Variation of Evergrande foot School”

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 7th issue: “variations” of Evergrande Football School

Xinhua News Agency reporter Gongbing, Wang Haoming, jinghuai Bridge

founded in 2012, set up a Spanish branch in 2014, implementation of the “one-stop” mode; In 2018, all free enrollment began, and only elite students were recruited…… Evergrande Football School in the reform and upgrading is performing a “variation”.

Xinhua News Agency reporter recently visited the world’s largest boarding foot School which was certified by Guinness. Children sweated like rain on the court and listened attentively in class, this school gives people the impression of being ordinary and not ordinary.

“One-stop” mode

The president of Evergrande Football School introduced ya-Jun Wang that Evergrande realized at the beginning of entering the Chinese football field that the bottleneck of Chinese football development was that the football population was too small and excellent young talents were extremely scarce. Therefore, the main purpose of the establishment of foot School is to expand the football population. The number of students in the school once reached 2800, including both elite students and ordinary students, among which ordinary students include children with little football foundation.

“We became a foothold school in 2012 and a Spanish Branch School was established in 2014. In just two years, we explored the” one-stop “mode of domestic cultivation and foreign studies. Our foreign teacher comes from Real Madrid, and children can accept the cultivation of world football powers without going abroad. Since the age of 13, we have chosen the best 25 children to study in overseas branches for five years every year. Children from 7 to 10 years old who entered school in 2012 are now 14 to 17 years old in Spain. Some people say that the youth training of Evergrande has not achieved much yet. In fact, we have already entered the first team of Evergrande. This year, there will be bugrahan, Cai Mingmin and Luo Han Bowen, zhang Linyan, who was born in 2001, was elected to the national team of adult women’s football last year and appeared on the stage.” Ya-Jun Wang said.

“We believe that the” one-stop Dragon “model conforms to the rules of training Chinese youth football talents. Chinese children generally have poor Football Foundation and awareness. No matter in terms of body or confrontation, Spanish football style is suitable for Chinese players. This model has been implemented for nearly five years, and the effect is very good. We have trained more than 3,000 young people at all levels. Even if these children return to the local area, they will be helpful to the revitalization of campus football and the improvement of the overall level of Chinese football.”

Free enrollment

In 2018, Evergrande Football School began to recruit students for free. “free” covers learning, training, competitions and daily food and clothing.

Why did you make this kind of reform? Ya-Jun Wang said that with the increasing dividends of football reform and the development of campus football, youth training institutions and club echelon, the youth football population gradually expanded. Evergrande Football School changed its thinking and only recruited talents, elite students with good foundation.

Free means the cost increases. “It is estimated that each child spends more than 500000 yuan per year, especially in training and competition.” Ya-Jun Wang introduction.

Lack of matches, especially high-level matches, is the bottleneck hindering the development of Chinese football. To this end, Evergrande began to hold the International Football Championship in 2018, inviting the intercontinental champion or the top 100 club echelon (U17) to participate in the competition, it aims to give Chinese players the opportunity to compete with the world’s first-class youth training teams, provide display opportunities for players with outstanding abilities and talents, and also provide a testing stage for coaches to explore and cultivate players. The championship will not only bloom in China, but also be held in Madrid, where the Spanish campus is located, providing high-level competition opportunities for “further study” children. According to ya-Jun Wang, Evergrande will invest 50 million yuan every year in the Madrid championship.

“Small age (under 13 years old), we guarantee at least 40 games a year. About 50 matches between 13 and 16 years old. About 60 games over 16 years old.”

The Third International Championship will be held in football school on April 8. The Madrid Championship has two seasons each year, covering four ages from U14 to U17. Each age group can play 48 games. In addition to other invitational competitions, there are 55-60 games a year, which is in line with the number of international top youth training events, “We have given corresponding incentives to ensure that the opponents (Madrid Championship) are not coping. Now the winning rate is probably above 55%, which indicates that the children in our Spanish campus are still good.” Ya-Jun Wang said.

The survival of the fittest “Wen Wu” simultaneously

the capable, the mediocre.

It is not uncommon for a team to be adjusted out of Evergrande Football School due to lack of ability. For this, some children choose to stay while others leave. This kind of pressure virtually improves the competition among children.

