Zhan Huang’s part-time movie star will miss the World Cup

Space Jam 2 Stills

(Reporter Liu Ailin) according to US media reports, leBlanc James, the NBA superstar Zhan Huang who is currently playing for the Lakers, will not participate in the 2019 FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup held in China from the end of August this year to the middle of September, but he may take part in the basketball competition of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. This was mentioned by James when he disclosed his off-season plan to American reporters on April 1.

The Lakers have completely missed the NBA playoffs this season, and the club has officially announced that James will miss the remaining regular season games of the Lakers. In other words, from now until the start of the NBA New season, it will be James’s off-season. James said in an interview with The Athletic reporter from The US media, “I don’t really want to miss The rest of The season, but this is The club considering for me.”

This summer, an important task of James is to shoot the movie “Space Jam 2”. The photographer will even build a regular basketball court specially, so that James can keep training after shooting. James said, “I will not participate in this year’s World Cup, but I may participate in next year’s Olympic Games. I like the Olympic Games. Of course, it will also depend on my physical feeling.”

It is understood that the 2019 FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup will be held in eight cities in China from August 31 to September 15.

Abu Dhabi Special Olympics: the Chinese delegation is in good condition before the competition

Abu Dhabi Special Olympics: Chinese delegation strengthens service guarantee team in good condition before the competition

China News Agency, Abu Dhabi, March 14 (reporter Wang Zumin) on the evening of 13th local time, Wang Meimei, head of the Chinese delegation to the 15th World Summer Special Olympics, said in an interview with the media that the Chinese Special Olympics players were in good condition before the competition, the Chinese delegation will do its best to guarantee the service and ensure the successful completion of all the participating tasks.

Wang Meimei introduced that the Chinese delegation arrived in UAE on the 9th local time. After attending the city reception activity in Mecca, they stayed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on the 11th to conduct pre-competition training and participate in technical meetings, some projects have conducted capability grouping tests. At present, the team is in good condition as a whole.

Wang Meimei said that the World Special Olympics is the world’s most influential comprehensive event and activity for people with intellectual disabilities. It is not only a strictly formal sports event, but also a grand event showing humanistic care, and it is also a joy, A fusion party. The Special Olympics advocates that everyone is a participant and winner. The top three of each competition project are awarded medals, and four to eight people are awarded the band, so that all players can fully enjoy the joy of success.

“If the Olympic Games show faster, higher and stronger, then the Special Olympics is to let each player play the greatest potential and show the best level.” She said.

The Chinese delegation only participated in the World Summer Special Olympics for the first time in 1987. Wang Meimei said that China’s Special Olympics movement has made great achievements from scratch, from small to large. More and more people with intellectual disabilities recover and exercise through Special Olympics, enjoy sports happiness and participate in social life. Shanghai successfully held the 12th World Summer Special Olympics in 2007, which greatly promoted the development of China’s Special Olympics and made positive contributions to the promotion of global Special Olympics.

She said that Chinese athletes who have worked hard and sweat to participate in this special Olympics have the desire to win. They will participate happily, try bravely and win. The staff and coaches of the delegation will carefully formulate the work plan for participating in the competition, ensure that every link is implemented to people, do all kinds of service guarantee work for athletes in an all-round way, and ensure the successful completion of all participating tasks.

The 15th World Summer Special Olympics will be held in Abu Dhabi on the evening of 14th local time. 104 players of the Chinese team will compete in 10 major events such as track and field, swimming, basketball, integrated football and table tennis. (Finished)