CBA: Guo Allen 34 points Liaoning renewal defending champion Ke Sheng Xinjiang

Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, April 14 (reporter Ma Wei) the third round match between Xinjiang Guanghui Automobile and Liaoning Bengang in the semi-finals of the CBA league playoffs went to war in Urumqi on the 14th. Relying on the outbreak of Guo Allen in the second half, the defending champion Liaoning turned 109:100 away with a double-digit lag in the first half, bringing the big score to 1:2, in the series of 7 games with 4 wins, I got back a chance.

The two sides dedicated a wonderful war of attack and defense in the first quarter, and the success rate of sports war will not decrease under the condition of high defensive strength. In the last World War I, the Xinjiang team, which scored the highest score of 21 points in the next season, can continue to feel hot, and won 11 points at the end of the first quarter. Both sides failed to establish a clear leading edge in the first quarter. Zhao Jiwei, who faced the stoxes at the end of the festival, helped the Liaoning team chase the score to 25:27.

Xinjiang launched an attack in the second half of the second section, with a small climax of 16:4 in about 5 minutes. After the super-far three points in Felder’s life, the Xinjiang team pulled the score to 50:39, which was also the first time that the difference between the two teams reached two digits in this game. At the end of half time, Xinjiang led 55:46.

At the beginning of the second half, Xinjiang became more confident on the offensive side. Feld even performed a performance of downtown horse riding and archery, and the score was once pulled to 66:51, the home team is likely to take away the game in the third quarter. However, Guo Allen, who was quiet in the first half, then stood out and scored 9 points with three points, quick attack and breakthrough, sounding the LaCorne of defending champion’s counterattack. The attack on the Xinjiang side suddenly lost power and made mistakes. Hudson’s three points and free throws helped Liaoning equalize the score. At the end of the third quarter, the two sides fought 82 square meters.

In the fourth quarter, the attack in Xinjiang continued to be weak, while Liaoning pulled the score to 99:89 under the continuous scores of Guo Allen and Bath. At the last moment, Li Gen only scored 1 goal in the case of holding 3 free throws, completely losing the chance of approaching the score.

The coach of Xinjiang team said after the game that the turning point of the game appeared after the third quarter of Xinjiang led by 15 points. The team’s playing method tended to be simple, and the movement of the ball and people were not smooth. Although the big score is still leading, the team should seriously sum up through this defeat.

In this campaign, Guo Allen scored the highest score of 34 points and had four steals. The next round of the contest between the two sides will be held in Urumqi on the 16th.

The ring Tower is now in the “hellish section”. Nearly half of the 19-hour racing car has not reached the finish line.

Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, May 24 (reporter Ma Wei, Sun Zhe) the 2019 ring tower rally is now in the “hellish stage”. The first racing car set off at 05:30 on the morning of the 23rd. As of 00:30 on the 24th, nearly half of the hundreds of cars entering the Taklamakan Desert have not yet reached the finish line.

In the cross-country rally, the upper limit of the time used by the participating vehicles to complete a single stage is called “maximum time to give”, and if this time is exceeded, relevant penalties will be imposed. Generally, the longer the maximum duration, the higher the overall difficulty of the competition segment. The maximum duration of the 334-kilometer-long competition segment on the day is 14 hours, and the expectations of the Ring Tower organizing committee on the difficulty of the competition segment can be seen.

The fine sand and steep sand dunes in Taklamakan desert almost turn the track into a parking lot. Many drivers delay a lot of time due to car trap and sand digging. The driver of Shaanxi Yunxiang team, Ji Yungang, started first on that day, but fell into Shawo about 100 kilometers from the destination. After arriving at the finish line, he said, “digging sand was delayed for an hour, which was not a simple stage.”

The difficulties brought by desert terrain are not small, but the high temperature weather has intensified the torture of competitors. “I have never run such a abnormal track.” Shen Weijian, the driver of the fierce lion energy storage team who was trapped twice, said after arriving at the finish line, “I drank about 10 bottles of mineral water because it was too hot, and now I feel sick when I see mineral water.”

During the race on that day, the motorcycle group started after the car group, and the KTMR2R team Armand Hernandez ranked first. He left at 07:47 and arrived at the destination at around 17:50. At this time, the car group had no more than 20 cars, in other words, he had more than 70 cars that started first.

“It’s like hell.” Armand Hernandez said, “I had to stop and water my car every other time. This was the first time in my career.” At the finishing point of the team, he sat silently for a long time before pouring a bottle of mineral water in one breath. “for motorcyclists, it is good to survive the race.”

He is not the only lucky person in the Devil competition. Beijing cross-country family team Christian ravili was the first car driver to reach the finish line, followed by his teammate Liu Yangui. They said that the strong driving force of the car and the accurate estimation of the difficulty of the desert track by the team helped them a lot.

