UAE Asian Cup Japan beat Iran to the final 3:0

Data map: The Japanese team celebrated the goal.

China News Service, Aiyin, United Arab Emirates, January 28 the East Asian dumiao Japan team played a brilliant role in the semi-final on the 28th, defeating Iran to win the championship with three goals, and entered the Asian Cup final for the fifth time in history. This is the first time that the Iranian team lost the ball and lost the first time in this Asian Cup. The Iranian team has maintained the 23-year Asian Cup’s regular time unbeaten record.

Since the start of this Asian Cup, although the Japanese team won one after another, the performance of the small victory in each uniform was not optimistic by the outside world, while the Iranian team sang all the way, not only did they win in the fifth battle but also never lost the goal, the ranking of
1 in Asia also makes Iran the biggest hit in winning the Asian Cup.

However, after the start of the game, the Japanese team continued to create dangerous situations with active offensive. In the 12th minute, Changyou Youdu was passing on the left Road. Nanye Nuo, which was copied in front of the door, rushed to hit the door, but kicked the ball off under the interference of Canani; In the 17th minute, Japan won corner, chai Qi Yue sent the ball to the penalty area. Yoshida Ma also jumped to the point and hit the door, but the ball was slightly higher.

Iran also had several threatening shots. In the 22nd minute, two people passed the ball on the left side of the Azmon penalty area, and then the shot was blocked out of the bottom line by the goalkeeper. In the 28th minute, after the long pass of haisafei, Azmon almost formed a single knife, the ball was also destroyed by Yoshida Ma. Until the end of the first half, neither side got a good chance to score.

The dramatic scene took place in the 55th minute. Nanye Tuo Shi fell outside the forbidden line when competing with Kanani. Kanani and four other Iranian players did not relieve the ball, but defended with the referee, believing that Nanye Tuo Shi was suspected of a false fall, nanye tuoshi quickly got up and passed the ball. The Japanese team finally broke the deadlock when they seized the opportunity to beat header in front of the gate.

The Japanese team scored another goal in less than ten minutes. In the 63th minute, the Japanese team counterattacked quickly after the robbery. Nanye tuoshi was passing on the left and hit praliganji’s arm blocked by the tackle. The referee confirmed that the penalty was penalty kick after VAR playback. In the 66th minute, great force Yong also cheated the goalkeeper with penalty kick. The Japanese team expanded its leading edge by 2:0.

The Iranian team, who was scored two goals by the opponent, was out of control and even had a dispute with Japanese players at one time. The Japanese team who relaxed their mind scored another goal during the break-up period. The original vitality caught the Iranian team guard’s mistake and successfully broke the door, helping the Japanese team to lock the victory with 3:0.

It is worth mentioning that the Japanese team won the final championship after the first four finals. Another semi-final of this Asian Cup will be held between the host UAE and Qatar on the 29th. The winner will meet with Japan in the final on February 1. (Finished)

Du Zhaocai: consolidate the foundation of youth football talents through the grass-roots training of foreign teachers

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 3, “teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish”, Du Zhaocai, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration and Party secretary of the Chinese Football Association, said in an exclusive interview with FIFA that the Chinese Football Association would employ high-level foreign youth coach, consolidate the foundation of youth football talents.

FIFA said in an exclusive interview that in recent years, in order to improve the competitive level, China has successively hired Lippi, Hiddink and other world leaders. However, the Chinese Football Association also realized that if we want to achieve the goal of expanding the football population and entering the World Cup, we must develop the youth training system and train local coaches. It is understood that the Chinese Football Association launched the “grass-roots program for 100 foreign teachers” in 2018, and will hire high-level foreign youth coach to invest in China’s basic youth training.

Du zhaicai said that youth training is the foundation of Chinese football reform. “We plan to hire about 100 high-level foreign teachers by the end of 2019, hoping that these coaches can inject international training concepts into players and further consolidate the basic skills of young players.”

It is reported that these foreign teachers include Scouts, physical coaches and goalkeeper coaches, while in order to improve the local youth coach level while teaching high-level foreign coaches, the Chinese Football Association’s “grass-roots plan for 100 foreign teachers” uses the “1+3” model to form a youth coach team, that is, one foreign teacher is assigned three Chinese coaches, which further broadens the vision of Chinese coaches, have a new understanding of the development of international football, especially the youth training system.

