Wrestling Asian Championship: tolbatu perfectly “conquers” Asia

Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an, April 27 (Reporter Yao Youming) on the 27th, the 2019 Asian Wrestling Championship ushered in classical wrestling competition. The Chinese player tolbatu burst out with amazing fighting power under the condition of the Chinese legion “all horses and horses”. He used his strong upper limb strength to make his opponent injured in the strong confrontation to withdraw from the final battle, get the only gold medal for the Chinese team that day.

Compared with free falls, classical wrestling tests the upper limb strength and anaerobic ability of players more. In addition to tolbatu, the champion of the National Games, all the players sent by the Chinese team on the same day were not qualified for medals in the preliminary stage. Among them, 55kg players Zhou yunwall, 77kg players Zhang Ridong and 130kg players Meng lingzhe were eliminated after their first appearance, the Shaanxi player Peng Fei, nicknamed “flying General”, lost to Iranian Hawthorne Norley in the first round of the 87kg class competition. In the resurrection competition, he regretted that he lost to Japanese player jiao ya and failed to compete for medals.

Tolbatu eliminated Kazakhstan players and Iran players successively in the 63kg competition and entered the final. His opponent in the final was the defending champion, currently, tasmadoff, the second-largest Uzbekistan player in the world, ranks in this project.

Tasmadoff had previously publicly stated that he had a stomachache in the past two days, but in the final, he got 2 points first. Tolbatu’s mouth was bleeding, with strong upper limb strength, the opponent is in a dangerous state, and 2 points are recovered. After the opponent pushed tolbatu out of the boundary and took another 1 point, he fled to the protected area. The Chinese players surpassed the score by 4:3. Immediately, the Uzbekistan players chose to withdraw due to injury, and the Chinese team won the first gold in classical wrestling.

“It’s really incredible. I won the gold medal in the Asian Championship. This is my first time to win a medal in the world championship. I’m really excited!” Tolbatu said. When talking about the situation of his opponent, he said: “tasmadoff is the third place in the Rio Olympic Games. The runner-up in the world championships last year was very strong, and I myself was defeated in his hands in the past, so I always wanted to beat him. But when he withdrew from the competition due to injury, he felt sorry for him, and the sports competition was so cruel.” In addition, tolbatu also said that even if the opponent did not withdraw from the game, he was confident to win the game.

Kim Xuanyu, the flag bearer of the Korean delegation of the Incheon Asian Games and the Korean “Grand Slam” level wrestler, swept the Indian players at 8:0 in the final and easily won the men’s 77kg Championship. In other competitions, the champions of 55kg, 87kg and 130kg were won by Uzbekistan players barokmov, Iranian Nori and Amiru respectively. On the 28th, this Asian Championship will usher in the last competition day.

The China Tian Association severely punished three Chinese players with abnormal results in the Boston Marathon.

On the 18th, the China Track and Field Association issued a penalty notice on its official website, which imposed a lifetime ban on three Chinese players who performed abnormally in the Boston Marathon in 2019.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 18 -chinese Track and Field Association issued a penalty notice on its official website on the 18th, three Chinese players with abnormal results in the Boston Marathon in 2019 were punished for life-long ban on participating in domestic marathon events.

The China Association of Athletics said in the notice that after investigation, in the 2019 Boston Marathon, Chinese athletes Wu Zhaofeng and Zhao Persil forged the results of domestic competitions, and Chinese athlete Zhang Jianhua privately transferred bib number of the illegal competition.

The incident has caused adverse effects on China in the society, and when the Chinese track and field association learned the situation from me, the three people refused to communicate. In view of the above situation, the China Track and Field Association imposed penalties on three people who were banned from participating in marathons and related sports events held in China for life.

In the notice, the China Association of Athletics said that it would resolutely and seriously deal with all kinds of violations of discipline and discipline and purify the stadium in accordance with the rules, regulations and China marathon management regulations. We hope that the participants can jointly maintain the competition order and healthy development environment of Chinese marathon.