As of press time, nearly half of the racing cars are still trapped in the track. The organizing committee of the event is carrying out rescue and announces the cancellation of the competition in tomorrow’s stage. (Finished)

The 7th military games will set up an emergency transfer system to designate five official hospitals.

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, February 16 (reporter Liao Jun, Li Changzheng) the medical and health security system of the 7th World Military Games in 2019 was formally formed. The wuhan military games medical and health security mobilization meeting held in wuhan recently released a list of five official hospitals and designated hospitals for the event. According to the characteristics of the competition, 21 national experts and 3,000 professional technicians will provide medical rescue and emergency transfer for the competition.

From October 18 this year to 27, the 7th World Military Games will be held in Wuhan. By then, nearly 10,000 active soldiers from more than 100 countries and regions will compete on the same platform.

In order to provide fast, professional and all-round Medical and health security services, according to the requirements of medical security work of Wuhan Military Transport Association, Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, five tertiary hospitals affiliated to Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, and General Hospital of Central war zone of Chinese People’s Liberation Army were identified as official hospitals of Wuhan military games, undertake outpatient and emergency services and inpatient medical services for certified personnel under non-emergency conditions.

The military transport association also set up emergency transportation systems for water, land and air. In addition to sending additional ambulance resources, two medical rescue helicopters were mobilized to participate in the opening ceremony and directional cross-country medical security, have the ability to put professional medical personnel in the air; Arrange 6 medical rescue ships to provide surface rescue for open water competitions, and do a good job in the connection between surface rescue and medical rescue.

It is reported that during the military games, the organizing committee will provide medical and health security services for all athletes, technical officials, event service personnel and ticket holders. Competition and training venues, media centers and reception hotels all formulate separate medical security plans and implement the system of “one hospital, one museum, one book.

Jilong advanced to Malaysia Badminton Masters men’s singles semi-final

Xinhua News Agency, Kuala Lumpur, January 18 (reporter Lin Hao) on the 18th of 2019, Malaysia Badminton Masters held various individual quarter-finals. Only the Chinese team reached the semi-finals of the men’s singles, and other players were eliminated.

Dragon’s opponent on that day was Indonesian player Jin Ting. Xiaolong soon entered the state. In the first game, he led 9:1 and finally won 21:11. In the second game, the scores of both sides were tight, but Xiaolong always took the initiative. After winning three points at 20:17, Yan long lost points in a row and was chased by the other side, but he adjusted quickly and won the match at 22:20 with two active scores.

In another men’s singles quarter-final, Shi Yuqi, the world’s second-ranking Chinese player, played against Malaysian Liu Guolun. In the first game, Shi Yuqi always fell behind with a big score, bearing 12:21. In the second game, the scores of both sides were glued. Shi Yuqi opened the score at the end and pulled back a game with 21:16. In the final round, Shi Yuqi lost points in the front of the net after 3:3 ping. Since then, Liu Guolun split the points and finally lost 11:21.

In addition, He Bingjiao, a Chinese women’s singles player, lost to Wu Xianyan, a Malaysian top four.

Malaysia Masters will hold individual semi-finals on the 19th, and Dragon will face Danish player anselon.

Self-enrollment test sports, why colleges and universities “avoid the heavy”

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 9th issue: self-enrollment test sports, why colleges and universities “avoid the heavy”

Xinhua News Agency reporter Gao Peng

90 colleges and universities with independent enrollment qualification have recently announced the enrollment guide. Compared with previous years, all colleges and universities have added sports subject tests in the school entrance examination according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education. However, the reporter found that the contents of sports tests in each school are quite different, including height, weight, lung capacity, standing long jump, more relaxed projects such as sitting position and body flexion were frequently selected, while only a few schools dared to pay attention to the difficult 800-meter/1000-meter race. Not only that, the use of the physical test results of each proofreading is also different. Except that Tsinghua University and Xiamen University adopt the method of reducing extra points for the excellent physical test, some colleges and universities clearly stated that they “rejected by one vote” for students who did not meet the physical test, but most schools only vaguely expressed that the physical test results were taken as the admission reference.

The independent enrollment and testing of physical education in colleges and universities is an important means to encourage students to actively carry out physical exercises and promote the healthy development of students’ physical fitness. However, in practice, due to various considerations, some colleges and universities “avoid the heavy” in sports tests, which reduced the good original intention of the education authorities.

Many colleges and universities “avoid the heavy” sports test weakened to physical examination

at the end of last year, the Ministry of Education issued the “notice on doing well the independent enrollment work of colleges and universities in 2019”, for the first time, it is clearly required that all self-enrollment colleges and universities should add physical education subject tests in the college entrance examination. The test items are determined independently by colleges and universities according to the teaching practice of middle schools. The test results are used as an important reference for admission.

