Those involved in refusing violence in the stadium and violating the discipline of “Minnan Cup” were punished for suspension.

On the 19th, in response to the stadium violence in the last round of the Minnan Cup Football Championship, the provincial Football Association quickly issued a strict ticket to rectify the discipline of the stadium.

In the match held on the 18th, Quanzhou acceleration Qinggong football team and Xiamen Lianchuang century football team caused controversy due to a foul tackle. The players and bench personnel on both sides gathered and conflicted for 2 minutes, and caused the game to be interrupted for about 19 minutes. On that day, related short videos were widely spread on the Internet, causing a series of negative effects.

It is understood that after the game ended on the spot, the provincial football association convened members of the Provincial Football Association disciplinary committee to study the referee report on the spot, the game supervision report and the game conflict video at the first time. On the evening of 19th, Fujian Football Association released the investigation results and punishment decisions on this game: according to the relevant provisions of the disciplinary guidelines of China Football Association, the two clubs involved were disqualified from participating in the Fujian Football Association’s hosting or selection events within 12 months, and the relevant personnel involved were punished with suspension penalties ranging from 2 years to 6 months.

The secretary general of the Provincial Football Association, Yuan Zhihui, said that the Provincial Football Association insists on a zero tolerance attitude towards any violation of discipline and discipline, and last year, the “Notice on Further Strengthening the education and management of the Gypsy style competition discipline of amateur events at all levels in Fujian province” was issued. The discipline committee of the Provincial Football Association will follow the principles of seeking truth from facts, serious investigation and serious handling, resolutely in accordance with the requirements of “discipline standards of China Football Association” and “Notice on Further Strengthening the Gypsy style competition discipline education and management work of amateur events at all levels in Fujian province”, seriously deal with it and never tolerate it.

The former Zhihui said that the football practitioners in the whole province should cherish the good environment of the current football reform and development, respect the rules, respect the referee, respect the opponents, respect the fans, and put an end to any sacrifice of the football order, violation of football rules and violations against social public order and good customs. (Reporter Xiao Rong)

China Badminton Association promotes reform measures badminton sports level rating standards issued

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 6th, China Badminton Association recently launched a reform measure: comprehensively try out the national badminton level rating standard.

Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, said on the 6th that the level evaluation of badminton is a national evaluation system for the level classification of badminton, which is helpful for getting through the channel between amateur players and professional players, it is of far-reaching significance to enrich the reserve of badminton talents and further promote the popularization and sustainable development of badminton. It is also an important basis for China Badminton Association to carry out follow-up work and provide targeted services to badminton enthusiasts.

It is reported that the Chinese Badminton Association started the related work of badminton level evaluation in last April, and invited the world champion of badminton, university professors, professional coaches and managers, more than 30 professionals, such as international referees, work together to study and formulate methods and standards in a rigorous, meticulous and pragmatic manner. In the meantime, tens of thousands of sampling surveys were conducted nationwide, and opinions and suggestions were publicly solicited from the whole society. Finally, documents such as the methods and standards for grading were confirmed and issued, it will be tried for one year from April 1 this year.

According to Wang Wei, the secretary-general of China Badminton Association, compared with the technical rating system of athletes that only professional athletes can achieve in the past, the national badminton level rating system that began to be tried out is for ordinary enthusiasts. Among them, the grade is extended from level 3 athletes to level 9 athletes. At the same time, 7 children’s grades are specially set up to encourage the participation of children. The establishment of this hierarchical system has been adjusted from encouraging the public to participate in amateur training and competitive sports, to encouraging the public to participate in badminton scientifically and healthily, and promoting the coordinated development of mass sports and competitive sports, so as to enrich the connotation of grade.

In order to better promote the development of grading standard assessment, the Chinese Badminton Association has passed public collection and comprehensive review, finally, Qingdao Renzhou Group is the official cooperation agency of China Badminton Association to carry out badminton level rating. China Badminton Association signed a contract with Qingdao Renzhou group on the 6th and awarded the first batch of 12 pilot rating agencies.

Li Ning released its first performance revenue in 2018, exceeding 10 billion

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, March 22, Li Ning Co., Ltd. released its performance report for fiscal year 2018 on the 22nd. The report shows that the company’s operating income in 2018 reached 10.511 billion yuan, up 18% year on year. For the first time, Li Ning, the executive chairman and acting chief executive officer of the company, said that the company’s overall development will have a qualitative improvement in the next three years.

According to the management of Li Ning Company, in 2018, the profitability of the company was further enhanced and the operating efficiency was continuously improved. During the year, the group’s revenue reached 10.511 billion yuan, up from 2017. Gross profit rose 21.0% to 5.053 billion yuan from 4.176 billion yuan in 2017. The overall gross profit rate of the group improved to 48.1 (2017: 47.1%), mainly due to the continuous increase in the proportion of e-commerce channel business with higher gross profit rate, the increase in sales discounts of self-operated channels, the proportion of new product sales has increased, etc. During the year, operating profit was 0.777 billion yuan, up from 0.446 billion yuan in 2017. Equity holders should account for 0.715 billion yuan of profit, up 38.8% from 0.515 billion yuan in 2017, while equity holders should account for 6.8% of profit (2017: 5.8%). The return rate of equity holders should be 13.1 percent (2017: 11.4 percent).

