Wu Haiyan, the Chinese team’s transition to prepare for the 16th strong competition: hope to solve the battle in 90 minutes

After the Chinese women’s football team flew to Montpellier, the fourth place of the World Cup on June 21, local time, they immediately put into training that afternoon to prepare for the elimination match with the Italian team’s top 16.

It is understood that although Wang Shanshan, the main shooter with injuries, did not participate in the whole team training in Le Havre in the last city on the 20th, he appeared at the training ground on the afternoon of the 21st and conducted training for recovering alone. The rest of the teammates conducted routine pre-match training under the leadership of the coaching team. On the 25th, coach Jia Xiuquan will lead the Chinese women’s football team to compete with the Italian team in the top 16 matches.

When interviewed by the media after the training, captain Wu Haiyan talked about some views on the Italian team.

When asked if she would pay attention to the sharp front line of the Italian team as the backbone of the defense, the main central defender said: “We will definitely make a detailed video analysis of their attacking players, but after all, we also experienced teams with relatively strong attacks in the group match, these are all within the scope of our preparation.”

Judging from the results of the group matches of the two teams, the Italian team is even more amazing. Although it was classified as the third team in the group draw before the World Cup, the Italian women’s football team, which participated in this competition for the first time in the past 20 years, unexpectedly pressed the Australian team and the traditional Brazilian team, which ranked first in Asia, with the advantages of two consecutive wins and net victory, we will be the first in Group C and make a strong promotion.

In Group B, the Chinese team won South Africa by 0:1 minus Germany, 1:0 and Spain by 0:0, becoming one of the third best results in 4 of the 6 groups, smooth exit.

When asked whether the mentality will be more relaxed and confident in the elimination stage, Wu Haiyan said: “In fact, I think the most important thing is to pass three games in the group match, seeing that we may not be bold or confident enough on the offensive side, this is what needs to be improved next.”

In 2015, the Chinese team once played against the Italian team twice in the friendly match under the leadership of Bruno, a French coach at that time, and achieved one win and one draw. However, former midfield general Zhang Rui said that European teams had made rapid progress and the confrontation at that time had not had much reference value.

Wu Haiyan also thinks that the Italian team has made great progress, “the whole European football has made rapid progress. We also hope that through our performance, more people will participate in football. More girls in China are willing to play football, so as to promote the better development of women’s football.”

When asked about the possible overtime and penalty kick topics in the elimination match, Wu Haiyan said, “I think we should be prepared for both the overtime and penalty kick in the elimination match. But we hope to solve the battle in 90 minutes, which is a better guarantee for our physical fitness or all aspects. But if we hit plus time or penalty kick, we will also be fully prepared.”

ATP supernova stepped onto the historical stage “after 00” to collectively rob the C- position debut

At the Australian Open at the beginning of the year, the 20-year-old sisepas broke out Federer and broke into the top 4. At the just-concluded Miami Masters, canada’s Gemini-18-year-old Alía Sim and 19-year-old shapowarov both advanced into the top 4.

A new issue of world ranking was released, and the 21-year-old German famous general zvirev remained stable in the top three ranks; The 20-year-old Greek junior general sippas rose two places to the eighth place; 19-year-old Canadian player shapowarov rose 3, ranking in the top 20;20-year-old Australian star Minar came to the 25th, and the young generals showed a trend of collective breakthrough.

The last warm-up match before the Chinese women’s football World Cup lost to France

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, May 31 (reporter Su Bin) the Chinese team, who prepared for the final World Cup for women’s football, played a warm-up match with the World Cup host France on May 31 in the suburbs of Paris Créteil. The result was 1:2, but from the process of playing tricks with strong teams, the players have built confidence.

“Compared with strong teams, as long as we are good at ourselves, we are no worse than our opponents. The World Cup is coming soon. The group match (the first battle) is against Germany. We are looking forward to this and will do our best.” Wang Shanshan, the striker who scored for the Chinese team, said.

This contest is the last warm-up match before the World Cup. At the end of the half time, the Chinese team fell behind. In the second half, Wang Frost helped Wang Shanshan to equalize the score. However, Diani’s “World Wave” helped the French team ranked fourth in the world to laugh to the end.

Jia Xiuquan, head coach of Chinese women’s football team, discharged 442 formation, Peng Shimeng served as the starting goalkeeper, two central defenders were Wu Haiyan and Lin Yuping, beside Liu Shanshan and Wang Ying, and the four midfield members were Guya sand, tan Ruyin, Yao Wei and Lou Jiahui, Wang Shanshan and Yang Li were arranged on the bench before the breakthrough.

The French team made the first threatening offensive in the audience in the 11th minute. The bottom of tolant’s right side was handed down, and Gowan was thrown out by Peng Shimeng at close range heading in. In nearly half an hour after the opening, the Chinese women’s football team did not fall down in front of powerful opponents. However, a defensive mistake still made them be attacked goal.

In the 30th minute, the defensive players of the Chinese team were not far away, but tolant’s power shot formed an assist. The ball fell in front of Govan. She shot with one foot, and the ball hit the bottom of the beam and drilled into the net nest.

Wang Yan came on the bench in the second half. She passed it to Wang Shanshan in the 52th minute. The latter was calmly shot by buhadi, the attacking goalkeeper, and the “Wang bomb group” joined hands to equalize the score for the Chinese team.

Under the gaze of more than ten thousand fans at the scene, the French team exceeded the score again six minutes later. Wang Frost’s team-mate Diani in Paris Saint Germain passed the defensive player in a row, and then shot vigorously outside the penalty area. Peng Shimeng failed to prevent the ball from flying into the net nest, and finally the French team won by 2:1.

After the game, Lou Jiahui said that he didn’t let the opponent get a particularly good chance in the first half. However, after the opponent scored a goal, the team made many improvements in attack in the second half and played their own things, he also scored goals and played well as a whole.

China’s ambassador to France Zhai Juan kicked off for the game. He wished the Chinese women’s football team a good result and a high level in the World Cup in France. Zhai Juan said that sports exchanges are an important part of Sino-French exchanges, and the two countries have great potential and good prospects to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in sports.

The former french president hollande who watched the match on the spot said that he hoped that the chinese and french teams would achieve good results in the world cup so that more young people would like to join the women’s football team and devote themselves to this sport.

The women’s football World Cup will be held at the Prince Park stadium in Paris on June 7. The opening battle will be played by France against South Korea. The Chinese team in Group B will welcome the first rival German team in the group match in Rennes on June 8th.