Asian crown: bucambu wearing a hat Guoan away Game 3:1 Buriram

Xinhua News Agency, Thailand, April 9, Buriram (Chen Jiaobao, Zhang Ke) in the third round of the Asian Champions League group match, which ended on the 9th, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan defeated Thailand Buriram United at 3:1 away. The 4 points of Guoan Ji who won the first victory of the group rose to the third place in Group G, and the 3 points of the group with Buriram yuan reached the bottom.

Guoan took the initiative at the beginning. In the second minute, Li Lei’s left foot helped bakanbu break the door low shot, achieving a 1:0 start, which also affected the morale and attention of the Buriram league. In the 29th minute, Biera’s midfield shot straight after winning the ball and knocked horizontally through the front plug of Augusto’s left Road. Ba kanbu, who followed the middle road in the Forbidden Zone, shot low and broke the door. Guoan was 2:0 leading.

The 54th minute after Yi Bian, Augusto left the free kick to the right side of the penalty area. Wang Gang’s small-angle shooting caused the goalkeeper to get rid of the door. Bacambu finished the hat trick at close range, and the score expanded to 3:0.

In the 80th minute, Su panali, a 16-year-old Buriram United player, broke the door with a small angle and low shot with the opportunity of fast forward insertion, turning the score to 1:3. At the end of the game, Guoan defeated Buriram League 3:1.

The head coach of Guoan, Schmidt, said after the game that he was glad that the team was back in the competition for group membership. “In this game, the team’s tactics were carried out effectively, creating many good opportunities. The players also grasped the opportunity to score goals. The team’s defense was also well done and did not give the opponent too many opportunities. At the same time, the atmosphere of unity among the players has also become the key to the success of Guoan.” He said.

Group G is a group with fierce competition in this Asian Champions League group competition, among which the traditional strong teams are Urawa Red Diamonds and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. In another game in the same group, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors beat Urawa Red Diamonds at 1:0 away, the points increased to 6 points, and Urawa Red Diamonds stagnated at 4 points, ranking ahead of Guoan with the advantage of winning the ball.

The contest between Guoan and Wuli Southern League is a back-to-back match. Guoan will play the defending champion of Tai Chao at home on the 24th.

Pele and mbape Paris share the same frame “ball king” to praise the younger generation

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, April 2, Pele and mbap, who were compared many times during the World Cup in Russia last year, jointly attended a commercial event in Paris on the 2nd. In a relaxed atmosphere, “Ball King” Bailey believes that speed and spirituality are the advantages of mbapei, and he says that the total number of goals in the French New Star career is expected to reach the milestone of 1,000 goals.

The two had a chance to meet on last November, but Bailey’s physical condition was postponed to that day. During the activity, Bailey, who was in a good mood, played a joke, “I think he (mbape) is jealous of me, so he has been following me.” In Bailey’s view, mbapei’s ball style has Latin style. “He didn’t play for Santos (the team Pele played for), which is a little pity, but it’s not too late.”

Mbampe kept catching up with Pele’s record in the World Cup in Russia. First, he became Pele in the top 16 and then the second player under the age of 20 who won two yuan in a single game in the World Cup final table, after becoming Pele in 1958, he was the second player under 20 who scored in the World Cup final.

Although it is often referred to as a comparison with Pele, mbap insists that he has not focused on becoming the best player in today’s football.

“When Bailey played football, he didn’t want to be the best player in history, but wanted to enjoy happiness and help the national team and the club. He also did this.” Mbampe said, “What I hope is to help Paris Saint Germain and France, and then others will judge whether you are the best player.”

Bailey said that mbapei’s speed and spirituality impressed him and was unpredictable, which were all the advantages of mbapei.

Mbap has become a hot star in world soccer field in recent years. After the amazing performance played by the former boss Monaco, mbapper won the French men’s football recruitment for the first time in March 2017. In the summer of the same year, he switched to Paris Saint Germain and won the World Cup less than a year later.