Within the year, the group adopted the development strategy of “single brand, multi-category and multi-channel” to operate multi-sports categories under the core main brand of “Li Ning, make each category form its own business platform. At the same time, make full use of the synergy effect in products, channels, retail operations, supply chain management and other aspects to create and consolidate Li Ning experience value.

In terms of products, the group continues to emphasize the attributes of professional sports, while paying attention to the research of sports and the investment in the research and design of professional products, constantly bringing forth new ideas for athletes and sports enthusiasts; the strong creativity also enables Li Ning brand to break through the tradition and organically integrate professional sports with fashion trends and creative culture to provide consumers with more consumption choices and more accurate consumption experiences. During the year, the group further expanded consumer groups through its appearance at international fashion week and cross-border joint cooperation to enhance brand strength and product strength.

According to the reporter, Li Ning Company had reached a revenue of 9.778 billion yuan in 2010, but later experienced difficulties, valleys and adjustments. After finally hitting the bottom and rebounding through the 10 billion mark, Li Ning said, “We are brand-oriented, sports-oriented, passionate, constantly creating and participating in the competition. I believe that if our current layout and strategy are correct, our team has the ability to climb higher peaks. It should be said that after the efforts of the past three years, we have laid some foundations. I believe that 2019 and 2020 will be our very healthy growth stages, there will be a qualitative improvement in the development of the whole company in the next three years.”

Li Ning also introduced: “Next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, as partners and sponsors of China badminton team, table tennis team, shooting team and diving team, we are working closely with the national team and athletes, put some collected data into the research and development of shoes, rackets, lines and so on that we really do now. I hope our products can help them achieve good results in the competition.”

Yuzuru Hanyu: be more of a King

“My mind is blank. It hasn’t been like this for a long time.” Yuzuru Hanyu appeared in the mixed mining area and said with a little wry smile.

Xinhua News Agency, Japan, Yuyu, March 21 (reporter Shen Honghui, Li Jia) with rare mistakes in jumping around, the audience sighed. After 124 days, the Yuzuru Hanyu, which recovered from injury, failed to revive with full blood on the 21st.

On that day, the men’s short program competition of figure skating world championship kicked off. The first of the last group of the top hits Yuzuru Hanyu. It seems to be a little hesitant at the beginning, but the number of jump weeks in the first four weeks is insufficient. Although the rest of Yu Sheng’s movements were beautiful and moving, the short program finally only got 94.87 points, ranking third.

“My mind is blank. It hasn’t been like this for a long time.” Yuzuru Hanyu appeared in the mixed mining area and said with a little wry smile.

Yu sheng is famous for being modest and low-key, but this time it seems that modesty caused mistakes. The last group of 6 minutes before the performance tried ice collectively, and Yu Sheng lost the rhythm of the competition in order to avoid the opponent. “It was probably the last two minutes of the ice test. I planned to jump around the inner knot ring after three attempts, but it didn’t come true. As a result, I had to change the route for trial jump (because I avoided other players) and lost the normal rhythm.” Yu Sheng said when analyzing the cause of the error.

“That place is really not modest, I want to be more King style.” This world Flower skating overlord in recent years reflected in the post-game press conference.

After the short program, Yu Sheng and Chen Wei, the King of jumping around, scored 12.53 points. “I am very happy to have a dialogue with the strong, which is also the motivation for me to slide better. I have seen his performance in this year’s national championship. The goal of recent training is to beat Chen Wei in this year’s national championship. I don’t know whether it is free to slide or not. What I can do is to finish jumping one by one cleanly.”

In 2014, Japan’s Saitama world Flower skating championships, Yu Sheng’s short program was backward, but free sliding reversed, the first time the World was closed.

This time, it is also the world championship, and it is also the Japanese Jade at home. It is also the short program behind. Can this world figure skating overlord copy the counterattack drama?

In the free skating competition on the 23rd, Chen Wei and Chen Wei will perform the ultimate figure skating duel this year on Yuzuru Hanyu.

The French Open has canceled the whole competition day for the second time in the past 20 years.

The rainy weather in Paris caused the French Open competition to be canceled on the 5th. This is the second time this situation has occurred in the last 20 years since 2000.

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, June 5 (reporter Su Bin) the rainy weather in Paris caused the French Open competition to be canceled on the 5th. This is the second time this situation has occurred in the last 20 years since 2000. The organizer of the French Open said that the possibility of delaying the end of the event was not ruled out.

