Enlightenment of Asian Cup ending “effect before World Cup”

Enlightenment of “the effect before the World Cup”

The Asian Cup came to an end. Qatar, who entered the top 4 Asian Cup for the first time, defeated Japan, the champion of the 4 Asian Cup, 3:1 in the final, become the 9th champion in the history of Asian Cup.

Qatar has successfully reached the top. Youth training and domestication are the factors that cannot be bypassed. However, from a more macro perspective, the “pre-World Cup effect” makes Qatar’s football enter the “Fast Lane”.

“Pre-World Cup effect” means that countries that have won the right to host the World Cup often have enough time to prepare for the event, thus generating positive effects. This effect is also reflected in the Olympic Games. In general, the Olympic Games decide to host the city seven years in advance. In this way, the country where the host city is located will prepare for the competition in seven years, and the competitive performance will also be improved. For example, in the 2004 Olympic Games, Britain tied ninth with South Korea in the gold medal list and medal list; After London won the hosting of the Olympic Games of 2012 in 2005, Britain ranked fourth in the gold medal list in the 2008 Olympic Games.

The special feature of Qatar is that both they and Russia won the right to host the World Cup in December 2010. Russia has an 8-year preparation period (2018 World Cup), qatar has a 12-year preparation period (2022 World Cup). Because of this, Qatar’s “pre-World Cup effect” has been shown more fully.

Qatar won 7 games in this Asian Cup, and the final champion also played 7 games in the 2022 World Cup, whether 32 or 48 teams took part in the competition, this undoubtedly makes the fans expect the Qatar team to enter the World Cup for the first time. More importantly, this batch of Qatar players are still very young, and there is still room for upward trend and growth.

Think of Chinese football from this. From a positive point of view, we should study Qatar’s “pre-World Cup effect”. Previously, media reported that China was conducting preliminary research and demonstration on bidding for the 2030 and 2034 World Cups. From the perspective of Qatar football, at least lead time after the successful bid for the World Cup, the construction of football atmosphere and the improvement of football level can be seen and touched. Judging from the development trend of Qatar football, although they have never entered the World Cup and have never entered the top 4 Asian Cup before, after successfully bidding for the World Cup in 2010, today, 9 years later (more specifically, 8 years and 2 months), he won the Asian Cup. The Chinese team entered the World Cup at least in 2002 and won the Asian Cup runner-up at least in 1984 and 2004.

Chen Guoqiang

Yuzuru Hanyu: don’t think about Beijing Winter Olympics focusing on World Championships

Xinhua News Agency, Yuyu, Japan, March 19 (reporter Li Jia) the Yuyu Super Arena finally ushered in Yuzuru Hanyu, the biggest star of this figure skating world championship. Not only was the audience full, but the seats of the Japanese men’s team were almost occupied by reporters one and a half hours before the press conference.

On that day, the champion of the two Winter Olympics answered the question of Xinhua News Agency reporter about the Beijing Winter Olympics. He said, “the Olympic Games are very important to me, but the Beijing Winter Olympics is still far away, I am now focusing on this competition (World Championship). I will try my best to participate in the world championships.”

When talking about this world championship, he said: “There are similarities between this world championship and the Olympic Games. It is a world-class competition, but because it is held in Japan, it will be somewhat nervous. My biggest goal is to show my strength perfectly, concentrate and enjoy everything on the ice.”

Yuye Changmo and Tanaka criminal of the Japanese team also attended the press conference, but Yu Sheng was undoubtedly the focus of attention. This was the first time he appeared on the court after the injury to the foot of the Russian Cup on last November. He missed the ice training on the 18th and arrived at Tokyo Haneda Airport in the evening.

“My foot injury can’t be said to be completely good, but I have done my best. I always hope to participate in the competition in the best state. Although the situation is different every time, it is impossible to be in perfect state every time, but now I am very confident and feel that I am in full score.” Yu Sheng’s words dispelled the media’s previous speculation that he might not be able to participate due to injury.

Yu sheng was also injured soon when he participated in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. At that time, there was only one month to recover, and this time he “disappeared” for four months.

“I also have experience. At that time, there was only about one month (time) of training before the Olympic Games, and my performance was not bad. This time, the rest time and the return training time were longer, for 17 weeks, I think the last experience is very helpful to my comeback and competition.” Yu Sheng said that during the Ice training on that day, he successfully completed several four-week jumps, and the audience applauded excitedly.

Yu Sheng said, “Today I am very satisfied with my training. I have always wanted to practice in the main ice rink and feel the atmosphere here. Today, I have completed all the training tasks.”

Yu sheng is no stranger to the Jade Super Arena. It was here that he won his first world championship in flower skating in 2014. He won the World Championship again in 2017, however, in 2018, he missed the World Championship due to injury, and American famous General Chen Wei was successfully crowned. In this world championship, the defending champion Chen Wei, the champion of the four continents of Xinke, Yuye Changmo, and the famous Chinese star Jin Boyang will all be strong competitors of the gold medal.

The first round of the flower skating world championship will be held on the 20th, and the men’s short program will start on the 21st.