China men’s basketball coach Li Nan: this is the worst game in the past two years

Xinhua News Agency, Amman, February 22 (reporter Lin Xiaowei) on the evening of February 22, local time, the Chinese team lost 62:86 away to Jordan in the sixth window of the men’s basketball World Cup qualifier in 2019. Coach Li Nan said at the post-match press conference that this was the team’s worst performance in the past two years.

Jordan led the Chinese team with 39:34 in the total rebound, of which Jordan grabbed 21 rebounds in the front court, more than 16 of the Chinese team. Li Nan believes that this makes the team encounter great difficulties. “Except Zhou Qi, we actually have no real insider.” Li Nan said that today’s game is the worst one in the past two years.

In addition, the Chinese team has been in a downwind in physical confrontation, which also makes Li Nan very dissatisfied. “In this level of competition and physical confrontation, how to play the technology is a good test for the team today.” Li Nan said that he had repeatedly reminded the players before the game, but the appearance of the game was not satisfactory, and the team had to “find their own problems”.

This round of China’s men’s basketball is mainly based on military training. The lineup was led by Zhou Qi, who just returned to China and has been fighting for a long time. He recruited new people such as Zhao Rui, Abdu salad Wood, Guo Haowen, Chen Linjian, etc, many absolute main players such as Yi Jianlian and Guo Allen were not selected. Li Nan said that the rotation of large-area personnel in the lineup was based on the objective consideration of the final sprint stage of the CBA regular season, and he also hoped to inspect more young players.

He said that the team has arrived in Jordan for 3 days, and there are no fatigue factors such as jet lag. One of the reasons for the poor game is that the training level is not enough, one is that high-level physical confrontation has put a lot of pressure on the players. “I chatted with Zhou Qi in the dressing room just now. His hands shook a little when he took the ball after fighting.” Li Nan said.

Zhou Qi scored 19 points and 10 rebounds in this game. Li Nan believes that he needs more time to knead with the team. He said that from the previous training, Zhou Qi was not in the best state, hoping to gradually recover his state through a series of competitions and to build a tacit understanding with his new teammates. “His status will get better and better as time goes by. I hope he can play better in the next game.”

Li Nan said that China’s men’s basketball level is still in the forefront of Asia. He said that in the past two years, men’s basketball adopted the benign competition mechanism of the red and blue teams, and found that more young players, such as Zhao Rui, Abdu salad Wood and Chen Linjian, had performed well, this mechanism enables more young players to play more international matches, which is a exercise for them and is conducive to the future development of the national team.

Guo Haowen, a teenager from Bayi team, was selected into the national team for the first time and appeared in the competition, becoming the first “post-00s” player to represent China’s men’s basketball, but did not score. Guo Haowen, who once led the Chinese national youth team to win the U18 Asian Youth Championship, said that he hoped to improve himself and integrate into this national team as soon as possible.

Jordan men’s basketball coach Joseph Y-CID Make UP bin is very satisfied with his team’s performance. He said that the Chinese team is a very young team, and the Jordan team showed a good level in the match with them. At the same time, the fanatical atmosphere at home in Jordan also helped the team play more confidently, it is an indispensable and important factor for today’s victory.

China will then go to the capital of Lebanon in men’s basketball to face Syria away on February 24, local time. Jordan will go to New Zealand in the last round to make the final fight for the promotion to the World Cup.

Uefa Europa Cup: Arsenal win Naples promotion

Xinhua News Agency, Rome, April 18 (Li Mengqing) the Europa League played the quarter-final round on the 18th. Naples was defeated by 0:1 in the game against Arsenal at home. Arsenal scored 3:0 to the semi-final.

Napoli, who lost the game at 0:2 in the first round away, still couldn’t play because of the injury of Diarra and albior. Arsenal started to pose a big threat. In the 24th minute, milick broke the door but was sentenced to offside. This penalty caused a lot of controversy, and the European Union did not replay VAR. In the 36th minute, Arsenal got a free kick in the front court. Rakaze shot directly, and the ball crossed the huge gap between Neapolitan walls to enter the net. In the 56th minute, meltens broke the door header in front of the door, but because coolibali who passed the ball to him was offside, the goal was again invalidated. After that, as the game became more intense, the players of both sides once had conflicts, and the final game ended at 1:0.