Starting from the middle of March, colleges and universities with independent enrollment qualifications have successively published enrollment brochures. Xinhua news agency reporters checked one by one and found that most colleges and universities were in height and body mass index, vital capacity, standing long jump, sitting forward flexion, 50-meter or 100-meter running, pull-up (male), sit-ups (female), one to three items were selected from the 800-meter (female)/1000-meter race (male) for testing. Only a few schools such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Beijing Normal University had five test subjects.

“Almost no two colleges and universities (physical testing programs) are exactly the same, which can be described as full of personality.” Nanjing university of science and technology dynamic business research center director wang ping professor said that due to the sports has not been included in the college entrance examination, no exam outline, most of the physical education in colleges and universities test content, the scoring standard refers to the latest National Student Physical Health Standard (revised in 2014). This standard has 8 physical test indexes for high school students, including height, weight, vital capacity, 50-meter running, sitting forward flexion, standing long jump, pull-ups/sit-ups, endurance running (800 m/1000 m).

According to the reporter’s statistics, among the more than 80 colleges and universities that have published their own enrollment guidelines, one or more of the most Tests are height, weight, vital capacity, standing long jump and sitting body forward bending, the test items include only about one third of the 50-meter or 100-meter runs. The proportion of colleges and universities that test pull-ups and sit-ups is lower, and the test endurance runs are the least. Only Wuhan University, shandong University has less than 10 colleges and universities, and most colleges and universities have given up this recognized most difficult subject.

“Don’t take sports tests as physical examination,” Wang Zongping, who has been engaged in sports teaching research for nearly 30 years, said that the so-called sports subject tests should at least refer to running, jumping, investment and other contents or items such as foot basket row, table tennis and badminton. Tests such as height and body mass index and vital capacity are closer to physical examination items, which strictly cannot be counted as physical examination. No wonder some netizens quipped that some colleges and universities self-enrollment sports test “no effort, no sweat”, too easy.

The reporter also noticed that most schools only said that the results of physical tests would be an important reference for the identification of independent enrollment qualifications, but there was no specific explanation on how important it was. Only less than 1/4 of colleges and universities have clearly stated that those who fail to meet the standards in sports tests cannot obtain the qualification of independent enrollment. In addition, some schools also adopt the reward policy of giving extra points to those with excellent physical tests.

“Fear of accidents” in colleges and universities exposed the weak reality of middle school sports

in Wang Zongping’s view, many colleges and universities independently recruit sports tests to avoid difficult and easy tests, the main reason is “fear of accidents”.

There have been media reports that in 2013, Nanjing Normal University, as the only one in Jiangsu province to test Sports in self-enrollment, required candidates to take the grip strength, height, weight, lung capacity, standing long jump test for the first time, male and female students also tested 1000 meters and 800 meters respectively. As a result, on the day of the test, the long-distance running examinees fell down a large area. Some left halfway, some vomited on the spot, and some collapsed on the ground. Under various pressures, Nanjing Normal University later canceled the self-enrollment physical fitness test.

As the first institution in China to increase physical fitness tests in self-enrollment, Tsinghua University’s self-enrollment physical testing work has lasted for 8 years since 2011. Professor Liu Bo, director of physical education department of Tsinghua University, said that it is also a test of aerobic endurance. Tsinghua has always adopted the step exercise test instead of long-distance running, firstly, the step exercise test was one of the endurance test options of National Student Physical Health Standard (revised in 2007) at that time, and it was also for the consideration of ease of operation and safety.

“Compared with long-distance running, the exercise load of step motion test is smaller and the safety is higher.” Liu Bo said that through 3 minutes of Up and Down Step exercise, testing the rising level of heart rate and recovery speed after exercise can effectively reflect people’s aerobic endurance exercise level. Long-term systematic physical exercise, especially running, ball games, swimming and other sports, can improve the scores of Step exercise tests.

In addition to safety factors, Liu Bo believes that the limitation of testing site and time is also one reason why many colleges and universities give up testing long-distance running. He said that the self-enrollment interview is usually only half a day or a day. Some colleges and universities have small sports venues, which makes it difficult for hundreds of candidates to test them all. If the weather is bad, outdoor long-distance running cannot be carried out.

In spite of this, Wang Zongping believes that the self-enrollment sports tests of colleges and universities have “avoided the heavy”, which shows that there is no bottom in the examinees’s physical condition and they are distrusted and uneasy about high school sports.

Some insiders pointed out that because physical education was not included in the college entrance examination, physical education in senior high school, especially in grade 3, was useless, and the physical health of students after the college entrance examination was worrying. Judging from the physical test of Tsinghua’s independent enrollment in the past 8 years, the physical condition of the examinees participating in the test is generally not optimistic. According to Liu Bo, in 2011, among the nearly 700 students who took part in the self-enrollment sports test of Tsinghua University, the students with excellent scores (above 90 points) were zero and failed (below 60 points). The number of candidates accounted.

