Third line 7 winning streak Evergrande 2:1 winning Luneng won the Asian Championship promotion first opportunity

In the end, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Shandong Luneng 2:1 at home and continued to expand the winning streak against Luneng. At the same time, it also mastered the advance opportunity in the two rounds of the Asian crown knockout.

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, June 18 (Reporter Jing huaiqiao) the first one-in-one contest in the 1/8 final of the Asian Champions League was staged in Guangzhou on the 18th, and finally Guangzhou Evergrande home 2:1 beat Shandong Luneng and continue to expand the winning streak against Luneng. At the same time, he also mastered the advance opportunity in the two rounds of the Asian Championship elimination competition.

The two sides fought in nearly four games, and Luneng suffered a consecutive defeat. This season, the two sides played for the first time in the league. Tariska’s reading seconds killed him and played Luneng without temper. At present, the absence of tariska allows Luneng to see the opportunity to break the embarrassing record. However, the last Evergrande change can still win Hong Kong, which also shows that the team’s strength is still not weak.

In this campaign, Luneng’s full press tactics brought a lot of trouble to Evergrande. Paulino, who performed well last time, was watched by the other side and it was difficult to create a good opportunity for attack. In the 20th minute, Wei Shihao took Zheng zhizhili and missed a chance to break the door in the face of the empty goalkeeper.

Since then, Luneng has also used the height advantage to put pressure on the front court frequently, but Evergrande played extremely patiently to protect the defense line from big mistakes. In the 34th minute, Paulino’s bottom line was passed. Wei Shihao seized the opportunity and shot into the small penalty area after receive the ball, helping Evergrande break the deadlock and leading the team by 1:0 in the first half.

Yi will fight again, Luneng will continue to impact Evergrande’s defense line with his height and achieve results. In the 65th minute, Felani attracted the attention of many defenders in the big penalty area, and then helped to take the right path. 1:1, Luneng tenaciously equalized the score.

After that, Evergrande began to change people. In the 80th minute, Yang Liyu drove the ball into the penalty area on the right road, and the ball hit Zheng Zheng’s leg to show refraction. Then Wang Dalei’s rescue also changed the line of the ball and watched the football fly into his own door. With this goal, Evergrande finally won 2:1 at home.

After the game, Luneng coach Li Xiaopeng believes that under very difficult conditions, both teams have tried their best. On the technical and tactical level, both sides also restrict each other. The draw is not conducive to the team’s next tactical choice, so the result of this game is acceptable. I believe that the next home team will have a chance to reverse the situation.

Coach Cannavaro of Evergrande said that it is not easy to win such a victory for the existing personnel and team thickness. The team had a certain advantage in the first half, but the second half was very difficult. In the two rounds of the game, such a score cannot be guaranteed to qualify on the road, and the next game will require the players to stay focused.

Some thoughts on how to build the brand of bicycle events

BEIJING, April 29 (Xinhua) — Question: Some thoughts on how to build the brand of cycling events

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bowen Xia Liang

today, how to integrate sports into the overall situation of social and economic development, better planning and development of ecological sports has become one of the issues that are paid more and more attention to everywhere. As the head core of the sports industry, how can an event stimulate the local economic vitality, promote the development of the industry and promote the practice of national fitness through the form innovation of cultural creation and business integration, it has become a topic that more and more sports practitioners pay attention.

The cultural connotation of the millennium canal is rich in spirit

starting from the Caoyun Wharf in Tongzhou, Beijing, riding along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with a history of more than 2500 years, stretching more than 1800 kilometers, and finally arriving in Hangzhou. Relying on the World Cultural Heritage Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, a sports event called the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal bicycle Super Challenge has been successfully held for three times. With the characteristics of wide coverage area, long riding distance and passing through many provinces and cities, in the form of the combination of canal culture and sports events, drivers can also feel the wisdom of the working people in ancient China and the long-lasting cultural genes of the Chinese nation while participating in the competition.