“In addition to the guidance of football technical level, foreign teachers pay more attention to cultivating players’ self-confidence and independent thinking ability in the process of training young players. The arrival of foreign teachers not only helped players improve their technical level, but also benefited Chinese coaches deeply. They improved tutorial level from daily training, accumulated coaching experience and made common progress.” Du Zhaocai said.

Du zhaicai revealed that the first batch of 15 foreign teachers from Spain have been in place, while the Chinese Football Association has established 29 national youth training centers (including 14 special youth training centers for women’s football), and plans to build 50 national youth training centers by 2020. At the same time, we must adhere to the road of international development and build an international youth training center in the site selection of European and American football powers.

“The Chinese Football Association has established three international youth training centers in Czech Republic, Spain and Belgium. In the future, the Chinese Football Association will further establish international youth training centers overseas. Youth training is a long-term plan, and we will strive to build our own youth training system.” Du Zhaocai said.

Dedication to love and harvest smiles-Chinese volunteers at the World Special Olympics

20,000 registered volunteers also made this special Olympics the largest volunteer program in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Xinhua News Agency, Abu Dhabi, March 19th: dedication to love and harvest smiles-Chinese volunteers at the World Special Olympics

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zheng Zhi

The ongoing Abu Dhabi World Summer Special Olympics has created the number of delegations, with a number of records including the number of female athletes, 20,000 registered volunteers have also made this special Olympics the largest volunteer program in the Middle East and North Africa. Among these 20,000 people, many are from China.

“My name is Zhan Yunting, 14 years old this year.” “My name is cha Yue, and I am 16 years old this year.” In the volleyball arena, two little girls from Shanghai are busy on the sidelines. Cleaning the ball, passing the ball, and wiping the floor after the athlete falls down are all their jobs.

“Serving Special Olympics players is a very valuable opportunity, so I signed up.” Cha Yue said, “this (although) is my first time to participate in the volunteer service of the competition, I have always wanted to participate and I think they all need help.”

Cha Yue said that it was very comfortable to get along with the athletes, and everyone was polite, regardless of national boundaries. “Some teams will bow in a row after the game and say ‘hard work ‘.” What impressed her most was the smiles of Special Olympics players. “Every time I see it, I feel very infectious.”

In Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, which is the main venue of this special Olympics, another team is active: With the support of international Teo East Asia and Shanghai Special Care Foundation, shanghai Qingxin Youth Development Promotion Center and “I-like” youth activity platform are oriented to high school students, through the organization of “integration running” and other activities, eleven volunteers were selected to Abu Dhabi in Special Olympics knowledge training and other links.

In table tennis stadium, 11 volunteers covered all aspects such as information desk consultation, family reception area reception, language service and guest reception, their enthusiasm runs through the whole process of athletes and their families arriving and leaving the stadium.

The “Healthy Athletes program” of Special Olympics aims to improve the physical condition of Special Olympics athletes, who will be examined in eight links, including “healthy smile” and “Bright Eyes. Here, Wang Lan is assisting the implementation of this link as a volunteer.

The Special Olympics was held in Ireland in 2003. At that time, a group of doctors were selected in China to receive the training of the “Healthy Athletes program. As a senior doctor in spine and spinal cord of China Rehabilitation Research Center, Wang Lan participated in the training and served many competitions such as the 2007 Shanghai Special Olympics. Before, it was the nature of work, but after retirement, it basically appeared as volunteers.

“Sometimes you should pay attention to participating in some large-scale activities, which are the world of young people. If you accidentally fall, you will bring trouble to others.” Grandma Wang, 74, said. However, she took a 9-hour flight to Abu Dhabi this time to provide guidance for the health check here. Due to the self-care expenses, her room was also “rubbed” with the familiar Project team staff.

“Do some work to enrich your life when your arms and legs are fine.” Grandma Wang always smiles, “there is nothing else. Serving the Special Olympics players, you can be happy.”

Ordinary tickets for Tokyo Olympic Games will begin to be purchased in April.

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, January 31 (reporter Jiang Qiaomei) the organizing committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games announced on the 30th that the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games, ordinary tickets for the closing ceremony and 33 competitions will be registered by lottery on the official ticketing website from April this year, and can be purchased after the results of the public signing in mid-June.

On the same day, the Tokyo Olympic Games organizing committee also announced the highest and lowest fares for different games. The highest ticket prices for the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony are 300000 yen and 220000 yen respectively (1 yen is about 0.06 yuan).

Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee prompts that you must register “TOKYO2020ID” on the official website of the Olympic Games before purchasing tickets. The Olympic Games organizing committee will start the official ticket purchasing website before the official purchase, and publish the seat configuration diagram and ticket prices. The results of the lottery will be announced after the introduction of “ticket improper resale the abstinence approach” in Japan on June 14. The successful bidder can use visa credit card to pay or pay in cash at convenience stores, tickets will be delivered by paid mail or electronic tickets.

In addition, Tokyo Olympic organizing committee also announced that tickets for the Olympic Games will be sold online this fall, and people can buy them in sequence. After the spring of 2020, tickets can be purchased at the ticket window set up in Tokyo, and the online sales of the organizing committee will also be carried out at the same time.

It is reported that there are 7.8 million tickets for all the events of the Tokyo Olympic Games. In addition to ordinary tickets, it also includes group tickets, luxury tickets for catering and tour group tickets. As long as more than two people including one child, the elderly and the disabled can apply for a group ticket, all members of the group ticket will enjoy the ticket price of 2020 yen.

Nepal Sherpa and his son announced that they would climb the highest peak of the seven continents.

Xinhua News Agency, Kathmandu, February 10 (reporter Zhou Shengping) the 40-year-old Nepalese Purna Sherpa and his son, 14-year-old Sonam Sherpa will start from March this year, it takes two years to climb the seven highest peaks on seven continents to attract global attention to climate warming.

The father and son held a press conference in Kathmandu a few days ago and announced their decision. According to the plan, they will climb the highest peak in Oceania first in March this year and the last peak in Asia-Mount Everest in next May.

Purna told Xinhua news agency reporters on the 10th that according to Nepal’s laws, people who have reached the age of 16 can climb Mount Everest from the southern slope. The 14-year-old Sonam will meet the standards by then.

Purna comes from dableton County in eastern Nepal and has more than 20 years of mountaineering experience. His son is currently in grade 9 and has climbed a mountain above 5600 meters above sea level.

PRNA shared with reporters that over the past 20 years, he obviously felt the change of Snow Mountain. Many snow on the top of the mountain disappeared, showing black rocks, therefore, the slogan of this series of climbing activities is “Save Snow and save lives on the mountain”, hoping that more people can realize the serious consequences of climate warming and take more actions to protect the fragile Earth.

Xu Mengtao crowned World Cup annual championship

Xinhua News Agency, Changchun, March 3 (reporter Zhou Wanpeng, Wei Hua) the 2018-2019 season international snow Federation Freestyle Skiing Aerials World Cup China race ended on the 3rd in Changchun Shimao Lianhua Mountain ski resort, chinese star Xu Mengtao won the women’s individual competition, thus winning the annual championship with a total score of 410 points.

The men’s annual championship was also won by Chinese players. Wang Xindi won the annual championship with 316 points based on the performance of the runner-up in three sub-races.

As the ending war of the World Cup this season, this individual competition canceled the two rounds of qualification and final, and adopted the rules of one jump to determine the outcome. In the women’s group contest, Chinese player Xu Mengtao performed almost perfectly from jumping, turning to landing, and finally won the gold medal with 101.16 points. American player Cadwell won the runner-up with 93.41 points, and Chinese Xu Sicun won the bronze medal.

On the overall score list, Xu Mengtao also crowned the annual championship with 410 points. While achieving the World Cup three successive championships, Xu Mengtao won the annual championship for the fifth time.

“For me, this season is actually very difficult, but the team has given me a lot of strength to do my best in the competition.” Xu Mengtao told reporters after the game, “At present, the whole team is in a critical period of new and old alternation. For the Beijing Winter Olympics, we can’t stop one step, that is, we must do our best to do our best.”

In terms of men, Chinese player Sun Jiaxu got a maximum of 123.90 points. Swiss player Ross and Belarus star kushneil won the second and third place respectively. On the overall score list, Chinese player Wang Xindi won the annual championship with 316 points and Sun Jiaxu won the total runner-up with 298 points with the performance of the runner-up in three sub-races.

In the mixed group competition held on that day, the Chinese team who sent three teams to participate in the competition won all the medals. The first team of China composed of Xu Mengtao, Sun Jiaxu and Wang Xindi won the championship with 299.06 points. The second team of China with the partners of Xu Sicun, Yang longxiao and Wu Shudi won the runner-up with a score of 290.05 points, jia Liya, Li Boyan and Yang Renlong formed the third team of China to gain the third place.

In addition, Chinese players sun Jiaxu and Shao Qi also won the best best new arrival of the year for men and women.