Yu Zhongwen: in the year of “fixing the point”, the breakthrough is at one stroke.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 10 (reporter Lin Deren, Wang Meng) the national training team’s pledge mobilization meeting for the 1000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics was held on the 10th. The director of the State Sports General Administration, Ji Zhongwen, said in his mobilization speech, it is only 1000 days before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. We must build a national training team for ice and snow projects that can fight well and have a good style. We will try our best to complete the “wonderful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the competition also requires the” all-project competition “task.

According to the preparation strategy of Beijing Winter Olympics, each has its own emphasis from 2018 to 2021. The task of 2018 is to expand the surface-that is, to form a new pattern with different priorities, characteristics and all-round development on ice and snow; The task of 2019 is to fix the point-that is, to select the best in the excellent, and to initially fix the members of the national team, basically clear key athletes and show certain competitive strength in international high-level competitions. As for the preparations for the Winter Olympics in the past year, Ji Zhongwen said that the preparation situation for the Beijing Winter Olympics was extremely severe, the preparation task was extremely arduous, and the preparation time was very little. Although the performance of each ice and snow project team had bright spots and breakthroughs last season, it was generally unsatisfactory.

Yu Zhongwen said: “Take the World Championship as an example, there is no gold in the short track of the ice project, no prize in speed skating, the ice hockey is barely guaranteed, the cold water jug is not entered but retreated, only the figure skating double skating is bright; skiing events has made some progress, but the range is not large enough. There is still a big gap between the realization of ‘piaoshengtu’, and some teams even have violations of discipline. The ice and snow movement is growing, but the pace is not big enough; It is growing, but the speed is not fast enough. Long-term backwardness, overall backwardness and overall functional backwardness have not been fundamentally reversed. There are only 1,000 days left before the Beijing Winter Olympics. The ‘cautiously ”step by step is absolutely not good. You must work hard 24 hours a day and use it 3 days a day. At present, the national training teams of several ice and snow projects have ended the short adjustment and quickly put into the preparation work of the year of “fixed point”, in Beijing, in Shanghai, in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Hainan Mannings, the United States, Norway, and Finland, all teams are actively preparing for the battle. What we need is such spirit and style, it is to practice like this down-to-earth, “You can’t stop for a moment, you can’t make a mistake, and you can’t afford to delay a day ‘.”

For the preparation work in the coming year, Li Zhongwen put forward five requirements, namely, vigorously strengthening special physical training, vigorously promoting decomposition training, vigorously promoting scientific and technological assistance, vigorously sharpen the fighting spirit of the team and vigorously eradicate the cancer of stimulants. In terms of promoting scientific and technological assistance, Yu Zhongwen stressed: “to quickly implement the organizational structure of science and technology preparations for ‘One chief engineer + four directors’ and several data analysts, all training should be digitized, data should be used to guide training, support training, guarantee training and monitor training. Coaches must look at data, analyze data and create data.”

Facing the future, Yu Zhongwen said: “We should firmly establish the sense of hardship and risk, strengthen the bottom line thinking, correct the training style, practice the ability to win hard, and forge more ‘sharp knives on the ice ‘, refine more” snow pioneers “and build a national training team for ice and snow projects that can fight well and have a good style.” work hard for 1,000 days and win the Winter Olympics “, and make every effort to complete the Beijing Winter Olympics, to participate in the competition, we also need to highlight the task of” participating in the whole project.” (Finished)

Real Madrid and German midfield cross renewed to 2023

Xinhua News Agency, Madrid, May 20 (Xie Yuzhi) Real Madrid club announced on the 20th that it would renew its contract with midfield star cross until 2023.

Real Madrid said in the announcement that the club had signed a contract with German midfield cross to extend the contract period of the latter by one year to June 30, 2023. At that time, cross will be 33 years old.

Bhattagno, director of Real Madrid’s public relations department, congratulated cross at the press conference that day. He said: “In five years, you have won 12 trophies, won the love and respect of Madrid fans, and become a player of great importance to the team. We are glad that your contract with us has been extended for another year.”

