored in the 15th minute

however, Guoan still finished scoring in the 15th minute of the game. Park Cheng, who returned from this battle, took advantage of an opponent’s mistake, helped the team break the deadlock on the court. It is worth mentioning that this game is also park Cheng’s first debut since he was injured in March, and he also rewarded the manager’s trust in him with goals in the opening stage.

In the subsequent game, Guoan had a brief lack of concentration on the defensive end, and was seized by the opponent to complete two counterattacks, but in the end it did not pose much threat.

Guoan’s second goal came before the end of half-time. Augusto, the core of the midfield, shot angrily in front of the big penalty area. The ball flew directly to ball net of the ball like a shell, he showed his long shot again, and this shot also made the opponent goalkeeper powerless. At the end of half-time, Guoan’s two goals have given them the absolute initiative to fight at home.

The young players “rotate” to play

After yi bian fought again, the Shenhua team continuously dispatched troops and hoped to maintain the vitality on the field through personnel adjustment, however, the lack of support from the two absolute core Shenhua substitutes, iharo and Romero, is also very few. On Guoan team’s side, in order to let more main players have a rest, Schmidt changed Li Ke and Yu Yang successively in the second half hour of the game, replacing Zhang Shizhen and Jin Shuai respectively.

At the last time of the game, Shenhua team took advantage of Guoan’s unencirclement, and Wu Yizhen, who appeared on the bench, completed a small-angle break. The final score was fixed at 2 to 1, guoan finally achieved the victory of the “Beijing-Shanghai derby” as expected.

Text/Reporter Zhang Kunlong

Women’s football World Cup: The biggest difference in history! World Cup defending first battle American women’s football team 13:0 beat Thailand

When the final whistle rang, Thai players left sad tears. Obviously, they couldn’t accept the defeat for a while.

Xinhua News Agency, France, Lance, June 11 (reporter Su Bin, Zhang Han) the world’s No. 1 American women’s football team won the Thai team 13:0 in the first round group match of Group F of the World Cup on the 11th, and started the defending journey strongly, and created the biggest difference in the history of the World Cup. In the second half, the US team scored four goals in just six minutes, completely defeating the opponent’s defense line.

18591 spectators in Lance August de Loona Stadium witnessed the one-sided victory of defending champion America. Both physical and technical, they are far better than the Thai team. The US team shot 39 feet in total, while the Thai team only had two feet. Morgan, the most popular American forward, broke the door five times. Laver and Mavis made two achievements. Holland, Rapino, Pique and Lloyd all earned money.

Six minutes after the opening, Morgan got header after receiving his teammates to shoot empty doors, but was sentenced to be invalid because of offside. However, Morgan broke the deadlock for the US team six minutes later. The ball passed on the right side of O ‘Hara fell between two Thai defensive players. Morgan’s front door kicked off the record. In the 20th minute, rawell pushed forward with the ball and shot his left foot long before the defender blocked it. The Thai goalkeeper Qi Longying jumped into the ball and still failed to prevent him from drilling into the net nest.

The game lasted for about half an hour, and the long shot after passing the inside cut of Songbu was confiscated by the American team goalkeeper inner hull, which was the first shot of the Thai team in the whole game. In the 32nd minute, the US team got a free kick near the penalty line. Heath’s free kick touched Mavis’s leg and fell in front of Holland, who shot the net.

In the first half, the three-goal leading US team entered the second half and the offensive did not decrease. In front of their tide-like offensive, the Thai team’s defense line was unable to fight. In the 50th minute, Mavis, who participated in the World Cup for the first time, played on the Thai players in power shot. FIFA statistics show that this ball is the 800th goal in the history of the World Cup.

In the 53rd minute, after the US team gave a free kick, Morgan door mat shot well. Just one minute later, Laver’s shot hit the Thai players, and Mavis jumped into the net. In the 56th minute, Ravel scored another goal, and the US team shot four goals in six minutes.

The suspense was lost early in the game. Ellis, the head coach of the US team, later dispatched troops to punish the general, and Lloyd, a 36-year-old veteran, got the chance to appear. The American women’s football team had no intention of stopping. In the 74th minute, Morgan walked past the defensive player and hit the door to complete the “Hat Trick”. Captain Rapino expanded the score to 9:0 in the 79th minute. In the last ten minutes, Morgan scored twice again. Five goals tied the World Cup players’ single goal record, and PiYo also shook the goalkeeper to shoot the empty door. In the supplementary phase, Lloyd completed the crazy offensive of the US team with a stab.

