2019 Wusheng country Marathon attracts many foreigners to punch in

Xinhuanet sports Wusheng may 2nd (Huang Xiaoyun) on the 2nd, Yundong China · Xiangyue Wusheng 2019 Wusheng rural Marathon (hereinafter referred to as “2019 Wusheng rural marathon”) held in Sichuan Wusheng Baiping-Feilong rural revitalization demonstration zone, the competition also attracted many foreign runners to punch in.

MutiiriaOnesmusMbaabu from Kenya has come to Wusheng for the second time. He said that the beautiful scenery of Wusheng left a deep impression on himself. “Sports here is a very good experience.” It is understood that the first time I came to Wusheng MutiiriaOnesmusMbaabu was to participate in the “Xiangyue Wusheng · riding pastoral 2018 · China ring Sichuan (Wusheng) International Cycling League” in September 2018 “, this time, he and his two friends deeply felt the pastoral charm of Wusheng Shihua in the form of Marathon. “The result of the game is second, mainly enjoying the process of the game.” He said.

EverLineJepchirKosgei, also from Kenya, used three “certain” when asked if she would come to Wusheng again “. She said that the scenery of the track was very beautiful. After the competition, she would also try some special delicacies such as Wusheng hot pot and Mago noodles.

DariuszWanatowki from Poland is a teacher from Southwest Jiaotong University. This time, I came to Wusheng from Chengdu to participate in the marathon. “It feels good to race here and the track is clean.” DariuszWanatowki said that in the future, there will be opportunities to join friends in Wusheng.

2019 Wusheng country Marathon is a member of the national event IP “rhyme China” marathon series jointly created by Xinhuanet and China Track and Field Association. It is hosted by China Track and Field Association, Wusheng county people’s government and Xinhuanet sports.

Lipi: fighting for South Korea, Wu Lei was out of battle due to injury, expecting the national football team to have a wonderful performance

Xinhua News Agency, Abu Dhabi, January 15 (Reporter Liu Ning, Wang Haoyu) the Chinese team will face South Korea in the last round of the 2019 Asian Cup group match on the 16th. As for the focus battle for the top of the team, national football coach Lippi said on the 15th that striker Wu Lei would not be able to participate due to injury, but hoped that the national football team would have a wonderful performance.

Lippi said at the press conference that day, “First of all, I want to talk about Wu Lei, who is our important player. We can’t take risks in tomorrow’s game. Wu Lei will not play. However, I hope the players can play a good game.”

Regarding the news that Wu Lei would return to Shanghai Shanggang team for treatment due to shoulder injury, Lippi said: “I have also seen many reports that Wu Lei would return to the club for treatment. Our team doctor has communicated with Shanggang team doctor and he will not return to the club. Wu Lei can participate in the fourth game and the next knockout game.”

In the 2019 Asian Cup, China and South Korea, Kyrgyzstan and Philippines were divided into Group C. At present, the Chinese team, which won two battles in the two battles, is currently ranked first in Group C by relying on the strength of the net Victory Ball and pressing the South Korean team with the same 6 points. If you defeat or draw the South Korean team, the national football team will qualify as the first in the group.

Lippi said: “If we draw or win South Korea, we will play on the 22nd; If we lose, we will play against Thailand on the 20th. I didn’t consider choosing opponents in the elimination match. I paid more attention to the team’s confidence and unity, cohesion and upward attitude in the match. This is my requirement for the team.”

In Lippi’s view, South Korea, Japan and Iran are both traditional Asian strong teams. “We need to focus on tomorrow’s match with South Korea. Facing a strong team like South Korea, I prefer that the team is not conservative. Because, if it is only defense, it is difficult to defend against the South Korean team with strong attack power. We need to find balance in attack and defense. For South Korea, we need to show the courage of the players and kick out their own characteristics.”

