Guoan Shengheng’s eight-round unbeaten to create a legend, and Huaxia’s two goals defeated the bottom of Jinan League

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, May 4 (reporter Yang Fan) on the 4th, the eighth round of the 2019 Chinese Super League ushered in 4 matches. In the battle to the top, Beijing Guoan 1:0 like Guangzhou Evergrande, 8 rounds of unbeaten legend. Hebei Huaxia happiness 0:2 was cut off by Shandong Luneng and ranked the last in the standings. Achimpeng’s highlight performance helped Tianjin Teda take 1 point away from Wuhan Zall. Guangzhou Fuli, who also fought away from home, was dumb when facing Shanghai’s Shanggang, and 0:2 failed to defend the champion.

In the focus battle of the day, Tianhe Stadium, Guangzhou Evergrande, took a 7-game winning streak against Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. Evergrande besieged many times in front of Guoan in the first half, but it could not form a real threat. In the 18th minute, Guoan opened corner, and Biera blocked the ball into Evergrande goal. After communicating with VAR, the referee decided that the goal was invalid and offside was in the first place.

The only goal in the game was born in the 64th minute. Biera and Augusto cooperated continuously in the penalty area. Facing four defenders of Evergrande, Biera pushed his right foot into the net. Finally Evergrande won’t defeat Guoan at Home 0:1. After winning the summit, Guoan expanded the first game to 8 consecutive rounds, with 24 points leading Shanghai Shanggang by 5 points and Guangzhou Evergrande by 6 points.

Hebei Huaxia happiness, which has been in a low state recently, faces Luneng Taishan Mountain in Shandong province on the road. Luck can be said to be as low as freezing point. Luneng foreign aid pellet lived up to expectations and killed the match twice in the first half. After this battle, Luneng had already achieved the fourth victory in the Fourth World War in the third-line operations of the Asian crown, the Super League and the Football League Cup. In the past, “Dark Horse” Huaxia was at the end of upper layer in the standings.

Before the start of this round, the 6th battle of the Junior League won only 1 win, and the standings were at the end of Wuhan Zall. In the 26th minute of the first half, TEDA foreign aid Achim Peng presented a performance of continuous breakthrough, cycling and hitting the door at a small angle. This goal also became the 1000th goal on Teda young pioneer team history. However, fortunately, Liu Yun equalized the score in just 10 seconds at the beginning of the second half of Dreher, and the two sides finally shook hands at 1:1.

The two attacking teams of Shanggang and Fuli met on the same day, but they did not bring the imaginary attack war. The two goals of the whole game were born in the second half. First, Li Shenglong, who went to Hong Kong as a substitute, scored the goal and then went outside the penalty area Hulk, he scored a precious goal in the 100th match he played on behalf of the club. After home 2:0 Rick Fuli, he went to Hong Kong and won two consecutive victories in the Chinese Super League.

Chinese athletes break the world record for free diving for the first time

Chinese athletes break the world record for free diving for the first time

On June 9-11, the free diving Asian Cup AFC 2019(Asian Freediving Cup) kicked off in the Philippines Bohol Island. Chinese player Lu Wenzhen from Changzhou broke the world record of AIDA women’s constant counterweight webbed double webbed (CWTB) maintained by Japanese player Saiyuri with a score of 83 meters (the original record was 82 meters), this is the first time that Chinese players have broken the world record in the competition, expanding the influence of Chinese athletes in the international free diving field. At the same time, with a total score of 222.6 points, she won the championship in the women’s group.

Lu Wenzhao is from Jiangsu and is a Changzhou girl. After graduating from Peking University, Lu Wenyi went to the United States to study. In 2014, in a submarine scientific examination activity, she came into contact with free diving and became fascinated by it from then on. Today, this double-material female doctor is not only a consultant of genetic pharmacology, but also a holder of many national records of free diving. At the same time, Lu Wenzhen also spoke for the professional diving suit brand in his hometown of Jiangsu BESTDIVE.

At present, Lu Wenzhen maintains 6 national records in 8 Chinese women’s free diving projects, and keeps refreshing the results. This time, the constant webbed double webbed project was her 29th time to refresh the national record and break the world record. In AIDA’s official personal all-around ranking, Lu Wenyi ranks third in the women’s world. Yang body

Third line 7 winning streak Evergrande 2:1 winning Luneng won the Asian Championship promotion first opportunity

In the end, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Shandong Luneng 2:1 at home and continued to expand the winning streak against Luneng. At the same time, it also mastered the advance opportunity in the two rounds of the Asian crown knockout.

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, June 18 (Reporter Jing huaiqiao) the first one-in-one contest in the 1/8 final of the Asian Champions League was staged in Guangzhou on the 18th, and finally Guangzhou Evergrande home 2:1 beat Shandong Luneng and continue to expand the winning streak against Luneng. At the same time, he also mastered the advance opportunity in the two rounds of the Asian Championship elimination competition.

The two sides fought in nearly four games, and Luneng suffered a consecutive defeat. This season, the two sides played for the first time in the league. Tariska’s reading seconds killed him and played Luneng without temper. At present, the absence of tariska allows Luneng to see the opportunity to break the embarrassing record. However, the last Evergrande change can still win Hong Kong, which also shows that the team’s strength is still not weak.

In this campaign, Luneng’s full press tactics brought a lot of trouble to Evergrande. Paulino, who performed well last time, was watched by the other side and it was difficult to create a good opportunity for attack. In the 20th minute, Wei Shihao took Zheng zhizhili and missed a chance to break the door in the face of the empty goalkeeper.

Since then, Luneng has also used the height advantage to put pressure on the front court frequently, but Evergrande played extremely patiently to protect the defense line from big mistakes. In the 34th minute, Paulino’s bottom line was passed. Wei Shihao seized the opportunity and shot into the small penalty area after receive the ball, helping Evergrande break the deadlock and leading the team by 1:0 in the first half.

