Piatek: media reports are too exaggerated. I believe that hard work can succeed.

Xinhua News Agency, Warsaw, February 20 (Reporter Zhang Zhang) Polish striker Piatek of Serie A AC Milan said recently that he did not care about some media exaggerated reports, because he only believes that hard work can bring the simple truth of success.

Piatek said in an interview with Poland’s sports overview: “Those exaggerated reports did not affect me. I am still me, A person who believes that only hard work can bring success.” He said that what made him happy was that his efforts eventually turned into goals, not that he was on the cover of the media.

The performance of joining Milan to win 6 goals in 5 games made the 23-year-old Polish teenager one of the hottest strikers in Serie A. In the match that Milan beat Atlanta 3:1 a few days ago, the two-dollar player became the best in the whole game. After the game, the Italian media did not spare any praise, saying that Piatek combined the different characteristics of former Milan stars such as Inzaghi, shevenko, IBU, Gilardino and Van Basten.

“If it’s really like what the media wrote, wouldn’t I be the best player in history.” Polish junior general said, “I still have a long way to go. At present, I just want to help Milan complete the reconstruction. I hope that one day I am really qualified to compare with those legends.”

When talking about whether you can start in the European Championship qualifier between Poland and Austria a month later, Piatek said: “At present, Robert (Levandowski), Aleke (milick) and I are in good condition, this is” sweet trouble “for the coach. However, what we hope is that the team can achieve good results and successfully advance to final table of the 2020 European Championship.”

Regarding whether the Polish team should use a single forward or a 442-formation team, Piatek said that he was completely confident to cooperate with anyone in Levan or Millick. “I think we should play double forward, because the three of us are really in good condition.” He said.

On the Serie A shooter list, Piatek scored 17 goals and ranked second, falling behind the No. 1 Ke Ronaldo 2 goals. Milick, ranked fifth in the list of shooters, scored 12 goals for Naples.

Last summer, the Genoa team spent 4.5 million euros (1 euro is about 7.67 yuan) to introduce the little-known Piatek, but the Polish teenager was soon selected by many big-name teams for his outstanding performance. At the beginning of this year, AC Milan paid him 35 million euros. The director of the Genoa team said a few days ago that the current price of Piatek would not be less than 70 million to 80 million euros.

On Chinas track and field team, the list of Asian championships was announced. Su Bingtian was the leader of the Asian championship.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 11 (Reporter Wei Hua, Wu Junkuan) announced the list of entries in the 2019 Track and Field Asian Championships on Chinas track and field team, including Su Bingtian, 89 athletes, including Li Li, will participate in this competition.

The Asian Championship will be held in Doha on April 21-24. Su Bingtian will join his teammates in the competition of men’s 100-meter relay; Xie Zhenye will make his debut after the return of foreign training, and join the men’s 200-meter competition with Liang Jinsheng; wei Yongli will play women’s 100 meters. In addition, the leading figure of Chinese women’s shot, Li Li Ling, the Asian record holder of women’s pole vault, the women’s javelin celebrity Lv Hui, and the men’s long jumper Huang Changzhou will also fight in Doha.

In this competition, nearly 700 athletes from 44 countries and regions are expected to participate, competing for a total of 186 medals in 42 competitions.

The Asian Championship in 2017 was held in India. The Chinese team ranked second in the medal list with 8 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze.

2019CHINAFIT Beijing Spring Sports and Fitness Conference will open

2019CHINAFIT Beijing Spring Sports and Fitness Conference will be held at the National Convention Center from June 18 to 19. The scale of the conference will exceed 60000 square meters, covering the fourth floor of the National Convention Center. There will be more than 600 industry brands, more than 300 professional exhibitors, more than 50,000 professional audiences and more than 12000 registered members participating in the conference.

The organizer introduced that the 2019CHINAFIT Beijing Spring Sports and Fitness Conference will provide the industry with cutting-edge fitness products and fitness courses, and will also hold a number of sports and fitness industry summits and forums, and hold fitness and bodybuilding events representing the beautiful image of the industry.

There are many colorful highlights in this conference, including the opening ceremony of the 8th CHINAFIT Beijing Spring Sports and Fitness Conference, the launching ceremony of the 2nd CHINAFIT National Fitness Month, in 2019, the award ceremony of the first batch of top ten five-star gyms in China, the first CHINAFIT China Fitness online Idol ceremony, the first CBBA/CHINAFIT China bodybuilding age talent award ceremony, the fifth CHINAFIT natural organic and health nutrition conference, the 5th CHINAFIT Beijing Spring conference charity dinner and other wonderful activities.

Fitness professional forum is also the focus of this fitness conference. The organizer said that it will include the first CHINAFITEMS science and technology fitness Round Table Summit Forum, the fifth CHINAFIT fitness studio operation Management Forum, the first CHINAFIT sports venue Forum, the third CHINAFIT yoga Management Summit Forum, and other industry forums with multiple segments will develop the thinking of practitioners and analyze the pain points and directions of industry development.

In addition, the conference also combined nearly 100 training institutions and hundreds of well-known lecturers from home and abroad to teach about sports training, functional training, rehabilitation training, injury Prevention, stretching, nutrition, muscle enhancement, fat reduction, private education curriculum planning, private education management, yoga, Pilates, membership management, club management, group exercise, group training and other courses.

The display of fitness products is also the focus of this conference. It is reported that 2019CHINAFIT Beijing Spring Sports and Fitness Conference set up sports and fitness facilities/equipment display area, bodybuilding events and nutrition supplements area, fitness Internet celebrity and clothing area, health nutrition and vegetarian area, sports industry forum area, yoga and Pilates area and other focus feature areas.