Beijing Winter Olympics countdown 1000 days Chinese ice and snow athletes are waiting

China News Agency, Beijing, May 10 (Xing Yi) in another 1000 days, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will begin. How are Chinese ice-snow athletes preparing for the world’s largest winter comprehensive sports meeting held at home? On the 10th, they gave firm reply to the national training team’s swearing mobilization meeting of the ice and snow project.

Figure skating is an advantage of winter sports in China. At present, the Chinese figure skating team has established a compound auxiliary support team for medical treatment, rehabilitation, physical fitness and scientific research, and has introduced an international high-level coach team, insisting on paying equal attention to scientific training and differentiated training.

Sui Wenjing/Han Cong, the number one combination of China’s double skating in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, ranked second with a difference of 0.43 points. Sui Wenjing returned at the beginning of this year after the injury was over, and the two won the world championship again. They said that another pair of double skaters Peng Cheng/Jin Yang constantly broke through themselves and won the silver medal in the final last year. Men’s singles Jin Boyang overcame the problems of injuries at the beginning of the season and was in a state of recovery. The two pairs of ice dancers had been training in Canada for a long time, while overcoming language and life barriers, it also improves the competitive level.

“It is the scientific rigor of the Chinese figure skating team in team, management and daily training that makes every one of us progress.” Sui Wenjing/Han Cong said.

Short track speed skating is the major gold winner of the Chinese team in the Winter Olympics. On the 9th, the Chinese short track speed skating team just finished military training in Beijing. Wu Dajing, the 500-meter champion of men’s short track speed skating in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, said that military training benefited the team members a lot. “I hope to bring the life of military training into our training and always demand myself with the height of military training.”

Standing at the time point of 1000 days countdown, Wu Dajing said his goal was clearer. “Beijing Winter Olympics is the highest stage to realize my dream. My goal is to be on the highest podium again. I will forget my previous achievements and meet the test with a brand new state.”

Freestyle skiing aerials is the breakthrough of the Chinese team skiing events. In 2006, the Turin Winter Olympics achieved a breakthrough of gold medal zero. Although the Chinese team all recorded medals in the following winter Olympics, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics even won two silver and one bronze, unfortunately, the Chinese team always passed the gold medal.

Freestyle skiing aerials national training team coach Ji Dong said that the coach team conducted detailed analysis and research during the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle, such as discussing the methods and methods of decomposition training, plus-sized technology helps to participate in training, strengthen physical and psychological training, and strive to improve technical difficulty and solve the success rate of extremely difficult landing.

“After a season of hard work, a group of excellent young athletes have emerged in the team, which also makes us more confident in completing the preparation tasks in the future.” Ji Dong said that in the remaining 1,000 days, there were only two snow seasons for training on snow, and every training class needed to be planned to solve every bottleneck that restricted the development of technology as soon as possible.

Cross-border cross-item selection expands the talent map of winter sports in China. Taking cross-country skiing as an example, athletes from the initial rowing, kayaking to the later middle and long distance running, Marathon, cycling, football, volleyball, Sanda and other events have joined one after another, forming a 150-person training team. Under the concept of “Dancing With Wolves”, China has established cooperative relations with ski powers such as Norway and Finland to help athletes achieve leapfrog development.

Liu Jingbo, the leader of the national team of cross-border cross-country skiing of China Rowing Association, said that cross-border cross-country skiing is a breakthrough attempt to cultivate the traditional model of cross-country skiing athletes in China and an innovative measure, however, because the overall training time is too short, since the self-built team, cross-border cross-item athletes have not participated in higher-level competitions. Next, they will continue to maintain good cooperation with foreign parties and prepare for the war.

“The situation of preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics is grim, the task is arduous, and the time is urgent.” Ji Zhongwen, director of the State Sports General Administration of China, said at the oath mobilization meeting that the year of “fixing the point” is a link between the past and the next step. It is very important to do a good job in training. Next, we will vigorously strengthen special physical training, promote decomposition training, promote scientific and technological assistance, and sharpen the team to keep fighting. (Finished)

Ding Ning talks about changing the supervisor coach: Getting Stronger Together

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, March 3 (Reporter Zhang Han) before the last round of “straight-through” matches on the evening of the 3rd, Ding Ning probably knew that he had lost the first two “tickets” of the World Table Tennis Championships dispatched by the national team.

The 28-year-old “grand slam” champion tied second with Wang Manji and Sun Yingsha after 10 rounds of big circulation in the top 12 men and women of Chinese table tennis team, it is doomed to be unable to catch up with Chen Meng who won 9 and lost 1, while Ding Ning is the negative side in the match with the two “little devils.

Before the start of the big cycle, the national team issued the “Tokyo strategy”. The list adjusted by the national team coaching team was made public for the first time. However, the two-way choice between athletes and competent coaches has not been made public. From the perspective of the competition process, after Chen Bin left the national team for physical reasons, Ding Ning’s supervisor coach was replaced with Guo Yan, the former national champion player retired five years ago and the current head coach of Beijing Shougang women’s champion.