“The Grand Canal of China is even more energetic after the success of the heritage application. Nowadays, China’s Grand Canal not only plays the main functions of shipping and promotes the traditional functions of economic development and cultural exchanges along the line, but also derives many new functions with the characteristics of the times, which are beneficial to the protection of ecological environment, the construction of tourism and leisure resources has great potential. For example, cycling enthusiasts have found the pleasure of challenging themselves on this grand canal, which stretches for thousands of miles.” Zhu Minyang, chairman of the World Canal historical and cultural city Cooperation Organization (WCCO), said that this is also the purpose of WCCO as the only international social organization specializing in the canal-taking the canal as a link, promote economic and cultural exchanges between canal cities, realize the connection between people and promote mutually beneficial cooperation.

Deng Qing, secretary general of WCCO, also thinks: “The Grand Canal of China is significantly different from most other world heritages-it is a living heritage. Today, the Grand Canal still plays an important role in transportation, water conservancy, ecology and other aspects. Although it has flowed for more than 2500 years, the Grand Canal is still a young river with infinite vitality.”

The long-term development and growth of an event cannot be achieved without the grounding and cultivation of the event culture. In Deng Qing’s view, the competition can further highlight the history and culture, and show the achievements and elegant demeanour of urban and rural construction along the line. Moreover, under the background of “healthy China”, combining bicycle sports with historical and cultural heritage can not only promote the construction of public health infrastructure, but also promote the protection and utilization of cultural heritage, sports and Culture complement each other and have broad prospects.

Wang Jiancong, CEO of Beijing Blue Sky Green Field Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., the organizer of the Grand Canal competition, agreed. He believes that the reason why the ring law can become a classic cannot be separated from the deep accumulation of a hundred years of history. Only by establishing the unique cultural value of the competition and deeply integrating brand building with cultural accumulation can the deep driving force promote the development of the competition.

“We hope to let everyone fully feel and understand the regional humanistic characteristics and times characteristics along the canal through riding, including water conservancy culture, Caoyun culture, ship culture, commercial culture, food culture and so on, deeply experience the great history of the Grand Canal. Let everyone feel the sports spirit that never gives up and the canal spirit of the new era rich in cultural traditions and sports endeavor.” Wang Jiancong said.

Integration of business forms to explore new paths of regional economic development

at present, sports tourism has become a highlight of the development of sports industry in many places. No matter from the perspective of promoting the reform and innovation of sports industry, or from the perspective of cultivating new forms of tourism, “Sports + tourism” is promising.

As the core of the sports industry, city sports business cards are created through competitions to show the integration and development achievements of sports and culture, tourism, health care, ecological agriculture and other factors, and to cultivate regional sports tourism brands, it is a very recognized and optimistic way for Wang Jiancong.

“If there is no competition to rely on, other things will feel particularly nihilistic. Whether it is derivatives, sports tourism, or equipment sales, relevant training is also good. Only relying on competitions can we build a complete industrial chain.” Wang Jiancong said.

In just a few years, the Grand Canal competition has grown from a simple folk competition to a value platform. The teams participating in the competition, the governments along the way and sponsors all show their own values and images on this platform.

Last year, the State Sports General Administration and other 11 ministries and commissions jointly issued the “bicycle sports industry development plan”, demanding to increase the supply of sports tourism market featuring bicycle riding, encourage scenic spots around the country to build bicycle riding lanes and infrastructure facilities, and initially form riding routes with different themes such as natural scenery, history and culture, difficulty challenges, etc.

As the sub-brand and warm-up event of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal cycling competition, the organizer plans to open a new “cycling Grand Tour” event this year, with a total of 10 stops, mostly concentrated in Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, the scale is about 300-500 people. Through cycling, it is more deeply integrated into local tourism to promote local publicity and promotion and economic development.

For example, Pingyin county, Jinan city, Shandong province has the reputation of “Hometown of Roses” since ancient times. “When we organize the ‘riding day’ activity, it will be combined with local cultural characteristics. For example, in Pingyin station, which will be held on May 3, the roses here are praised as “representatives of Chinese traditional roses”. Riders can not only challenge the track, but also taste rose tea, enjoy the scenery of ten thousand acres of roses.” Wang Jiancong said, “This activity has greatly promoted the local culture, tourism, sports and economic development.”