Zhao Yueming from Beijing is a team leader of the 2008 age group. After entering the football school in 2016, he changed from a striker to a central defender. At first he didn’t want to play this position, but now he has gradually adapted. His physical quality is outstanding, he is tall, one-on-one defensive ability and high-altitude ball handling ability are outstanding, and he has a long shot ability, which has become the magic needle of the team.

Even so, he is still worried about whether he can keep his main position. This may be one of the reasons why he still wants to move his feet and watch TV and always choose “world football” in his spare time. Fan chuanxia, the accompanying mother, had the same worry. Once other children came for trial training, she would often inquire about where to play and whether it would pose a threat to her son.

Fortunately, his son’s cultural performance is good, which makes fan chuanxia feel at ease. In addition, the foot School and Wuhan University of Science and Technology jointly established the football college. Some colleges and universities are specially recruited. Players from overseas branches can apply for foreign preparatory courses, fan chuanxia was not worried about his son’s way out.

“My son once told me that even if he can’t play in the future, (with knowledge reserve) he can also be a coach, referee and football narrator.”

However, fan chuanxia still hopes his son can kick it out after all. As a member of the team, Zhao Yueming is likely to go to Spain for further study. Fan chuanxia is also ready to go abroad to study in the future.

Evergrande Football School has paid attention to the study of cultural courses since its founding, and specially recruited teachers. The daily courses are mainly cultural courses and supplemented by football courses.

Liu Zhenhua, who teaches junior high school English, is a member of about 160 cultural teachers in foot School. He started playing football at the age of 7. He once represented his hometown team in the Sichuan provincial competition and was also a football referee. The identity of “knowing the ball” brings convenience to his teaching, “I can combine teaching with football scenes to facilitate students’ understanding”.

“I am often asked if playing football will affect my study?” Liu Zhenhua said, “In fact, children who are good at playing football often learn well; Moreover, we study in culture classes as well as ordinary schools, and our English scores are similar to the average scores of Qingyuan fresh district where the school is located.”

However, the children in the foot School will indeed not be able to attend classes completely normally due to going out to competitions, and the foot school has introduced a supplementary class system for this purpose. For example, when students are absent from class for more than ten days and go out in a team, they will send teachers to follow the team for guidance. At the end of the supplementary course, the teaching department checks the supplementary lesson plans and students’ practice review, and issues an analysis report based on the students’ mid-term and final exam results, and feeds back the inspection results to the teaching department for inclusion in the teacher assessment. For children, if they want to play football and learn a good harvest, they must improve their learning ability and time management ability.

Former Real Madrid famous player Ricardo started to be the competition training director of Real Madrid foreign teacher team in football school last year. He hoped that children would like football and enjoy football, emphasize the team concept, and look forward to “cultivating teammates around stars”.

“Many players in the same group with Macy are excellent, and they give him enough support on the growth path of Macy. The same is true for Ronaldo. The growth of superstars is not isolated, and he also benefits from the help of his excellent teammates around him.”

He also mentioned one of the ways to improve competition-putting children of two or even three ages in one group and advocating “playing big with small”.

The Chinese coach Ma Shuai of the first team of the 2008 age group was deeply touched by what Ricardo said. He said that Spanish football attached great importance to the shaping of Team consciousness and the training content was very rich. “compared with adult training, our training may (strength) be slightly smaller, but there is no difference in the complexity of the scene”. (Finished)

Henan Jianye foreign aid doraddo tibial fracture will be treated by surgery

Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, March 3 (Reporter Liu Jinhui) on the afternoon of the 3rd, in the first round of the competition between Henan Jianye and the Dalian side Chinese Super League, the foreign aid of Jianye Enrick dorrado was mixed up by one player, resulting in fracture of the right leg and shank, surgical treatment will be performed.

Song Xiaodong, the chief orthopedic physician in the East hospital district of First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, said that considering Dora is mostly a professional player, in order to ensure his career, he will adopt an “interlocking nail” Surgical treatment plan.

According to the introduction, the operation of interlocking nail is to implant steel nail into bone marrow. Nail nail surgery is minimally invasive with little trauma, and can exercise in a faster time after surgery. However, “one hundred days of injury and movement of muscles and bones” requires a long recovery period even for athletes to perform nail nail surgery.

This season, Dorado transferred from the BA a Giants flamenco team to Henan Jianye, which was the first Super League game he played on behalf of Henan Jianye.

In the 27th round of last season, Brazilian striker Karanjia of Henan Jianye found his spleen broken after the match and was forced to be removed. At present, Karanga is still unable to play and is undergoing rehabilitation training.

