The Football Association’s rectification ceremony is hard to stop the red card from flying all over the sky.

The Chinese Super League has produced 10 red cards in the 3 rounds of this season, setting the highest record in the same period of the league.

In the competition between Chongqing SWAY and Shenzhen Kaisa on the evening of March 31, SWAY foreign aid Fernan Godinho and deep foot GE Zhen were successively dominated by Ma Ning red cards. So far, this season, the Super League has three rounds of battle, it has produced 10 red cards in total, setting the highest record in the same period of the Chinese Super League.

In the warm and cold season, the “red light everywhere” of the Chinese Super League runs counter to the original intention of the Chinese Football Association to do all kinds of measures to maintain the league Gypsy style competition. The “heavy ceremony” of the industry management department can not restrain the outbreak of irrational emotions of a few competitors, and the success or failure of “tutor” has become a serious topic for all clubs.

10 red cards in the first three rounds

The highest in the same period of chuangchao

In the SWAY match with deep foot, Fernan Godinho stretched his foot on Zhang Yuan’s ankle, while GE Zhen kicked the latter after competing with SWAY foreign aid Adrien. In Nanjing, Dreher foreign aid Raphael stuffy the ball to the face of Suning player Tian Yinong. The fouls of Fernan Godinho, GE Zhen and Raphael vary, but the commonality lies in that their actions are not against the ball but against people. The action that led to the red card was of no value to the game. They were all blamed for their emotional control.

Counting the 4 red cards in the third round, 10 red cards have appeared in the three rounds ahead of this season. Although Fuli Lulin’s red card was caused by the accumulation of two yellow cards, like the top three players who directly leading red, Lulin, as an old player, did not control her emotions well, after receiving the first yellow card, he was reluctant to the referee.

The accumulation of 10 red cards also set the highest number of red cards in the same period of the Chinese Super League. In the first round of the Chinese Super League, there were 5 red cards, which tied the first round of the domestic top league in history. Against the background that two negative examples of Shenhua’s Bo Jiajun and Sun Shilin were severely punished by the club and the Chinese Football Association in the first round, individual players did not seem to be shocked. Therefore, when Raphael repeated that Oscar’s depression that year, some people could not help but wonder why after the Football Association’s “heavy ceremony”, similar bad stadium disciplinary acts were still banned repeatedly?

Football Association strictly Gypsy style season

The effect is not as expected

In terms of governance, the Chinese Football Association is not dedicated. Last spring, the Chinese Football Association launched a “system of the first responsible person of the Gypsy style competition management club” aimed at cracking down on disciplinary violations of the stadium and curbing violence and non-sports moral factors to dye the league matches “, the Gypsy style performance of each club in various domestic competitions is linked to the management responsibilities of the general manager and even the chairman of the board of directors of the club as the” first responsible person. Some media even interpreted that once the relevant work was not effective, the “first responsible person” even faced the danger of finishing class.

In terms of strictly regulating the Gypsy style competition discipline, the Chinese Football Association maintains the labor rights and interests of players as laborers, and imposes penalties on the Chinese Football Association discipline standards. That is, the “disciplinary penalty” commonly known by the outside world has been revised in a new round. The economic cost of punishment for specific violations of discipline will be increased, and at the same time, combined with the Labor characteristics of the industry, it will be combined with the actual situation in defining the suspension of disciplinary practitioners, and be in line with relevant international rules. At the same time, by strengthening education and preaching, the players’ self-discipline awareness, rule awareness and respect for football awareness can be improved. However, in the past three rounds, the effect did not meet the expectations of all sectors.

Lack of Enlightenment education for players

Need to strengthen “family education” for teenagers”

It is understood that in order to improve the Gypsy style competition and maintain the quality of education, the Chinese Football Association has specially improved the pre-league joint meeting system. Specifically, before the start of each round of league matches, relevant personnel will emphasize the maintenance of the Gypsy style competition period at the joint meeting, and combine the characteristics of various clubs and even players, key requirements were put forward for individual players, and even special exhortations were made for referees. But just like Bai Jiajun and Sun Shilin, the situation of the players “understand before the game, be confused during the game, and regret after the game” is still one after another.

A relevant person told the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily on April 1, “In fact, the Chinese Football Association and the club are very helpless. Some feasible measures have been introduced, and the emphasized requirements have been put forward more than once, but it is still impossible to prevent the emergence of red card disciplinary action “.

Then the reason is that some league practitioners and industry managers agree that compared with all kinds of governance and warnings at this stage, players obviously lack the intensity of receiving relevant education in the stage of enlightenment of becoming talents, some concepts of playing football have been deeply rooted in their growth. In addition, in terms of emotion management, different players also have differences due to their different self-discipline, cultural accomplishment and understanding ability.

