The 14th Winter Flame lit the winter torch relay officially started

Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, May 1 (Reporter Zhu Wenzhe) on the 1st, the holy fire of the 14th Winter Games of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “the 14th Winter”) was successfully collected at the “May 1st meeting site” in wulanhaote city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the “14th Winter” torch relay was officially opened.

The collection of the holy fire and the torch relay ceremony of the “14th Winter” take the synchronous way of the main venue and the sub-venue. The collection of the Holy Fire is carried out at the “May 1st meeting site” of the sub-venue, and the torch relay ceremony is held in May 1st square of the main venue.

At 09:30 A.M., the Holy Fire collection ceremony officially began. Under the witness of 14 Mongolian Holy Fire Girls, a Mongolian boy held a fire-picking stick to the concave mirror and successfully collected the holy fire at the “May 1st Meeting Site. Later, a Mongolian holy fire girl saved the holy fire in the fire lamp. Under the escort of four Mongolian wrestling hands, she took a float to Wuyi Square.

After the Holy Fire reached Wuyi Square, Gao Zhidan, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, lit the holy fire basin with fire lights. Buxiaolin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and chairman of the autonomous region, handed it to the first torch bearer after lighting the torch in the holy fire basin, olympic champion Zhang Xiaoping, the “14th Winter” torch relay officially began.

31 torchbearers passed the torch on the 4.7-kilometer urban road at the Hinggan League station of the 14th Winter, passing through the former office site of Inner Mongolia autonomous government, the former office site of Inner Mongolia Party Committee, the sculpture of “flame red Xing’an” finally reached the end of the torch relay, ulanmu riding Palace Square.

The successful collection of the “14th Winter” flame marks that Inner Mongolia has officially entered the “14th Winter” time. The torch will start from Xing’an League and be transmitted in 12 Alliance cities in the region, setting off the winter heat, blow the winter transportation LaCorne.

“I am very excited to participate in the torch relay in my hometown. I wish this winter games will be held smoothly.” Torchbearer Shi Yudong expressed his hope that the convening of this event will drive the development of China’s ice and snow sports.

During the torch relay at Hinggan League station, 200 Mongolian Primary school students dressed in costumes and greeted the holy fire with cheerful songs and dances; 70 Old, Middle and young people, three generations of ulanmu riders, performed “The sun rising and falling in the grassland” affectionately; Nearly 1,000 middle school teachers and students jumped up aerobics in the melody of “standing on the grassland looking at Beijing…… The performance matrix around both sides of the road not only reflects the integration and connection of the cultures of all ethnic groups in Inner Mongolia, but also shows the era style of Inner Mongolia’s children of all ethnic groups in the new era.

Weightlifting Asian Championship: Li Li Jun broke the world record three times Hou Zhihui easily lost Gui

On the 21st of the 2015 Asian national championship of weightlifting and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games qualifier, the second match day was entered. The Li Li army created a new world record of snatch, clean and jerk and the total score in the men’s 67kg class, hou Zhihui also easily lost in the women’s 49kg class competition.

Xinhua News Agency, Ningbo, April 21 (reporter Xia Liang) on the 21st day of the 2019 Asian national championship of weightlifting and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games qualifier, the second match day was entered. Li Li Jun created a new snatch in the men’s 67kg competition, the three world records of clean and jerk and total scores won the championship, and Hou Zhihui also easily won the 49kg women’s competition.

In the men’s 67kg competition, the Chinese team sent Li Li army and Feng Lvdong to fight. In the snatch competition, Li Li army led all the way and created a new snatch record with a score of 154 kilograms in the third place. In the following clean and jerk competition, the advantage of Li Li army was more obvious. He took 178 kilograms of weight in the opening, and this weight was ranked third at the end of the competition.

In the second Test, Li Li Jun directly chose the weight of 185 kilograms, and he was also in one go in the cheering shouts of the audience, creating a new world record for clean and white, it also raised the total record to 339 kilograms.

