The Chinese team wing sail was damaged before the International Sailing Grand Prix in San Francisco

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 1st, the organizing committee of the event reported on the 1st that on April 30, local time, the Chinese team was severely damaged in the first practice of the International Sailing Grand Prix in San Francisco. Fortunately, there were no casualties. At present, the racing ship is being inspected and the cause of the damage is confirmed.

When the accident happened, six participating fleets, including the Chinese team, were in practice. Recalling the thrilling moment, Chen Jinhao, the crew of the Chinese team, was still concerned: “The game has been very smooth. Our ship speed is very fast. After running to the downwind section, the angle of the water wing rises and the rudder leaves the water surface, at the moment when the rudder effect failed, the bow suddenly fell into the water, so the speed of the ship suddenly dropped from more than forty knots to 0 knots, and the upper end of the trailing edge of the wing sail twisted into S-shaped under the strong impact force……” Fortunately, no personnel were injured.

At present, the Chinese team has launched an emergency repair plan. In order to avoid further damage, after the accident occurred, the crew fixed the damaged wing sail with steel wire at the first time and transported the racing boat back to the port for comprehensive inspection with the assistance of the shore team. After preliminary inspection, one side of the 24-meter wing sail was torn into three sections, there were obvious cracks in the middle of the skeleton, and the cover film Edge of the ship was also cracked in a large area, whether there is any fault in the electronic system and the control system is still under further detection. Graham Torrell, the regatta manager, said: “It is less than 4 days from the competition. We need to fully investigate the cause of the failure and step up the repair work. The task is very arduous!”

“Among several fleets, the Chinese team is very young and has limited experience in Hydrofoil sailing, but we have high hopes for San Francisco station, so although it is a practice competition, everyone has reached the extreme.” Bruno Dubois, the director of the Chinese team, said, “Today is the first time the crew have practiced in such a windy day. Although they have encountered unexpected accidents, their performance is excellent and their growth is obvious, I believe we will tide over this difficulty together!”

Captain Phil said frankly that there would be losses, but more importantly, he should concentrate on the present and the competition a few days later, or try his best to spell out the best results.

The International Sailing Grand Prix San Francisco station will be held on May 4-5 local time. At that time, the Chinese team, the Japanese team, the American team, the British team, the French team and the Australian team will drive the F50 hydrofoil catamaran to compete together.

Wimbledon launches major rule reform. The long platter final victory can only reach 12 square meters.

Xinhua News Agency, London, April 30 (Reporter Prince Jiang) a major rule reform will be launched in Wimbledon Open of 2019. The previous “long platter final” system will no longer be used in every game, but when the two sides hit 12:12, they decided to win or lose through “grab seven.

According to the previous rules, one side can win at least two games ahead of the opponent after reaching 6:6, which leads to too long delay in many matches. For this reason, the longest game in the history of Wimbledon played 11 hours and 5 minutes, which was the men’s singles game in 2010 when American player Isner defeated French player Mahut, and the final win hit 70: only 68 will determine the outcome.

Richard Lewis, CEO of Wimbledon, announced the decision at the conference held on the same day. He said that the new scoring rule would be implemented in all qualifier matches, men’s and women’s singles and doubles. The wheelchair project competition still implements the original special rules.

The organizing committee also revealed that the Winnet competition bonus this year has increased significantly, reaching 38 million pounds (about 0.3344 billion yuan) award amount, up 12% year on year. Among them, the prize money for the men’s and women’s singles champion is 2.35 million pounds (about 20.68 million yuan), up 4.4 percent year-on-year. Players who entered the first round of the men’s and women’s singles can get 45,000 pounds (about 396000 yuan), up 15% year-on-year.

However, the serve timer that has already been used in this year’s Australian Open may only be used by Wimbledon next year.

The organizing committee also led the reporter to visit a new No. 1 Stadium. The mobile ceiling of the stadium will be put into use for the first time in this summer’s competition, and the number of audience seats in No. 1 stadium will also increase to 12345.

In addition, since 2020, the ticket purchase method of Wimbledon has undergone major reforms, and the ticket purchase method of sending letters to participate in the lottery for 95 years has been implemented to give way to the lottery on the Internet. Since 1924, Wimbledon requires all fans who want to watch the game to first send an envelope with a personal address to the organizing committee to ask for a registration form, fill out the form and send it back to the organizing committee to get the lottery qualification.

This year’s Wimbledon competition will be held on July 1-14.

Chinese women’s team chess world team grand wins eight consecutive wins in advance

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 13 (reporter Lu Yuchen, Wang Jingyu) the reporter learned from the Chinese Chess Association that in the eighth round of the 2019 chess world team championship held in Astana on the 13th local time, the Chinese women’s team easily defeated the American women’s team and won eight consecutive victories, winning the championship in an early round.

This is also the fourth time that the Chinese women’s team won the women’s chess world team championship after 2007, 2009 and 2011.

After the first seven rounds, the Chinese women’s team led the defending champion Russian women’s team with a 3-point advantage. The Chinese team is in Shenyang for a break this round, which consists of Tan Zhongyi, Huang Qian, Lei Tingxi and Ding Yixin. However, the opponent of the Chinese team in this round, the American women’s team, was relatively young, led by ablahamyan Ye Shiwen, Fuyi Suo and Wu Ruoyan, among which Wu Ruoyan, a Chinese teenager, just turned 13.

Tan Zhongyi, the back of the former world chess game, established an advantage after the start, and easily defeated abramhan young in less than 30 rounds. Since then, both Huang Qian and Lei Ting have found each other’s flaws in the fierce fighting and won a Black win and a white win, announcing in advance that this champion belongs to the Chinese women’s team! Four sets of Ding Yixin and Wu Ruoyan later ended with chess in the final game of the motorcade. The Chinese women’s team easily defeated the American women’s team at 3:1 and won eight consecutive victories.

“I am really happy to win the championship again after eight years! We girls can win all the eight battles this time and play so stably. We won the championship in an early round, which is really awesome!” Yu Shaoteng, coach of the Chinese women’s team, said. He said that the Chinese women’s team was not optimistic Before This World League match, but the girls all played every game with a peaceful mind, and every round and every game played steadily, dare to fight in key sessions.

Yu Shaoteng also thanked the team members for their full trust in their troop arrangement. According to his introduction, the strategy of winning the Olympic Games last year was still used in this world tour. In white chess, Tan Zhongyi and Lei Tingyi scored the main points of two arrow clusters, in black flag, there were many strong backing such as Huang Qian, the God of Dinghai, to ensure the score, maximizing the advantages of each team member as much as possible.

In Men’s match, the Russian men’s team also won the championship in advance. The defending champion Chinese men’s team defeated England 3:1 in this round. Ding Liren and Wei Yi won Zhibai. Yu Yiyi and Bu Xiangzhi held black and Chess. Currently, the Chinese men’s team ranks fourth temporarily. Next, the Chinese men’s team will play against Kazakhstan in the last round.