In 2019, the aerobics dance competition of Henan New Year Square started in Ruzhou

On the afternoon of February 13, the aerobics dance competition of Spring Festival Square in Henan province kicked off in the Basketball Hall of Ruzhou Sports Center in 2019.

This square aerobics dance contest is hosted by Henan Provincial Sports Bureau and undertaken by the provincial social Sports Management Center and Ruzhou Sports Bureau. It is a brand event in the series of activities of “national fitness and health Central Plains” launched by the whole province to welcome the Spring Festival, A total of 249 athletes joined the competition in 21 provincial cities and counties (cities) under provincial jurisdiction.

The competition items of this competition are divided into prescribed action routine competition and self-made action routine competition, and the first prize, the second prize, the third prize and the Excellence Award are respectively awarded. Among them, the prescribed action routine competition is based on 12 sets of square aerobics dance approved and launched by the State General Administration of Sports and the Ministry of Culture in 2015, and the social sports guidance center of the State General Administration of Sports in 2017, the 12 sets of alternative promotion routines of square dance approved and launched by the National square dance Promotion Committee and the “new era of praise” and “Happy Chinese happy family” shall prevail. Each team can choose one of them, the number of formation changes shall not be less than 5 times. Self-made routine creation, you can choose the national aerobics dance, modern aerobics dance, jazz aerobics dance, tap aerobics dance and other traditional aerobics dance, which are representative and suitable for the basic movements of physical exercise, there are at least six formation changes between 3 minutes 30 seconds and 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Ruzhou has a long history and splendid culture. It is the famous hometown of Ru-porcelain and the hometown of opera. In recent years, Ruzhou city has attached great importance to the development of sports while achieving sustained, healthy and rapid economic and social development. It has built a number of first-class stadiums and national fitness venues. The national fitness activities are unprecedented high, the national fitness industry is booming. Since the province’s direct management, it has ranked the top of the county in the provincial national fitness evaluation system for five consecutive years, and has successively won the hometown of martial arts, the National Advanced mass sports unit, with a series of honorary titles such as advanced sports county, the sports industry has achieved great-leap-forward development. (Zhang Hongfei, Zhao Shikang)

“Tokyo Road” is not smooth — from the badminton Asian Championship to see Guoyu preparation for Olympic Games

Xinhua News Agency, WUHAN, April 29: “The Road to Tokyo” is not flat-from the badminton Asian Championship to see the five events of Guoyu preparation for Olympic Games

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Jinfeng, Yu Yi and Le Wenwan, four (pairs) players entered the final and won three championships, including men’s singles and women’s singles. This is the transcript of the Japanese badminton team in the just-concluded 2019 badminton Asian Championship.

There is still more than one year before the Tokyo Olympic Games, and the First Battle of the Olympic Games points race is about to start. The “siege of cities and villages” of Japanese players in various competitions this year indicates that they are preparing for Tokyo China badminton team in the Olympic experience, which is by no means a smooth way.

Although this badminton Asian championship is not points race of the Olympic Games, it does not affect the observation of the overall strength and troop arrangement of the Japanese team, the biggest opponent of Guoyu in the Tokyo Olympic cycle.

Although the figure is generally not high, the physical fitness is abundant, and the ability to find and grasp opportunities in multiple shots is outstanding, which has become a distinctive feature of Japanese players’ playing style. Against the singles players of the Chinese team, taotian xiandou and Yamaguchi Sisi once laughed to the end with the holding and moving of the latter two games when they lost the first game.

Man pair project has always been a relative weakness of the Japanese team. However, the performance of Japanese players in the semi-finals of this Asian Championship was impressive. Japan portfolio Hiroyuki Endo/Watanabe brave team against South Korea, when his opponent won the match point many times in the final match, he still showed good toughness and endurance, constantly tied and surpassed the score, and finally reached 27:25 promotion.