When the final whistle rang, Thai players left sad tears. Obviously, they couldn’t accept the defeat for a while.

The US team will face Chile, the second opponent in the group match on the 16th, while Thailand will play against Sweden.

Zhou Jihong

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 9 (reporter Zhou Xin, Wang Meng) following the day before last week, the Chinese diving team once again staged “perfect” at the Beijing station of the FINA World Diving Series “. Zhou Jihong, the leader of the Chinese diving team, said “The result is normal” when commenting on the match. For the rare defeat of “ever-victorious general” Shi Tingyi, she revealed that it was because she was unable to jump because of her feet before the match, however, Cao Yuan table has proved its strong strength by taking three gold into consideration.

“Winning all the champions of Japan Station and Beijing station one after another, ‘open the door’ is an encouragement to the team. Everyone always looks at the results, but I focus on the process.” Zhou Jihong said.

As the gold medal Grand Slam of women’s springboard, Shi Tingyi has never missed the women’s 3 m board in the competition at home and abroad since 2013, but she did not perform well in the final on the 8th, lost to teammate Wang Han, and finally won the silver medal.

Zhou Jihong revealed that Shi Tinghao had kicked off before going to the World Series competition Day site. He did not train for a week and began to recover after arriving in Japan. She pointed out: “Her training throughout the winter was very systematic, but the quality of the pressure plate in this competition was affected. Springboard competition is similar to everyone’s difficulty, and there is no absolute strength at the level. It requires athletes to have high quality in every action. In fact, Shi Tingyi didn’t make much mistakes, but he still lacked a little in the angle of take-off, somersault, height and water entry. She still needs some time to recover the ankle injury.”

Cao Yuan’s competition takes table into consideration. It not only picks up the gold medal of double jumping platform and double springboard, but also wins the personal champion of 3-meter board. It changes itself in one race and becomes the king of three gold, it is not easy.

“Cao Yuan’s performance is inseparable from his winter training. For him, training is more challenging than the competition, because every day and every class of training is on the springboard, jumping platform. It is very hard to convert single and double rooms. The result of the competition proved that he had strong strength and hoped that he would continue to work hard and not relax his requirements.” Zhou Jihong said.

Zhou Jihong also praised Wang Han, Yang Jian, Zhang Jiaqi and other players for their ability to withstand the pressure.

In terms of double players, except that Cao Yuan/Xie Siqi is an old partner for three years, the other three pairs of double players are recombined. Zhou Jihong expressed a sense of crisis: “We have had half a year of international competitions since the World Cup in last June. Now everyone will be a little tight at the beginning, and the competition in the next few series will be more intense.”

Soshuai was helped by Manchester United and said frankly that this was the dream job.

So Shuai became the official head coach of Manchester United. Figure/social media

Manchester United officially announced on the 28th that Ole solskaya would become a full head coach of Manchester United. The two sides signed a three-year contract.

Between 1996 and 2007, sorsk Asia played 366 games for Manchester United, scoring 126 goals. On last December, Manchester United announced solskaya as the temporary coach of the team until the end of the season. In the first eight games he coached, the team won all. With its outstanding coaching result, solskaya was elected as the best manager in the Premier League in January. Coach solskaya was also the first manager to win this honor among Manchester United’s previous coach since the later Sir Alex.

So far, solskaya has led the team in 19 games, winning 14 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. During that time, Manchester United earned more points than any other Premier League club.

“From the first day I arrived at Manchester United, I felt like I went home.” Solskaya said, “it is a great honor to be a Manchester United player and then start my coaching career here. The experience in the past few months has been great. This is the job I have always dreamed of. I am very glad to have the opportunity to lead the club for a long time. I hope we can continue to bring wonderful games to the fans.”

“Since taking the post of temporary head coach in December, Ole has been talking with achievements.” Manchester United CEO Woodward commented, “apart from good performance and achievements, Ole also brings rich experience, whether as a player or coach. He is very willing to give young players opportunities and have a deep understanding of the club’s culture, all of which mean that he is the most suitable person to lead Manchester United forward.”

“I want to thank Ole and the coaching team for all they have done so far, and congratulate Ole on getting the appointment he deserves. The fans and the whole club are his solid backing, and I hope he can continue to bring us to create history.” Woodward finally said.

At present, Manchester United ranks fifth with 58 points in the league, only 2 points behind Arsenal, which ranks fourth.