Pele was only 17 years old when he scored in the 1958 World Cup final. After that, he followed Brazil twice to win the World Cup championship. Whether the 20-year-old mbapei can compete with Pele in the number of World Cup titles remains to be tested by time. Mbap believes that it is possible to realize monologue data, but it will be an unreal feeling.

“As long as I have the ability to win the World Cup, I will set my goal at this point.” Mbampe said, “France is an important force in the football field. We will make a comeback in 2022 and strive to win the championship again.”

This season, mbap scored 32 goals for Paris Saint Germain, including 27 league goals. Pele scored more than a thousand goals in his entire career, and he thinks mbap is expected to reach a thousand goal milestone.

In this regard, mbampe said that even counting the goals scored in small stadiums and games in the city, he could not reach the milestone of 1,000 goals. “I will try my best to get as close to it as possible, but I think it will be a lot worse at the end of my career.”

Bailey told mbape that the key to breaking the goal record was to play for a top team. “People often say that goals are the most important. I am lucky to have scored many goals in my career. But it must be clear that to get support from around, you can’t score goals on your own, but it is very important to have excellent teammates.”

More than 200 players compete in the New Year table tennis competition held in Changyuan, Henan province

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Activity site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Yushi network Changyuan, February 14th(Deng Xiaoqiang) the Spring Festival not only means the time of reunion and reunion, but also more cultural and sports activities are booming at this time, enriching our life. In order to make more people feel the festive atmosphere of joy and peace, Changyuan County held various cultural and sports activities during the Spring Festival, attracting many enthusiasts to participate one after another. Everyone sang and danced to celebrate the new year.

On February 14, the 2019 Henan New Year table tennis competition hosted by Henan Sports Bureau, hosted by Henan table tennis management center and Changyuan County People’s Government, and co-organized by Changyuan County Sports Management Center was held ceremoniously in Changyuan county gymnasium. A total of 194 athletes from 28 provincial cities, such as Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Kaifeng and Pingdingshan, participated in the competition. The number of excellent referees and spectators from various places will reach more than 2,000. This competition is large in scale, with a large number of participants, great publicity efforts and high enthusiasm for mass participation. The competition held in Changyuan has received extensive attention from all walks of life, not only does it provide a stage for table tennis lovers to show themselves, but it will also set off a new climax of national fitness in Changyuan county.

“With the continuous improvement of economic level, people’s yearning and demands for a better life are also constantly improving. Starting from the overall situation of national fitness to promote National Health and effectively improve the quality of life of Changyuan people, they have greatly enriched the amateur life of the masses since they carried out the activity of “national fitness and health Central Plains, pull the common people out of the card table and bars, and gradually get rid of many bad habits. Through carrying out a series of sports activities, they carry forward the enterprising spirit of being positive and tenacious, which greatly improves the mental outlook of the people.” Qin Baojian, secretary of Changyuan County Party Committee, introduced.

The New Year table tennis tournament held in Changyuan is large in scale, with a large number of participants and a high enthusiasm for mass participation. It not only provides a stage for table tennis lovers to show themselves, in Changyuan county, a new upsurge of national fitness was launched. On the one hand, this competition showed the skill level of each participating team and learned skills from each other. It can also carry forward the spirit of sports, cultivate sentiment and promote the development of the national fitness campaign. (Finished)


China defeated Australia NBL United men’s basketball 89:77

Although Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi, Guo Allen, Ding Yan Yuhang, Zhou Peng and other players chose to take a break, the team still showed a good state and maintained the scene advantage most of the time.

Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao, June 19 (reporter Su Wanming) on the evening of 19th, the China-Australia international men’s basketball match hosted by the China Basketball Association was held in the gymnasium of Qingdao citizen fitness center, although many core players were suspended, china defeated Australia’s NBL United with 89:77 men’s basketball, and Wang Zhelin scored the highest 25 points in the game.