Practitioners generally believe that aggravating punishment is a way, not a way to cure the root cause. The Education of clubs and industry management departments needs to further form the normal state. Next, the club must put “tutor” in an important position in its own construction, including echelon at all levels of the club, especially the education of the majority of young echelon practitioners must be strengthened.

Wen/Our reporter Xiao Yi

Shi Zhiyong: I want to show myself too much, but I carry the burden

Xinhua News Agency, Ningbo, April 22 (reporter Xia Liang) in the case of two world records of snatching, Shi Zhiyong, the three world records holder of men’s 73kg class, nearly frying pot in the clean and low competition of weightlifting Asian Championship on the 22nd, fortunately, the last one turned the tide. After the game, Shi Zhiyong was extremely depressed and choked when attending the press conference.

“In fact, Ningbo is the place where my dream started, so I really want to show my best level in front of my hometown father and old man in this competition back home.” Shi Zhiyong said that because of the cultivation of Ningbo people, he finally achieved his dream of becoming an Olympic champion.

In the snatch competition, Shi Zhiyong took a weight of 160 kilograms when he opened it. It was almost after everyone completed three trials. After his teammate Yuan Chengfei failed to test 161 kilograms, Shi Zhiyong opened the success and locked the snatch champion in advance. Second, Shi Zhiyong asked for 165 kilograms. If he successfully lifted it, he would break the world record of 164 kilograms snatch held by himself. Grab the bar and send it up in one go, Shi Zhiyong created a new world record.

Under the condition that the world record has been broken, Shi Zhiyong did not give up the third chance to test, but added the weight to 168 kilograms instead. He successfully lifted it again. In less than two minutes, Shi Zhiyong broke the world record.

“I practiced very well in the whole winter training, and the competitive state also reached a record high. Before, someone asked me what is the goal of this Asian Championship? I said that in my home court in Ningbo, I have the final say of the 73kg world record.” Perhaps the Snatch was too smooth, which made Shi Zhiyong bear too much pressure in the next jerk competition.

The clean and jerk competition is Shi Zhiyong’s strong point. When he opened it, he weighed 193 kilograms. What surprised the audience at the scene was that Shi Zhiyong failed twice in a row and faced the danger of frying pot.

“Maybe I want to show it too much, and then I feel that my strength is very strong, so I feel excited when I play, and I don’t show my usual domineering, so I didn’t lift it.” Shi Zhiyong said angrily.

After the successful trial of the last 193 kilograms of teammate Yuan Chengfei, Shi Zhiyong had no choice but to continue to aggravate the last one. Fortunately, Shi Zhiyong finally withstood the pressure, and the total score also created a new world record. “Breaking the world record is the place to be happy in this Asian Championship. The jerk is your own strength, but the more strong it is, the easier it is to take it lightly. I am a typical example this time.” Shi Zhiyong said that next, we will conscientiously sum up the experience and lessons of this time.

After the Asian Championship, Shi Zhiyong will devote himself to preparing for the World Championship, and the Tokyo Olympics is undoubtedly his ultimate goal. “I know everyone has high expectations for me, but the charm of competitive sports is that when the competition is not over, no one knows who is the champion, so the Tokyo Olympic Games still has a long way to go, I really need to keep a clearer mind when I go back.”

1:0 Rick Korea Chinese women’s football team won the championship of the four countries

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, January 20 (Reporter Jing huaiqiao) Meizhou Wuhua International Women’s Football Championship ushered in the final on the 20th. With Wang Frost’s assistance in the first half of the game, the Chinese team scored Guya sand, and the Chinese team’s 1:0 Reke Korea team, won the championship in this four-nation competition.

In the initial stage, facing the Korean team’s aggressive tactics, the Chinese women’s football team seemed to be a little uncomfortable, making opponents frequently create threats in front of the restricted area. Although the scene was not dominant, the Chinese team seized the opportunity to break the door first. In the 15th minute, the Chinese team got corner chances. Wang Frost passed the ball to the back point. Guya Sha Lingkong got the best shot, and China got the lead from 1:0.

Shortly after the start of the second half, Wang Frost and Ren shanzhu collided during a competition. After Wang Frost fell to the ground, Ren shanzhu kicked Wang Frost. Li Ying stepped forward to help Wang Frost come forward, and finally Li Ying and Ren shanzhu each got a yellow card. Because both sides adopt the tactics of fighting all over the court, they consume a lot of physical energy for the players. At the end of the game, many players had cramp. Both sides failed to score goals despite mutual attack and defense.

With the goal of guyasha, the Chinese team defeated South Korea at 1:0 and won the championship of the women’s four nations. In another match, Nigeria beat Romania 4:1 and won the third place.