Set off for 100% Taklamakan — the ring tower rally in 2019

A total of 48 teams and 101 racing cars participated in this competition.

Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, May 19 (reporter Ma Wei, Sun Zhe) the 2019 China Ring Tower (international) rally was dispatched in Aksu city, Xinjiang on the 19th. Drivers from all walks of life will have high civil war and cross the sea in the next 15 days, after about 2500 kilometers of competition in 9 special segments, the car was finally collected in Hetian city, Xinjiang on June 2.

This competition is around the Taklamakan desert all the way. The proportion of desert sections in the special competition section is more than 50%. Many drivers expressed their expectation for challenging “100% of the Taklamakan Desert.

There are a total of 48 teams and 101 racing cars participating in this competition. On the two-wheel drive of T1 national set of cars, the defending champion Han Wei and Liao Yan, the gold medal partners, will still drive SMG Bagi racing cars, which is regarded as the biggest favorite in this group. The Han Wei racing army, which consists of Geely Automobile Shell Lubricating Oil team and Shaanxi Yunxiang team, has a total of 10 SMG Bagi racing teams participating in the competition. It is called the “bumblebee” Legion because the vehicles are bright yellow. With Shen Weijian and Wei Hongjie as the main drivers, the hard Tiger Army has 3 teams and 8 Bagi racing cars, which will become the biggest competitor of Han Weijun.

Han Wei is full of confidence in the performance of the “bumblebee” Legion: “The championship will definitely come into being in our legion, while personally I will make as few mistakes as possible with my partner Liao Yi, this is the most important thing to run the game successfully.”

In the T1 national four-wheel drive group, the Beijing Automobile Cross-country family team, which won the championship twice in 2017 and 2018, launched a strong attack. Christian and Lu Binglong are two drivers with rich experience and comprehensive technology, will lead the team to launch an impact on three successive championships. Lu Binglong said: “This year’s ring Tower was held in hinterland of takilimakan desert, which can be described as a real” ring Tower “. The competition has greatly improved from difficulty to intensity compared with previous years. We hope that our entire team can achieve the expected goal and win the championship of the team.”

The biggest competition in the T2 manufacturer group will be launched between Zhengzhou Nissan and Jiangxi Wushiling, which won the championship popular racing team. Whether the newly added GAC Mitsubishi and Chery Tiggo teams can become “dark horses” remains to be tested. The most powerful competitor of the champion of the automobile Open Group is the team led by ojegler, and the team of Tim Fuyuan Dragon World is the hot spot for the T3UTV group to win the championship.

In terms of motorcycle groups, there are a total of 10 teams and 26 racing cars participating in the competition, with the highest number in the past two years. Armand hernandis, the defending champion of KTMR2R Star Racing team, is still the hot spot for winning the championship in the two-round team. He has won the championship for three consecutive years before. His teammates Zhao Hongyi and Zhang Min successfully finished the race at the beginning of the year, and they were in a good competitive state, adding a “insurance” for the team to win the championship “. In addition, Fang Ming Ji, a rider who once won the championship of the Ring Tower, and Zhou Tian, the champion of the motorcycle group in 2012, was not bad, and he was also a strong champion contender.

The two competing teams of ATV Group are led by veteran generals who have been away from the tower for many years. They are respectively the huaen brother mingyida team represented by Li Tiejun and Zhu Zhenhua, Lin Xiaodong, the Beijing Olympic Vision Medical team represented by Chen Shuai.

The ring Central Plains 2019 Bicycle Open will start. It is expected that more than 80000 riders will participate in the competition.

The picture shows the scene of this press conference. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

The picture shows the scene of this press conference. Photo taken by Deng Xiaoqiang

Yuyi network Zhengzhou, March 8th(Deng Xiaoqiang) the reporter learned from the Henan provincial government information office on the 6th that the sports lottery Central Plains 2019 Bicycle Open will start on March 30. After 16 races within half a year, the official ended on Xinxiang, Henan on October 20. Officials predict that the number of participants in this event may exceed 80000.

Henan successfully held the Cycling Open for the first time since 2015. This event has become a mass sports brand event in Henan province. By integrating resources, Henan provincial sports bureau uniformly named the cycling competition in the whole province as “sports lottery Central Plains Cycling Open”, and unified the competitions around the country under the banner of “Central China Cycling Competition, at the same time, keep their own characteristics, through the overall packaging and publicity, gradually create a nationwide fitness boutique event in Henan province covering the whole province, throughout the whole year and involving all the people.

At today’s press conference, Yang Zhongjun, deputy director of Henan Sports Bureau, introduced that bicycle enthusiasts in our province have exceeded millions of people and showed explosive growth. It is precisely because of such a large group and demand that our sports lottery Central Plains Cycling Open has been more and more welcomed by the masses after four years of competition.

Yang Zhongjun said that in the future, we will try our best to make the event bigger and stronger so that the masses can often participate in the wonderful sports events around us. Carrying out national fitness activities cannot be separated from economic and social security. We also need to strive to promote the development of sports industry through national fitness activities, making sports + Culture, Sports + tourism, sports + Health, let more people’s activities be happy and satisfied, promote the deep integration of sports and various industries, promote the development of a harmonious society, and make positive contributions to the economic and social development of Henan province.

The first station started in Xiangcheng county, Xuchang on March 30. Within six months, it will go through 16 stations including Hebi, Luoyang, Nanyang, Anyang, Shangqiu, Zhoukou, Sanmenxia and Xinxiang, and will end on October 20.

According to the scale of last year’s event and the situation of the host place, the official reported today that the number of people participating in the sports lottery · Ring Central Plains 2019 bicycle open will reach a new high, it is estimated that the total number of participants in 16 races will exceed 80000. (Finished)