Cross said that it was “very special” for himself to be able to complete the renewal at this time “. “Since the first day, I have been full of trust in the club, and so have the club. We will move forward together to achieve more success.” He also revealed that he was trusted by Zidane: “I am very happy that he is satisfied with me. If the coach didn’t want me, we wouldn’t be here today.”

Looking back at the bad season just ended, Cross admitted that his performance this season was not ideal. He also pointed out that the whole team “no player has reached his peak as in previous years”, “when such a situation occurs to so many players, it is difficult to win success”. But he also said: “Such a season will give you more motivation when facing next season.”

Cross joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2014. Over the past five years, as one of the core players in the team’s midfield, he has won three Champions League, one League trophy, three European Super Cup, one Spanish Super Cup and four World Club Cups with Real Madrid.

Asian Cup forward-looking: the national football team is not afraid of South Korea under the advantage mentality

Xinhua News Agency, Abu Dhabi, January 15th, Asian Cup foresight: under the dominant mentality, the national football team is not afraid of South Korea team

Xinhua News Agency reporter Shu Wen Liu Ning

facing the old rival South Korea team, the national football team has not shown such a relaxed mentality for a long time. As soon as the second game was finished, Lippi announced that he would rotate part of the lineup, but he would never give up the attack.

The Asian Cup group competition on the 16th is actually acceptable to the national football team for jinbe negative. Of course, winning or ping is good. Make sure that the group is the first and enters the second half. Even if you lose, you will face the Thai team as the second in the group. The Chinese team still has an advantage in strength, it is not difficult to enter the top eight.

On the contrary, the Korean team won only one goal in the first two games. At present, the group ranks behind China, which puts a lot of pressure on them who can win the championship. Sun Xingmin, the number one main force in the South Korean team, just arrived in the UAE on the 14th, but it is less likely to start against China. At the same time, the main defender Li Wei was injured, and the core of the midfield was also injured, which brought adverse effects to the South Korean team. The South Korean team is not without opportunities now, but what they lack is the ability to grasp opportunities. Without Sun Xingmin, Huang Yizhu and others are under greater pressure.

Lippi has said that Wu Lei will definitely not play, and players with injuries and yellow cards will also get a chance to rest, this gives the players in the Chinese team who have not yet played a chance. However, Zheng Zhi appeared at the pre-match press conference on the 15th. According to the usual practice, he will start tomorrow.

Although Wu Lei will not play, judging from the training situation these days, center Xiao Zhi is likely to play. Yu Dabao, who scored key goals in the World Cup qualifier, may also continue his career as a lucky general. Lippi has said that pure defense cannot be kept, and he hopes that the Chinese team will still attack this time. The responsibility for passing the game to the forwards may continue to fall on the Junmin. Yu Hanchao is likely to continue to launch an impact in the second half.

From the perspective of the lineup, Feng Xiaoting is likely to have a rest because of the yellow card. Young General Liu Yiming may take his place.

In the backwaist position of the midfield, Zheng Zhi led Wu Xi, who was relatively tired and had minor injuries, was likely to rest, and Chi Zhongguo, who had greater defensive responsibilities, was expected to start, they will face the fierce impact of the South Korean team. And Park Cheng, who has certain offensive ability, will also be Lippi’s choice. The middle and back games of the Chinese team are likely to be the key to this game.

Chi Zhong and Pu Cheng have language advantages (they are all from Yanbian), and may add some weight to them in the match against South Korea.

In a word, the Chinese team is relaxed in this game. On the basis of improving their attention, if Koreans are anxious for success, then the Chinese team will show their own killing planes. It is expected that Lippi will continue to maintain the record of unbeaten to South Korea during his National full term.

Massey: Barcelona should apologize for the failure of Liverpool

Xinhua News Agency, Madrid, May 24-Argentine star Macy said on the 24th that Barcelona should apologize for being eliminated by Liverpool in the semi-final of the Champions League.

Massey said at the press conference of Barcelona on the 24th: “After losing to Liverpool, we are still recovering. At least I’m still recovering. Our performance is regrettable, which is a painful defeat for us.”

