The fifth match of the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, the national war of Japan was brilliant.

The fifth match of the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, the “civil war” of the Japanese National Games was brilliant

all the losses won were not finished yet……

On the fifth match day of the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, the “civil war” among the players of the Chinese Table Tennis Association has gradually become the main theme of the stadium. From Beijing time tonight to tomorrow morning, men’s singles, women’s singles and man pair will stage several contests between Chinese Table Tennis Association players.

Two “fat” competitors won

After Xu Xin, another country’s tiger general was hit by the cold, but this time it was lost in one of its own people. In the fourth round of the men’s singles of the Budapest World Table Tennis Championships held yesterday in Beijing time, Fan Zhendong, the number one seed, lost to Liang Jingkun, a teammate of 2 to 4, and failed to win the top 8.

Fan Zhendong was nicknamed “little fat” by the outside world, while Liang Jingkun’s nickname was “big fat”. Although they are of the same age, their circumstances are quite different. The 22-year-old Fan Zhendong became famous as a young man. Currently, Fan Zhendong ranks first in the singles world and is the champion of the two World Cups. This was his fourth time in the single world table tennis championships. Two years ago, he lost to Malone and won the runner-up.

Liang Jingkun, who is 3 months older than Fan Zhendong, has emerged for several years, but after several ups and downs, the world ranking has just reached the ninth place. Previously, he had only one world competition experience, that is, he stopped at the top 32 men’s singles in the 2015 World Table Tennis Championships. However, in the past half year, Liang Jingkun has risen rapidly. In the in-team trials at the beginning of March this year, he won the runner-up with 8 wins and 3 losses, and Fan Zhendong was the one who won the championship with all wins at that time.

In this fight between the two “fat”, Fan Zhendong was the first to strike. He won the first game 11-5. Liang Jingkun was not discouraged. Instead, he went down three games with 11 to 4, 11 to 8, and 11 to 9. Fan Zhendong, who had no way to retreat, gave a shot and pulled back a city 11 to 8. In the sixth game, the two fought fiercely. After the score rose to 7 levels alternately, Liang Jingkun scored 4 points in a row and locked the victory. Li Xiaodong, a member of the national team’s preparation for Olympic Games staff headquarters and famous coach, who served as a live guest, said: I have never seen Liang Jingkun play so smoothly.

After winning, Liang Jingkun was very excited. He said that he placed his psychological position very low and his mentality might be better. “After all, people are the first in the world. I want to fight for him. It is true that every point is bitten on the present.” He revealed that he was only trying to participate in the World Table Tennis Championships as a teenager four years ago, “this time he came with a goal.”

Fan Zhendong said bluntly that he “played not very well” and did not completely release his mental outlook. “when he was backward, he failed to go all out to mobilize. The whole person was too heavy and the ball was too slow, not particularly proactive.” He admitted that he had been suppressed by the other side and did not find a solution. “The first game was quite good. The second game was a few balloons. The score was pulled apart, and the third game began to be attacked by the other side.”

The first in the world admitted that because he had not won the world championship, he held great expectations on this trip, so he carried a psychological burden and had a somewhat conservative style on the court. “today, the psychological bottom line on the court is very high, it was suddenly broken by the other side, and there was no power to fight back.”

The couple won

Beijing time early this morning, Ding Ning/Fan Zhendong and Liu Shiwen/Xu Xin met in the semi-final. In the end, Liu Shiwen/Xu Xin defeated his teammates 4-0 and will compete with the mixed double champion team of the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships and the Japanese partner Kasumi Ishikawa/Jicun Zhenqing at 20 o’clock Beijing time today.

This mixed double semi-final between Chinese groups was not a “fair” competition from the beginning: Although Ding Ning and Fan Zhendong were both the highest in the world, as mixed double groups, they had very little time to practice together before the match. While Liu Shiwen/Xu Xin had been a partner for many times in the tour, and he was better in experience. In addition, although both Xu Zhen and Fan Zhendong were out of the men’s singles in this competition, first, there were differences in their expectations for singles. Second, Fan Zhendong took part in this mixed match on the day when they were out of the singles, it takes less time to adjust your mood.

On the whole, the main reason for the loss of “little chubby” combination was not Fan Zhendong’s low morale after he was out of the singles, but the Ding Ning/Fan Zhendong combination does not have the experience and cooperation in doubles. Although the local score is 0 to 4, the scores of the last two games are 11 to 13 and 14 to 16. The “little chubby” combination has been fighting until the end. Fan Zhendong said: “I communicated with Ding Ning before the competition. The fact is there. Singles really lost, but we will all do our best. After all, a project is a project, she also believes that I can adjust it.”

