Zheng Yuyin involved in the referee from the Moroccan Chinese team call for an apology

Xinhua News Agency, Manchester, May 19 (Reporter Prince Jiang) the reporter learned from many channels on the 19th that the referee who made an unfair judgment against Zheng Yuyin at the taekwondo world championship on the 17th came from Morocco, after that match, he returned home in advance. The Chinese team has already imposed unfair penalties to appeal to the World Taekwondo Federation and hopes to get an apology from the referee.

It is understood that the Moroccan referee, whose name is Tariq benlardi, has participated in law enforcement in many world competitions. He was elected the best referee of the year in the World Taekwondo Federation in 2015, and was named one of the five best referees by the World Federation of champions in the 2017 World Championships.

According to an insider who did not want to be named, after the match on the 17th, everyone never saw him again, and later they knew that he had left the world championship ahead of time.

Xinhua News Agency reporter tried to get in touch with Ben Lardy through his social media account, and privately wrote him to express his interview request, but until the time of publication, Ben Lardy never replied.

His only information about the world championships on his personal account was released the day before the start of the tournament, and it was a personal photo in the center of the stadium and a group photo with other coaches during training.

Guan Jianmin, head coach of the Chinese team and chairman of the Chinese Taekwondo Association, told the reporter that the Chinese team had already made a complaint to the World Taekwondo Federation unfairly. There are two requirements for the appeal: The first is to ask for a revision; The second, the referee was requested to be banned for life.

Guan Jianmin said that the requirement to ban Ben Lardi for life was mainly because his problem was not “mistake”, “he overturned the whole fair competition environment”.

Guan Jianmin also said, “his behavior is very bad, which is unfair to the whole taekwondo project, not just to Chinese athletes.” He said: “This game has nothing to do with winning or losing. The key is that he overturned the referee rules. This is the biggest problem.”

“I hope the World Federation can give us a fair answer.” He said.

Guan Jianmin said that it didn’t take too long to finish the appeal procedure, but the result would definitely come out after the World Championship.

He also said: “Of course, we also hope that he can apologize to us. Apology is a psychological comfort to us. But the game is over. Winning or losing is not important to us. What matters is that we have to make a sound. The game must be fair, fair and open.

Hebei launches the theme activity of “1000 days Countdown to Beijing Winter Olympics”

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, May 11 (reporter Yang Fan, Zhao Hongyu) on the 11th, the 1000-day countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, “Winter Olympics is right beside me”, the theme series of Winter Olympics in Hebei province was launched at the Hebei Olympic Sports Center, the on-site “Beijing Winter Olympics countdown 1000 days” was officially unveiled on Countdown board.

Gather together and move forward. The 1000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics is a landmark moment in the preparation process of the Winter Olympics. Zhang Zefeng, director of Hebei Province Sports Bureau, said that Hebei, as the main host of Beijing Winter Olympics skiing events, embodies the trust and trust of the Party Central Committee and bears the expectations and dreams of the whole nation, this made Hebei sports people feel the glory and lofty mission, and also greatly stimulated the determination and fighting spirit of Hebei sports people to seize the opportunity of Winter Olympics and build a strong sports province and a strong ice and snow sports province.

The reporter learned from the interview that since the successful Olympic bid, Hebei province has been preparing for the Winter Olympics according to the requirements of “one moment can’t stop, one step can’t be wrong, and one day can’t be delayed, overall promotion of the construction of ice and snow sports team, popularization of mass ice and snow sports, ice and snow sports industry and training of ice and snow talents: 17 ice and snow professional sports teams have been established, and the number of participants in ice and snow sports has exceeded 10 million, it has cultivated a series of popular Ice and Snow brand activities and spawned many new formats of ice and snow industry.

Zhang Zefeng said that the theme series of “1000 days Countdown to Beijing Winter Olympics” will fully demonstrate the development achievements of ice and snow sports in Hebei province and show the pride of Hebei People in organizing Winter Olympics, strive to create a strong atmosphere for the whole province to welcome the Winter Olympics.

The on-site organizer released the 1000-day countdown “Beautiful Hebei, meet Winter Olympics” promotional film, showing Hebei’s continuous growth and progress in the preparation process of Winter Olympics, and also showing the joy and expectation of 75 million Hebei people.

Hebei ice and snow sports image ambassador and Sochi Winter Olympics short track speed skating women’s 500 m champion Li Jianrou made an initiative to ice and snow athletes on the spot: new achievements should be made in the new era, starting from me, ice and Snow athletes should take an active part in ice and snow, contribute to the Winter Olympics, cherish patriotism and honor the country, carry forward the Olympic spirit, assume the mission of the times, and contribute to the construction of a strong sports province in the new era and a strong province in ice and snow sports.