Barcelona won 3:0 in the first round, but was beaten 4:0 by the other side when he was a guest at Anfield Stadium in the second round, thus regretting being out.

Macy said: “We don’t have to apologize for losing, but we should apologize for not doing our best.”

Barcelona will face Valencia in the King’s Cup final, which is the last match of the team this season. During his career, Massey often avoided interviews from reporters. The last time he attended the pre-match press conference of Barcelona was in 2015.

If you can beat Valencia, Barcelona, which has won the league championship, will become the double champion King, but winning the Champions League was originally the most important goal of the team this season.

Macy said: “It is really important to win the double crown, but the defeat still made us feel very uncomfortable. We are all very devoted to the Champions League, so the disappointment is even heavier.”

Defensive counterattack magic pen tears on the field-review of Chinese team group match

Xinhua News Agency, Le Havre, France, June 18 (Reporter Yuedong Xingma Bangjie Yue Ran Ran) the main defensive counterattack nearly broke the gate of the German team, Zhang Rui’s miaoge and Li Ying’s difficult shooting, the fighting spirit of the whole team made Jia Xiuquan, the “iron handsome”, shed tears rarely, and Peng Shimeng’s brave savior’s nine single saves became the highlight of the Chinese women’s football team in this World Cup group match.

At the same time, the three games also reflected the “short board” of the Chinese team: they exposed the gap between the passing and catching skills and controlling the rhythm of the match with the Spanish team in 90 minutes, as well as the lack of ability to grasp key opportunities and control matches in the contest with South Africa, it reflects that the progress of the team in the past four years lags behind the European team which is rising collectively, it indicates that the next top 16 road is still full of tests.

Looking back at the three games, the first battle in Germany can be summarized by a comment from FIFA’s live text broadcast-“Jia Xiuquan’s defensive counterattack tactics are almost perfect”. Indeed, if we can seize one of the three excellent opportunities, the Chinese women’s football team will probably turn the tactics formulated before the match into a victory to change the situation of the team, but the German team still uses top-ranking control, it shows the details of the two World Cup champions and finally wins.

From the three chances of breaking the door of the Chinese team, every time it is a smooth and concise line of cooperation, which reflects the tactical idea of efficiently defending the transfer advocated by Jia Xiuquan, and the results of the girls’ training in the past year. The two passes between guyasha and Wang Shanshan one, the tacit understanding between Zhang Rui and Wang Shanshan all made Yang Li, who had a reasonable position, get a better chance to break the door than the German team. Unfortunately, the pressure that may bring to the first World Cup in his career did not make the shooter feel the best shot.

After the game, around Wang Frost’s substitute status and Jia Xiuquan’s comments after the game, the outside world raised concerns about their loss of soldiers. However, Wang Yan, the team’s only player in the European league, quickly dispelled doubts, saying that Jia Xiuquan treated players like his father and hoped that the outside world would not speculate. This episode did not affect the cohesion of the team. Wang Frost started the second game and played the whole game, gradually recovering the state. However, the frontend, in the tactics of two different systems, has not yet shown her full role in “Greater Paris” in the national team.

In the key battle against the South African team that must win three points, the inside of the quya sand restricted area kicked the door and hit the header, and Wang Shanshan hit the door line, which once again made people worry about the “weakness of the front. At the critical moment, Li Ying shot down the door, turning a non-absolute opportunity into a goal and becoming the greatest hero. However, such a “magic pen” can often be met and cannot be found, the Chinese team still needs to do better in grasping the absolute opportunity.

And even in the face of the recognized weak teams in this group, the accuracy rate of the Chinese team’s passing was only 66%:65%, which showed that there were still many mistakes. Taking the words of the players after the game, it was still “a little tight and impatient” and could not effectively control the rhythm, which gave the South African team many chances to fight back, which also showed the hidden danger of insufficient coordination ability of inpre-market.