Ring Central Plains 2019 bicycle race Luoning station perfect ending

The opening ceremony. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The National Experience group. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The picture shows the game site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The picture shows the game site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The picture shows the game site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The picture shows the game site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The picture shows the game site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The picture shows the game site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The picture shows the game site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The picture shows the game site. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

  Yuyi network Luoyang, April 28th(Reporter Deng Xiaoqiang Yang Xu) “landscape and countryside, beautiful Luoning. Healthy and casual, ‘Riding ‘is endless.” On the 28th, the sports lottery, known as “racing in the sea of flowers”, the five-ring Sports Cup 2019 Central Plains bicycle open Luoning station ended perfectly. According to reports, this competition attracted 12 countries including the United States, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Dongpo village, Mongolia and 16 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, including Shanxi, Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan, 432 players from the autonomous region and administrative region gathered in Luoning. They passed through a 5-kilometer-long locust flower promenade in Qiongshan Mountain, Xiaojie township of the county, and completed all the events after enjoying the beautiful scenery of flowers. Tens of thousands of spectators watched the competition passionately along the way.

After the opening ceremony on the morning of April 27, more than 1,500 cycling enthusiasts from all over Luoning participated in the 5km competition of the national experience Group. What followed was the men’s team of the road elite competition. With the sound of a starting gun, the race riders, such as the arrow of the string, drove into the track go by like the wind, and the cheers and shouts on both sides came one after another…… Riders started a competition of speed and passion in the beautiful scenery of Luoning, enjoying the endless fun brought by sports events.

After two days of fierce competition, Muzychkin Anton from the male naimead-panda team won the men’s 80km elite team championship with a score of 1:54:49.684, Wang Jianhua, Xinxiang cavalry camp Club, naimead-panda team player Baasankhuu Myagarsuren. He Chong, an individual contestant, picked up mountain bike boys a grade and Group B respectively, and the women’s team won the crown. The men’s group of Luoyang local mountain bike race and the women’s group of Luoyang local mountain bike race were also won the championship by Zhang Zhun and Li Jinpan respectively.

The main stadium is selected in Yuli Mountain, Xiaojie township, Luoning County. The mountain is the main peak in the eastern part of the mountain in western Henan province. The pine forest is hidden, the winding path is quiet, beautiful flowers, the grass grows and flies, and the sophorae flowers planted along the road form the “ten li sophorae promenade”, refreshing, it not only creates a picturesque competition environment for riders, but also is a good place for tourists to visit.

The event was hosted by Henan Provincial Sports Bureau, Henan Provincial Sports Federation, Youth Work Committee of the Party Central Committee of China Zhi Gong Publishing, Henan Provincial Committee of Zhigong Party, Henan Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Luoyang Municipal People’s Government, and undertaken by Luoning County People’s Government. The competition project includes 80 kilometers of men’s group in road elite race, 30 kilometers of mountain bike race boys a grade, 30 kilometers of men’s Group B in mountain bike race, 15 kilometers of women’s group in mountain bike race, and 15 kilometers of men’s group in Luoyang local mountain bike race, luoyang local mountain bike race women group 15 kilometers.

It is understood that the central plains Cycling Open has been held for 5 consecutive years since 2015. At present, it has become a national fitness brand competition covering the whole province, throughout the whole year and involving all the people. The men’s and women’s Group A and Group B of mountain bike race provide a platform for riders from all over the country to meet their friends. The men’s group of road elite race is the most competitive project among domestic and foreign cyclists, which can fully demonstrate the charm of cycling. This year’s Open has 16 stations in total, and Luoning station participated as the sixth station of this competition.

In recent years, Luoning County has insisted on taking tourism industry as the strategic leading industry to build “strength Luoning” and focusing on the overall positioning of “Landscape and countryside, beautiful Luoning, taking the construction of” one corridor and five districts “as a breakthrough to develop global tourism, we not only pay attention to the event itself, but more importantly, we can perfectly integrate green riding with 100 cities to improve quality and efficiency, and fight poverty, to create a beautiful, beautiful and happy city with beauty, heritage, order, security, temperature and spirit, and has formed a 4A level scenic spot of shenlingzhai, tourist attractions such as Luoyang Sancai International Pottery Village and Qiongshan sports and leisure area have achieved comprehensive rural revitalization in the whole region. (Finished)