Ramos said that the Champions League did not deliberately eat the yellow card against Ajax.

Xinhua News Agency, Madrid, February 14 -real Madrid football team captain Amos’s remarks after the Champions League 1/8 final against Ajax on the 13th caused controversy, but later he clarified that, he did not deliberately eat the yellow card in order to suspend the second round.

Real Madrid beat Ajax 2:1 away in the first round of the Champions League 1/8 final on the 13th. Two minutes after his teammate Assensio scored a winning goal in 87 minutes, he got a yellow card because he knocked down dorberry roughly, so he accumulated three yellow cards and suspended one game, missing a round of match against Ajax at home. But from the perspective of Lamos, if Real Madrid can successfully advance to the quarter-finals, such suspension will be beneficial for him to participate in the quarter-finals.

Lamos once said after the match: “In fact, due to the result of the first round, if I say I don’t have that idea in my heart, it is a lie. This is not to underestimate the opponent, but sometimes you have to make a choice at a specific time, and I also made my choice.”

But an hour later, Lamos clarified on his personal social media Twitter: “I want to clarify that this yellow card has caused me more losses than anyone else, I didn’t ask for this yellow card on purpose, just as I didn’t eat the yellow card on purpose in the Champions League against Rome before. In the next round, I will support the team like a fan in the stands, hoping that we can reach the quarter-finals.”

According to the Champions League rules, all red and yellow cards and suspension penalties will not be brought into the semi-finals. However, players who deliberately eat yellow cards for a specific suspension may be punished by UEFA. For example, in the Champions League last season, amos’s teammate cavajar was suspended by Uefa for two games because he deliberately ate yellow cards during the group match.

Cannavaro served as the national football coach Lippi as the consultant Evergrande 8 people were selected

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 15 (ou Xingrong) the official website of the Chinese Football Association announced tonight the new national football training list. Cannavaro will be the head coach of the national team, Lippi will be the consultant, 23 players from 9 Super League, among the Chinese club, as many as 8 people in Guangzhou evergrandetaobao were selected, becoming the first largest in the international team. Wu Lei, who has attracted much attention, is not on the list.

The national football team participated in the 2019 “China Cup” International Football Championship in preparation for this training. On March 15-26, it organized and participated in the training in Nanning, Guangxi. The First Battle of the National Football China Cup was against Thailand at 19:35 on March 21.

The list of training personnel

(1) coaches and staff

Head Coach: Cannavaro

consultant: Lippi

leader: Liu Dianqiu

deputy leader: zhang He

management: Liu Yong, Huang Weitao

Assistant Coach: Paul, Francesco

goalkeeper coach: Raleigh

physical coach: Ji’an, Fuqi

Doctor: casterazi, wang Shucheng

Rehabilitation Division: Coty, gold and daylight color, Gao Jianguo, Zhang Yanrui

Technical Analysis: Liu Zhiyu, Yi Qiang

Scientific Research: Sui Han

Press Officer: Che Hengzhi

translation: li Bai, Wen Qian, Weng Shuhang

equipment management: Guo Rui, Chen Xi

(II) athletes:(23)

Shanghai Shanggang: Yan Junling, Fu Huan, lü Wenjun

Guangzhou evergrandetaobao: Zeng Cheng, Feng xiaiting, Gao Zhiming, Liu Yiming, Zhang Linying, Zhang Xiuwei, He Chao, Wei Shihao

Shandong Luneng Mount Tai: Wang Dalei, junmin

Beijing Zhonghe Guoan: Li Lei, Zhang Xianzhe

Jiangsu Suning: Li Ang, Wu Xi, Xie Pengfei

Hebei Huaxia happiness: Jiang Zhipeng, dong xuexeng

Tianjin Tianhai: Wang Yongpo

Chongqing SWAY: Peng Xinli

Changchun Yatai: Tan Long

Why did the “chemical reaction” happen to science and technology enterprises, the Premier League and the new Army of China and B “?

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, February 21 (reporter Li Hualiang, Xue Chen, Wang Haoming) a family of industrial intelligence and service robot enterprises, a rapidly rising Premier League in recent years, a new army in China’s low-level league…… These three seem to be out of reach for eight or pole, and their respective cities are far apart. Recently, they have come together. How did the “chemical reaction” occur between them?

You must choose Science and Technology, City Football Group and China jianteng sports industry fund recently held a press conference in Chengdu, Sichuan, announcing the joint acquisition of China-B Sichuan Jiuniu football club. According to relevant sources who did not want to be named, the proportion of large shareholder’s holding is relatively close, and you must choose the largest shareholder among them.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, youzhixuan Technology was established in 2012. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating artificial intelligence and service robot research and development, platform software development and application, and product sales. China jianteng sports industry fund was jointly established by Chinese culture group and Sequoia Capital in 2017, focusing on investment in sports industry, especially the establishment of IP and long-term sustainable development, it is the focus of its investment.