At the end of the group match, it can be called the most passive 90 minutes for the three games of the Chinese team. The Spanish women’s football team inherited the transmission and control technology of the country’s men’s football team. It fully controlled the situation by using skilled passing and catching technology, reasonable meeting and running position, inpre-market-level clear three-dimensional offensive, and bold pressure from two-wing side guards.

Chinese players generally seem to be a little tight under the anti-defense tactics. It is difficult to control the ball in the first time to grab return rights, and the passing lines around are often blocked by the other side, you can only use the big foot prequel, and rarely kick out the transmission of more than 5 feet. Although the final draw ensures the ideal result of the exit, the process is completely inferior.

However, as the head coach and the players said after the game, after ensuring the qualification, the whole team won the precious time of tactical improvement and player recovery, this is crucial for the Chinese team who may have a stronger rival than Spain in a few days.

Some thoughts on how to build the brand of bicycle events

BEIJING, April 29 (Xinhua) — Question: Some thoughts on how to build the brand of cycling events

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bowen Xia Liang

today, how to integrate sports into the overall situation of social and economic development, better planning and development of ecological sports has become one of the issues that are paid more and more attention to everywhere. As the head core of the sports industry, how can an event stimulate the local economic vitality, promote the development of the industry and promote the practice of national fitness through the form innovation of cultural creation and business integration, it has become a topic that more and more sports practitioners pay attention.

The cultural connotation of the millennium canal is rich in spirit

starting from the Caoyun Wharf in Tongzhou, Beijing, riding along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with a history of more than 2500 years, stretching more than 1800 kilometers, and finally arriving in Hangzhou. Relying on the World Cultural Heritage Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, a sports event called the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal bicycle Super Challenge has been successfully held for three times. With the characteristics of wide coverage area, long riding distance and passing through many provinces and cities, in the form of the combination of canal culture and sports events, drivers can also feel the wisdom of the working people in ancient China and the long-lasting cultural genes of the Chinese nation while participating in the competition.

“The Grand Canal of China is even more energetic after the success of the heritage application. Nowadays, China’s Grand Canal not only plays the main functions of shipping and promotes the traditional functions of economic development and cultural exchanges along the line, but also derives many new functions with the characteristics of the times, which are beneficial to the protection of ecological environment, the construction of tourism and leisure resources has great potential. For example, cycling enthusiasts have found the pleasure of challenging themselves on this grand canal, which stretches for thousands of miles.” Zhu Minyang, chairman of the World Canal historical and cultural city Cooperation Organization (WCCO), said that this is also the purpose of WCCO as the only international social organization specializing in the canal-taking the canal as a link, promote economic and cultural exchanges between canal cities, realize the connection between people and promote mutually beneficial cooperation.

Deng Qing, secretary general of WCCO, also thinks: “The Grand Canal of China is significantly different from most other world heritages-it is a living heritage. Today, the Grand Canal still plays an important role in transportation, water conservancy, ecology and other aspects. Although it has flowed for more than 2500 years, the Grand Canal is still a young river with infinite vitality.”

The long-term development and growth of an event cannot be achieved without the grounding and cultivation of the event culture. In Deng Qing’s view, the competition can further highlight the history and culture, and show the achievements and elegant demeanour of urban and rural construction along the line. Moreover, under the background of “healthy China”, combining bicycle sports with historical and cultural heritage can not only promote the construction of public health infrastructure, but also promote the protection and utilization of cultural heritage, sports and Culture complement each other and have broad prospects.

Wang Jiancong, CEO of Beijing Blue Sky Green Field Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., the organizer of the Grand Canal competition, agreed. He believes that the reason why the ring law can become a classic cannot be separated from the deep accumulation of a hundred years of history. Only by establishing the unique cultural value of the competition and deeply integrating brand building with cultural accumulation can the deep driving force promote the development of the competition.

“We hope to let everyone fully feel and understand the regional humanistic characteristics and times characteristics along the canal through riding, including water conservancy culture, Caoyun culture, ship culture, commercial culture, food culture and so on, deeply experience the great history of the Grand Canal. Let everyone feel the sports spirit that never gives up and the canal spirit of the new era rich in cultural traditions and sports endeavor.” Wang Jiancong said.