This is the first warm-up match after China reassembled men’s basketball in preparation for this year’s World Cup. Although many players such as Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi, Guo Allen, Ding Yan Yuhang and Zhou Peng chose to take a break, the team still showed a good state and kept the scene advantage most of the time.

China sent the starting line-up consisting of Zhao Rui, Fang Shuo, Wang Zhilin, Zhai Xiaochuan and Abdu salad Wood men’s basketball.

Those who entered the state earlier were still rivals Australia NBL United, who led at 23:19 in the first quarter. China gradually found the state in the second quarter of men’s basketball. Wang Zhilin’s internal attack and Fang Shuo’s external shooting helped the team beat the score and led 47:39 at the end of the half.

In the third quarter, China continued to debug the lineup men’s basketball, and once sent three defenders to join hands with the short stature lineup. The scene has been under its own control. Entering the fourth quarter, the Australian NBL United team continued to score close points with continuous outside shooting, with only 4 points behind at least. Fortunately, China has stabilized its position men’s basketball, defending several times of opponent’s attack in a row. In the end, China defeated Australia’s NBL United men’s basketball 89:77.

In this campaign, 4 people in China scored double men’s basketball. Wang Zhilin scored the highest 25 points and 9 rebounds in the game, and Fang Shuo scored 20 points.

After the game, China men’s basketball coach Li Nan said that this was the first game after the team’s training. The team exposed some problems at both ends of the attack and defense, fortunately, the team did a good job in controlling mistakes and free throws. “This is only the first game of the series, and the opponent did not play 100%. Later, there are two games to test the Chinese team.”

The coach of the Australian NBL United team said that the team also had many opportunities in the first match. I hope the players can respond better in the next two matches.

According to the arrangement, the two sides will also play two warm-up matches in Nantong and Changzhou, Jiangsu on the 21st and 23rd respectively.

Super League: 8 rounds of Huaxia happiness, Dalian killing, reversing Shenzhen

Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, May 19 (reporter Zhou Kai) on the 19th, the 10th round of the Chinese Super League in the 2019 season held the last two matches. Tianjin Teda beat Hebei Huaxia happiness at home 2:0 and gave it to his opponent for 8 rounds. Dalian side of the 10-person battle killed Shenzhen Kaisa before the final match and staged a reversal.

In the last round, TEDA drew Shenhua for 1:1, winning for 3 consecutive rounds; Huaxia Happiness Home Court 2:3 lost to Henan Jianye, winning for 7 consecutive rounds. This round of meeting, both sides want to end the situation. In the first half, TEDA’s Achim Peng and Huaxia happy Kabee hit the post respectively, and both teams failed to break the door. Then TEDA, who fought at home, gradually took control of the situation. At the beginning of the second half, TEDA foreign aid Jonathan, who appeared on the bench, successfully broke the ball by using the opponent’s defender’s mistake and broke into the penalty area to play well. In the 76th minute, Zhao Honglu passed on to the left. Jonathan header, who was behind the Forbidden Zone, broke the door and went to the next city. With these two goals, Teda defeated his opponent at 2:0, while Hebei Huaxia happiness has won 8 rounds, with the second last point.

In another match, “upgrading horse” Shenzhen Kaisa played Dalian side at home. In the 25th minute, the push in front of Yaduo Pressy helped Shenzhen Kaisa to take the lead. In the first half of the match-up period, Li Jianbin went back and turned over Kamala to eat the second yellow card and was sent off, which made the situation in Dalian side worse. However, the Dalian side of 10 people fighting in the second half miraculously reversed. In the 73rd minute, Wang Dalong kicked hamsike’s face when he was relieved from the penalty area. He was given a penalty. Carrasco hit the penalty and one side equalized the score. In the 90th minute, He Yupeng, who just appeared on the bench, shot down and broke the door. One side exceeded the score by 2:1.

