Greezman announced to leave Atletico Madrid: worth 0.12 billion next stop Barcelona?

“I have made a decision that I will leave here to try something else and find new challenges. It is very difficult for me to choose this path, but it is really what I want in my heart.”

Xinhua News Agency, Madrid, May 14 (Xie Yuzhi) Spanish Atletico Madrid forward greezman confirmed on the 14th that he would leave Atletico Madrid after the end of this season.

Glezman announced the news through a video released by Atletico Madrid’s official social media account. He said: “I have made a decision. I will leave here to try something else and find new challenges. It is very difficult for me to choose this path, but it is really what I want in my heart.”

According to Spanish media, greezman had met with coach Simone and club executives that afternoon and informed them of the decision, but did not disclose his whereabouts. Just a few days ago, Simone still said at the press conference that he was confident to keep the French striker.

In the farewell video, grizzman did not forget to thank Atletico Madrid fans for their support over the years. He called the past five years “incredible five years”: “Here I won the first few trophies and some important club honors in my life. These are wonderful moments that I will remember all my life. I will always take you to heart.”

Grezeman joined Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2014. In the past five seasons, he has played 256 games for Atletico Madrid, scoring 133 goals, and won a European Cup, a European Super Cup and a Spanish Super Cup with the team. He is also the fifth-plus scorer in Atletico Madrid Young Pioneer team history.

After renewing the contract with the team to 2023 last summer, greezman’s contract liquidated damages also increased to 0.2 billion euros, but after July 1 this year, the number would drop to 0.12 billion. If a team pays the liquidated damages for the French, Atletico Madrid will get 80% of the total amount, and the other 20% will be transferred to greezman’s former club Royal Society.

At present, Western media believe that greezman’s next destination may be La Liga Barcelona. As early as last summer, Catalonia giants tried to introduce the French striker, but they failed to do so at that time. In addition, France club Paris Saint Germain and Premier League team Manchester United may join the French competition.

City Football Group and other three parties jointly acquired Zhongyi Sichuan Jiuniu

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, February 20 (reporter Li Hualiang, Xue Chen) on the 20th, you must choose Science and Technology, City Football Group and China jianteng sports industry fund held a press conference in Chengdu, Sichuan province, announced the joint acquisition of China-B Sichuan Jiuniu football club.

City Football Group holds a number of football clubs including Manchester City in the Premier League. “Sichuan is a place with a long history and beauty. This place deserves an excellent professional team. We will not only invest money, but also develop youth training in Sichuan Jiuniu, just like developing youth training in Manchester City. We hope to make Sichuan Jiuniu a unique team and step by step to the top league.” City Football Group CEO Feran Soriano said.

It is reported that you must choose Technology was founded in 2012, is a high-tech enterprise integrating artificial intelligence and service robot research and development, platform software development and application and product sales. Zhou Jian, CEO of Youbi technology, said that he believed that the new AI technology would further promote the development of the football industry and would make every effort to build a sustainable new football industry ecosystem, in order to make Sichuan Jiuniu a 100-year club dream.

Sichuan Jiuniu Football Club has entered the big list of China B in 2018 season, and finally ranked 24th. In the FA Cup in 2018, Sichuan Jiuniu performed well and became the first Chinese team to win the top eight in the history of the FA Cup.

World Cup champion French men’s football team members will receive the Legion of Honor medal in June

The Legion of Honor is the highest medal of honor awarded by the French government. Like the members of the 1998 World Cup champion France, the French team that crowned the World Cup champion of Russia last year will also receive this honor.

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, May 13, according to the French “team” reported on the 13th, 23 players from the French men’s national team who won the World Cup in Russia last year will receive the Legion of Honor at the Elysee Palace on June 4.

The Legion of Honor medal is the highest medal of honor awarded by the French government. Like the members of the 1998 World Cup champion France team, the French team that crowned the World Cup champion of Russia last year will also receive this honor. The awarding ceremony was held at the Elysee Palace on June 4.

The French men’s football team is about to gather at the training base of clayfondin to prepare for two qualifying matches of the 202020european championship on June 8th and 11th. Prior to this, they will also play a friendly match with La Vila in Nantes on June 2. The Ceremony of awarding was arranged after the French team returned to Paris from Nantes.