The rain in Paris began at noon. The men’s singles and women’s singles quarter-finals originally scheduled to start at 2 PM had to be postponed for several times, finally, the organizing committee announced that the event on that day was postponed to 6th (Thursday). The weather forecast shows that the rainfall will last until the early morning of the 6th.

In the postponed women’s singles quarter-finals, the defending champion Halep faced Anisimova, a 17-year-old American teenager, with seed Batty on the 8th facing seed case on the 14th. The men’s singles quarter-finals of the number one seed Jiao Kovic against Ya zvilev and the number four seed Tim against Kachanov were also postponed.

The semi-final of women’s singles will be postponed from 6th to 7th (Friday). However, the weather forecast shows that there will also be rainfall in Paris on the 7th.

According to the practice of the French Open, the women’s singles final is scheduled to be held on Saturday. This means that some female players have to compete for three consecutive days. In order to ensure fairness as much as possible, event organizers do not rule out the possibility of postponing the women’s singles final to Sunday. Usually, the men’s singles final on Sunday may also be postponed to Monday.

“This is not what we want to see.” “But if we have no choice, we will do so,” said Folger, the director of the French Open competition.”

Forre believes that some female athletes may have to fight for three consecutive days, and most of them may have waited a long time for such an important duel as the Grand Slam final. After playing two games in a row, facing such a heavyweight game is a great test for their physical recovery.

It is not without precedent that all the matches of the French Open ended on Monday. In 2012, Nadal failed to finish the match on Sunday because of the rain.

The organizer of the French Open also said that if it is necessary to ensure that the event ends according to the scheduled time, it is also possible to activate the three main stadiums of Philip Sarier, Susan Langlang and Simone Mathieu at the same time.

Forre said: “I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Tomorrow’s game is very critical. Then meteorologists will give their forecast for the weather on the 7th. We will formulate the schedule on the 7th according to this, this will be very difficult.”

The last French Open match day was canceled in 2016. Roland Garros, who held the French Open, was the only stadium without a roof in the four Grand Slam events. The French Open organizer said that the project to add a ceiling to the Central Stadium is expected to be completed before the start of the event in 2020.

The Meeting announced that the audience holding the tickets of the day can return the full amount according to the face value, or they can choose to enter Roland Garros with the tickets of the day, and whether they can enter the game, it depends on the seat situation in the field of view.

Wu Haiyan, the Chinese team’s transition to prepare for the 16th strong competition: hope to solve the battle in 90 minutes

After the Chinese women’s football team flew to Montpellier, the fourth place of the World Cup on June 21, local time, they immediately put into training that afternoon to prepare for the elimination match with the Italian team’s top 16.

It is understood that although Wang Shanshan, the main shooter with injuries, did not participate in the whole team training in Le Havre in the last city on the 20th, he appeared at the training ground on the afternoon of the 21st and conducted training for recovering alone. The rest of the teammates conducted routine pre-match training under the leadership of the coaching team. On the 25th, coach Jia Xiuquan will lead the Chinese women’s football team to compete with the Italian team in the top 16 matches.

When interviewed by the media after the training, captain Wu Haiyan talked about some views on the Italian team.

When asked if she would pay attention to the sharp front line of the Italian team as the backbone of the defense, the main central defender said: “We will definitely make a detailed video analysis of their attacking players, but after all, we also experienced teams with relatively strong attacks in the group match, these are all within the scope of our preparation.”

Judging from the results of the group matches of the two teams, the Italian team is even more amazing. Although it was classified as the third team in the group draw before the World Cup, the Italian women’s football team, which participated in this competition for the first time in the past 20 years, unexpectedly pressed the Australian team and the traditional Brazilian team, which ranked first in Asia, with the advantages of two consecutive wins and net victory, we will be the first in Group C and make a strong promotion.

In Group B, the Chinese team won South Africa by 0:1 minus Germany, 1:0 and Spain by 0:0, becoming one of the third best results in 4 of the 6 groups, smooth exit.

When asked whether the mentality will be more relaxed and confident in the elimination stage, Wu Haiyan said: “In fact, I think the most important thing is to pass three games in the group match, seeing that we may not be bold or confident enough on the offensive side, this is what needs to be improved next.”

In 2015, the Chinese team once played against the Italian team twice in the friendly match under the leadership of Bruno, a French coach at that time, and achieved one win and one draw. However, former midfield general Zhang Rui said that European teams had made rapid progress and the confrontation at that time had not had much reference value.

Wu Haiyan also thinks that the Italian team has made great progress, “the whole European football has made rapid progress. We also hope that through our performance, more people will participate in football. More girls in China are willing to play football, so as to promote the better development of women’s football.”

When asked about the possible overtime and penalty kick topics in the elimination match, Wu Haiyan said, “I think we should be prepared for both the overtime and penalty kick in the elimination match. But we hope to solve the battle in 90 minutes, which is a better guarantee for our physical fitness or all aspects. But if we hit plus time or penalty kick, we will also be fully prepared.”