Integration of business forms to explore new paths of regional economic development

at present, sports tourism has become a highlight of the development of sports industry in many places. No matter from the perspective of promoting the reform and innovation of sports industry, or from the perspective of cultivating new forms of tourism, “Sports + tourism” is promising.

As the core of the sports industry, city sports business cards are created through competitions to show the integration and development achievements of sports and culture, tourism, health care, ecological agriculture and other factors, and to cultivate regional sports tourism brands, it is a very recognized and optimistic way for Wang Jiancong.

“If there is no competition to rely on, other things will feel particularly nihilistic. Whether it is derivatives, sports tourism, or equipment sales, relevant training is also good. Only relying on competitions can we build a complete industrial chain.” Wang Jiancong said.

In just a few years, the Grand Canal competition has grown from a simple folk competition to a value platform. The teams participating in the competition, the governments along the way and sponsors all show their own values and images on this platform.

Last year, the State Sports General Administration and other 11 ministries and commissions jointly issued the “bicycle sports industry development plan”, demanding to increase the supply of sports tourism market featuring bicycle riding, encourage scenic spots around the country to build bicycle riding lanes and infrastructure facilities, and initially form riding routes with different themes such as natural scenery, history and culture, difficulty challenges, etc.

As the sub-brand and warm-up event of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal cycling competition, the organizer plans to open a new “cycling Grand Tour” event this year, with a total of 10 stops, mostly concentrated in Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, the scale is about 300-500 people. Through cycling, it is more deeply integrated into local tourism to promote local publicity and promotion and economic development.

For example, Pingyin county, Jinan city, Shandong province has the reputation of “Hometown of Roses” since ancient times. “When we organize the ‘riding day’ activity, it will be combined with local cultural characteristics. For example, in Pingyin station, which will be held on May 3, the roses here are praised as “representatives of Chinese traditional roses”. Riders can not only challenge the track, but also taste rose tea, enjoy the scenery of ten thousand acres of roses.” Wang Jiancong said, “This activity has greatly promoted the local culture, tourism, sports and economic development.”

Events help Fitness Cycling “Deep Breath”

according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 2,000 bicycle races in China, large and small, and the riding population is close to 10 million. With the launch of the “National Fitness Program (2016-2020)” and the “10th Five-Year Plan” for the development of sports industry, the key project status of cycling in fitness and promoting the development of sports industry has been established.

Different from the competitions that professional teams around Taihu Lake and Qinghai Lake participate in, the participants of the Grand Canal event are more cycling enthusiasts and some top folk experts. “The Grand Canal cultural protection, inheritance and Utilization Planning Outline” also points out that encourage cities along the Grand Canal to carry out sports and leisure sports activities and national fitness activities, and encourage social subjects to use the Grand Canal to carry out relevant mass sports activities.

Wang Jiancong believes that the promotion of the concept of great health and the upgrading of consumption make cycling a hot focus in the field of competition and fashion lifestyle.

This year, the competition introduced the concept of intelligence on the basis of commercialization, professionalization, popularization and entertainment, hoping to take the application of new technologies as the carrier, let participants get better and richer sensory experience during healthy cycling. It is understood that the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal intelligent cycling challenge held before is different from traditional cycling events. It adopts the exclusive customized 3D track of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, with a total length of 7.5 kilometers. On this track, competitors can compete with their fellow riders across the limits of time and space by using scientific and technological equipment. They can also enjoy the local conditions and customs of both sides of the canal.

Some experts said that riding itself combines attributes such as commuting, leisure and sports, which is an increasingly popular fitness method in recent years, and the cultural literacy level of participating groups is relatively high. Bi Xuemei, a professor at Beijing Sports University, said that, like marathon, many people only rode bicycles with enthusiasm at the beginning, and as more people took part in cycling, it is necessary for relevant departments to strengthen grass-roots sports guidance, build more convenient service platforms, and guide enthusiasts to follow the riding rules. Cycling will enter an era of virtuous circle, riding will also better serve the national strategy of national fitness.