Napoli coach Ancelotti said after the game: “We have been a little backward in the attack recently, and the speed has slowed down. It is not difficult to predict and lacks organization. Generally, at this time of the season, it is difficult for the team to come up with the best state.” After this battle, the Italian team was completely wiped out in Europe. He said: “I think Juventus are still the best representative of Italian football, even though they are out of the Champions League.”

Arsenal captain Koscielny said in the post-match interview that both matches could give the team more confidence. Arsenal will face Valencia in the next round.

The Blazers eliminated the Nuggets Western final and will fight Warriors

In the game, the pioneer Star Lillard felt cold and only got 13 points. However, his back-court partner mccolum once again burst into amazing fighting capacity, and Li Tuo outcast got 37 points.

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, May 12 (reporter Wang Jiyi) the battle between Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers in the Western semi-final of the US league team entered a life-and-death war on the 12th, and finally the Trail Blazers resisted the pressure, in the away game, the reversal drama was staged, defeating the Nuggets at 100:96, thus advancing to the Western finals at a total score of 4:3.

In the game, the pioneer star lilad felt cold and only got 13 points. However, his back-court partner mccolum once again burst into amazing fighting capacity, and ricochu outcast got 37 points. This is also the first time that the pioneer has reached the Western finals since 2000.

In the Western final, the Blazers will stage a peak duel with the defending champion Golden State Warriors, who had eliminated the Houston Rockets with a total score of 4:2. The first battle between Warriors and Blazers will be held on the 14th, and in the Western Final, Warriors star Stephen Curry and Blazers player Seth Curry, the brothers will also be their own.

In the face of the Nuggets with excellent performance at home, the pioneers in the first quarter felt just so so. Except mccorham, the rest of the players were in a low state and repeatedly lost three points. Lillard did not get one point, the Nuggets fought at home with great momentum. The starting players such as yokeki, Murray and Millsap played normally, and the first quarter outscore pioneers.

Facing the huge difference, the pioneers did not give up. Starting from the second quarter, the Blazers strengthened their defense, and the attacking side was more aggressive. They attacked the basket many times and created free throws. Lillard finally scored. In this quarter, the Blazers narrowed the score difference. The third section is that the pioneer’s offensive is unabated, and the state of mccolum is even more amazing. The differential advantage of nuggets is eroded a little bit. After mccolum scored a wonderful layup, the Blazers led 71:70, which was the first time for the Blazers in this competition.

In the last section, the balance of victory began to tilt towards the Blazers. The Blazers gradually dominated the competition. The Nuggets struggled to catch up all the way, but the hit rate dropped and dropped the chain at the last minute. In this section, Lillard, who had a poor hand feeling, scored two three-point goals to help the Blazers expand the score advantage. Mccorum, the “big heart”, also played wonderful scores many times.

Pioneer coach Stoutz said after the game: “Everyone has a downturn in the game, but for a team, it is a very luxurious thing to have both Lillard and mccolum, the two men scored in different ways. Someone feels bad, and the other person can stand up.”

Stotz said that when the big score fell behind, the team never felt hopeless. “In the face of unfavorable situation, no one in the team thinks that they will encounter failure. At this time, they must clench their teeth and make a comeback.”

The head coach of nuggets, Malone, also praised mccolum’s performance. “Mccolum’s scoring ability makes people speechless. He and Lillard are one of the best backcourt combinations in the league. This game is almost a man carrying the team forward, and we have nothing to do with him.”

The core of Nuggets jokiki was very sad about the loss of the good game, thinking that his poor performance in the last section led to the team’s defeat. However, Malone said that in the dozens of playoffs of the Nuggets, jokki’s performance was very eye-catching, and fans all over the world saw the strength of this all-round center.

Zhu Zhigen: Sun Yang likes self-pressure to make it impossible to become a reality

Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao, March 30 (reporter Zhou Xin, Wu Shuguang) looking at the disciple Sun Yang and Zhu Zhigen, who had been insisting on participating in the 1500-meter freestyle in the competition from the age of 12 to the age of 27, showed serious expression, but my heart is surging!

“I admire Sun Yang very much. He is already the Olympic champion and still works like this. He will press himself during training, and so will this competition. Originally, we didn’t want him to sign up for the 1500-meter freestyle. He insisted on participating. After all, this was his famous project. He was going to make a rush to simulate the strength of the world championship.”

