Mengniu and other enterprises signed a contract “14th winter” to help ice and snow sports

Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, April 30 (Reporter Zhu Wenzhe) on 30th, the signing ceremony of cooperative enterprises of the 14th Winter Games of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “the 14th Winter”) was held in wulanhaote city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. On Mengniu Dairy, China Mobile, hulunbuir Dongming Mining Co., Ltd. signed cooperation agreements with the preparatory committee of “14th Winter” respectively, becoming the official partner of “14th Winter.

It is understood that “14th Winter” will be held in Inner Mongolia autonomous region in 2020. As an important event for the development of China’s ice and snow sports, it is also the biggest Winter Games in China before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. “14th Winter” will be an important window to show the development of China’s ice and snow sports to the world.

Lu Minfang, president of Mengniu Dairy, said, “the Winter Games came to Inner Mongolia for the first time. As an enterprise that walked out of Inner Mongolia, Mengniu Dairy had the responsibility to help his hometown run this conference well.” Lu Minfang said, “in the future, Mengniu Dairy will continue to carry out extensive cooperation in the field of ice and snow sports to provide more support for the development of China’s ice and snow sports, to contribute to the goal of ‘0.3 billion people participating in ice and snow sports.”

The “permanent closure of mountains” of Mount Everest scenic spot is not true, and many departments will introduce stricter environmental protection measures.

Xinhua News Agency, Lhasa, February 14th issue: the “permanent closure of mountains” of Mount Qomolangma scenic spot is false. Many departments will introduce stricter environmental protection measures

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang qinou

The reporter recently learned from the relevant departments of Tibet autonomous region, tibet Mount Qomolangma National Nature Reserve (hereinafter referred to as “Mount Qomolangma reserve”) will continue to be opened with conditions. Mountaineering activities that comply with laws and regulations can still be carried out. The news that “Mount Qomolangma scenic spot is permanently closed” is false.

The withdrawal of the tourist base camp from the core area does not affect the viewing of Mount Everest

The Mount Everest protection zone involves four counties of Dingri, neramu, Jilong and Dingjie in Shigatse, Tibet, with a total area of 33800 square kilometers, the five peaks above 8000 meters above sea level in China and the China-Nepal border are all in the region.

From April to October every year, the people in zaxizong township, the closest township to Mount Everest, will set up black tents for accommodation at the foot of Mount Everest, establish a tourist base camp, provide accommodation services and earn income.

Recently, the article claiming that “Everest scenic spot was permanently closed” was circulated on the Internet, saying that the Tingri County Everest administration branch issued an announcement in December 2018, no unit or individual is allowed to enter more than Rongbuk Monastery of the Mount Everest protection zone.

In this regard, GE sang, deputy director of Everest protected area administration, said that this announcement was indeed issued. From 2019, the tourist base camp will retreat to Rongbuk Monastery.

Because more than Rongbuk Monastery of the area is the core area of Mount Everest protection zone.” Gesang said that according to the “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on nature reserves” (hereinafter referred to as “regulations”), nature reserves are divided into core areas, buffer areas and experimental areas. It is stated in the “regulations” that the core area “prohibits any unit or individual from entering; Except for being approved in accordance with the provisions of Article 27 of these regulations, it is not allowed to enter and engage in scientific research activities”.

In 2018, the functional division of Mount Everest protected area was readjusted and approved by the State Council. After adjustment, the Rongbuk Monastery area belonging to the experimental area can enter into scientific experiments, teaching practice, visiting investigation, tourism and other activities according to the regulations.

“The Mountain and peak can still be clearly seen in the new tourist base camp area, which will not affect the viewing of Mount Everest.” Gesang said.

The position of the mountaineering base camp remains unchanged. There is no problem of large-scale garbage on the North Slope

the mountaineering base camp will be set up every spring in Mount Qomolangma reserve, which is a camping camp for climbers from all countries to climb Mount Qomolangma from the north slope of Tibet, China.

The camp is 5200 meters above sea level, and ordinary tourists who are not allowed to climb the mountain are not allowed to go there. The camp is located in the core area of Everest protected area. According to the regulations, those entering the core area of the national nature reserve shall be approved by the relevant administrative department of the nature reserve of the People’s Government of the province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the central government. Gesang said that mountaineering activities have been approved by the forestry department of Tibet autonomous region, and the position of mountaineering base camp will remain unchanged in 2019.

The reporter had been stationed in the mountaineering base camp for more than ten days from April to May, 2018. During this period, he saw that the Tibet Mountaineering Association set up a special environmental protection liaison officer, and each mountaineering team was assigned two sorting trash bin. The garbage dump of “LUSN” has never been seen, and even scattered water bottles and paper scrap are hard to find on the ground.

