The first battle of the “China Cup” national football team will touch Thailand again. Stars such as Cavani and Suarez will definitely participate in the competition.

Xinhua News Agency, sports, Shanghai, February 21st, the press conference of 2019 Gree China Cup International Football Championship was held in Shanghai on the 21st, at which the information of participating teams and events was officially announced. The South American team Uruguay, the Asian rival Uzbekistan, Thailand and the host Chinese team will compete for the championship.

According to the organizer, the 2019 China Cup will continue to be held in Nanning, Guangxi on March 21-25. On March 21, the host Chinese team will play against the Thai team who has just encountered in the Asian Cup. On the 22nd, the South American team Uruguay will play in Uzbekistan. The winner of the two matches will be in the final on March 25.

The 2019 China Cup is in its third year. Compared with the past two sessions, the significance of this China Cup is more important. After the Asian Cup, the Chinese men’s football team will be completely updated. A brand new coach team and a more vigorous lineup are ready to emerge and unveil the mystery in the China Cup. As an important warm-up for Chinese men’s football to challenge the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifier, the national football team will set a new starting point in the China Cup and start a new journey.

At the press conference, Qi Jun, deputy secretary general of China Football Association and Minister of competition department, said: “The ‘China Cup ‘provides more opportunities for the national football team to communicate with foreign high-level teams, at the same time, it also provides more opportunities for Chinese fans to enjoy world-class and high-quality football matches at home. Participating in the “China Cup” will provide better exercise value for the Chinese national team to prepare for the upcoming top 40 matches.”

Yang Dongwei, president of Wanda Sports China Company, said: “The China Cup is the core event of Wanda Sports. The biggest purpose of holding the China Cup is to enable the national football team to participate in high-level events in China, from the bold attempt of the first competition in 2017 to the sensational effect of the competition in 2018, Wanda hopes to make it a well-known competition IP, bringing a football feast to the fans.”

The South American team Uruguay, which gathered in Soraka, will start the second China Cup tour. The team regards this competition as the most important training before the America Cup. According to Yang Dong, many stars, including Suarez and Cavani, are sure to take part in the competition.

The invoicing ceremony of the 2019 China Cup was also held at the press conference. Yang Dong gave the first ticket to the fans of the Dragon team. Tickets for this event will be officially sold at 12 noon on the 21st. The ticket price is divided into four grades: A, B, C and D. The price is 480 yuan, 280 yuan, 180 yuan, 80 yuan (single ticket) and 128 yuan for joint ticket, 268 yuan, 388 yuan, 668 yuan.

Wu Lei’s shoulder surgery is expected to be successful in the first round of the Uefa Europa Cup qualifying competition.

Wu Lei was injured on the shoulder of the Asian Cup. After moving to Spain, he chose to continue the battle with injuries until the end of the season.

Xinhua News Agency, Madrid, May 23 (Xie Yuzhi) Chinese striker Wu Lei, who played for Spanish team La Liga, underwent shoulder surgery in Barcelona on the 23rd, he is expected to recover before the first round of the Uefa Europa Cup qualifier.

Wu Lei had a shoulder injury on the Asian Cup. After moving to Spain, he chose to continue the battle with injuries until the end of the season. During the operation of about two hours on that day, the doctor successfully reconstructed the ligament of the left acromion lock and acromion joint and reset the clavicle for him.

According to the Spanish club, Wu Lei will continue to stay in hospital for several days after surgery. After that, he will begin physical therapy for about four weeks. The entire recovery process is expected to take 6 to 8 weeks. This also means that Wu Lei is expected to catch up with the first round of the Uefa Europa Cup qualifier, which will be held on July 25. (Finished)

Beijing Winter Olympics emblem commodity Creative Design Competition ended

Report from our correspondent (Reporter Wu Dong) the award-winning works of “I am in the Winter Olympics-my winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games” competition of commodity creative design sponsored by Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee was announced recently, 52 creative design products have become the best in this competition. Han Zirong, secretary general of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee, and others presented awards to the winners.

The competition lasted for 5 months from the start of last late July to the end of December. After extensive mobilization, collection of works, expert review and later production evaluation, crowdfunding pre-sale and other stages. Among the award-winning works, designer Geng Shaobo submitted the precious metal commemorative set for the window of Winter Olympics “, 50 works submitted by Zang Xiaoke, such as” winter Olympic sports style fridge sticker set “, won” my emblem product Creative Design Award “. Chen Guo, who is only 13 years old, submitted the highest sales amount in the pre-sale stage of Winter Olympics pencil case in my eyes, reaching 35904 yuan (unit price 51 yuan); the young designer Wang Linghao submitted the “ice and snow top portable natural volatile humidifier” with the highest sales volume at the pre-sale stage, reaching 2261 pieces, the two entries won the “most popular Award for creative design of my emblem products”. At the award ceremony, famous winter athletes Guo Dandan and Zhang Dan shared their unforgettable experiences in their sports career and presented awards to the winners together with Han Zirong and others.

Holding the creative design competition of licensed commodities is the first time in previous Olympic Games and is an innovation in the market development work of Beijing BOCOG. Once the competition was launched, it received wide attention from the Society and received enthusiastic response. The entries also enrich the diversity of licensed commodities for Beijing Winter Olympics, and play a role in promoting winter sports, promoting the participation of the general public and supporting Beijing Winter Olympics.

Park Xuedong, head of market development department of Beijing winter and Olympic organizing committee, said that Beijing winter and Olympic organizing committee would actively promote the continuous sales of winning works. According to different product categories, after the online pre-sale products are shipped, the winning works will be sold in Tmall Olympic official flagship store and Beijing Winter Olympics licensed merchandise physical retail store.