Member Yang Yang: pay attention to the construction of sports events in middle schools and universities

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 4 (reporter Ji Ye) on the 4th, the second session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference held a group discussion. Yang Yang, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the first gold medalist of China’s Winter Olympics, said that in recent years, physical education for teenagers and children has made great progress, but at present, school physical education generally exists in primary schools and secondary schools, it is suggested to pay attention to the construction of sports events in middle schools and universities and improve the development of school sports.

“In recent years, the educational value of sports has gradually been recognized by the society and many parents. Through social training institutions or school sports associations, the number of children participating in various sports has also increased significantly, all kinds of sports campus leagues are constantly emerging and expanding rapidly.” Yang Yang said.

After Yang Yang retired, he chose to open a flying ice sports center in Shanghai in the South. Under the background of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Yang Yang said that Shanghai has many successful experiences in the ice and snow sports entering the campus, which is worthy of nationwide promotion.

But she also pointed out that nowadays, the schools and students participating in most of the primary and secondary school campus leagues of sports in our country are mainly primary schools. When they go to junior high schools and senior high schools, regardless of the number of events, participating teams, the number of participants showed a cliff-like decline. This leads to a large number of children who have cultivated sports interests and specialties in primary school have to give up their hobbies and interrupt training and competitions after entering junior high school, as a result, there is a serious “fault” in China’s youth sports training system “. It will not only make the early investment fall short, but also cause potential negative effects on the popularization of sports, the echelon construction of reserve talents in competitive sports, the construction of campus sports culture and the quality education of students.

Yang Yang suggested that secondary schools and universities should connect with primary schools, establish and improve the system and system of various sports associations, school teams and various sports league matches; Plan and integrate from primary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, the one-stop competition system of the four-level league matches in colleges and universities creates a complete youth sports training system; The construction of sports associations, school teams and league matches system is incorporated into the relevant assessment indicators of the Education Department, and funds are invested to guarantee it.

“The Education Department needs to cooperate with the sports department to jointly organize more campus sports events, promote resource sharing and the combination of sports and education, and open up a rising channel for talented excellent student athletes, make more choices in the future.” Yang Yang said.

The National Swimming Championship ended. Sun Yang is the happiest to dominate 1500 meters.

Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao, March 31 (Reporter Wu Shuguang, Zhou Xin) the National Swimming Championship and World Championship trials ended in Qingdao on the 31st. Olympic champion Sun Yang swept 1500 meters, creating the best record for the past four years.

The man’s 1500-meter freestyle, the cry of “Sun Yang cheer” resounded from beginning to end. As the world record holder of this project, Sun Yang’s dominant position is beyond doubt. He won the gold medal at 14 minutes 55 seconds and won the best personal record since 2015.

Although not necessarily competing for the 1500-meter freestyle at the Guangzhou World Championships, Sun Yang insisted on testing the water in Qingdao. He said, “This is my happiest gold medal. The results are good, especially the 15-minute mark, which is difficult for many athletes to reach.”

Liu Xiang, the Asian record holder and Guangdong team, defeated Zhejiang team Wu Qingfeng and Zhu Menghui in the women’s 50 m freestyle and won the gold medal bravely, with a score of 24 seconds 70, wu Qingfeng was 0.07 seconds behind. At the same time, Liu Xiang, who is the world record holder of the 50-meter backstroke, is not satisfied with his achievements: “My mentality may be a little bad, just participate in one project, and the pressure is great. The more you want to perform, the more difficult it is to play. The 50-meter freestyle is Olympic sports programme. I don’t want to distract myself. I just want to prepare for the Olympic Games wholeheartedly.”

After winning the men’s 100 m and 200 m backstroke championships, Xu Jiayu of Zhejiang team did not let the men’s 50 m backstroke gold medal pass by others. He won the championship smoothly in 24 seconds 47; olympic champion Ye Shiwen successfully won the 400 m medley with a score of 4 minutes 37 seconds 57, winning the 200 m medley, 200 m breaststroke and 400 m medley; bayi team suoran pressed Qunfang with 31 seconds 39 in the women’s 50 m breaststroke. Wang Yizhe, the Shanghai team, won the gold medal in the men’s 400 m medley after Wang Shun, the famous Zhejiang General, abstained.

Zhejiang team won the men’s and women’s 4 × 100 m medley relay gold medal. So far, the eight-day National Swimming Championship and World Championship trials ended, and an Asian record (women’s 800 m freestyle) and a national record (men’s 50 m breaststroke) were born.

Konka announces retirement and joining golf in the future

Xinhua News Agency, Rio de Janeiro, April 23 (reporter Zhao Yan, Chen Weihua) Brazil Global Sports Network reported on the 23rd that former Super League star and Argentine renkong card officially announced their retirement and said they would engage in golf in the future.

Kong Ka said in an exclusive interview with Global Sports Network: “I have decided to terminate my professional football career. I am about to be 36 years old. I should consider doing other things, I have a new plan in my life. Football has given me a lot. I love this profession, which is very wonderful for me, but today I think it is an appropriate moment to stop.”

For the future, Konka’s choice is beyond many people’s expectation. He plans to start playing golf.

Konka said, “I have already started the golf course. I have always wanted to play, hoping to find some new sports. I have been paying attention to golf, today I have time to do it, let me surpass myself again. Of course, I just played at first, but I still want to take part in the competition. I hope to do my best no matter what I do. I will try my best to prepare and train, and then we will see where we can go.”

