The International Table Tennis Federation announced the latest issue of the world’s ranking. The national table covers the top three men’s and women’s singles.

Report from our correspondent (trainee reporter Zhan Yue) The International Table Tennis Federation announced the latest issue of world ranking yesterday. Fan Zhendong and Ding Ning continued to occupy the top spot in men’s and women’s singles, the top three of the two singles lists are from the Chinese table tennis team.

In the ranking of men’s singles, Fan Zhendong ranked first for 11 consecutive months, and Shanghai player Xu Xin ranked second, lin Gaoyuan, who won the Hungarian Open two weeks ago, exchanged positions with Japanese teenager Zhang Benzhi and rose from fourth to third. And five to ten are still Bohr, caldrano, Li shangzhu, Huang Zhenting, Dan Yu filial piety and Jun Mizutani. In addition, Malone ranked 12th, and Liang Jingkun’s ranking continued to rise, reaching 16th, creating a new high in his personal career.

In terms of women’s singles, Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling continued to rank in the top two, while Chen Meng, who lost Gui in the Hungarian Open women’s singles project, rose from the fourth to the third place. Japan’s best players Kasumi Ishikawa dropped from third to fourth. Liu Shiwen, Wang Manzhen, ITO Meicheng, Zheng Yijing, Hirano Meiyu and Feng Tianwei were still ranked five to ten.

Despite the top three men’s and women’s singles, the Chinese table tennis team has not slacked off. The World Table Tennis Championships, which will be held in Budapest, Hungary from April 21 this year, will be a test for the national championship. The straight-through trials of the World Table Tennis Championships are about to start. The qualifiers will be held on February 12-17. The final stage will be held from February 28 to March 3. Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Lin Gaoyuan, Liang Jingkun, Wang Chuqin, ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, Zhu Yuling, Chen Meng, Wang Manqi and Wu Yang entered the final stage directly. However, due to the lack of training recently, Zhang Jike, who has received much attention, has voluntarily given up this straight-through match.

The opponents of Guozhen are also making corresponding preparations. The South Korean table tennis team’s trials were fierce; The Japanese table tennis association announced some of the World Table Tennis Championships last week. Jun Mizutani, Zhang benzhihe, Dan Yu Xiaoxi, Jicun and Hong played men’s singles, while the women’s singles were Kasumi Ishikawa, ITO Meicheng, Hirano Meiyu and Sato pupil, the remaining two places will be produced on March this year.

ITTF Museum went to Budapest, Hungary to carry out ping-pong culture tour

Xinhua News Agency, Budapest, April 26 (reporter Jiang Xue) the ITTF Museum and the Chinese table tennis museum were invited by the International Table Tennis Federation to go to Budapest, Hungary, where the 55th World Table Tennis Championships were held for an 8-day tour.

Thomas Victor, chairman of the ITTF, accompanied by his entourage, visited the ITTF Museum special exhibition located at the main venue of the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest. Li tuoheng, the deputy curator of the ITTF Museum and the Chinese Table Tennis Museum, received Victor and his party, and introduced the exhibits and exhibitions of this tour to them. Thomas gave high praise and praised the special exhibition.

ITTF Museum brings 35 sets of precious collections such as early ping-pong equipment, books, newspapers, trophy medals and so on to this exhibition. Around the exhibition area, the historical development of table tennis for 100 years is introduced in the form of exhibition boards, so that the audience of the World Table Tennis Championships, the officials of the International Table Tennis Federation and the teams can feel the cultural feast outside the competitive competition while experiencing the fierce competition of the World Table Tennis Championships.

Prospect of short track speed skating World Championship: the situation of Chinese team is grim, the rise of Europe resists the “Korean Wave”

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 7 (Reporter Liu Yang) the 2018-2019 World Short Track Speed Skating championship is about to start in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The Chinese team with poor performance in the World Cup series this season has sent all the main players to participate in the competition, strive to prove yourself again in the final battle of the season. The United “European team” will challenge the traditional strong team South Korea, and may even stage a good show of “seizing the power of the shift.

After the 5th round of the World Cup this season, the world championship of the final drama will be held on March 8-10. The Chinese team will send a full-force lineup headed by Wu Dajing, the champion of the Winter Olympics, to play. After the beginning of the new Olympic cycle, due to the need of upgrading, the Chinese team hid the main force and sent a large number of new players to play in the 5-stop World Cup, resulting in an extremely flat record this season, only won four gold medals in the first two races, among which there were three strong men’s 500 meters from Wu Dajing. In addition, they also won 2000 m men’s and women’s mixed relay gold medals, after the three races, there was no performance of riding the dust.

The Chinese short-track team is currently “Yang Sheng Yin decline”, and the overall strength of the women’s team needs to be strengthened urgently. Due to the poor performance in the World Cup this season, the women’s team ranked eighth in the traditional advantage project 3000-meter relay and failed to qualify for the women’s relay in this world championship, which is the first time in the history of the world championship in recent years.

Judging from the current situation of the Chinese team, the men’s 500 meters is the biggest “winning point” of the Chinese team in the Sofia World Championship “. Due to the absence of the last three races, Wu Dajing ranked second in the world, behind South Korea’s Lin Xiaojun, but he was still the favorite to win the championship. The official website of the International Federation of skating predicts that Wu Dajing, Lin Xiaojun, Canadian veteran Gerrard and South Korean famous General Huang Daheng will all launch an impact on the champion. The battle between Lin Xiaojun and Wu Dajing is most worth looking forward.

In addition, the Chinese team has the strength to win in men’s relay, women’s 500 meters and men’s and women’s mixed relayrace.

In preparation for the World Championships, the Chinese team has been conducting closed training since the end of the World Cup, and the list of the world championships was also difficult to be released one day before departure. Chinese team coach Li Di didn’t want to say much about the competition goal before the competition. She said: “Now it is only the first step from the 2022 Winter Olympics, and only laughing until the end is the real strong. The Chinese team currently needs confidence, determination and persistence.”

After the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, although all teams in the world are in the stage of upgrading and recuperating, the overall “European team” with remarkable achievements in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang has developed rapidly, in the World Cup this season, he has “fought against the South Korean team”. After the World Cup series, the Netherlands, Russia, Hungary and other European strong teams and the South Korean team took the top place in the world in 9 men’s and women’s projects. Among them, the world ranking champions of women’s four projects are all included by European teams.

Zhang Jing, the Chinese coach of the Hungarian team, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency that “joint training” has become a major means for European strong teams to enhance their strength. Everyone competes with each other in an atmosphere of mutual learning, so as to realize a virtuous circle of increasing overall strength.

Zhang Jing said that from the perspective of the World Cup this season, although South Korea changed its coach male and female teams, its technical movement and ability level are still “far ahead” in the world and remain strong in the World Cup. Therefore, whether the European strong team can resist the “Korean wave” in Sofia is expected.

In the relay project, the Russian women’s team bottomed out and rebounded. It has already been outstanding in the 3-stop World Cup and won the first place in the world. Whether it can dominate the world championship is a big attraction. In addition, although the Hungarian team, the gold medalist of the men’s relay in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, performed well in the season, Liu Shaoang, the main force, will miss the World Championship due to a palm fracture in the last race, which will undoubtedly bring a blow to the Hungarian team. Zhang Jing said: “After Shao Ang was injured, we really lost some competitiveness in relay. This year, we still ranked first in the world. As long as the team improves steadily every year, we are not in a hurry.”

In the men’s and women’s mixed relay project, China, Hungary, Russia, Canada and Italy have equally scored five World Cup champions. Who can be the king in the world championship will be the biggest suspense.