Greezman announced to leave Atletico Madrid: worth 0.12 billion next stop Barcelona?

“I have made a decision that I will leave here to try something else and find new challenges. It is very difficult for me to choose this path, but it is really what I want in my heart.”

Xinhua News Agency, Madrid, May 14 (Xie Yuzhi) Spanish Atletico Madrid forward greezman confirmed on the 14th that he would leave Atletico Madrid after the end of this season.

Glezman announced the news through a video released by Atletico Madrid’s official social media account. He said: “I have made a decision. I will leave here to try something else and find new challenges. It is very difficult for me to choose this path, but it is really what I want in my heart.”

According to Spanish media, greezman had met with coach Simone and club executives that afternoon and informed them of the decision, but did not disclose his whereabouts. Just a few days ago, Simone still said at the press conference that he was confident to keep the French striker.

In the farewell video, grizzman did not forget to thank Atletico Madrid fans for their support over the years. He called the past five years “incredible five years”: “Here I won the first few trophies and some important club honors in my life. These are wonderful moments that I will remember all my life. I will always take you to heart.”

Grezeman joined Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2014. In the past five seasons, he has played 256 games for Atletico Madrid, scoring 133 goals, and won a European Cup, a European Super Cup and a Spanish Super Cup with the team. He is also the fifth-plus scorer in Atletico Madrid Young Pioneer team history.

After renewing the contract with the team to 2023 last summer, greezman’s contract liquidated damages also increased to 0.2 billion euros, but after July 1 this year, the number would drop to 0.12 billion. If a team pays the liquidated damages for the French, Atletico Madrid will get 80% of the total amount, and the other 20% will be transferred to greezman’s former club Royal Society.

At present, Western media believe that greezman’s next destination may be La Liga Barcelona. As early as last summer, Catalonia giants tried to introduce the French striker, but they failed to do so at that time. In addition, France club Paris Saint Germain and Premier League team Manchester United may join the French competition.

French network integration: Daban and Xiaowei double stop Jiao Kovic swept through promotion

This year’s French Open women’s singles Stadium has been unpopular, and many high-ranking seed players have been out one after another.

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, June 1 (reporter Su Bin) Event 3, the first two rounds of women’s singles, the world’s largest sakashi United States, failed to perform a reversal drama in the third round of the French Open on the 1st, she lost two sets in a row against Czech girl Signa Kova, and the Grand Slam 16-game winning streak since beautiful grenadine last year came to an abrupt end. Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion, also lost to Knin with 0:2. Jiao Kovic, the top seed of men’s singles, beat Caruso, the Italian qualifier player in three sets and easily broke into the top 16.

This year’s French Open women’s singles Stadium is constantly unpopular, and many high-ranking seed players have been out one after another. For the first time, the 21-year-old sakazhi American career fought for the grand slam as the number one seed. In the first two rounds, she completed the reversal under the condition of losing a plate first, however, there were 38 unforced mistakes in this field, almost three times that of Signa Kova (13 times). After the 1 hour and 17 minutes of competition, she used 4:6, 2:6 Lost to Signa Kova, the 42nd in the world, who will face No. 14 seed case in the next round.

As the main competitor is out, Sakamoto is still sure to continue to rank first in the latest world ranking after the end of the French Open. She said that if she used 1 to 10 points to describe her disappointment, it would be 100 points.

The 20-year-old American player Kening appeared in the French Open for the second time. Her scores in the first round and the second round were higher than those of compatriots Xiaowei, and she also did a better job in controlling non-forced mistakes, finally, it won by 6:2 and 7:5. The 37-year-old Wei temporarily stopped catching up with the 24 Grand Slam singles championship records of mingsu Court, which was also the earliest time she had been out since Wimbledon in 2014.

In Xiaowei’s view, Knin’s hitting point is very close to the sideline. He has not met this kind of opponent for a long time, and Knin also performed very well. Knin will compete with No. 8 seed Batty for a top eight seat.

The defending champion Halep performed very stably. She took the Ukrainian player tersulenko with 6:2 and 6:1, and the next round played against the Polish teenager sviatek who had just passed her 18th birthday.

Relying on a score rate of up to 84%, Jiao Kovic won Caruso with 6:3, 6:3 and 6:2. The next opponent of the Serbians was schtrouf from Germany, who won the final victory with 11:9, thus eliminating No. 13 seed churich.

No. 5 seed Yaya zvirev once again experienced five hard battles, narrowly defeating Serbian player Rajovic, and the next round will encounter No. 9 seed Vagnini. The other two strong 16 games in the first half of the district were played against Tim against Memphis and Kachanov against del Potro.

In the second round of the women’s double, Chinese player Xu Yizhong cooperated with dabowski of Canada and defeated Han Xinyun/Wang Yafang, a Chinese “Golden Flower” combination, with two 6:1. No. 5 seed Zhang Shuai/stoser also defeated the American combination Collins/Santa Maria with two 6:4. The combination of Yang ZhaoXiao and Polish player rosouska was eliminated by French combination Ferro/Parry at 5:7, 6:4, 4:6.

Dalian side club announced Cui Kangxi as the head coach of the team

Xinhua News Agency, Dalian, February 11 (Reporter Cai Yongjun) after leading the team for some time, the Dalian side club announced on the 11th that Han coach Cui Kangxi completed the signing and officially became the head coach of the team.

Cui Kangxi was once declared as the head coach of the team by the Tianjin Quanjian club before, but since then, it has changed due to the case involving the power health company and senior executives, cui Kangxi and his team turned to contact with the Dalian side team and started the substantive training of leading the team until the club released official news Dalian side on the 11th. At present, Cui Kangxi and his team are leading Dalian side teams in Shanghai winter training.

The official news of the Dalian side club said: Cui Kangxi (ChoiKang-Hee), 59 years old, is a well-known coach with rich experience and outstanding performance in Asian football today. Cui Kangxi was a South Korean international and participated in the 1990 Italy World Cup. After retirement, Cui Kangxi picked up pointer and started his career as a football coach. He coached the Suwon Samsung team in 1996, served as the assistant coach of the Korean national team from 2002 to 2004, and returned to the Korean K League in July 2005 as the coach of the Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors team. During his tenure as coach of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, Cui Kangxi led the team to win six league titles and two Asian Championships, bringing Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors into a first-class team in Asia. As a result, Cui Kangxi’s coaching ability has been widely recognized by South Korea and even the entire Asian football community. In 2006, Cui Kangxi won the title of best coach of the Asian Football Association. Ten years later, at the end of 2016, Cui Kangxi won another award and was elected as the best man coach of the year in the Asian Football Association. From 2011 to 2013, Cui Kangxi became the head coach of the South Korean national team, leading the team to qualify in the top ten in the 2014 Brazil World Cup Asian qualifier, which was also the eighth consecutive time that the South Korean team entered the top 32 World Cup.

Dalian side is one of the Chinese Super League clubs that determine the head coach at the latest, and its team’s internal and external aid has not yet been announced.