“This competition is also a running-in between me and sister Guo Yan. The way of running-in is to keep chatting before and after the game.” Ding Ning said.

As for whether Guo Yan is a “Yan Shi” or a “good friend”, Ding Ning said, “when she becomes my supervisor coach, she will definitely put forward higher requirements to me. But at the same time, she also understood me better. At that time, she also reached a very high level and knew the psychology of athletes very well. I also hope that I can continue to work hard to meet her standards and requirements.”

Is it good or bad to change the supervisor coach when it is only more than a year away from the Tokyo Olympics? Ding Ning said that he did not want to think too much about this issue because it was meaningless. “Even if I continue to cooperate with director Chen, I am not sure that I can definitely win the championship in Tokyo. Now we are still competing, and everyone is working hard.” She said, “What we can do is to do our best to make ourselves stronger and face the next challenges. This is what I want to do more now.”

In addition to hard boxing, how many opportunities do you have to get out of the mountain at the age of 8 cute girl?

In addition to hard boxing, how many opportunities do you have to get out of the mountain at the age of 8 cute girl?

In recent days, an 8-year-old girl suddenly became popular online. In several widely spread videos with extremely high clicks, the little girl moved around, attacked and defended flexibly, and beat a little boy older than her in boxing, it has attracted the vast number of netizens to Marvel: this is simply the movie wrestling! A realistic replica of the heroine in dad. The perseverance and bravery of the little girl, together with her boxing skills, were recognized and praised by the public.

Soon, the stories behind these videos were discovered by people. It turned out that the little girl’s name was mini glue pudding and came from the poor mountainous area of Bijie, Guizhou. In the video, the boy against her was her brother who was two years older than her, and the one who trained the brothers and sisters to practice boxing was their father Zheng Xinxin. At first, Zheng, as a boxing lover, practiced boxing for Protestant children in order to help them keep fit. Later, he found that the two children did have some talents and were interested in boxing. He thought that they had the opportunity to realize their long-cherished wish of “walking out of the Mountain” by this skill, so he started special training. The reason why children’s videos are circulated on the internet is that he registered an account on a short video platform and shared the child’s growth process with netizens. However, these videos broke through the limitation of the platform overnight and became popular all over the Internet, which was something their family had never thought.

It looks like wrestling here! In the true story of Dad, there is a touching and warm side. Whether it is the hard struggle and mutual understanding of the two brothers and sisters on the road of chasing dreams, or the boxing heart of Zheng, his father, who wants to open up a new road for the children, or mini glue pudding talents and efforts to correct gender stereotypes are enough to make people moving. However, if we go further, this story will inevitably make people feel somewhat sad. As Zheng Xinxin, the father of the children said, he is not like wrestling! The hero of dad cultivates his children into the heroic ambition of the world champion, but only hopes that the children will “walk out of the Mountain” with the help of boxing “. Compared with the children living outside the developed areas of the mountains, what mini glue pudding brothers and sisters can get through hardships is just the daily life of the children in the city.

Looking at the injuries on the eyelids of young mini glue pudding due to boxing practice, who can feel distressed? Her father would also feel distressed, but in order to give the child a chance to go on the road of professional boxing, he could not interrupt the training because of the distressed. As for Zheng Xin’s way of educating children, as long as there is no delay for children to receive compulsory education or hinder their healthy growth, outsiders have no right to keep their mouths shut. Whether the boxing road of mini glue pudding brother and sister can finally pass is still uncertain. However, outside the case, we should see that Zheng Xinxin is actually a “alien” in the case of serious lack of choices “.

In a sense, mini glue pudding brother and sister are indeed “lucky”-if their father is not a boxing fan, if mini glue pudding do not have such talent, if the video is not heat dissipation online…… Their future may never be like today, full of imagination. For more poor mountain families, they are not like the mini glue pudding family at all. They have this opportunity to choose. The children in these families may also be eager to get out of the mountain, but how wide is the way society can provide them?

Today, mini glue pudding brothers and sisters are lucky enough to enter the public’s vision, and their future deserves our most sincere blessing. But in addition, we should take this opportunity to pay attention to the children behind mini glue pudding brothers and sisters, living in the mountains like them, and find ways to provide all such children with opportunities to change their fate. In fact, everyone knows that compared with boxing, education can change the fate of more people, but unfortunately, the more in poor mountainous areas, the more unsatisfactory the quality of education is, the lower the chances for children to enter university. Whether the country vigorously promotes the construction of rural teachers or the exploration of “classroom live broadcase” in some places, they are all positive attempts to solve problems, and these undertakings need attention, it is not limited to the clicks of netizens on videos.

Yang Xinyu Source: China Youth Daily