Ye Shiwen won the second gold in the Championship. 200 frog creates the best individual and will become the main item.

Ye Shiwen data map. Taken by Wu Junjie, China News Agency reporter

China News Service, Qingdao, March 29 (Ma Yuanhao) the 2019 National Swimming Championship will continue on the 29th in Qingdao. Ye Shiwen, the Olympic women’s medley champion, won the second gold medal in this championship with his personal best score of 2 minutes 23 seconds in the women’s 200 m breaststroke final. Ye Shiwen said after the game that he would prepare for the project as an individual main item in the future.

At the London Olympics, Ye Shiwen, who was only 16 years old, was surprised by four people because he only won two gold medals in the 200-meter and 400-meter medley and broke a world record and an Olympic record. In 2014, Ye Shiwen studied in Tsinghua University with the support of Xu Guoyi, the Meritorious coach and teacher of the Chinese swimming team, and stopped swimming in 2017.

Seeing the Tokyo Olympics approaching, Ye Shiwen took the initiative to contact Xu Guoyi and expressed that he wanted to stand on the Olympic stage again. “He had been afraid of the competition in the low Valley and hoped to defeat himself in the Tokyo Olympics”, and began preparations in the summer of 2018.

In addition to restoring the 200-meter and 400-meter medley in the “Old Line”, Ye Shiwen also took the women’s 200-meter breaststroke as one of the main projects in the Tokyo Olympic cycle. After returning to the Beijing station of the first swimming world cup, Ye Shiwen achieved a good result of 2 minutes 21 seconds 90 in this project, and to the Singapore station of the World Cup two weeks later, ye Shiwen improved his performance by 3 seconds.

The 200-meter breaststroke competition in this championship is the first competition of this project in the national stage after Ye Shiwen returned, and it is also an important step for him to strive to stand on the gwangzhou world championship. In the final, Ye Shiwen fully showed the effect of winter training. The gap between the 100-meter distance and other players was opened. With his later outbursts, he won the gold at 2 minutes 23 seconds 46.

After the water started, Ye Shiwen was calm and calm, and he didn’t breathe at all. “The result is expected, quite satisfied. After the semi-finals, I was sure to win the gold. Of course, today’s result can be better. Breaststroke practice is not much, just think this project has potential. When I first returned, 70% of my energy was devoted to Medley, and breaststroke accounted for only 30%. After that, the training focus may be placed on breaststroke, which will gradually become the main item.”

Ye Shiwen said his goal was to “break through the Demons”. “If you want to be competitive in the world, you need to improve at least 1 or 2 seconds on the basis of today’s performance.”

“Ye Shiwen is enjoying the training at present. I used to ask her to practice, but now she is suffering and tired from taking the initiative to receive the training. After she went to Tsinghua University to study, she matured a lot. As for the result of the competition, I told her that as long as she worked hard.” Xu Guoyi said. (Finished)

Putin says judo training helps to look at life positively

Xinhua news agency, Moscow, February 14 (Reporter Liu Yang) Russian President Putin conducted judo training in a sports center in the southern Russian city of Sochi on the 14th. Although his fingers were slightly injured during the training, Putin still said that judo training made him feel at ease and helped him look at life positively.

Putin came to the “Southern Sports” Sports Center in Sochi on the 14th, communicated with many boxing, judo and wrestling players gathered here, and then received an hour of judo training.

In the warm-up exercise, Putin played one-on-one tricks with Judo Masters. Putin successfully fell down several players, but was put to the ground by Natalia kuztina, the bronze medalist of women’s judo in the 2016 Rio Olympics. In the trick with a player, Putin accidentally hurt his right ring finger. He returned to the stadium after simply bandaging with medical tape on the sidelines.

After the training, Putin said that practicing judo not only helps to relax the mind, but also enriches the physical fitness. “engaging in physical exercise will improve the level of adrenaline and the mood will be improved, the way of looking at life has also become different”.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games volunteer service action plan released

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 10 (reporter Ji Ye Wang Yong Wang qinou) on the 10th, the 1000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics was held in the Olympic Park. With the 1000-day number lit up on the Ling Long Pagoda big screen, beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee released the “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games volunteer service action plan”, officially launched the Winter Olympic volunteer service work.

Zhang Jiandong, vice mayor of Beijing and executive vice chairman of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee, said that volunteer service is an important guarantee for the successful holding of previous Olympic Games, and volunteers are the beautiful business cards of an Olympic host city. Facing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games, the Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee will further unite the strength of global volunteers and make contributions to successfully holding a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic event. Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games have set up 5 volunteer service projects, including: early volunteer project, test volunteer project, Games-time volunteers Project, city volunteer project and volunteer service Heritage transformation project. In order to expand public participation, six operation plans will be set up, including publicity and mobilization, recruitment and selection, public welfare practice, education and training, incentive and retention, and post operation.

It is understood that the high-profile recruitment of Games-time volunteers will be officially launched in December 2019.

According to the human resources department of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee, according to the second edition of personnel plan currently agreed with the International Olympic Committee, 27000 people are planned to be recruited for the Winter Olympic Games Games-time volunteers, and 12000 people are planned to be recruited for the Winter Paralympic Games. From the perspective of personnel composition, it is mainly divided into general volunteers and professional volunteers. For the Winter Olympics, professional volunteers have higher professional skills requirements, especially sports volunteers need to master more skilled ice and snow sports skills. Therefore, BOCOG encourages athletes who Master ice and snow sports skills to apply for professional volunteers and give full play to their strengths.

There are mainly 6 types of sources in Games-time volunteers, including: college students and postgraduate volunteers, middle school students volunteers, volunteers from various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, volunteers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese volunteers, and international volunteers. The recruitment methods and registration methods of these six types of volunteers are basically the same. On the one hand, individuals can submit application through the Internet; On the other hand, BOCOG will authorize or entrust relevant organizations to mobilize and organize group registration in the local area.

In order to fully mobilize social forces to participate in the Olympic Games, the video of the Communist Youth League in Beijing and Hebei released ten demonstration projects of voluntary service for “welcoming the Winter Olympics” in Beijing and Hebei, for example, “guard red flag · welcome National Day” dream Youth Volunteer Service project, “Ice Warrior · I am a pioneer” ski team dry snow skills training project, “Flying Winter Dream · shining youth” Winter Olympics propaganda volunteer service project, “clear water and blue sky · Green Olympics” ecological environmental protection volunteer service project, etc, beijing and Hebei will organize a unified action of volunteer service demonstration project on May 11.

Yang Yang, the first Winter Olympic champion in China and chairman of the athletes committee of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee, Zhang Hong, the champion of Winter Olympic Games, and Han Xiaopeng, the first men’s champion of Winter Olympic Games skiing events in China. The representative of cross-border athletes is Zhang Peimeng, a famous actor, director, wu Jing, vice chairman of China Film Association, young actor Tong Liya, and young volunteers jointly issued the “dedication to Winter Olympics · Dream Future” initiative, calling on global volunteers to actively participate in and devote themselves to Beijing Winter Olympics volunteer service.