City Football Group owns many football clubs around the world, especially Manchester City, the new Premier League rising in recent years. In addition to Manchester City, it also includes Australian Super Melbourne City, Major League New York City, Japan J League Yokohama F. Marinos and other clubs, most of which are in the top leagues in their respective locations. However, the acquired Sichuan Jiuniu was established soon, and it entered the big list of China B in the 2018 season, ranking the 24th in the end.

Why did you choose to buy a low-level league team? Zhou Jian, CEO of Youbi technology, said: “Sichuan Jiuniu’s main player is Sichuan nationality. We are very optimistic about the future development potential of Sichuan Jiuniu. Compared with yesterday and today, we care more about tomorrow. I think we have this opportunity to lay a good foundation and step by step.”

In the view of City Football Group CEO Feran Soriano, this acquisition is “a natural extension of the existing strategy” of City Football Group “. He said: “This investment in China has always been our dream. We have been working towards this goal continuously in the past four or five years. We firmly believe that China has great opportunities, can play an important role in the world football field. This is a very good starting point. We think Sichuan needs an excellent football club. Our goal is to develop Sichuan’s football industry and hope to train some young football players, to cultivate this market.”

Among the three acquiring parties, excellent technology seems to be the most “distant” from the sports field, but in fact, this technology company has already set foot in the football field, it signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Manchester City for the first time in October, 2016, and announced the continuation of strategic cooperation in August, 2018. Excellent robot products have appeared in Manchester City’s home court and activities planned for Manchester City fans.

“The development of football has no longer relied on simple hard training as in the past, but also needs the support of technology and data behind it. We should look at football from a cross-industry perspective.” Zhou Jian gave an example: “For example, in the future, artificial intelligence system can help coaches manage players and quantify the impact of players’ behaviors on goals by learning a large number of competition data in daily training, at the same time, the overall situation of the players is evaluated and their future performance is predicted. In actual matches, there is also an opportunity to help the coach formulate and update the game strategy in time.”

According to Zhou Jian, among the three parties jointly acquired, excellent science and technology and China jianteng sports industry fund will be mainly responsible for commercialization and football popularization, city Football Group will be mainly responsible for the team’s work in professional fields such as competitions and training.

In the view of the acquirer, “youth training” and “sustainability” are the key words of Sichuan Jiuniu’s future development. Feran Soriano said: “I hope to help Sichuan Jiuniu become one of the top clubs in China. This cannot be achieved overnight, so we will support the development of Sichuan Jiuniu in a sustainable way. We will have a correct rhythm to provide the club with the necessary resources to keep it steady every step. Our investment is not only money, but also experts, professional knowledge, technology, etc. We will ensure that athletes can receive the same training as in Manchester City, and can reach the same training level as our other clubs.”

“Chinese football can not break the future by taking money, but needs to establish a comprehensive, professional and healthy system starting from youth training.” Zhou Jian said that in addition to continuously providing excellent players, youth training is also an important way to support long-term development in the future. Chinese football often invests heavily at the club level, but excellent science and technology and other partners believe that we should start from the foundation, truly move towards the capital market, self-actualize, and achieve a longer-term development in the future.

The 7th Asian Beach Handball Championships kicked off in Weihai, Shandong

Xinhua News Agency, Jinan, June 15 (reporter Wang Yang) on the 15th, the 7th Asian Beach Handball Championships opened at the International Beach sports base in Nanhai New District, Weihai.

On the court, nearly 400 athletes from 18 Beach Handball teams from 14 Asian countries and regions presented the audience with wonderful international beach handball competitions. The competition lasted until June 24, and all 18 participating teams will have a total of 58 matches in 7 days. During the competition, each team will strive for the qualification of the 9th world Beach Handball Championship in Italy in 2020 and the First World Beach Games in the United States in 2019 through fierce confrontation.

Cheng Qiao, deputy secretary general of China Handball Association, introduced that this event was hosted by the Asian Handball Federation and was the first time that the Asian Beach Handball Championship was held in mainland China. As a new sport, Beach Handball has developed rapidly under the promotion of the International Federation of handball and the Asian Federation of handball in recent years and has become an official event of the Youth Olympic Games. The international beach sports base of Weihai Nanhai New District, which is used to undertake events, is a professional stadium that highlights coastal ecological characteristics and integrates professional events, sports, leisure and entertainment, it is the first national beach handball training base in China approved by the National Sports General Administration’s hand Music baseball and softball Sports Management Center.

“One reason why I chose to hold this international event in Nanhai New District is that the climate here is very good and the venues are well equipped. Another reason is that Nanhai New District has held many high-standard sports competitions, rich experience in event assurance.” Cheng Qiao said.