CBA: Guo Allen 34 points Liaoning renewal defending champion Ke Sheng Xinjiang

Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, April 14 (reporter Ma Wei) the third round match between Xinjiang Guanghui Automobile and Liaoning Bengang in the semi-finals of the CBA league playoffs went to war in Urumqi on the 14th. Relying on the outbreak of Guo Allen in the second half, the defending champion Liaoning turned 109:100 away with a double-digit lag in the first half, bringing the big score to 1:2, in the series of 7 games with 4 wins, I got back a chance.

The two sides dedicated a wonderful war of attack and defense in the first quarter, and the success rate of sports war will not decrease under the condition of high defensive strength. In the last World War I, the Xinjiang team, which scored the highest score of 21 points in the next season, can continue to feel hot, and won 11 points at the end of the first quarter. Both sides failed to establish a clear leading edge in the first quarter. Zhao Jiwei, who faced the stoxes at the end of the festival, helped the Liaoning team chase the score to 25:27.

Xinjiang launched an attack in the second half of the second section, with a small climax of 16:4 in about 5 minutes. After the super-far three points in Felder’s life, the Xinjiang team pulled the score to 50:39, which was also the first time that the difference between the two teams reached two digits in this game. At the end of half time, Xinjiang led 55:46.

At the beginning of the second half, Xinjiang became more confident on the offensive side. Feld even performed a performance of downtown horse riding and archery, and the score was once pulled to 66:51, the home team is likely to take away the game in the third quarter. However, Guo Allen, who was quiet in the first half, then stood out and scored 9 points with three points, quick attack and breakthrough, sounding the LaCorne of defending champion’s counterattack. The attack on the Xinjiang side suddenly lost power and made mistakes. Hudson’s three points and free throws helped Liaoning equalize the score. At the end of the third quarter, the two sides fought 82 square meters.

In the fourth quarter, the attack in Xinjiang continued to be weak, while Liaoning pulled the score to 99:89 under the continuous scores of Guo Allen and Bath. At the last moment, Li Gen only scored 1 goal in the case of holding 3 free throws, completely losing the chance of approaching the score.

The coach of Xinjiang team said after the game that the turning point of the game appeared after the third quarter of Xinjiang led by 15 points. The team’s playing method tended to be simple, and the movement of the ball and people were not smooth. Although the big score is still leading, the team should seriously sum up through this defeat.

In this campaign, Guo Allen scored the highest score of 34 points and had four steals. The next round of the contest between the two sides will be held in Urumqi on the 16th.

Portuguese super close: Benfica six-year five-Crown Porto-Ju runner-up enters the Champions League

This is also the 37th domestic league champion in Benfica young pioneer team history.

Xinhua News Agency, Lisbon, May 18 (Reporter Chen Baiqiao) the suspense of the Portuguese Super champion in the 2018-2019 season was announced on the 18th. Benfica, who can win the championship undefeated, won Santa Clara at home 4:1, he won the fifth championship in nearly six seasons with a score of 28 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses and 87 points. This is also the 37th domestic league champion in Benfica young pioneer team history. Porto’s home court 2:1 Rick Portugal sports team later defeated by 2 points to win the runner-up.

Benfica opened all the fire in the first half, and the attack line Trident shefilovich, filish and Rafah scored a goal respectively. In the 56th minute, Swiss International shefilovich shot another city in the air and locked the golden boots of the Portuguese super shooter this season with 23 goals. Santa Clara, the “upgrading horse”, scored Cesar in the face-saving goal by Benfica in the 59th minute. After Benfica’s new coach Lage took over Victoria in the middle of the season, he led the team to achieve a remarkable record of 14 wins and 1 draw, helping the team regain the Portuguese crown from the old rival Porto.

In the battle between Porto and Portuguese sports, the referee showed 8 yellow 2 red. Borha, the Portuguese side guard, was dyed red in the 17th minute, but Felippe’s goal in the 61th minute helped the “green master” take the lead. Pereira and Herrera scored a goal on each head in the 78th and 87th minutes to help Porto reverse and win. Before the end of the game, Mexico international Corona pushed his opponent and was sent off. Porto won the runner-up with 85 points and the Portuguese sports team won the third with 74 points.

According to UEFA rules, Benfica, who won the Portuguese Super Championship, will participate in the Champions League group match next season. The runner-up Porto team must start from the third round qualifying match of the Champions League, the third place Portuguese sports team is only Uefa Europa Cup qualified.

On the same day, Rio Avi beat setubar 3:1 away and finally won the seventh in the league. Boavista is a guest Island, ranking eighth after one-ball victory over maridimo. The Ferra team, which has been downgraded ahead of schedule, reverses Avis 2:1 at home. There are still two matches in the final round of Portuguese super will be held on the 19th, and the relegation war between Tondra and Savis will determine the last demoted teams.

Three players such as Loff abandoned Muller were questioned by Bayern.

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, March 6, the coach of the German men’s football team, Leff, announced that he would abandon the three generals, Muller, hummeres and boaten, which attracted wide attention, “Bundesliga giant” Bayern Munich club questioned Loew’s decision.

In a statement signed by rummeniger, chairman of the board of directors of Bayern club, and salihamidic, the sports director, Bayern said that he would not comment on the decision of Loew, but questioned the timing and environment for announcing this decision to the players and the public.

At present, Boateng expressed respect for Loew’s decision, while Muller, who played 100 times for the national team and Humels, who played 70 times, did not make public comments on Loew’s decision.