Mentality can be adjusted, but some problems in experience and tactics need time to be solved. The regret caused by this aspect was obvious in the Ding Ning/Fan Zhendong competition. In the game, they once fell behind 1-3 in the beginning, but overtook 8-4 in the end, but lost back in the end. All these need to be summarized. Although the two of them failed in this battle, they were at a disadvantage in the competition of mixed doubles in the Tokyo Olympic Games. However, judging from the needs of national football preparation for the Olympic Games, the combination of the two pairs was more insured only principal and deputy, however, in such a hasty combination, the “little chubby” combination did not completely lose the opportunity to enter Tokyo.

The battle for the future is still to be continued

After Liang Jingkun defeated Fan Zhendong, the “civil war” of China Table Tennis Association in this world table tennis championships also came one after another, on the fifth match day, two thrilling “China derby” were also staged in women’s singles and mixed doubles “. Among them, the strength is closer and the confrontation is more intense, which is the “future battle” between Sun Yingsha and Wang manzhang, two national generals “.

The two young generals had fought in the international competition five times before. Sun Yingsha won two victories in 2017, while Wang Manji won two of the three victories in 2018, there is a great trend of coming back to the top. As an excellent young player emerging in the past two years of Chinese table tennis women’s singles, Sun Yingsha and Wang Manji have almost the same overall strength, which is also reflected in the process of the competition. Generally, the average score of both sides in each game of table tennis is about 20 points, but Sun Yingsha and Wang manzhang played 82 points in the first three games, with an average score of 27 points per game, the intensity can be seen.

Unfortunately, Sun Yingsha ended up with 2 to 4, but she once got the game point in three games, one was the second game, one was the third game, and the other was the fifth game. If she wins these three games, she will obviously have an advantage in the game, and the outcome of the game may also change accordingly. However, Sun Yingsha finally only won the second and fifth games, but failed to win the third game, which was the most critical to the whole game trend. In that game, she once led by 10 to 8, but unfortunately, the handling of key points was not meticulous enough, especially the success rate of forehand straight-line assault was not high, finally, Wang manzhang won the game with a 21-19 reversal. In the following game, Sun Yingsha’s momentum was affected, and he lost another game 6 to 11. The balance of winning and losing was inclined to Wang Manzhen.

However, there are still waves in the subsequent competition. After leading 3 to 1, Wang Manji’s thought also fluctuated. After being recovered by Sun Yingsha, she fell behind in the sixth game. If Sun Yingsha didn’t play well at the end of the sixth game, I am afraid that this game will enter the final.

In fact, both Wang Manji who won the game and Sun Yingsha who lost the game, as the players who participated in the world table tennis singles for the first time, their performance was quite outstanding: Wang Manji could continue to move forward, she will compete with Chen Meng for the final opportunity; Sun Yingsha defeated the main threat of Chinese women’s sports women’s sports team on the way to promotion, and the Japanese player ITO Meicheng. It is believed that the duel between them will be staged many times in the future. As the future force of the women line of the national republic of china, this “youth struggle” has just begun.

Our reporter Li Yuanfei Wang smiled

the important results of singles on the fifth match day

□ men’s singles 1/8 final

Lin Gaoyuan 4-0 Zheng Rongzhi (South Korea)

An Zaixian (South Korea) 4 to 2 Zhang benzhihe (Japan)

Zhang Yuzhen (South Korea) 4 to 0 bohr (Germany) (withdrawal)

Falk (Sweden) 4-to-1 Li shangzhu (South Korea)

□ women’s singles 1/4 final

Ding Ning 4-to-1 Hirano Meiyu (Japan)

Liu Shiwen 4-to-1 Kato meiyou (Japan)

Chen Meng 4 to 2 Du Kai (Hong Kong, China)

World Men’s Volleyball League: China 0:3 defeat Portugal ranking bottom

Xinhua News Agency, Lisbon, June 14 (Reporter Chen Baiqiao) the world men’s volleyball league of Portugal Gondomar race kicked off on the 14th in 2019. The Chinese men’s volleyball team, which had 29 mistakes, lost to the host Portuguese team, the ranking also dropped to the last place of a total of 16 participating teams in the league.

The Chinese men’s volleyball team won 1 and lost 5 in the first two weeks. The only result was to beat the 14th Bulgarian men’s volleyball team at home 3:0. The Portuguese men’s volleyball team also had 1 win and 5 losses before. Zhang Zhejia, the deputy attack of the Chinese team who performed well in last week’s competition, did not come to Portugal with the team.