Although he broke the world record three times, Li Lijun said modestly after the game: “Because it is 67kg after all, I used to get 333kg in 62kg, so I have to cheer up, continue to work hard and cannot be proud.”

In the women’s 49kg competition, Hou Zhihui is undoubtedly the biggest hit in winning the championship. In the World Cup held in Fuzhou in February this year, Hou Zhihui won the championship by breaking the world records of snatch and total score.

In the snatch match, Hou Zhihui’s biggest competitor came from teammate Zhang Rong. Both of them lifted 88 kilograms easily. Zhang Rong failed to lift 92 kilograms twice later, while Hou Zhihui successfully lifted them. In the last one, Hou Zhihui asked for 95 kilograms, which exceeded his world record of one kilogram. Unfortunately, he failed to stabilize during the delivery process. Unfortunately, he passed the new snatch world record.

Compared with the uproar competition, the jerk competition is fierce. After North Korean player Li Shengqin successfully opened 109 kilograms, the second 114 kilograms exceeded Hou Zhihui’s 1 kilogram. Hou Zhihui succeeded in the last trial of 116 kilograms. Li Shengqin saw the hope of hitting the champion of the jerk and decisively added the last weight to 117 kilograms, but it did not succeed. In the end, Hou Zhihui won the first three scores of Snatch, jerk and total score, Li Shengqin won the second total score, and Zhang Rong ranked the third total score.

Although there is a difference of 2 kilograms from the world record of 210 kilograms held by myself, Hou Zhihui, who won the championship, is extremely excited: “because the preparation time is very short, I was a little scared at the stage before. For me, I felt that it was another breakthrough, so I would be happier.”

The Women’s 45kg competition held on that day was not the level of the Olympic Games. The Chinese team did not send players to participate in the competition. Vietnamese player Wang daixuan won three championships: Snatch, jerk and total score.

Bach: The world’s turbulent Olympic spirit is more important

Xinhua News Agency, Lausanne, June 25 (Reporter Prince Jiang Gaopeng Ji Ye) International Olympic Committee President Bach said here on the 25th that people are now facing a turbulent world, the Olympic spirit is more important under such circumstances. He called on all governments to respect the Olympic spirit, because only the Olympic Games can unite people all over the world for “peaceful competition”.

Bach made the above statement in his speech at the 134th plenary session of the International Olympic Committee held here. He said that the Olympic spirit advocated by Coubertin “has passed the test of time”, today, when we are constantly trying to split the world, it is necessary to review the Olympic spirit advocated by Coubertin.

He said: “There is not a day when we cannot hear the news that nationalism, protectionism are getting worse and each other is broken. In this dangerous world, we see more isolation, more separation and more confrontation, while less and less cooperation. This shows us that Olympic values are as important as ever.”

He also said: “Only the Olympic Games can unite the whole world and compete peacefully. Only when everyone participates can the Olympic Games unite the whole world. Therefore, everyone should respect the Olympic spirit and unite under the Olympic banner.”

Bach called on governments of all countries not to promote sports competitions for commercial interests, because it violated the Olympic ideal. He refers to the International Swimming League of folk swimming events launched last year, which is highly sought after by many famous swimming players because of its generous bonus. Finally, under the intervention of FINA, the new event originally planned to be held at the end of December was forced to be canceled. After the FINA, it was announced that the total bonus of the short Pool World Championship held in mid-December increased significantly, hoping to compete with the new events and appease the athletes’ mood. FIBA has encountered a similar situation in Europe.

Bach said: “Sports without values are just entertainment. Although Olympic Games must also attract people, they must not be just entertainment.”

“We emphasize values. We organize competitions for athletes from all sports. No matter whether these competitions are commercially successful, we are not running competitions to pick peaches.”

Bach will attend the G20 summit in Japan on 29th and will deliver a speech at the conference. He stressed at a press conference last week: “The core message I want to convey to leaders of all countries is, the Olympic Games is the only event that can unite athletes and refugee athletes from more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Everyone follows the same rules and lives in the same village, compete peacefully.”