Yi will fight again, Luneng will continue to impact Evergrande’s defense line with his height and achieve results. In the 65th minute, Felani attracted the attention of many defenders in the big penalty area, and then helped to take the right path. 1:1, Luneng tenaciously equalized the score.

After that, Evergrande began to change people. In the 80th minute, Yang Liyu drove the ball into the penalty area on the right road, and the ball hit Zheng Zheng’s leg to show refraction. Then Wang Dalei’s rescue also changed the line of the ball and watched the football fly into his own door. With this goal, Evergrande finally won 2:1 at home.

After the game, Luneng coach Li Xiaopeng believes that under very difficult conditions, both teams have tried their best. On the technical and tactical level, both sides also restrict each other. The draw is not conducive to the team’s next tactical choice, so the result of this game is acceptable. I believe that the next home team will have a chance to reverse the situation.

Coach Cannavaro of Evergrande said that it is not easy to win such a victory for the existing personnel and team thickness. The team had a certain advantage in the first half, but the second half was very difficult. In the two rounds of the game, such a score cannot be guaranteed to qualify on the road, and the next game will require the players to stay focused.

Table tennis test competition of the 7th World Military Games begins

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, May 1 (Reporter Feng Guodong, Li Jinfeng) on the morning of the 1st, the table tennis test competition of the 7th World Military Games and the 2019 Wuhan Youth table tennis competition were located in the opening area of Wuhan airport port (East West Lake District) wuhan fifth ring sport center gymnasium kicked off.

The table tennis test competition is organized and implemented by the military games executive committee. A total of 186 young athletes from 9 urban areas in Wuhan participated in the competition that day. During the three-day competition, they will compete in three age groups and seven projects.

9-year-old Qiao Yujin, a contestant, said: “I was a little nervous when I played in such a beautiful stadium for the first time. The venue is ‘high-end ‘. After the opening of this year’s military games, parents must bring me here to watch the game.”

Peng Tao, director of Wuhan competition committee and district chief of Dongxihu district of Wuhan City People’s Government, said that this event was an all-round test of table tennis venues of the military games, it aims to comprehensively examine various preparations of table tennis project, so as to sum up experience and find problems, and provide reference for running table tennis competition of military games well.

The 7th World Military Games will be held in Wuhan from October 18-27. At that time, nearly 10,000 active soldiers from more than 100 countries and regions will compete on the same stage.

The 2019 World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest started on the 21st, and Malone staged fancy table tennis.

Xinhuanet sports BEIJING, April 20 (Zhang Anqi) on April 21-28, the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships single event will be held in Budapest, Hungary. TATA wooden door, as the official sponsor of the World Table Tennis Championships, recently joined hands with TATA Star user and world champion Malone to launch a fancy Table Tennis Challenge to help Chinese table tennis players.

From Ding Ning, Liu Guoliang to Malone, TATA wooden doors arouse people’s attention to the World Table Tennis Championships through fancy table tennis challenges and stimulate people’s love for table tennis.

In 2017, TATA wooden door sponsored the World Table Tennis Championships for the first time. In 2018, TATA wooden door once again joined hands with the International Table Tennis Federation to sign the World Table Tennis Championships, becoming the official sponsor of the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships and obtaining the official sponsorship right of the World Table Tennis Championships for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020. For international competitions, the criteria for selecting sponsors are extremely strict, and the ones that meet the standards are basically leading brands in the industry. It is understood that as Chinese manufacturing has received more and more attention in recent years, Huawei, Unicom, RED DOUBLE HAPPINESS and TATA wooden doors have successively stepped onto the stage of international competitions.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of TATA wooden doors and the third consecutive year of sponsoring the World Table Tennis Championships. The head of TATA wooden door Enterprise said that it was based on the value of the great influence of table tennis in China that he chose to become the official sponsor of the World Table Tennis Championships, focusing on sports marketing cards, and brand landing communication could achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Hungary, the host of the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships, has a time difference of nearly 7 hours from China. Chinese audiences watch the games late at night. Many fans watching the game will affect the rest of their families, the TATA wooden door, which has been focusing on mute as the highlight of the product, will better convey to Chinese audiences by sponsoring the World Table Tennis Championships “The competition is wonderful, but care about health, don’t affect the concept of family sleep.

2019 Zhongwang Caddy growth plan selection in Shuangcheng, Xi’an and Changsha

Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an, June 1st, 2019 China Life · China net caddie national selection training camp Xi’an railway station and Changsha station were held at the same time on the 1st, the two-day selection of caddies in China net was held in Lugang Sports Park and Hunan Provincial People’s Stadium respectively.

At the selection site, hundreds of teenagers actively participated in each station. The reporter learned that all teenagers aged 9-16 and height of 1 meter 45-1 meter 75 can sign up for the selection of caddies in China net. The selection of caddies does not require high professional tennis skills for teenagers. As long as they have certain sports talents and master basic English skills, any child who is interested in being a caddie can sign up, there will be professional trainers teaching Caddy skills in the selection meeting.

China network has been recruiting caddies from the society since 2012. In the past 8 years, it has attracted more than 10,000 teenagers to sign up for participation. In addition to the Yuxin affiliated school of the First Normal University as the “caddie training base” of China net to transport some caddies to China net every year, there will be as many as 10 stations in the national selection training camp of caddies of China net, the participating cities this year include Shanghai, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Changsha, Xi’an, Jinan, Guangzhou and Changchun.

Select 5 percent of the excellent caddies from each station to enter collection training in summer vacation in August 2-11. After Collection training in summer vacation closed training and assessment, you can participate in the China Network competition Service.