2019 China International Badminton masters China team locks men’s singles champion

Xinhua News Agency, Haikou, March 16 (reporter Wang Cunfu) on the evening of 16th, the 2019 China (Lingshui) International Badminton Masters competition ended the semi-final competition, and the Chinese team got the final qualification in all five projects.

In the women’s singles project, Zhang Yiman entered the final, and she will compete with South Korean player Jin Jiane for the championship.

In the men’s singles project, Weng Hongyang defeated Indian player lakshsen in three games and met with teammate Liu Haichao in the final.

In the women’s double project, Liu Xuanxuan/Xia Yuting of the Chinese team eliminated his teammate Chen Xiaofei/Zhou’s ultra-sensitive combination to advance to the final, another group of Chinese players Chen Yingying/Zhang Shuxian regretted the South Korean combination.

Man pair ou Yiyi/Ren Xiangyu and Guo xinwa/Liu Xuanxuan of the mixed doubles project also advanced to the final.

On March 17, the competition for the championship and runner-up seats will be launched. In order to improve the appreciation and competitiveness of badminton and enhance the influence of high-quality players and star players, the World Badminton Federation (BWF) integrates Super Series and Grand Prix into a new tour system, China (Lingshui) the International Badminton Masters competition belongs to the sixth level competition, which is approved by the World Badminton Federation, hosted by the China Badminton Association, guided by the tourism and cultural radio and television sports department of Hainan province, and undertaken by the People’s Government of Lingshui Li autonomous county of Hainan province.

Gymnastics World Cup Melbourne final: China team harvested two gold and three silver on the first day

Xinhua News Agency, Sydney, February 23 (Guo Yang, Chen Yu) the first round of the final was held on the 23rd of the 2019 gymnastics World Cup Melbourne. After fierce competition, the Chinese team gained two gold, three silver and one bronze, among them, Liu Yang and Fan Yilin won men’s rings and women’s high-low bar individual championships respectively.

On the evening of the 23rd, men’s rings, pommel horses, floor exercises and women’s high-low bar and vaulting horse individual finals were held at Melbourne Stadium.

In the men’s rings final, Liu Yang, who ranked first in the qualifying competition, continued his previous excellent performance and won the championship with 15.166 points. Chinese team player Youhao and Brazilian rings star Zanetti are divided into two or three again.

In the men’s saddle horse field, Chinese player Weng Hao not only has high difficulty in action, but also has good completion quality. Li Zhikai, the Asian Games champion of Chinese Taipei team, is also as impeccable as entire exercise. In the end, Li Zhikai won the gold medal with 15.266 points. Weng Hao was only 0.033 points behind and won the silver medal. Japanese player Hasegawa will win the bronze medal.

In the men’s free gymnastics arena, Philippine rookie Carlos edrier Yulo scored 14.566 points in the final. The Japanese player shibuyou won the silver medal, and the Spanish player Zapata shared the bronze medal with the British player Canning.

In the women’s high-low bar final, Fan Yilin, the champion of the two world championships, won the championship with 14.833 points. Another Chinese player LV Jiaqi also performed well and won the runner-up.

Chinese women’s vaulting horse rookie Yu Linmin won the bronze medal in the final. Although South Korean teenager LV Ruixing made a mistake when the first jump landed, he still took 14.266 points for gold because of the highest difficulty coefficient. The 44-year-old Uzbekistan player Qiu sovikina played a stable role and won the silver medal with 14.200 points.

The 2019 gymnastics World Cup Melbourne station was held in February 21-24. This competition is one of the qualifying competitions for gymnastics events in Tokyo Olympic Games. On the 24th, men’s vaulting horse, parallel bars, single-shot individual finals, women’s balance beam and free gymnastics individual finals will be held.