The torch relay of the military games will be held throughout the country from August to October.

Original title: The torch relay of the military games will be held in the whole country from August to October
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 30 (reporters Mei Changwei, Liu Jimei) wu Qian, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, said at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Defense held on 30th that the 7th World Military Games would be held in Wuhan on October 18-27. The organizing committee of the military games will organize torch relay activities throughout the country from August to October.

Wu Qian said that as an important propaganda and promotion activity of the military games, torch relay is an important carrier to highlight the great achievements of powerful countries and powerful armies, publicize the concept of peaceful development, and carry forward the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, it will further stimulate the enthusiasm of all sectors of society and the officers and soldiers of the whole army to “pay attention to the military movement, support the military movement, and participate in the military movement”, and create a good atmosphere for the successful holding of the military movement. At present, the preparations for the torch relay have entered the final stage.

First, the theme and slogan of torch relay. The theme is “sharing friendship and building peace together”, and the slogan is “creating military glory and building world peace”.

The second is the torch transmission range. The torch relay will take two forms of demonstration and relay, which will be conducted in 43 sites of the whole army, including 27 cities and 16 troop sites. On August 1st, the fire will be collected and transmitted in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, the birthplace of the People’s Liberation Army. The whole process will pass through Beijing, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province (Xibaipo), Shanghai, Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, Longyan city, Fujian province (Gutian), 10 cities across the country, including Shenzhen city, Zunyi city, Guizhou province, Xi’an city, Shaanxi province, and Yan’an city; Troop sites include a training base of the Army, a brigade of the Army, a reserve division of the Army, a detachment of the Navy, and a hospital ship of Peace Ark, air Force Aviation University, air force division, Rocket Force Engineering University, strategic support force Aerospace Engineering University, Joint Logistics Support Force Brigade, Military Academy of Sciences, National Defense University, National Defense University of Science and Technology, 16 barracks including a detachment of the Armed Police Force and two border guard posts; After arriving in Hubei province, the host province of the military transport association, it will be transmitted in 17 cities and states in the province. On the evening of October 18, the main venue of the opening ceremony of the military games will be entered to ignite the main flare stack.

The third is the composition of the torch relay personnel. A total of 2019 torchbearers were selected in this military games to participate in the delivery, consisting of military torchbearers, local torchbearers, foreign torchbearers, etc. Among them, there are 954 torchbearers in the Army, including representatives of British model figures of the PLA and the armed police force, representatives of grassroots officers and soldiers (including officers, soldiers, civilian personnel and Militia Reserve personnel), representatives of old Red Army veterans, representatives of outstanding military coaches and athletes, etc.; 995 local torchbearers, including representatives of Party and government organs, models of double support, military elite and outstanding re-conversion military representatives, outstanding representatives of various industries, representatives of local excellent coaches and athletes, sponsor representatives, etc.; 70 foreign torchbearers, including military attachés in China and representatives of international Army member countries. At the same time, the armed police force will be arranged to escort runner 40 people, and the whole process will be responsible for the tasks of running, guarding and etiquette.

The fourth is the torch modeling and implication. The name of the torch is “peace glory”, which symbolizes “peace, development and friendship”. The torch has a total length of 700mm and a weight of 780G. The overall appearance is triangular shape. The design concept is close to the theme of transmission, and the shape is fashionable and novel. The top of the torch is formed by the close integration of three flames, symbolizing that soldiers from all over the world gather together in China, igniting each other’s enthusiasm and building peace and friendship together; The entrance of the Great Wall, which is shaped by the entrance, encircles the top of the torch, the representative transmitted the concept of peaceful development to the whole world; The digital camouflage painting with Chinese red background is full of military and cultural characteristics; The circle at the bottom of the torch implies world peace and integration.

Wu Qian said that the military games specially produced the torch relay personnel clothing, including torch bearer clothing, escort runner clothing, and staff clothing, and formed the torch relay team.