Events help Fitness Cycling “Deep Breath”

according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 2,000 bicycle races in China, large and small, and the riding population is close to 10 million. With the launch of the “National Fitness Program (2016-2020)” and the “10th Five-Year Plan” for the development of sports industry, the key project status of cycling in fitness and promoting the development of sports industry has been established.

Different from the competitions that professional teams around Taihu Lake and Qinghai Lake participate in, the participants of the Grand Canal event are more cycling enthusiasts and some top folk experts. “The Grand Canal cultural protection, inheritance and Utilization Planning Outline” also points out that encourage cities along the Grand Canal to carry out sports and leisure sports activities and national fitness activities, and encourage social subjects to use the Grand Canal to carry out relevant mass sports activities.

Wang Jiancong believes that the promotion of the concept of great health and the upgrading of consumption make cycling a hot focus in the field of competition and fashion lifestyle.

This year, the competition introduced the concept of intelligence on the basis of commercialization, professionalization, popularization and entertainment, hoping to take the application of new technologies as the carrier, let participants get better and richer sensory experience during healthy cycling. It is understood that the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal intelligent cycling challenge held before is different from traditional cycling events. It adopts the exclusive customized 3D track of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, with a total length of 7.5 kilometers. On this track, competitors can compete with their fellow riders across the limits of time and space by using scientific and technological equipment. They can also enjoy the local conditions and customs of both sides of the canal.

Some experts said that riding itself combines attributes such as commuting, leisure and sports, which is an increasingly popular fitness method in recent years, and the cultural literacy level of participating groups is relatively high. Bi Xuemei, a professor at Beijing Sports University, said that, like marathon, many people only rode bicycles with enthusiasm at the beginning, and as more people took part in cycling, it is necessary for relevant departments to strengthen grass-roots sports guidance, build more convenient service platforms, and guide enthusiasts to follow the riding rules. Cycling will enter an era of virtuous circle, riding will also better serve the national strategy of national fitness.

Goals, assists, and saves-several German from all aspects

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, May 23: Questions: goals, assists and saves — several defends the Bundesliga from all aspects (on)

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xiaoxiao

the Bundesliga season just passed was full of dramatic conflicts, all kinds of data statistics can help fans understand the development context of the whole season more clearly, comprehensively and three-dimensional, and dig out rich and interesting story plots.

Bayern Munich striker Levandowski topped the list with 22 goals and won the best scorer honor. Levan was the first player to win this honor after Kirsten won the top scorer in 1997 and 1998. He was also the second foreign aid to win this honor in the Bundesliga league. The first is Ghana player Yeboa, who won the best scorer award for two consecutive years (1993 and 1994) when playing for Frankfurt.

The second-ranked shooter is Dortmund striker Paco. This was his first Bundesliga season, with only 11 starts and 18 goals in the season. Dott captain Royce spent the season with the most goals, tied for the third place with 19-year-old levokusen hawitz, Serbian striker jovich in Frankfurt and Croatian striker Kramaric in Hoffenheim with 17 goals.

In terms of the number of positive shots, Levan topped the list with 141 times. Verna and Kramaric in Leipzig tied for second place 107 times. Werner is also the player with the most positive shots (26) in the league. Jovich ranked fourth with 94 shots, including 40 right feet, 31 left feet and 23 header, fully demonstrating the comprehensiveness and diversity of attack methods.

In terms of goal efficiency, Paco is better, scoring a goal every 66.8 minutes. Although Hoffenheim winger Nelson scored only 7 goals, each goal took only 89.7 minutes. Hoffenheim forwards Bell Fodi and jovich followed closely, with each ball taking 116.5 minutes and 132.2 minutes respectively. Of course, this data does not include players who occasionally play and occasionally score goals. Only players who have scored at least 5 goals in the season are included in the statistical category.

In terms of the contribution rate of goals, Mainz’s French striker Matta is the most prominent. He scored 14 goals this season, accounting for of the 46 goals of the team. Joevich, who scored 17 goals, contributed 28.3 percent in Frankfurt, and Wolfsburg Dutch striker wejost, who also scored 17 goals, contributed 27.4 percent of the team’s 62 goals. Verna followed with a 25.4% contribution rate. Jovich’s front partners Sebastian Alai and Levan are tied for fifth with a quarter of the contribution rate.

