2020 sports consumption scale is expected to reach 1.5 trillion fitness hot boost consumption hot

In 2020, the scale of sports consumption is expected to reach 1.5 trillion yuan.

Fitness hot boost consumption hot

How much are you willing to spend to “burn calories? With the growing popularity of health concepts, sports consumption is gradually becoming a new growth point of residents’ consumption.

Recently, the State Sports General Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission issued the action plan to further promote sports consumption (2019-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the plan), it is proposed that by 2020, the total scale of national sports consumption will reach 1.5 trillion yuan, and the proportion of per capita sports consumption expenditure in overall payout will increase significantly, and the structure of sports consumption will be more reasonable.

Facing the new weather and new problems of sports consumption, how to encourage and expand sports consumption and make the structure of sports consumption more reasonable?

Cultivate consumption habits

The purpose of the launch of the plan is to promote the continuous upgrading and expansion of sports consumption, further develop the sports industry in expanding domestic demand, promoting the transformation and upgrading of economic structure, promoting employment and cultivating new dynamic energy of economic development, meeting people’s growing needs for a better life, and promoting the construction of a sports power and a healthy China.

The main goal of the plan is to significantly improve people’s concept of sports consumption by 2020, gradually develop sports consumption habits, improve sports consumption facilities, and optimize sports consumption environment, the supply of sports consumption products and services is richer, and the sports consumption policy is more sound. The total scale of national sports consumption reached 1.5 trillion yuan, the proportion of per capita sports consumption expenditure in overall payout increased significantly, and the structure of sports consumption was more reasonable.

In order to achieve this goal, the plan puts forward seven key tasks, including enriching sports consumption formats, cultivating sports consumption concepts, improving sports skills, expanding sports consumption space, optimize the development environment of sports consumption, improve the policy system of sports consumption and strengthen the protection of sports consumption rights and interests.

National fitness is also the key content of sports consumption. The plan clearly states that it is necessary to strengthen the publicity of sports culture, popularize daily physical exercise, and lead plus-sized sports consumption brands. For example, we will continue to hold activities such as “National Fitness Day”, “New Year’s rise” and “popularization of mass winter sports”, and carry out sports activities such as entering institutions, entering enterprises, entering campuses and entering communities to promote institutions, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, etc. implement the inter-workshop exercise system. Give full play to the exemplary role of sports stars and sports talents, advocate one hour of fitness every day, innovate the forms of fitness activities, carry out recreational and interesting activities, and guide consumers to form sports hobbies and consumption habits.

Cultivate consumption formats

Speaking of the development of sports consumption, the road running industry represented by marathon can be described as “The Spring River plumbing duck Prophet”. According to the statistics of China Track and Field Association, in 2018, there were more than 1300 road races with more than 800 people and more than 300 cross-country races, and the number of participants was close to 6 million. Sports consumption created by running and other national fitness sports has become a highlight of residents’ consumption. During the “Double 11” period in 2018, the total sports consumption of Taobao’s two e-commerce platforms in Tmall exceeded 6 billion yuan, and the total number of transactions on the whole platform reached 20 million. Among them, the total consumption of running led the consumption of all sports categories.

Some insiders pointed out that running is the basic ability of sports and the exercise with the lowest threshold. Therefore, the sports enthusiasm of Chinese people first broke out on the road and stimulated sports consumption. In the future, with the popularization of sports habits and the upgrading of sports, sports consumption will also be upgraded.

Ou Xiaoli, director of the social department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said earlier that the current structure of China’s sports industry has been continuously optimized, and the added value of sports service industry accounts for more than 50% of the added value of sports industry, the growth rate of fitness and leisure industry and competition and performance industry both exceeded 20%. Sports consumption such as aviation, fencing, mountain outdoor and so on is booming, becoming a new hot spot of sports consumption. In addition, new modes of sports consumption and new formats are constantly emerging, and the development trend of sports industry from point to line, from line to surface is increasingly prominent.

The increase of sports consumption population has driven the expansion of the entire sports industry market. In recent years, the data of sports industry has also become a bright color of China’s economy. According to the data released by the State General Administration of Sports recently, the total scale of China’s sports industry in 2017 was 2.2 trillion yuan, and the added value was 781.1 billion yuan, up 15.7% and 20.6% respectively, and the proportion of added value in GDP exceeded 1% for the first time.

Perfect consumption structure

Despite the rapid development, many insiders pointed out that China’s sports industry and sports consumption are still in the primary stage. Although China’s economy has surpassed the “explosion point” of the development of sports industry, which is US $GDP8000 per capita, there is still a big gap between the consumption scale of developed countries.

The consumption structure is unreasonable. In 2017, the total output of China’s sporting goods and related products manufacturing industry accounted for more than 60% of the sports industry, while the competition and performance industry accounted for only 1.1 percent. Some insiders pointed out that at present, the demand for participating sports such as fitness, leisure and training is growing rapidly, while the ornamental competition and performance industry has not yet formed a complete business model. How to build high-quality events and promote the development of the whole sports industry is the necessary problem to resolve sports consumption development.

Wang Yuxiong, vice president of the School of Sports Economics and Management of Central University of Finance and Economics, said that once new consumption, including sports industry, is started, it may accelerate growth in the future. If the restrictive factors such as the supply of sports products and services and the construction of sports infrastructure are continuously improved and promoted, the trend of rapid growth of sports consumption is more obvious.

For sports consumption, the plan proposes to actively guide the competition to watch consumption. Support social forces to hold various competitions at all levels and create a batch of influential and high-quality brand competitions. Speed up the reform process of professional events such as football and basketball, and give full play to its leading role as a sports consumer. Enrich the supply of holiday sports events and expand more events to second-and third-tier cities to meet the needs of the masses. Encourage all regions to adjust measures to local conditions, give full play to their own resource endowment advantages and national traditional sports and cultural advantages, and cultivate local characteristic events.

The integration and development of “Sports +” industry is also an important way to create new forms of sports consumption.

Bao Mingxiao, director of China sports Economy Research Center, proposed that the integrated development of sports and tourism, culture, commerce and so on would be the inevitable road for the development of sports industry. Solve the problem of a single industry through the consumption link of sports scenes. For example, “Sports + tourism” can effectively solve the problems of single tourism structure, strong seasonality and low return rate. The seasonal fluctuation of tourism in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region can be solved through the holding of sports events.

Liu Di

Zhan Huang’s part-time movie star will miss the World Cup

Space Jam 2 Stills

(Reporter Liu Ailin) according to US media reports, leBlanc James, the NBA superstar Zhan Huang who is currently playing for the Lakers, will not participate in the 2019 FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup held in China from the end of August this year to the middle of September, but he may take part in the basketball competition of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. This was mentioned by James when he disclosed his off-season plan to American reporters on April 1.

The Lakers have completely missed the NBA playoffs this season, and the club has officially announced that James will miss the remaining regular season games of the Lakers. In other words, from now until the start of the NBA New season, it will be James’s off-season. James said in an interview with The Athletic reporter from The US media, “I don’t really want to miss The rest of The season, but this is The club considering for me.”

This summer, an important task of James is to shoot the movie “Space Jam 2”. The photographer will even build a regular basketball court specially, so that James can keep training after shooting. James said, “I will not participate in this year’s World Cup, but I may participate in next year’s Olympic Games. I like the Olympic Games. Of course, it will also depend on my physical feeling.”

It is understood that the 2019 FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup will be held in eight cities in China from August 31 to September 15.