For the garbage disposal work, Suonan, the head of the Mountaineering Management Center of Tibet autonomous region, told the reporter at that time that the transition camp below 5800 meters above sea level was coordinated by the Tibet Mountaineering Association, the high altitude area above this is undertaken by Tibet Yarra shampoo adventure company, a commercial mountaineering service agency.

Cary Cobler, the Swiss commercial mountaineering organizer, also took the reporter to visit the toilet of the camp at that time: under the toilet was a big bucket with garbage bags, and every day he could see that these garbage bags were taken away by special personnel. Members of the Peking University mountaineering team who climbed Mount Everest in 2018 told reporters at that time that they were also required to collect excrement and bring it back on the mountain.

According to the relevant person in charge of Tibet Mountaineering Management Department, these excrement will eventually be provided to local farmers and herdsmen for agricultural production, not “lying with Holy ice and snow” transmitted online “.

“From the base camp to the advance camp with an altitude of 6500 meters, there is actually no garbage, because we pick it up every day.” Dunzhu, a villager from tosanlin village, zaxiong township, said. He is a member of the Mount qomolangshan environmental protection brigade led by the sports bureau of Tibet autonomous region. He is responsible for “picking up garbage” below 6500 meters above sea level “.

Liu Zheng, an outdoor writer who climbed Mount Everest from the North Slope in 2016, proved Dunzhu’s observation: “Mount Everest is rubbish, but it is far less exaggerated than the online Upload.” He described to the reporter that garbage could not be seen on the snow surface between 6500 meters above sea level and the peak. Only in some high-altitude camps can we see mountaineering equipment such as oxygen cylinders left by climbers with insufficient physical strength.

Stricter environmental protection measures will be introduced to balance multi-party demand

and these garbage is being gradually cleaned up.

During the spring mountaineering season of 2018, Tibet Mountaineering Management Department carried out three large-scale garbage cleanup in Everest base camp and above areas, collecting 8 tons of domestic garbage, mountaineering garbage and excrement.

This year, cleaning activities will continue. At the same time, Tibet will control the total number of people involved in mountaineering activities to about 300, and for the first time, the bodies of climbers above 8,000 meters above sea level will be processed centrally. The measures for the management of Mount Qomolangma mountaineering garbage will also be planned and introduced.

In addition, the Tingri County government and the Everest reserve administration will further regulate the environmental protection measures for the areas that tourists can reach below 5200 meters above sea level.

At present, there are 85 wildlife protectors in the reserve, with 1,000 ecological posts, all of which are undertaken by local farmers and herdsmen in their spare time for patrol, garbage cleaning and other work; travel garbage needs to be cleaned up on a daily basis and registered on a daily basis. In the future, the Reserve plans to establish a number of full-time management and protection teams with reference to Qiangtang Nature Reserve. Tingri county also plans to test run the electric eco-car to reduce the environmental pollution caused by self-driving vehicles.

“These measures are to better balance the different needs of environmental protection, mass poverty alleviation, mountaineering and national education.” On Tingri county, the county magistrate Wang Wei said.

At present, the industry formed around tourism and mountaineering activities has become one of the main sources of income for the masses in Mount Everest, and many local teenagers have entered Tibet Mountaineering Schools and grown into mountaineering guides. As one of the core regions of the unique plateau, alpine ecosystem and global mountaineering, Mount Everest is also responsible for promoting the development of outdoor sports and carrying out natural education.

From “thin is beautiful” to running and lifting iron-looking at Chinese new aesthetics in female fitness boom

Xinhua News Agency, Lanzhou, March 8th: from “thin is beautiful” to running and lifting iron — seeing China’s new aesthetic in the female fitness boom

Xinhua news agency reporters Zhang Rui and Wen Jing

under the spotlight, zhao Xiaoyu was wearing a bikini with bright oil paint on his body. Together with other contestants, Zhao Xiaoyu showed the judges and audience his well-built figure with clear lines and tight muscles. The confident and generous smiles of female players, coupled with the form of full of strength, won a sound of praise from the audience.

This is the scene where 26-year-old Zhao Xiaoyu participated in the women’s bodybuilding competition for the first time in 2017. She graduated from fine arts and was a senior bodybuilding enthusiast. She was still very excited when she recalled the picture of her first participation in bikini bodybuilding competition, “That was my first competition and I won the third place. In the past, people may feel that ‘muscle women’ is not good-looking or even a little weird. However, with the development of fitness exercise, people now prefer a healthy posture, because it symbolizes self-discipline and persistence “.

