Defensive counterattack magic pen tears on the field-review of Chinese team group match

Xinhua News Agency, Le Havre, France, June 18 (Reporter Yuedong Xingma Bangjie Yue Ran Ran) the main defensive counterattack nearly broke the gate of the German team, Zhang Rui’s miaoge and Li Ying’s difficult shooting, the fighting spirit of the whole team made Jia Xiuquan, the “iron handsome”, shed tears rarely, and Peng Shimeng’s brave savior’s nine single saves became the highlight of the Chinese women’s football team in this World Cup group match.

At the same time, the three games also reflected the “short board” of the Chinese team: they exposed the gap between the passing and catching skills and controlling the rhythm of the match with the Spanish team in 90 minutes, as well as the lack of ability to grasp key opportunities and control matches in the contest with South Africa, it reflects that the progress of the team in the past four years lags behind the European team which is rising collectively, it indicates that the next top 16 road is still full of tests.

Looking back at the three games, the first battle in Germany can be summarized by a comment from FIFA’s live text broadcast-“Jia Xiuquan’s defensive counterattack tactics are almost perfect”. Indeed, if we can seize one of the three excellent opportunities, the Chinese women’s football team will probably turn the tactics formulated before the match into a victory to change the situation of the team, but the German team still uses top-ranking control, it shows the details of the two World Cup champions and finally wins.

From the three chances of breaking the door of the Chinese team, every time it is a smooth and concise line of cooperation, which reflects the tactical idea of efficiently defending the transfer advocated by Jia Xiuquan, and the results of the girls’ training in the past year. The two passes between guyasha and Wang Shanshan one, the tacit understanding between Zhang Rui and Wang Shanshan all made Yang Li, who had a reasonable position, get a better chance to break the door than the German team. Unfortunately, the pressure that may bring to the first World Cup in his career did not make the shooter feel the best shot.

After the game, around Wang Frost’s substitute status and Jia Xiuquan’s comments after the game, the outside world raised concerns about their loss of soldiers. However, Wang Yan, the team’s only player in the European league, quickly dispelled doubts, saying that Jia Xiuquan treated players like his father and hoped that the outside world would not speculate. This episode did not affect the cohesion of the team. Wang Frost started the second game and played the whole game, gradually recovering the state. However, the frontend, in the tactics of two different systems, has not yet shown her full role in “Greater Paris” in the national team.

In the key battle against the South African team that must win three points, the inside of the quya sand restricted area kicked the door and hit the header, and Wang Shanshan hit the door line, which once again made people worry about the “weakness of the front. At the critical moment, Li Ying shot down the door, turning a non-absolute opportunity into a goal and becoming the greatest hero. However, such a “magic pen” can often be met and cannot be found, the Chinese team still needs to do better in grasping the absolute opportunity.

And even in the face of the recognized weak teams in this group, the accuracy rate of the Chinese team’s passing was only 66%:65%, which showed that there were still many mistakes. Taking the words of the players after the game, it was still “a little tight and impatient” and could not effectively control the rhythm, which gave the South African team many chances to fight back, which also showed the hidden danger of insufficient coordination ability of inpre-market.

At the end of the group match, it can be called the most passive 90 minutes for the three games of the Chinese team. The Spanish women’s football team inherited the transmission and control technology of the country’s men’s football team. It fully controlled the situation by using skilled passing and catching technology, reasonable meeting and running position, inpre-market-level clear three-dimensional offensive, and bold pressure from two-wing side guards.

Chinese players generally seem to be a little tight under the anti-defense tactics. It is difficult to control the ball in the first time to grab return rights, and the passing lines around are often blocked by the other side, you can only use the big foot prequel, and rarely kick out the transmission of more than 5 feet. Although the final draw ensures the ideal result of the exit, the process is completely inferior.

However, as the head coach and the players said after the game, after ensuring the qualification, the whole team won the precious time of tactical improvement and player recovery, this is crucial for the Chinese team who may have a stronger rival than Spain in a few days.

Continue to serve as the coach of the national football team? Cannavaro: Don’t worry about it

Xinhua News Agency, Nanning, March 25 (Reporter Wei Hua, Ma Bangjie) on the 25th, the Chinese men’s football team ended the journey of the 2019 China Cup with the result of two wars, when the reporter asked whether Cannavaro would continue to lead the team in the future after the game, the Italian gave the answer: Don’t worry about making a decision.

On the 15th, the Chinese Football Association announced that Guangzhou Evergrande coach Cannavaro would lead the Chinese men’s football team to the Chinese Cup. At the press conference before the start of the China Cup, Cannavaro emphasized that he was the head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande, and he could not give a clear answer to the question of whether he would lead the national team for a long time in the future. After losing to Uzbekistan at 0:1 on the 25th, Cannavaro still gave the same statement: “This matter is not in a hurry. There are many things that need to be discussed with the Football Association and the club. During this period of time leading the team to prepare for the China Cup, the leaders of the Football Association understood my requirements for the players, and I also expressed my own ideas. We had an appropriate communication, but we did not confirm anything, the head coach of the national team can not decide in one day.”

For his own wishes, Cannavaro said that if necessary, he would seriously consider the position of coach of the national team. “The head coach of the national team is under great pressure. Most of the time, you may be wrong no matter what you do. Of course, every national team is like this. The workload of the head coach of the national team is huge. Of course, it won’t scare me. I like this job very much, but there are many difficulties. The head coach of the Chinese team is very responsible, and I will seriously consider it, but if I can’t find a suitable cooperation model, I will continue to lead the Guangzhou Evergrande team.”

From the first training class on the 16th to the end of the 25th China Cup, Cannavaro spent 10 days with the players. He said that he had gained a lot in these days.