The director of the State General Administration of Sports, the executive chairman of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, Yu Zhongwen, the governor of Hebei province and the executive chairman of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee Xu Qin unveiled the countdown board “1000 days Countdown to Beijing Winter Olympic Games. (Finished)

CBA: Defending champion Liaoning out of Xinjiang sixth promotion final

Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, April 18 (reporter Ma Wei) in the CBA semi-final on the 18th, facing the tough defense of Xinjiang men’s basketball, the defending champion Liaoning men’s basketball scored only 62 points, a new low in the season. 11 people in Xinjiang scored in men’s basketball. Finally, they won the game at 99:62 at home and advanced to the finals for the sixth time with a total score of 4:1.

The opening attack of Liaoning in the first battle, Gao Shiyan won tossing, Guo Allen broke through continuously, and the visiting team made a 9:4 start. After Sun Tonglin, who was on the bench, won the game tossing, he also attacked the basket and played “2+1” to help Xinjiang beat the score. After Li Gen succeeded in mending the basket, Xinjiang led the first quarter at 26:19.

During the festival, bass and Hudson scored inner and outer line points to help Liaoning bite the score, but the visiting team was difficult to suppress the inside power of Stokes, the counterattack of kelanbai’s tossing and aludu salad Wood helped Xinjiang expand the score difference to double digits. He Tianju and Bath company cut 6 points to help Liaoning chase the score to 34:46 at the end of half time.

What really hit Liaoning was the third quarter. The Xinjiang team hit 5 records tossing and scored 29 points. However, Liaoning was caught in an awkward situation where the inside line could not be opened and the outside line could not be put in, with only 7 points for a single section. Xinjiang is far ahead with 73:43. In the end, the team led by Feld and aludu salad Wood scored a score of 9:0. Liaoning had no ability to chase back, and finally 62:99 failed to defeat Xinjiang.

In this campaign, the Xinjiang team won 66 rebounds, 29 more than Liaoning. Aludu salad Wood got the highest 17 points in Xinjiang, Sun Tonglin efficiently cut 13 points, and Stokes got 16 points and 14 rebounds. In Liaoning, Bath scored the highest 20 points and 12 rebounds, while Guo Allen scored 11 points.

Han Xu WNBA has just started. Chen Nan, the predecessor, sent “entrustment”

Han Xu WNBA has just started. Chen Nan, the predecessor, sent “entrustment”

Han Xu, a Chinese women’s basketball player selected by the New York liberalists who participated in the WNBA draft conference in New York not long ago, recently returned to Beijing and received a small-scale media interview on the 16th. Han Xu shared her unforgettable experience of attending the special training and talent show conference in the United States, “when she was called by the president, she felt that her dream came true”. Chen Nan, a former Chinese women’s basketball player who once played for WNBA Chicago Sky, gave Han Xu suggestions to pass the language pass first and further strengthen physical fitness when interviewed by Beijing Youth Daily reporters.

After the draft, learn financial management and deal with media in class

Han Xu first went to Los Angeles for special training in March, which was the first time in her career to do this one-on-one special training. During this period, Han Xu gradually enriched his offensive methods, such as three-pointer. At the same time, Han Xu also tried dunk during this special training. In addition to the enhancement of technology and physical ability, Han Xu also experienced many new things during Meite training, such as receiving liquid nitrogen treatment.

Before coming to New York to attend the talent show Conference, Han Xu carefully selected skirts and shoes. Han Xu smiled and said, “before the talent show, the makeup artist gave us makeup. As soon as I entered the talent show venue, I felt a strong sense of ceremony.” Han Xu was chosen by the New York free people in the second round of the talent show. “When the president shouted my name, I had a feeling that my dream came true”.

After the draft, 12 players, including Han Xu, were arranged to participate in WNBA’s training courses for the newcomers. “A lot of players have made a lot of money in their career, but because of poor management, they may go bankrupt once they retire, so they teach us how to invest and manage money; secondly, it introduces the changes that WNBA will take place in the past two years; Finally, it is how to face the media.”

Potential to get more space by the team

Han Xu revealed to the media that after the draft, she had a meal with the management of the free team and had more communication. Han Xu said: “They told me that they would give me more space, give free play to my characteristics, and will not limit me.” Ma Jie, the agent of Han Xu, added: “We most hope that Han Xu can go to a team that suits her best. For Han Xu, the free men team is a better choice in several aspects. The first is that Charles, the center of the team, once played in WCBA, and she appreciated Han Xu very much. The second is that Han Xu performed well in the women’s basketball World Cup last year, not only in terms of offensive efficiency, it also plays a great role in defense, and defense plays a lot of invisible roles for the team, which is also one of the reasons why the team favors Han Xu; Third, it is to take a fancy to Han Xu’s potential.”