Zheng Zhi, the captain of the Chinese team, also believes that the national football team needs to play the spirit of 12 points against the South Korean team. “I have played with the South Korean team many times. In terms of style, the South Korean team attaches great importance to speed and physical confrontation. However, the Chinese team also has its own characteristics. In tomorrow’s game, we need to show our level, play what we are training, and start fighting from the first minute of playing, and control the rhythm of the game in our own hands “.

After playing the game between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United in the Premier League, South Korean star Sun Xingmin arrived in UAE on the 14th and expressed his hope to help South Korea win the Asian Cup.

For the question of whether Sun Xingmin would send someone to guard against him if he played, Lippi said: “I know he is a very good player, but he is not the only one in South Korea, there are many other excellent players. Our preparation will not be aimed at one person, and the team as a whole will always be more important than the individual.”

Tianjin football “Star of Hope” went to Spain for exchange and study

Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, February 15 (Reporter Zhang Zewei) on the 15th, 25 “Star of Hope” and 9 coaches of Tianjin youth football set off for Valencia, Spain, starting a 10-day exchange, study, training and competition.

This Spanish exchange and learning activity was organized by Tianjin Sports Bureau, and 25 small players were all “stars of hope” selected by Tianjin in 2018 “. In the next 10 days, these “stars of Hope” will be influenced by Spanish football, play friendly matches with small players of Spanish football academy, and gain exercise and growth through learning, training and competition. In addition, they will also watch the Spanish league on the spot, and experience the competition atmosphere of the international high-level league and the superb skills of the big stars.

The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Football Association said that the purpose of studying abroad is to improve the level of Tianjin youth football competition, promote the training of Tianjin reserve talents and the training of coaches tutorial level.

In recent years, Tianjin football youth training has carried out close cooperation with Spanish football academy and made gratifying progress. Since 2017, Tianjin Sports Bureau has selected three batches of “Stars of hope” to go to Spain for exchange and study.

America Cup stadium uneven anger

Xinhua News Agency, Sao Paulo, June 24 (reporter Wang Jiyi, Chen Weihua) the stage of the group match of the America Cup football match officially ended on the 24th, and the elimination match is about to be ushered in, but the venue has caused dissatisfaction among many coaches and players of the participating teams. They believe that in all six courts, there are four courts with uneven venues and poor conditions.

The four courses criticized are Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Minero stadium in Belo Horizonte, greemio stadium in Port Gerry ALEI FOOD and new water source stadium in El Salvador.

When the team defeated Qatar to advance to the top eight at Gremio stadium at 2:0, Argentina’s “ball king” Macy couldn’t help “complaining” about the bad venue. He said: “The conditions of this stadium are very poor. The ball always plays around, making it difficult for players to control. Several venues were also very poor before.”

Argentina has also played group matches in the new water source stadium and minello Stadium before, and these two courts are the ones most criticized by players and coaches.

The match between Uruguay and Japan at Minero Stadium ended at 2:2. Uruguay star Suarez said after the game that although the venue could not be used as an excuse for the team to play abnormally, it did affect the smoothness of the game. “The Minero stadium is really unacceptable. In addition, we also saw Maracana stadium on TV, which is also very bad. But as a player, we can only try our best to adapt.”

After losing 1:3 to Peru at Maracana Stadium, the Bolivian players also complained about this historic stadium.

The new water Stadium also caused dissatisfaction among many team coaches, including Venezuela coach doudamel, Argentina coach Scaroni and Colombia coach Queiroz.

After the new water source stadium led the team to 0:0 with Venezuela, Brazilian coach tete refused to comment on the stadium, but after the Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo beat Peru by 5:0, tete opened the chatterbox and indirectly criticized the new water Court. “Such a venue (Corinthians Stadium) is a first-class venue. If you play here, the game will be very smooth and the passing will be very comfortable.”