In terms of winning the ball, hawitz performed the most eye-catching performance. He scored a winning goal for the team eight times this season, that is to say, 44 percent of his goals were a fatal blow to the “pharmaceutical factory. Dott captain Royce had six winning performances, and wejost, Sancho, Paco, leifan WanHeDa blameet midfield Lashkar had five winning performances.

In terms of assists, Dort junior Sancho topped the list 14 times, becoming the most opportunity-creating person in the Bundesliga this season. Bayern defender kimishi ranked second with 13 assists, refreshing the new record of Bundesliga defender’s assists in a single season. Brant, who has made great contributions to levokusson’s entry into the Champions League and has announced his transfer to Dot, ranked third with 11 assists.

In creating goals, Sancho wins with efficiency. There are still many assist opportunities in the field that have not finally been converted into goals. For example, Kimich has made 108 shots, Brant has 107 shots, and Bremen striker Cruze has 96 shots.

Goal assist in the statistics of “all-round King”, Levan won again with a weak advantage. In addition to 22 goals, he had 7 assists. Sancho ranked second with 12 goals and 14 assists. In addition to the little Azar of Mensing Gladbach (who has announced the transfer to Dort next season), Sancho is the only player in the Bundesliga who assists in the goal of “Two Pairs. Royce ranked third with 17 goals and 8 assists.

In the goalkeeper competition, Leipzig’s gulac has 16 games this season to protect the city gate. Somor in menxing has 13 times. Affected by the injury, Neuer still has 10 records of not losing the ball in 26 appearances. Dort goalkeeper bilky defended door line in 10 of 32 matches.

Hanover, which has gone through the ups and downs this season, finally suffered a downgrade. However, the team goalkeeper Esher’s number of successful saves reached the highest 156 in the league. Frankfurt’s Trappes saves 124 times, while Hoffenheim’s Bowman ranked third with 122 times.

In terms of the success rate of fighting, gulac successfully blocked 93 shots in 120 fighting, with a success rate of 77.5%. Somor succeeded 118 times in 160 saves. Trappes ranked third with a 72.09% success rate.

Esher, who has the most successful fight times, also faces the most shots. His 156 successful fight times were completed when facing 222 shots. Of course, Hanover is also the team that lost the second most balls in the league. Only Stuttgart lost more balls than they did. (To be continued)

Table tennis test competition of the 7th World Military Games begins

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, May 1 (Reporter Feng Guodong, Li Jinfeng) on the morning of the 1st, the table tennis test competition of the 7th World Military Games and the 2019 Wuhan Youth table tennis competition were located in the opening area of Wuhan airport port (East West Lake District) wuhan fifth ring sport center gymnasium kicked off.

The table tennis test competition is organized and implemented by the military games executive committee. A total of 186 young athletes from 9 urban areas in Wuhan participated in the competition that day. During the three-day competition, they will compete in three age groups and seven projects.

9-year-old Qiao Yujin, a contestant, said: “I was a little nervous when I played in such a beautiful stadium for the first time. The venue is ‘high-end ‘. After the opening of this year’s military games, parents must bring me here to watch the game.”

Peng Tao, director of Wuhan competition committee and district chief of Dongxihu district of Wuhan City People’s Government, said that this event was an all-round test of table tennis venues of the military games, it aims to comprehensively examine various preparations of table tennis project, so as to sum up experience and find problems, and provide reference for running table tennis competition of military games well.

The 7th World Military Games will be held in Wuhan from October 18-27. At that time, nearly 10,000 active soldiers from more than 100 countries and regions will compete on the same stage.

City Football Super League 2018 season annual ceremony held in Beijing

People’s sports signing ceremony with football star for strategic partners. Organizer for pictures

On the afternoon of February 22, the annual grand ceremony of the 2018 season of the City Football Super League and the strategic signing ceremony with the star of football on people’s sports were held in the new media building of People’s Daily. The 2018 season of the City Football Super League, the major awards of the qualifier and general competition were announced respectively. At the meeting, Zhu Kai, chairman of People’s Daily Online Director of Physical Education Department and people’s sports, and Liu bingrun, founder and chairman of the City Football Super League, held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation on behalf of both sides.