It is understood that French President Macron decided to honor champion team members at the ceremony of winning the championship on July 16 last year. These players were initially arranged to receive the Legion of Honor medal on last November, and the ceremony was postponed for some reason.

In the award list published by the French government in January 1 this year, 23 players of the French team appeared among 345 people who received the Knight medal. French coach Deschamp will be promoted to military officer medal this time because he has been awarded as a player in 1998.

International Olympic Committee decides to retain boxing events in Tokyo Olympics

Boxing has been Olympic sports programme since 1904. A special team of the International Olympic Committee will be responsible for the organization and operation of the Tokyo Olympic boxing qualifier and the official competition.

Xinhua News Agency, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 26 (reporter Ji Ye, Prince Jiang) the 134th plenary session of the International Olympic Committee held in Lausanne, Switzerland on 26th decided to retain boxing as the status of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games competition, at the same time, the International Boxing Federation was disqualified from running the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The members of the International Olympic Committee unanimously agreed to pass the previous proposal of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee, and also expressed concern about the current turmoil of the International Boxing Federation and the future of boxing events in the Olympic Games.

Boxing has been Olympic sports programme since 1904. A special team of the International Olympic Committee will be responsible for the organization and operation of the Tokyo Olympic boxing qualifier and the official competition. This project will have 286 seats in total in the Tokyo Olympic Games, distributed among 8 men’s small items and 5 women’s small items.

In Last November, Uzbekistan tycoon rasimov was elected president of the International Boxing Federation, and the International Olympic Committee immediately launched an investigation into the International Boxing Federation. Rasimov was previously accused by the United States of having links with organized criminal groups. He was also banned by Australia and Britain from participating in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics. Rasimov resigned as chairman of the International Boxing Federation in March this year.

The above suggestions made by the IOC executive committee last month were made after the relevant survey results were released.

Sino-US table tennis team continues “table tennis diplomacy” to help Shuangcheng bid for the World Table Tennis Championships

Xinhua News Agency, Budapest, April 19 (reporter Su Bin Yuan Liang) the Chinese team and some athletes of the US team who participated in the single event of the World Table Tennis Championships in 2019 had joint exercises in the home stadium of the competition, this is not only a continuation of the “ping-pong diplomacy” between the two countries nearly 50 years ago, but also a cheer for Houston, USA, which is bidding for the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships and Chengdu, China, which is hosting the 2022 World Table Tennis Championships.

On the four ball table of the main hall of the Hungarian Convention and Exhibition Center, the four athletes of the National Basketball men’s team, Ma Long, Wang Chuqin, and Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen of the women’s team were filter opposite to those of the US team. During more than half an hour of joint practice, athletes stopped from time to time to exchange their experiences.

During the current World Table Tennis Championships, the two World Table Tennis Championships in 2021 and 2022 will be announced. The Chinese Table Tennis Association, the United States Olympic Committee and the United States table tennis association jointly issued an invitation, hoping to help the bidding work of Houston and Chengdu through the training of table tennis players of the two countries.

Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, said that 2021 was the 50th anniversary of the “Table tennis diplomacy” between China and the United States, which “small ball promotes big ball”, while 2022 was the 50th anniversary of the return visit of the Chinese table tennis team to the United States. “Table tennis passed down a good story, which was passed down by the older generation. It is a very good idea to link table tennis with Sino-US friendship.”

Starting from the joint training of athletes, the Table Tennis Association of the two countries may carry out more cooperation in the future. Liu Guoliang believes that the United States has a lot to learn from in the development process of professional sports, which is very advanced in marketization and professional development. It is a good starting point and opportunity to develop the national system and professional sports and the market of China and the United States, which will play a great role in promoting and developing the world table tennis.

Together with Malone, the winner of “Grand Slam”, he trained 18-year-old Kanak Jia A. Before the training, Malone asked Jia a carefully whether he had prepared for the activities, hoping to practice more practical things with this little general in limited time. After the training, Jia A also consulted Liu Guoliang on the technical issues he cared about.

“It is a great honor to train with Malone. He is the best athlete in the world. This is a great experience. He is my idol, and I was a little nervous at first.” Jia A hopes to go as far as possible in the World Table Tennis Championships. He said that the goal is to constantly improve himself.