Liu Bo said that although the results of physical tests in the past two years show that the physical quality of examinees has improved, and more and more examinees and parents are aware of the importance of physical tests, this does not mean that the overall physical fitness of high school students has improved significantly.

Promote scientific physical fitness testing to avoid the failure of the original intention of the policy

as early as 12 years ago, the opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Strengthening Youth Sports and enhancing youth physical fitness pointed out that “youth endurance, strength, speed and other physical indicators continue to decline. However, due to the lack of “positive baton”, the problem of weak physical quality of students has not been solved well.

Wang Zongping said that the Ministry of Education requires independent enrollment of colleges and universities to test physical education, hoping that these 985 and 211 colleges and universities will play a leading role in demonstration and make the majority of parents and examinees realize that, physical exercise is as important as cultural learning, thus triggering a positive chain reaction in which primary and secondary schools attach importance to physical education. However, no matter from the point of view of the importance of test subjects or test results, physical tests in colleges and universities “have less real life and more people go through the motions”, which undoubtedly discounts the good original intention of education authorities.

Wang Zongping believes that for the self-enrollment college sports test, which items should be tested, what standards should be referred to, and how much weight the results of the physical test account for in the enrollment assessment, etc, the education sector should study and formulate a relatively fine-grained scientific guidance, so as to avoid sports test becomes a mere formality, and there are great differences, avoid good policy become centerpiece.

“It takes a period of exploration to promote the scientization of physical education in school examinations,” Liu Bo said, this year is the first year that the Ministry of Education requires independent enrollment of colleges and universities to test physical education. Most colleges and universities have no experience, therefore, it is completely understandable to be very cautious when choosing the content, standard and weight of physical examination. After all, National Student Physical Health Standard (revised in 2014) is a ready-made standardized test with unified evaluation indicators and evaluation standards. It is easy to operate and easy to organize, therefore, most colleges and universities have chosen this standard as reference for physical testing.

Liu Bo also agreed with the introduction of a guiding opinion on sports tests in the future, but he stressed that “one size fits all” should not be implemented, requiring all school physical tests to be completely unified, because since it is self-enrollment, therefore, colleges and universities should be given certain autonomy.

In fact, no matter how to adjust the test subjects, the ultimate purpose of physical fitness test is to guide more students to join in sports and form the habit of lifelong exercise. Wang Zongping and Liu Bojun said that reversing the trend of students’ physical decline is not an overnight thing, nor can it be achieved by one school, which needs the joint efforts of the whole society.

World Women Volleyball League matches Macau station Chinese women’s volleyball team take Belgium

In 2019, the World Women Volleyball League matches Macau station competition entered the second match day at the Macau variety Gallery on 29th. The Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated Belgium 3:0 and won the second victory of Macau station.

Xinhua News Agency, Macau, May 29 (reporter Hu Yao, Wang Chenxi) the 2019 World Women Volleyball League matches Macau station competition entered the second competition day at the Macao variety museum on the 29th. The Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated the Belgian team by 3:0, won the second victory at Macau station.

The starting lineup sent by the Chinese women’s volleyball team on that day were yuan Xinzhen, Gong Xiangyu, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying, Yan Ni, Ding Xia and Wang Mengjie.

In the first game, the Chinese team stabilized and strengthened the serve and block. The score has been far ahead, leading 16:7 to enter the second technical suspension. Belgium’s attack was stopped many times, and the mistakes increased. The Chinese team quickly won the game at 25:16.

At the beginning of the second game, Belgium strengthened the block and reduced mistakes. The score was once leading. The Chinese team responded calmly and strengthened the attack. The 8:7 Lead entered the first technical suspension. The Chinese team became more and more flexible. Gong Xiangyu combined with hanging. Zhang Changning and Li Yingying scored a deduction. At the critical moment, the Chinese team played a stable role and won the second game at 25:20.

In the third game, the Chinese team has always been outscore. The team members cooperated with each other and played a stable role. Belgium’s defense was unfavorable and it was unable to reverse the situation. In the second half of the competition, the head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Lang Ping, replaced Liu Xiaotong, Zeng Chunlei, Yao Di and Hu Mingyuan. Finally, the Chinese team won the third game at 25:14.

In the game that afternoon, Thailand defeated South Korea by 3:1. At this point, the Chinese team won two consecutive victories. Both the South Korean team and the Thai team won one victory and one loss, and the Belgian team lost both games.

In 2019, China, Thailand, Belgium and South Korea participated in the World Women Volleyball League matches Macau station. Four teams played round-robin tournament in three days. The Chinese team will play against South Korea on the 30th.