According to Liu bingrun, “The 2018 City Football Super League was held very successfully. In the following 2019, the tournament will not only open the number of foreign players and further compete, we also need to make efforts in the field of youth training and artificial intelligence. With the advantage of party media gene and communication brought into play in the future people’s sports, I believe that artificial intelligence technology will make greater achievements in the field of Chinese football.”

Zhu Kai said, “people’s network has been actively promoting the integration and development of Party media value and sports industry. People’s sports is the sports all-media platform and industrial service platform that people’s network focuses on, I hope that in the future, I will join hands with all parties to jointly help the development of people’s football.”

At the subsequent summit forum of “artificial intelligence innovation drives the development of Chinese football”, Xinhua News Agency director of physical education department Xu jiiren, People’s Daily Director of Physical Education Department Li Zhonghua, zhang Yiping, lecturer of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and Liu bingrun, chairman of the City Super League, jointly held a discussion on “artificial intelligence and football development” as guests.

After the forum, the annual grand ceremony of the 2018 season of the City Football Super League was held, involving 26 awards in the City Football Super League, general competition, and the qualifier, among them, the most valuable player in the 2018 season was won by the champion team Beijing capital United team captain Shi Zhenxing. After winning the championship for the first time in the 2016 season, Beijing team once again became a big winner.

It is worth mentioning that this award ceremony not only set up outstanding referees, best lineups, Golden Gloves, top ten balls and other awards, but also added the best 12 people for the first time, the top ten social events of the Hao ball year and the top ten youth events of the Hao ball year are selected. In the semi-final, Yingkou Fan Yu Zhengxin, who was alone with the team to go away from Taiyuan, stood out in the “best twelve” selection.

The award ceremony also presented awards to the best host area, excellent partners and outstanding contributions, highlighting the importance of City Football Super League to sponsors and partners. Liu bingrun said that he hoped more people would pay attention to city football matches and social football in the upcoming 2019 season.

Ke Jie won the first game of the Bestlife Cup final.

Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, January 15 (reporters Jiang Cheng and Zhang Yiyi) on the 15th, the first game of the Sanfan chess final of the fourth “Bestlife Cup” World Go Championship was held in Anshun, Guizhou province, ke Jie’s nine-stage blackhead 213 beat South Korea’s Shen Zhen’s nine-stage, leading by 1:0 for the time being.

Ke Jie guessed black flag first. In today’s situation that the success rate of white chess in professional chess is obviously higher, this makes the chess fans watching the game on the spot sweat for it. At the beginning of the game, Shen Zhenzhen was quite cautious and steady, while Ke Jie was slightly inferior. Later, Shen Zhenzhen attacked actively, and Ke Jie responded well. When he reached 37 hands, the situation of Ke Jie’s black flag began to improve, but he was still at a disadvantage.

“Chess sage” Nie Weiping predicted in the live explanation of this game that if Ke Jie can deal with it calmly, it is very likely to turn over.

As expected, when he reached 190 hands, Shen Zhenzhen forgot to make mistakes with the first hand. Ke Jie took the opportunity to reverse the situation and pursued the game with victory. When he reached 213 hands, Shen Zhenzhen judged that the situation was too far apart, and he believed that he was negative. In the end, Ke Jie won the game and got a 1-0 lead in the three-fold chess final.

After the game, Ke Jie said to the reporter: “In this game, I always thought it was not good and pessimistic, but I didn’t feel that I would lose. So I kept it steady. I didn’t have the confidence to win until I was about to end.”

“Today, I have been at a low level in this game of chess, and I feel very lucky to win in the end.” He said.

Yu Bin, the head coach of the national chess team, said: “Ke Jie was at a disadvantage at the beginning, but he was not in a hurry and was able to stabilize, reflecting his full experience in the competition. In the final stage, the situation was very chaotic, and the opportunities were fleeting at this time. Under such difficult circumstances, Shen Zhenzhen neglected an opportunity, and Ke Jie seized the opportunity sharply, which reflected Ke Jie’s strong temperament of winning and losing.”

Ke Jie said that he had a bad cold some time ago, and now he has basically no serious problem. Although he is still troubled by cough, it does not affect his state. In the upcoming second game on the 17th, he will go all out.