In the National Fitness Program (2016-2020) issued by the State Council in 2016, it is proposed that by 2020, the number of people who take part in physical exercises once a week or more will reach 0.7 billion, the number of people who often take part in physical exercise reached 0.435 billion, and the total scale of sports consumption reached 1.5 trillion yuan.

Under the call of “national fitness”, fitness is no longer a fashionable thing, but a good living habit that is conducive to physical and mental health and can effectively relieve pressure.

Health is greater than bone feeling “muscle” is no longer male “privilege”

“fitness makes me meet a better self.” Zhao Xiaoyu said frankly. She used to like eating snacks, bars and staying up late. After falling into the “fitness pit”, in order to keep fit, she now eats fast food only a few times a year. “Every time I eat hamburgers, it is like the new year. When I feel depressed because I can’t eat and drink happily, I will look in the mirror. Seeing the tight skin and healthy posture in the mirror because of fitness, I think this happiness cannot be replaced by delicious food.” Zhao Xiaoyu said with a smile.

When talking about the changes of women’s fitness in recent years, Zhao Xiaoyu was deeply touched: “In the past, many girls were alert to muscles and were afraid that they would develop large muscle blocks, which were not good-looking. In recent years, the popularity of fitness knowledge has made everyone realize that squat will not make the legs thicker, and lifting iron will not make the arms stronger. Women can use fitness equipment correctly, which can make their body lines more beautiful and more sporty.” She just started to exercise two years ago and found that she was the only girl in the equipment area of the whole gym. Now, more women come to the equipment area to practice their hips and firm abs.

“I think the moment a girl raises a dumbbell in the gym is the beginning of the aesthetic change of the public.” Zhao Xiaoyu said.

Wang Nan, a 27-year-old fitness enthusiast, told reporters that the reason why he chose fitness was the “nightmare” physical fitness test during college. “When I was in college, because I was thin and weak body, my lung capacity and long-distance running were not up to standard in the physical test every year.” Now, she has found that her heart and lung function and physical strength have improved significantly after two years of fitness. “Now you can run six kilometers in one breath.” Wang Nan smiled and talked about his changes.

Wang Nan also likes to watch the model contest at ordinary times. She obviously feels that the change of model figure in recent years is a powerful explanation of the aesthetic change of the public. Wang Nan said: “The previous models pursued bone sensation. The models on the catwalk were thinner than one, and some even reached the point of wrapping bones. Nowadays, many models will show their fitness photos on social platforms. The models standing on the runway also show the beauty of female muscles after fitness to the public.”

“Now, health is much more important than bone feeling.” Wang Nan said.

A strong heart needs a strong body more

with the change of social concept, many “exclusive” Men’s Fitness programs have now seen more and more women.

23-year-old Liu Kehong is a fight coach in the big tree fitness studio in Lanzhou city. She has witnessed the change of this fitness program for four years.

“When I was at work, few girls came to learn fighting, and the female fighting coach in Lanzhou could count it with one hand. Now almost every gym has fight classes, and there are more and more female students.” Liu Kehong said.

As a female fight coach, Liu Kehong also encountered many misunderstandings at the beginning of his career. Many people think that fighting is a boy’s sport, so girls should dance and practice yoga. However, when the gym students saw Liu Kehong’s handsome and vigorous posture, both men and women were quickly “impressed” by her. “I proved with my strength that fighting is not an exclusive sport for men, and girls can also be very handsome when fighting.” Liu Kehong said.

Liu Kehong said that she hoped that more women would participate in fight training in the future. Although fighting training is very hard, it can exercise perseverance and physique. Girls can not only lose weight and shape, but also protect themselves when encountering unexpected situations. “Girls should have both a strong heart and a strong body.” Liu Kehong said.

Women are gradually becoming the “new force” in China’s fitness market

The reporter found through visiting many gyms that many gyms now have fitness equipment suitable for women, there are also fitness programs and courses specially designed for women, and personalized fitness services for women emerge one after another. The root of all these changes lies in the increasingly large female fitness consumer market, and female groups are becoming the new focus of China’s fitness industry.

The 2018 China Fitness industry data report released by refined training and three-body Yundong on GymSquare shows that from the perspective of the membership ratio of fitness clubs and studios, women have become the main force of fitness groups, more women explore new ways to pursue beauty from fitness. Nowadays, more and more women are willing to enter the gym and change the public’s aesthetic view imperceptibly with self-discipline, confidence and persistence.

In the interview, Zhao Xiaoyu and Liu Kehong all said that scientific understanding and professional fitness approach will make women meet healthier, more beautiful and stronger themselves.

The “women” who wear sports vests on the treadmill and exercise hard in the equipment area are gradually becoming the best spokesman for the self-confidence and beauty cognition of women in today’s Chinese society.