Cannavaro said: “This is a brand new experience and I personally gained a lot. Although this is not a complete national team, for example, Wu Lei is not here, the players who can come are still very cooperative with my work. Although a few days will not make the team change dramatically, I still got a lot of useful things, such as understanding the players and Asian opponents. Unfortunately, I lost both games, but anyway, I am very happy these 10 days.”

Members who have been tested in foreign war still need to be tempered-interview with Liu Guoliang, chairman of China Table Tennis Association

Liu Guoliang, chairman of China Table Tennis Association, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency that four of the five items won the finals with other Association athletes, which made the classic victory of the national table tennis tournament.

Xinhua News Agency, Budapest, April 28th: the players who have been tested in foreign war still need to be tempered-interview with liu guoliang, chairman of china table tennis association

xinhua news agency reporter su bin cao jianjie yuan liang

the chinese table tennis team won five championships in the world table tennis championships in budapest, which ended on 28th, hand over a beautiful answer sheet in the examination of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Liu Guoliang, chairman of China Table Tennis Association, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency that four of the five items won the finals with other Association athletes, which made the classic victory of the national table tennis tournament. In front of the overall situation of the world table tennis, the team needs to keep a clear head and be strong.

“Guozhang is a team with the strongest fighting capacity. This is a classic World Table Tennis Championships. It is not the first time to win five championships, but it is the only time for four of the five (finals) to compete with foreign players.” Liu Guoliang said.

This is the first time that liu guoliang has joined the team in the world competition as the chairman of the chinese table tennis association. In addition to paying attention to the team competition, he also had more exchanges with the international table tennis federation and other associations during the world table tennis championships.

Before the national competition, Liu Guoliang set the strategic goal of “the Olympic project is determined to win, and the two doubles fight hard. He hopes that through the world table tennis championships, the olympic lineup will be tested in the men’s and women’s singles and mixed doubles projects. The men’s and women’s double teams will allow young people to take on more challenges and feel the atmosphere of the competition because of the consideration of training young people.

As for the result, Liu Guoliang said frankly, “All the five trophies have been brought back. This time it is perfect, and the pressure will be great next time”.

Ma Long, the winner of the “Grand Slam” who had been away from the international arena for eight months due to injury, became the first men’s singles three successive championships winner in the World Table Tennis Championships in 54 years.

Liu Guoliang said that Malone had also been in a depressed state, suffering from injuries and experiencing the lowest stage of his career. “During this period, everyone did not know how many difficulties and setbacks he had experienced. He is a strong man and is unwilling to show his fragile side to everyone. This is Malone. But what he showed was seen all over the world.”

For Liu Shiwen, who is the dream of the final women’s singles champion in the three finals, Liu Guoliang believes that she finally won from the talented girl to the sad veteran. For athletes, the most important thing is the spirit of not giving up.

“From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, she once reached the edge of collapse and give up. The task set in this game is also dominated by mixed pairs, which is treated as the last game. She grasped the last chance.”

After Guozhen sent “00” this time, Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin, the young generals went out to fight. The two and their partners laughed to the end in the doubles project, sun Yingsha also won the ITO Meicheng with the Japanese New Star Alliance-future combat.

In Liu Guoliang’s view, the teenager got a lot of exercise on this trip and showed his strength through the competition, the future of table tennis and the reserve force of the team,

“Sun Yingsha and Wang Manqi not only won the women’s double championship, but also gained experience and experience in the final. Sun Yingsha’s singles also defeated ITO Meicheng. This is a youth duel that everyone is concerned about. Although she did not enter the top four, she can keep up with this team.”

“Wang Chuqin is an athlete with great threat, lethality and hope, but its stability and maturity are still much worse than those of the master, so he wants to use Malone’s stability, mentality and experience brought him further. Accidentally, they reached the final. Such a game would greatly help Wang Chuqin’s future growth.” Liu Guoliang said.

The Japanese team, which is regarded as the biggest competitor in the Tokyo Olympic cycle of Guozhen, has a general record this time. The mixed doubles and women’s double finals were defeated by the Guozhen team. Several matches of women’s singles between China and Japan ended with the victory of Guozhen. Men’s singles Zhang benzhihe, jun Mizutani and Dan Yu Xiaoxi did not go too far.

“We have always had a correct assessment of the Japanese team, seeing others’ progress, seeing others’ strength and threats to us, and always keeping a clear head. The better our results are, the greater the counterattack efforts of others will be.” Liu Guoliang said.

“You must never praise others when you lose. You must always accurately evaluate the opponent’s ability and combat effectiveness, and then strengthen the Chinese team’s ability and combat effectiveness.” He said, “the real threat of the Japanese team is that (Tokyo Olympics) they will take advantage of home court advantage, so they must lay out in front of them with advanced designs and ideas.”

He believes that the world table tennis situation is relatively clear. Women are relatively clear about the Sino-Japanese Duel. Men still play the Chinese team for the world, not just the Japanese team.

Liu Guoliang said: “We have to look at the world, especially the male line. This time the Korean team is better than Japan, including their echelon construction and the style of European generals. The men’s project is still the trend of the world, which is very good for the development of this sport.”

“No matter how messy the world is, China will not be messy. We must do ourselves well and strengthen ourselves.” He added.

Liu Guoliang said that the Tokyo Olympics was always in his mind, and the personnel collocation and strategy were random.

“Competition is random, there will be such and such a phenomenon. The most important thing is that we can send the best lineup and the most reasonable match according to the situation at that time.” He said, “there are still many changes in one year. After the World Table Tennis Championships, I believe there will be an outline of the pattern, but the details need to be considered.”