“I am very glad to have the opportunity to let our players train together with the best Chinese athletes in the world, which is a special opportunity for us, we have a lot to learn from these excellent Chinese athletes.” De josorland, director of international strategy and development of the United States Olympic Committee, said that “ping-pong diplomacy” played an important role in Sino-US relations and the history of world development.

The former chairman of the American table tennis association Xie josorland believes that nearly 50 years have passed since China and the United States started the “ping pong diplomacy”, and now the athletes of the two countries train together, this explains the spirit of “ping-pong diplomacy” well.

Be the strongest self-interview with Liu Shiwen

Xinhua News Agency, Budapest, April 28: be the strongest self-interview with Liu Shiwen

Xinhua News Agency reporter Su Bin Zhang Zhang

at the age of 28, Liu Shiwen broke the “window paper” of the world table tennis singles champion “. On the 28th, she said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency that she had thought of giving up, but the encouragement and confidence given by people around her kept her going.

In the women’s singles final of the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest on 27th, Liu Shiwen defeated his teammate Chen Meng with 4:2. After winning the championship, she burst into tears.

“I was a little embarrassed just after the last point. I felt very excited and excited. After a few seconds, I felt a little tired again. (crying is) the release of many emotions. After a dozen minutes of calm down, I feel that winning this championship is a affirmation of myself.” Liu Shiwen said.

She said that after working hard for so many years, including the whole process, she felt that she was worth winning the championship.

From participating in the world table tennis singles for the first time in 2009 to reaching the top of the dream in 2019, Liu Shiwen waited for 10 years for the Gester Cup.

Liu Shiwen said that he encountered different difficulties in each cycle and time period, and the most difficult period was from 2017 to 2018.

“With the change of rules, skills and tactics as well as people’s mood declined a little bit. At that time, they really had the idea of giving up.” Liu Shiwen said that there was a turning point at the end of last year. Ma Lin became the coach in charge. People around her gave her a lot of encouragement and confidence. She felt that there was still a lot of potential that had not been fully explored, so she had the belief to fight again.

In the semi-final and final, Liu Shiwen sent two teammates Ding Ning and Chen Meng 11:0 respectively, which seemed to be merciless, but proved her investment on the side.

“Ding Ning and Chen Meng are both very difficult opponents. They are on the I am side of the court. They dare not walk or even relax for a second, so they want to do their best to compare every point.” Liu Shiwen said.

Liu Shiwen, who entered the finals twice in 2013 and 2015 but missed the champion, said that after playing the semi-final, he felt that people’s emotions and Qi were a little upturned. “There must be an idea, because after entering the final, it is very close to the champion. But I try to be calm and suppress this idea. Having experienced so much, I know that I should keep a calm mind and mind at this moment. What is more important is the process of the competition. Only by doing all the processes well can there be hope.”

Liu Shiwen believes that the biggest change brought to her by Ma Lin is confidence and belief, which gives her a lot of encouragement. In terms of skills and tactics, both Ma Lin and the head coach of the women’s team, Li Falcon, gave her a lot of reminders. Many male players also helped her train. The change and improvement of her ability in about a month surprised her.

With four World Cup singles titles, now the World Table Tennis Championships are crowned women’s singles crown. Liu Shiwen is only the Olympic gold medal away from the “Grand Slam”, and next year’s Tokyo or her best chance.

“This (Olympic gold medal) is an ultimate dream.” Liu Shiwen admits that there are still more than a year before the Tokyo Olympic Games, and there are still many competitions and competitions. The main thing is to do yourself well and have a strong mentality and strength. This is convincing. I hope to win such an opportunity.

Liu Shiwen believes that the performance is not bad, but the ability and tactics have not reached their own goals, and there is a lot of room for efforts.

The Japanese team, the host of next year’s Olympic Games, is regarded as the biggest competitor of the national team. Compared with the strength of the Chinese team to win the top four women’s singles, the Japanese team’s performance in this project is average, and the positive dialogue between the two teams also ended with the victory of the national team.

Liu Shiwen said that the competition between the two teams between China and Japan will last for many years. Several opponents of the Japanese team are very powerful. There is still a long way to go more than a year before the Tokyo Olympics, the most important thing is to be the strongest one.