Zhu Zhigen introduced that Sun Yang has been swimming 1500 meters every year except for occasional interruptions since he was 12 years old. Because 1500 meters is of great help to 200 and 400 meters, it tests perseverance more and insists on traveling in order to better prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

“At his age, he also participated in the competitions of 200, 400, 800 and 1500 meters, which was not in history. He served as an example for the old players! Sun Yang participated in the (TV variety show) program “challenge impossible”. In the swimming pool, we need to make him possible and become a reality.”

Four days before the start of the national championship, Sun Yang took out three gold medals and three world-first good results. Especially on the evening of 27th, when Sun Yang finished the 800-meter freestyle with a score of 7 minutes 48 seconds 03, Zhu Zhigen, who had always had a serious expression, showed a smile on his face.

“(Grades) are average, average……” He set his hands and walked out of the sight with his head lowered. But in the warm-up pool, he greeted Sun Yang with a smile and hugged him to celebrate the victory, just like welcoming the triumphant child.

Zhu Zhigen said, “This is a newly added project in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Sun Yang has won the Olympic champion of the 200-meter, 400-meter and 1500-meter freestyle, the only 800 meters is that the new project has not been taken yet. We want to strive for victory in the Tokyo Olympics.”

For Sun Yang at this stage, Zhu Zhigen’s biggest expectation is that he is in good health and reaches the peak state at the right time and place stably and orderly, instead of pursuing to create his own best result in every competition.

“At his age, we should avoid his injury and illness, and avoid early loss. In spite of this, he was still the most experienced and bitter athlete in the group, and he practiced all the players down. We will continue to be ourselves and go our own way.” Zhu Zhigen said.

Member Wang Yanxia: mascot released in the second half of Beijing Winter Olympic Festival

On March 9th, the second session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference held its second plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The picture shows Wang Yanxia (middle) and Yao Ming (left), members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, being interviewed in the “member Channel. Taken by Zhang Yazi, China News Agency reporter

(Channel of the two sessions) member Wang Yanxia: mascot released in the second half of Beijing Winter Olympic Festival

China News Agency, Beijing, March 9 (Xia Shouzhi) Wang Yanxia, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice minister of sports department of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee, said in Beijing on the 9th that the holding of Beijing Winter Olympic Games coincided with the Chinese Spring Festival, friends from all over the world can feel the culture and atmosphere of Chinese traditional festivals, paste Spring Festival couplets, eat dumplings and make Lantern Festival, and believe that they will gain a brand-new Olympic experience.

She also said that the venues and infrastructure of the Winter Olympics have been fully started, and the mascot of the Winter Olympics will be released in the second half of the year.

The second session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) was held in the Great Hall of the people on the same day. A reporter asked Wang Yanxia to introduce the preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. She disclosed the above information.

Wang Yanxia said that China has rich experience in hosting major international events, and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games left a valuable legacy, including the Olympic spirit, venue facilities and competition organization talents, these are all used in the preparations for this Winter Olympics.

She quoted a quote from Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, to evaluate the preparatory work: the work of the Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee is very excellent, the planning in all aspects is very meticulous, and all the progress is completed according to the timetable, this is the way China does things.

She introduced that the “meeting in Beijing” series of sports events as the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games are also in preparation. (Finished)

Wu Lei’s shoulder surgery is expected to be successful in the first round of the Uefa Europa Cup qualifying competition.

Wu Lei was injured on the shoulder of the Asian Cup. After moving to Spain, he chose to continue the battle with injuries until the end of the season.

Xinhua News Agency, Madrid, May 23 (Xie Yuzhi) Chinese striker Wu Lei, who played for Spanish team La Liga, underwent shoulder surgery in Barcelona on the 23rd, he is expected to recover before the first round of the Uefa Europa Cup qualifier.

Wu Lei had a shoulder injury on the Asian Cup. After moving to Spain, he chose to continue the battle with injuries until the end of the season. During the operation of about two hours on that day, the doctor successfully reconstructed the ligament of the left acromion lock and acromion joint and reset the clavicle for him.

According to the Spanish club, Wu Lei will continue to stay in hospital for several days after surgery. After that, he will begin physical therapy for about four weeks. The entire recovery process is expected to take 6 to 8 weeks. This also means that Wu Lei is expected to catch up with the first round of the Uefa Europa Cup qualifier, which will be held on July 25. (Finished)