After the start of the game, the two sides scored alternately. After winning three points, the Portuguese team led by 8:6 to enter the first technical suspension. When the two sides fought until 14:11, the referee sentenced Jiang Chuan to lose points on the internet. The Argentine coach of the Chinese team, Raul LOZANO, requested to suspend after the failure of the penalty. After resuming the game, the Chinese team once chased the score to 20:19 with the block score of the 22-year-old deputy attack Rao Shuhan, but the Portuguese team stabilized the situation and won the first game at 25:22.

In the second game, the Chinese team strengthened the blocking efforts. After the 11:9 lead, the Chinese team made serve mistakes and went out of the border spiking sets in a row. The Portuguese team played a small climax of 4:0 and 5:0 with the strong attack of the Ferreira brothers, with 25:17 next city.

In the third game, the Chinese team started with 5:2, but the Portuguese team stubbornly chased the score to 8 square meters. Since then, the two sides have drawn peace several times. After 23:23, the Portuguese team scored two points in a row with a steady pass and defense, and won the third game at 25:23, thus winning with a score of 3:0.

The Chinese men’s volleyball team will face the world’s No. 1 Brazilian team on the 15th, and the latter will lose the Serbian team at 2:3 on that day.

Putin says judo training helps to look at life positively

Xinhua news agency, Moscow, February 14 (Reporter Liu Yang) Russian President Putin conducted judo training in a sports center in the southern Russian city of Sochi on the 14th. Although his fingers were slightly injured during the training, Putin still said that judo training made him feel at ease and helped him look at life positively.

Putin came to the “Southern Sports” Sports Center in Sochi on the 14th, communicated with many boxing, judo and wrestling players gathered here, and then received an hour of judo training.

In the warm-up exercise, Putin played one-on-one tricks with Judo Masters. Putin successfully fell down several players, but was put to the ground by Natalia kuztina, the bronze medalist of women’s judo in the 2016 Rio Olympics. In the trick with a player, Putin accidentally hurt his right ring finger. He returned to the stadium after simply bandaging with medical tape on the sidelines.

After the training, Putin said that practicing judo not only helps to relax the mind, but also enriches the physical fitness. “engaging in physical exercise will improve the level of adrenaline and the mood will be improved, the way of looking at life has also become different”.

Li Ying: calm down a little bit, I can score goals

Xinhua News Agency, Montpellier, France, June 25 (Reporter Liu Wei, Yue Dongxing, Yue Ran Ran) Chinese team lost to Italy in the 2016 Women’s World Cup on the 25th. Striker Li Ying said after the game, I am impatient or hesitant in the choice of taking the ball and shooting. If I calm down, I can score goals. I feel very sorry and reluctant to end this World Cup trip.

When Li Ying was interviewed in the mixed mining area after the game, he thought there were problems with his shooting and taking the ball in the game that day. “We lost the goal too early in the first half, and we were a little impatient later. Maybe we wanted to score too much. We should stabilize our mentality and control it better. We will not lose our rivals in terms of our ability to create opportunities. Sometimes I hesitate to take the ball. It may be better if I choose to shoot. If you calm down, you may score goals. But this is football, and I can’t go back when it happens.”

“I didn’t go further. I am very sad. These days are so fast that I don’t want to give up. I especially want to play one more game, one more game, and one more minute.” Li Ying said, “Tell yourself from the beginning, don’t leave regrets for yourself, but unfortunately, it still ends with regrets.”

The Chinese team almost completely suppressed the opponent in the technical statistics of the whole game on that day, reaching 51% in possession percentage. The number of shots, the number of shots, the accuracy of passing, and the number of corner were all better than the opponent, only the goal is backward. After the game, many players bowed their heads with tears and hurried across the mixed mining area. They were unwilling to say more.

“Today we wasted too many opportunities in attack. Although we suppressed our opponents, we did not grasp the opportunities we created, and I did not find the rhythm and feeling that the striker should have. We can see the gap between ourselves and the strong European teams. Italy has many excellent places worth learning. But if we say how strong they are, I don’t think so either. Our problem is that we don’t do ourselves well. We really have a chance to win this game.”

When talking about the gains from the four matches of the Chinese team in this World Cup, Li Ying said: “Everyone works hard and hopes to play better, score goals and win goals, but we have some shortcomings, through this World Cup, I believe we will grow a lot. Each of the four games has its own highlights. In the case of Spain, we may have a worse attack, but we have done a good defense. We also created a lot of opportunities to defend against Germany. Every game has something to be sure.”

As for the future, Li Ying’s determination to persist is unshakable. “There will be the Olympic Games and the next World Cup. Now I am more mature than four years ago. Thanks to Jia’s guidance for giving me the opportunity and trust, enhancing my self-confidence, and for the help he and his teammates gave me, technical and tactical guidance and spiritual support. This is a very valuable thing. Without mental strength, there will be no good performance. I will stick to it until I can’t run, or the day when the team doesn’t need me.”