NBA: Wade, Nowitzki perfect curtain call stag Warriors lead the East and West

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, April 10th, the US league basketball (NBA) regular season ended on the 10th. Although the Heat and The Lone Ranger failed basketable nets and Spurs respectively, Wade scored 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, nowitzki scored 20 points and 10 rebounds, and the two legendary superstars completed the final battle of their career with almost perfect personal performance. In the last round of war, the stag led the East with 60 wins and 22 losses after losing the Thunder. The warrior who lost to the grizzly bear ranked first in the West with 57 wins and 25 losses.

The basketable nets of the home game firmly grasped the initiative from the beginning. Wade felt hot in the second and third sections, driving the team to score continuously, but still couldn’t help the Heat narrow the score difference, finally, the Heat lost basketable nets at 94:113. 10 seconds before the final match, Wade was replaced in the applause of the whole game. In the curtain call of his career, he gained his fifth triple double and rose to the 29th in the NBA history scoring list. The heat has been determined to be out of the playoffs before the game, and basketable Nets locked the sixth position in the east and will meet 76 people in the first round of the playoffs.

The Lone Ranger, who counted down in the West, fell 14 points in the first quarter of away combat. Nowitzki failed to change the situation on the court. Aldridge scored 34 points and 16 rebounds Spurs insider, and finally defeated the Lone Ranger 105:94 Spurs, locking the seventh place in the West. They will face the Nuggets ranked second in the West in the first round of the playoffs.

In the face of the Timberwolves who have been hopeless in the playoffs, it is not easy to play the Nuggets at home. In the first three seasons, they fell behind 73:79. In the last quarter, the Nuggets continuously hit the inside line, winning 19 rebounds in a single section. With the second attack and the basket killing, the score surpassed, and finally won by 99:95. Yokiki scored 29 points, 14 rebounds and 3 steals, becoming the team’s biggest hero.

The Blazers finished the 28-point plot twist in the final round, defeating the sun with 136:131, and overtaking the rocket in the third place in the West at the last moment. Clippers and Jazz, two teams that locked in playoff seats in advance, also played a wonderful game today. After a hard battle, seven people scored double Clippers with 143:137 Rick.

In other matches, the Pacers beat the eagle by 135:134, locking the fifth position in the east and will meet the Celtics in a narrow way; Magic 122:114 defeated the wasp and locked the seventh position in the east, will meet the second Raptors in the east in the first round of the playoffs; The piston 115:89 wins the Knicks, locks the eighth in the east, and will face the stag; Thunder 127:116 captures the stag, locks the sixth in the West, the Pioneer will be challenged in the first round of the playoffs. In addition, the Warriors 117:132 were defeated by the grizzly bear, and 76 people 125:109 took the bull lightly.

2019 China track and field Street tour Chengdu station July

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, June 6 (reporter Li Hualiang) according to the news from the organizing committee of the competition, the 2019 China track and field Street tour Chengdu station will be held on Chunxi Road, Chengdu, Sichuan province on July 24, many famous players such as Huang Changzhou will participate in the competition.

According to Liu Jing, deputy secretary general of Sichuan Track and Field Association, the competition item of this competition is long jump, and three groups are set up: youth group, mass Group and professional group. There are 64 contestants on the day of the competition.

The Organizing Committee of the competition will invite many famous generals such as Huang Changzhou, Zhang Yaguang and Zhu Yaming to participate in the competition of the professional group. The qualifier of the Volkswagen Group will take the lead on July 6 and 13, and the top four players of all age groups will advance to the final Volkswagen group finals.

At that time, in addition to the street track and field competition, the “track and field Carnival” will also be held. The audience can not only interact with sports stars, but also participate in fun games to win prizes.

It is reported that the track and field Street tour originated from the competition concept of “let Track and Field go to the street” put forward by the chairman of IAAF Sebastian Ko, which was introduced and initiated by the China Track and Field Association, the competition takes the city landmark as the competition place, and each competition usually only carries out one single competition, such as high jump, long jump, pole vault, etc. In July 2015, this novel track and field competition form first landed in Beijing. So far, the event has been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Nanjing and other cities.