But Kong Ka also revealed that his friends were not optimistic about his new challenge. He said, “When I said I was going to play golf, they all said, ‘Are you crazy? You won’t succeed. ‘Everyone laughed at me and even said, ‘Where can you fight, you will only hit the ground ‘. Of course, my current level is still very low. I trained some when I was in Rio and now I take golf classes in America. Everything starts from scratch, which enables me to better understand this sport. It is simple when I don’t play, but it is not easy to really fight, but we always have to work hard.”

The 35-year-old Konka participated in 600 games in his 20-year career. He has played for Argentina Tigers, Riverbed team, Rosario team, Chile Catholic University team, Brazil flumenese team and flamenco team, Super League Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai Shanggang team and Austin team of the United States.

American women’s national team sued American Football Association for gender discrimination

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, March 9 (reporter Wang Jiyi) The American women’s national football team filed a lawsuit with a Los Angeles court on the 8th local time, accusing the American Football Association of gender discrimination and demanding that the American women’s football team and the American men’s football team receive equal pay for equal work.

This lawsuit was jointly initiated by 28 players currently selected on the American women’s football team list, and was specially elected to sue on the International Women’s Day.

The women’s football World Cup is about to start in France in June. At this critical moment, the defending champion American women’s football sued the Football Association undoubtedly to shake the military heart, but the American Football Association did not respond that day. Previously, the American Football Association had always insisted that the difference in pay for equal work was caused by the difference in the “collective bargaining negotiation clause” between the national men’s football team and the National Women’s football team, which could not be compared equally in many aspects, but this clause was never made public.

“I think many people around us expect us to become a force to declare war on gender discrimination. I hope we can fight against this injustice and injustice to the end, we also hope that we can strive for more rights and interests for women.” American women’s football player Rapino said.

American women’s national team forward Presse also agreed with this. She said: “We believe that the American women’s football team has the responsibility to become a female representative and fight against gender discrimination. From a legal point of view, we deserve more returns. Through this kind of struggle, I believe that the American women’s football team can lead more women in the society to fight for this.”

The American National Women’s football players’ union did not participate in this lawsuit, but issued a statement on the same day to support this kind of behavior and believed that the American Football Association had the obligation to eliminate gender discrimination.

The lawsuit filed by the American women’s football team lists the data from 2013 to 2016, and thinks that the income of the members of the women’s national team is about one third of that of the men’s football players.

According to the litigation documents, this phenomenon of unequal pay for equal work is more obvious in the World Cup year. In the 2010 men’s football World Cup, American men’s football team stopped the top 16, but the Football Association gave a prize of more than 500 million dollars. However, American women’s football team won the championship in the 2015 Canadian women’s football World Cup, the bonus is 1.72 million dollars. In addition, the bonus for the promotion of the men’s and Women’s World Cup final table is also a difference.

“Ball King” Bailey was discharged and returned to Brazil

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, April 9th Brazilian football legend Pele recently left a hospital in Paris and returned to Brazil after receiving treatment for urinary system infection.

Pele attended a business event in Paris last week with the French New Star mbampe, and then was sent to hospital for treatment.

Pele said in a statement on the evening of 8th that after living in Paris for five days, he would return to Brazil to “prepare to continue working”.

“I have a serious urinary system infection and need medical treatment and surgical measures just in case.” The winner of the three World Cup said, “I want to deeply thank you for the positive information and good wishes you have brought me.”

Pele’s spokesman not introduced whether the treatment for Pele has been completed and whether the “ball king” still needs to be recovered in the hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazilian star Neymar, who worked for Saint Germain in Paris, also went to the hospital to visit Pele on the 8th and sent their group photos to the social media platform.

Women’s Volleyball League Cup: five national players launch Tianjin Women’s volleyball team speed win

Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, April 29 (Reporter Zhang Zewei) the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team, which has five national players, defeated the Chinese Taipei talent team in three games on the 29th and ushered in two consecutive wins in the Asian Club Cup group match.

Li Yingying, Gong Xiangyu and Liu Xiaotong came to Tianjin only after the tournament started. They missed the first game of Tianjin Women’s volleyball team and only practiced with the team once, it was launched on the 29th. In addition to Yao Di and Wang Yuanyuan who returned to the team in advance, the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team has a total of five national players, and has the strength to impact the championship of this Asian Club Cup.

Compared with the Chinese Taipei talent team, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team has an absolute advantage in GOSO. After the start of the game, after a period of adaptation, the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team pulled the score difference to 8 points in the game. With 4 points in a row at the end of the game, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team won the first game at 25:14.

In the second game, the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team reached a climax of 9 points in a row in the middle stage of the game, and finally reached the next city at 25:14. The Chinese Taipei talent team once clenched the score in the third game, but the strength gap was large, and it still lost the game at 18:25.

Tianjin team has a comprehensive advantage in the links of deduction, blocking and distribution, of which spiking sets scored 45 points and blocked 11 points, 16 points and 10 points more than the opponent respectively. Li Yingying, who came back to the team, scored the highest 23 points in the whole game. Gong Xiangyu and Liu Xiaotong, who also played the whole game, also scored 11 points and 6 points respectively.

Tianjin Women’s volleyball coach Chen Youquan is satisfied with the team’s performance. “The three national players arrived yesterday, and the training time with the team was short. Let them start today, mainly to adapt to the venue, cultivate tacit understanding and prepare for the following competition.” He said, “everyone’s efforts and enthusiasm are good, and the overall cooperation is still good. Of course, some technical links can be further adjusted and improved.”