Mbampe said that he would stay in Greater Paris instead of Real Madrid.

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, April 21, Paris Saint-Germain swept the Monaco team to win the French Champion 3:1 on the 21st. After the match, mbap, who staged the “Hat Trick”, said, he will play for Paris Saint Germain in the future and will not transfer to Real Madrid.

“I am in Paris, and I have signed a contract with Paris Saint Germain.” Mbampe said in an interview, “If Real Madrid has Zidane, that’s good, I will be an admirer to watch their game.”

With this “Hat Trick”, mbap also raised the individual goals of the league this season to 30.

But he is still not satisfied: “I am very happy, but the season is not over yet, I want to score more goals.”

When it was mentioned that “Greater Paris” led Manchester United by 2:0 in the first round of the 1/8th final of the Champions League but finally got out, mbap said: “We are disappointed with the match with Manchester United, but the game continues. Obviously, we have higher expectations for the Champions League, but we cannot be discouraged.”

“The strongest team on the surface” Guozhen visited Yan’an Revolutionary sites

Xinhua News Agency, XI’AN, May 9 (reporter Cao Jianjie, Yao Youming) on the 9th, Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, led 35 representatives of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, male and female players and coaches of the Chinese table tennis national team to visit Yan’an city, Shaanxi province, carry out the red education activity of “The motherland is in my heart. In Yan’an, “the strongest team on the surface” visited Pagoda Mountain, Bayi nursing home and other places one after another, and had interaction and communication with teachers and students of Yan’an University.

“In fact, when I first returned to the table tennis association, I wanted to have such an activity. Why is this time node found? It happened that the team members just came back from the World Table Tennis Championships. The team won five gold medals and returned with fame. It also received many praises, flowers and applause. We came to Yan’an, hoping to carry out patriotism education through a travel to rebirth, let the team members feel and learn the fine revolutionary tradition of the older generation, and bring good tradition into life, training and competition fields, it is closely combined with the preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games to further enhance the team’s combat effectiveness and cohesion.” Liu Guoliang said.

The Chinese table tennis team won five gold medals in the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, which ended not long ago. Five project champions including Liu Shiwen, Malong and Xu Xin all came to Yan’an this time. On the morning of the 9th, representatives of the party members of the national security team reviewed the pledge to join the party in the face of party flag on the Pagoda Mountain. Later, Liu Guoliang and his party visited Bayi nursing home. At present, there are 8 old Red Army recuperating in Bayi nursing home, 195 old and demobilized soldiers on the eighth road. Liang Kexing, a veteran who participated in the revolution in 1943, was 92 years old. He introduced his fighting experience in the liberation war to the national team members emotionally.

Fan Zhendong, a member of the Chinese table tennis team, said: “When these old people were about our age, they carried steel guns to the battlefield and risked bullets to protect their country. It is with their sacrifice and sacrifice for justice that the Chinese revolution has won great victories again and again, and we will have a better life today. I want to bring the patriotism that I understand and feel this time to the daily training and competition, and always put the motherland and the people in my heart.”

On the afternoon of the 9th, Guozhen came to Yan’an University. Under the gaze of hundreds of Yanda table tennis enthusiasts, Ma Long and Fan Zhendong played an exhibition match in the men’s singles “three successive championships” of the World Table Tennis Championships, ding Ning, the world champion, and Liu Shiwen, the champion of the women’s singles in the New World Table Tennis Championships, also showed some daily training subjects of the national championship. Since then, Wang Manji, the women’s double champion of the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, and others also played four 6-point competitions with teachers and students of Yanda University. The exquisite skills of the national fans won the applause of the audience.

Liu Guoliang introduced that after the trip to Yan’an, the team will start a two-week training after returning to Beijing. Later, the team will send a full team to participate in the China Table Tennis Open and the Japan Open, young players will be dispatched to participate in the Hong Kong Open for the purpose of training the team.

“The three races are a multi-level layout and an overall training exercise. It is a little more than a year before the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Each country (or region) they are running into their own lineup and building their own strategies. This is the beginning of fighting with wisdom and courage.” Liu Guoliang said, “we will make some adjustments to the lineup at any time according to the results of the World Table Tennis Championships and the team competition dynamics. We hope that we can play our ideal lineup through these three competitions.”