Han Xu finally expressed his gratitude to the outside world for her concern and support: “To play in WNBA, this will be the second season of my career, and my career has just started, I hope you don’t worry too much. I won’t worry too much, stabilize my mind and come step by step.” For the next trip, Han Xu said that after finishing the next series of procedures, he would go to New York to meet with the team and prepare for the new season.

Senior Chen Nan suggested: pass the language pass first

On April 16, Chen Nan, a former Chinese women’s basketball player who once played for the WNBA Chicago Sky team, put forward several suggestions to Han Xu, who was recently selected by the New York liberalists when interviewed by the reporter of Beiqing Daily: the first is to pass the language level first, which helps her to integrate and understand the team’s skills and tactics faster; The second is to further strengthen physical fitness, mainly referring to the physical fitness consumption under high-intensity confrontation; the third is to get familiar with yourself and take care of your life as soon as possible.

Chen Nan can be said to be the best women’s basketball in Chinese insider after Zheng Haixia. Because of her outstanding performance in WCBA and Beijing Olympic Games, Chicago Sky announced the signing of Chen Nan in 2009, and she became the fourth Chinese player to land in WNBA.

Chen Nan told the reporter of Beiqing Daily: “language may be a problem faced by several players before us. If you pass the language pass, you can better integrate with your teammates and master the coach’s intentions and tactics faster.”

Wen/Our reporter Song Xiang

Photography/reporter Huang Liang

Sino-Norwegian winter sports exchanges and cooperation flourish

Xinhua News Agency, Oslo, May 16, summary: Sino-Norwegian winter sports exchanges and cooperation are booming

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang shuhuiliang Youyi

One side has the ambition of “The competition is wonderful, and the competition will be brilliant, one side has the strong strength to win gold and silver in the Winter Olympics-ice and snow fields have become the meeting point between China and Norway, and the winter sports exchanges and cooperation between the two sides are booming.

According to the reporter’s understanding from the officials of the State Sports General Administration, in the process of preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, in order to solve the problem of the shortage of venues and talents currently faced by China’s winter sports development, especially skiing events, the General Administration of Sports insisted on opening up preparations and carried out extensive cooperation with winter sports powers such as Norway and Finland.

Since 2018, the training teams of various ice and snow projects in China have gone to Norway to train for 19 batches and 395 people. They have gone to 7 cities in Norway and hired 29 Norwegian coaches, I hope to make use of Norway’s first-class venues and coach teams to make efforts to make up for the short board in cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski jumping and northern Europe.

In the process of preparing for the war, the General Administration of Sports, while improving the level of athletes in the original winter events, also through cross-border cross-item selection, in weightlifting, gymnastics, cycling, choose potential athletes to practice Winter events in summer events such as track and field.

Zhang Bei, the director of cross-border cross-country skiing, biathlon and northern Europe of the General Administration of Sports, told reporters that one of their tasks was to find talented ones as much as possible, athletes who are likely to achieve good results in special projects will be trained. From the current point of view, the progress is very smooth. Some athletes have already shown their advantages in special projects, and good results have also appeared in some competitions.

When talking about the cooperation with Norway, Zhang Bei said that there were some differences in culture and concept between the two sides at the beginning, but in the process of cooperation, the coaches and athletes in the team often communicated with each other, the cooperation between the two sides has become more and more smooth.

Wen Ying, who is engaged in cross-country running in China, has been in Norway for nearly half a year. Through professional training with foreign coaches, her cross-country skiing skills have been greatly improved. “My goal is to train hard, to achieve better results, to work hard, to fight, to participate in the Olympic Games.” Wen Ying said.

Sun jicai, who is 1.98 meters tall, was originally a rowing athlete with prominent physical conditions. He believes that the training in Norway is more professional and closer to the specific requirements of high-level projects, and the geographical environment and coaches here can promote the team members to make faster progress.

The Norwegian coach Alier askstad of the cross-border cross-event Biathlon training team said that when training in Norway began last fall, most of the team members just started to learn skiing, but they worked hard and focused, incredible progress has been made now. If they stick to it, I believe they will achieve better results.

In addition to cross-border cross-item selection, the General Administration of Sports also actively guides social forces to participate in the development and preparation of ice and snow sports. The Xinjiang team of the national cross-country ski training team is a team jointly established by Norwegian winter outdoors sports brand SWIX and Xinjiang. In the Bird’s Nest Station competition of the International Snow Federation China Beijing cross-country skiing points Grand Prix held on March 1 this year, the team member dinigel shiramujiang won the second place in the women’s group.