Judging from the overall strength of the two teams in China and Japan, the Chinese team does not have obvious advantages in the other four projects except the mixed doubles project. After winning one gold and one copper for women’s double events in Rio Olympics and creating the best record in history, Japan’s plus-sized investment in badminton and other projects has significantly improved the strength of men’s singles and women’s singles, they all have the ability to rush gold at the Tokyo Olympics. On leading player, Chinese women’s singles player Chen Yufei and women’s double combination Chen Chenchen/Jia Yifan had to stand out in the interception of many experienced veterans in Japan, and there were still many shortcomings.

Japan’s “first brother” taotian xiandou has grown rapidly in the past two years. Although there is still a certain gap between the ruling Men’s Singles Project, in the Chinese team, no matter Dragon, Lin Dan, Shi Yuqi or Lu Guangzu, there is no absolute certainty to win in the current state. In the past three Olympic Games, the Chinese team, whose men’s singles gold medals have not been dropped, will face the biggest challenge in the Tokyo Olympics.

In addition, according to the regulations of the World Badminton Federation, each team can only have at most two (pairs) players to participate in the Olympic Games in singles and doubles. For the overall strength of the Chinese team, the Olympic Games will face more uncertain risks.

Lin Dan said in an interview during the Asian championship that in today’s world badminton landscape, the strength gap between the top players in the world is getting smaller and smaller, and every game will be very fierce. In the past, there were three qualifications for the competition, and the pressure of the Chinese team was relatively less. “after cutting to a maximum of two places, the Tokyo Olympics will be the most difficult”.

Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, once said frankly: “The fierce battle between China and Japan Badminton (in the Olympics) cannot be avoided. All five projects have to face the confrontation between Japan.” Park Zhufeng, head coach of the Japanese badminton team, has also stated many times that Japan’s badminton performance must surpass Rio in the Tokyo Olympics.

Guoyu’s “Tokyo Road” is doomed to be uneven.

Ten demonstration projects of voluntary service in Beijing “welcoming Winter Olympics” started

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 11 (Reporter Fan Pan) the reporter learned from the Beijing Youth League committee that the ten demonstration projects of voluntary service in Beijing “welcoming the Winter Olympics” will be officially launched on the 11th and will continue until the Beijing Winter Olympics, to further lead and drive all sectors of society to participate in the Olympic Games.

According to the introduction, the top ten demonstration projects are: “guard the red flag · welcome the National Day” dream Youth Volunteer Service project, “Ice and Snow Warrior · I am the pioneer” ski team dry snow skills training project, “Flying Winter Dream · shining youth” Winter Olympics propaganda volunteer service project, “enthusiastic participation · true devotion” Winter Olympics volunteer service Theme Forum project, “colorful paper crane · pure blessing” youth volunteer blessing Winter Olympics project, “Clear water and blue sky · Green Olympics” ecological environmental protection voluntary service project, “civilized travel · Create Harmony” green transportation voluntary service project, “transfer smile · beautify home” community co-construction voluntary service project, “Qinglang network · connect you and me” purification of Internet voluntary service project, “promote culture · enhance self-confidence” conservation of historic cultural cities voluntary service project.

On the 11th, ten volunteer activities were launched in many places in Beijing. In the dry snow skill training program of the ski team held by Beijing Sports University, volunteers from the ski team of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee have carried out skiing events knowledge popularization for more than 100 teachers and students of Beijing Sports University, volunteer service work such as ski skills teaching and training.

Zhang Liujun, a member of the ski team, is a volunteer of this activity and is responsible for guiding students to experience land cold water jug and other projects. Zhang Liujun, who once participated in the work of the Olympic organizing committee in the 2008 Olympic Games, said, “it is a very glorious thing to devote his energy to the Winter Olympics again.”

“We are very much looking forward to the coming of the 2022 Winter Olympics.” Zhang Liujun said. “I hope that through the participation and efforts of our volunteers, the 2022 Winter Olympics will be amazing in the world!” (Finished)