Dinigel shiramujiang told reporters that it has been nearly 10 months since he came to Norway for training this time. The overall level of cross-country skiing in Norway is very high, and the team members can learn very advanced technology with the Norwegian coach. When talking about her expectations, she said: “strive to be the best, make a historic breakthrough in the Beijing Winter Olympics, and win honor for the country!”

The coach Christian Sven of the national cross-country ski training team of Xinjiang group, said that compared with Norwegian athletes, Chinese athletes are more disciplined, train very hard, and can practice repeatedly, it also has great potential. In his two years of coaching, the team members made unimaginable progress, leaving a deep impression on him.

In order to learn from Norway’s advanced skiing events development experience, the General Administration of Sport regards Norway as a key country for foreign training and preparation for the Winter Olympics. In April, 2017, the sports authorities of China and Norway signed the memorandum of understanding on sports cooperation between China and Norway. Since then, the two sides have signed implementation plans involving specific sports exchange projects one after another, among which winter project cooperation is the top priority of the plan.

Tefal, president of the Norwegian Olympic Committee, told reporters that the cooperation between the two sides in winter sports and other fields has achieved great success in recent years. Young athletes from both sides of China and Norway can get in touch with the new culture, and the level of competitive sports has also made great progress. He said that he believed that Chinese athletes would perform very well in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

“Domineering” Sun Yang: I have reason to expect my excellent performance in the world championships and the Olympic Games.

The most important event this year is the Guangzhou World Championship in July. Sun Yang said that he would go to Beijing to do some tests and then have a foreign training plan.

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, April 28 (reporter Li Jia, Wang Haoming) Chinese swimming star Sun Yang won two gold medals in the FINA Championship swimming series held in Guangzhou on the 28th, and said domineering, the results of that night gave him reason to expect his outstanding performance in the Gwangju World Championships and the Tokyo Olympics.

Sun Yang fought in high-intensity combat that night. First, he participated in the 400-meter freestyle, leading the way to win the championship easily. The Championship score of 3 minutes 42 seconds was still the best in the world this year. About 40 minutes later, he took part in the 200-meter freestyle race, and this time he met the challenge of Lapsis, a swimming star from Lithuania. The latter exceeded Sun Yang at the last 20 meters, but Sun Yang clenched his teeth at the last moment and touched the wall at 1 minute 46 seconds 12, 0.16 seconds faster than lapis.

“The two matches tonight fully show the results of my training during this period. 200 meters and 400 meters are both medium and long distances. I compared them in 40 minutes. In such a high-intensity competition, I can have such a result, I think I, the coaching team and the Chinese swimming team have reason to expect that I will perform well in Gwangju (world championships) and Tokyo (Olympic Games).” Sun Yang said.

“I reached my expected goal tonight. I am finish (the competition) according to every requirement and step of the coach, from starting, turning around, to the edge, today, I handled the details better than last month in Qingdao (National Championship). This venue is also very comfortable to swim. However, this competition is relatively difficult. If one shot is decided to win or lose, there will be no time to find a feeling. This is a big challenge for athletes and requires athletes to fully mobilize their abilities. I also want to exercise myself, test your willpower.”

Guangzhou is Sun Yang’s lucky place. At the Guangzhou Asian Games nine years ago, Sun Yang make a great coup broke the Asian record of 1500-meter freestyle for many years and won the championship.

He said: “I am very happy to go back to Guangzhou for the competition. I started my swimming career here nine years ago. At that time, I broke the Asian record for the first time in this venue. I feel very cordial when I come back here to compete and everyone supports me very much. I will regard everyone’s support as the motivation to continue my efforts. I hope I can continue to contribute my strength to Chinese swimming in the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022.”

Since the 2010 Asian Games, Sun Yang has recorded gold medals in every competition, whether it is the Olympic Games or recent world championships, and has maintained a high level of competition for several years.

“The reason why I have such strong strength is that I have paid a lot of training at ordinary times to keep such a high level all the time.” Sun Yang said confidently, “like Huo Su in Hungary, she is older than me and still maintains a very high competitive ability, which is also the result of her usual training.”

The most important event this year is the Guangzhou World Championship in July. Sun Yang said that he would go to Beijing to do some tests and then have a foreign training plan.

“In the first half of the year, in order to prepare for the championship, my training intensity was very high, and my shoulder injury had not fully recovered. I had to be treated every night. But now my competitive state and feeling are very good. Controlling fatigue is another important issue next.” He said.